2 thoughts on “Congratulations Rory McIlroy!!! 2011 U S Open Champion!!!

  1. Congrats to the kid he played great! However I was disappointed with the setup. If someone hadn’t of told me I would have thought I was watching the John Deere Classic or some other weekly tour event. Soft greens and no rough, someone is looking for a new job this morning. When have you ever seen balls backing up at a US Open? The announcers said the short rough was a result of low rainfall(they have irrigation) but the greens were soft because of rainfall,,,,what! Rory deserves the win but the records are bogus. Look for an announcement of a new director/tourney setup guy before next year. You can find tougher setups at your local muny.

  2. Sincere congrats to Rory .. what a show, wow !!!!! I am a golfer myself and watching the final round of the US Open past Sunday, relished every shot, every putt this kid made, and how humble in receiving and presenting his trophy he was, how blessed he is ! Speaking of blessing: I pray the Lord will continue to bless him onwards with growth in his game and establishing a more solid, moreover lasting position on the leaderboards with the top names in the sport. Let us also hope and pray that this is a beginning to at along last END the ongoing Tiger Wodds Saga who, in all accordance with Proverbs 6:32 has “destroyed” himself in this sport from where I am sitting … I personally just as soon n e v e r again see him play, speak: attempt to play, on a televised major championship match ever again.

    Faith and begorrah Rory, the luck of the irish was with him indeed, may there be more where that came from 🙂


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