Another Former Employee of Jim Bakker Speaks Out!!

There is another former employee of Jim Bakker speaking out…..this individual has asked that their name be withheld and after confirming that this person is who they say they are, I would like to point you to the following articles;


For additional reading please see the following links;


4 thoughts on “Another Former Employee of Jim Bakker Speaks Out!!

  1. I know who this is.. and He is an awesome person.. He and His Wife.. Wonderful people… Very talented… I know where ever he winds up he will be an asset.

  2. Jim Bakker is so much not an issue or a threat at this point. I’d say that Jim should just be left alone at this point. He has lost his reputation and God brought him all the way down.

  3. I know this former employee, he and his wife are wonderful people. I know what they went through at Morningside and it was so wrong! As Chad said wherever they end up they will be a asset.

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