The 2011 Men’s French Open Singles Championship Preview!!

Whenever great tennis rivalries are mentioned, the great matches between Jimmy Connors/John McEnroe, McEnroe/Bjorn Borg, McEnroe/Ivan Lendl, Martina Navratilova/Chris Evert and Andre Agassi/Pete Sampras come to mind. These rivalries caught the attention of the world and helped to grow the great sport of tennis worldwide.

Later today another great rivalry will be renewed as Rafael Nadal faces Roger Federer in the finals of the French Open. For the sixth time these two great champions will be squaring off in a Grand Slam Final and I for one can’t wait for the fireworks to happen!

Nadal is the odds on favorite to win this match. Throughout his career Nadal has dominated Federer on clay (and just about everywhere else) so it isn’t that much off a stretch to expect Nadal to win his 10th Grand Slam this afternoon.

Throughout this fortnight Federer has appeared relaxed and confident, as if he’s playing on a cloud. The graceful, elegant style that vaulted Federer to fame seems to have returned and he’ll need all of that and plenty more in order to defeat Nadal this afternoon.

For Nadal to succeed today he will need to engage Federer in long points by creating vicious angles to the Federer backhand with his buggy whip forehand and keep Roger on the run. From there it’s just a matter of putting the ball away with a volley or a drop shot.  If Nadal is able to do this he will win this tournament.

Federer has his work cut out for him today but one thing I’ve noticed is that he’s playing as if he has nothing to lose….and he really doesn’t. No one expected him to get this far but he can win this thing. He’ll need to hammer away at the Nadal backhand and utilize his legendary all-court game to frustrate Nadal into making unforced errors. Easier said then done but if there is one man to be able to beat Nadal here at Roland Garros it is Roger Federer.

Enjoy the rivalry while it lasts tennis fans!

Prediction: Federer in five.

2 thoughts on “The 2011 Men’s French Open Singles Championship Preview!!

  1. Great match! Nadal appears to me(someone who doesn’t know tennis) to have superior foot work on clay. The final score didn’t represent the closeness of the match. Given the hand to eye skills these guys have they could have been great baseball players. A 90 MPH fastball would look like a lob compared to 120 MPH serves.

  2. Hey Boyd,

    Great observation and you are 100% correct. Nadal does have superior footwork on clay. He slides into every single shot he takes on clay which is the right way to do it. He just does it better than everyone else. The sliding is one of the main reasons why Americans don’t do as well on that surface as opposed to the three others. We don’t teach “sliding” into strokes in the USA. Rather we teach them short “squeaky” steps. Big difference.

    Yea, there’s a good chance most professional tennis players would have been great hitters but had you ever seen some of these fella’s throw or even catch a ball you might have a different opinion. Throwing “like a girl” would be a compliment compared to what I could say about some of their throwing and catching abilities 🙂



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