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Did the translators of the King James Version purposely interpret the word ecclesia as “church” in order to deceive? Find out on this weeks podcast;

To listen to the podcast on site just click the link below. To download the podcast to your PC or portable device please right click and then press “save as”.

The link to the articleI critiqued is below;


2 thoughts on “New Podcast Available!!

  1. Good job Phil! The author of the article is trying way to hard. One of the problems with his/her assumtions about the Bible is that church goers have for centuries been actually reading it. My experiences would suggest otherwise. All the problems in the modern church today can be laid on “lack of study” of scripture rather than the mistranslation of a word or two.

    Hey it’s US OPEN week. This is the time of year when normally great golfers are reduced to looking like weekend hacks.

  2. Hey Boyd,

    You are right. The author tries way to hard and you are also right about his assumptions that people actually read the bible. Sadly they don’t and folks like the author of the article I began critiquing actually look wise……

    McIllroy is on fire dude!!!


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