It’s Wednesday!!

Starbucks in Corfu Greece

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning in Corfu Greece and I have the privilege to be able to be sitting in the most beautiful Starbucks in the world. If you ever get the opportunity to come to Corfu I must insist you stop here and check out this view. You won’t find another Starbucks like this anywhere in the world!!

I’ve been in Greece for nine years and in another month or so it will be nine years here on the beautiful island of Corfu. It seems like yesterday the phone rang and the voice on the other end said;

“Hey Flash, you’ve got to help me. My pro in Mykonos broke her leg yesterday and I need someone fast….for eight weeks or so. Do you know anyone?”

My reply….

“Send me a ticket and I’ll come”……followed by “where is Mykonos”?

That was April 29, 2002. I was in Vegas. The casino that housed my academy was sold and then imploded so I figured I’d just hang out for a few weeks playing golf and then do what I usually did which is cruise east the first week of June and work the beach club or a sports camp for the summer and then do whatever…..

So, I figured why not. I’d do the eight weeks and then return home and finish out the summer at one of the camps or even go back to Vegas and pick up whatever until the fall season began….at least that was the plan.

So, I’m in Mykonos and the phone rings again. “Would you like to come to Corfu for the rest of the summer and then maybe start your own academy at my resort?”

“Sure, why not”!

“By the way. Where in the world is Corfu?”

I’ve been here ever since and don’t have a single regret. Not one.

Tennis pros are a nomadic bunch. The average stay for a club pro is usually 2-3 years and then they move on. Some leave the profession while others find various ways to get into trouble and have to leave. Some get better deals and some just run out of things to teach their students and have to move on. Sometimes the head pros vision for the club is different than the owners and the pro heads for greener pastures. It’s a tough business for sure.

I’m very lucky my friends because I don’t have any of those issues the majority of those in my profession have which allows me the freedom that most don’t have….and that’s a beautiful thing!

Staying as long as I have in Corfu might not have made sense to some but I can tell you that being in Corfu opened up opportunities that as a kid I could only dream of and I’m a phone call away from reaching one of those dreams….that’s a beautiful thing as well.

God placed a tennis racquet in the hands of a poor kid which has taken him to 81 countries and guided him through the highs and lows of life and that poor kid is one phone call away from reaching his ultimate dream….his own sports talk radio show on a major network in the good ol’ USA!!!

Thanks be to God!!

It’s gonna happen Boyd and Debbie….thanks for your encouragement!!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!


3 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday!!

  1. I have a friend who goes to Greece every summer. Her father is from there and they have a home there. It looks absolutely breath taking.

  2. Hey Lynn,

    It is breathtaking. I hope one day you get to visit this country. I know you will enjoy it!

    @ Deborah,

    Thanks! I’ll email you and fill you in!!


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