It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a gloomy Wednesday morning here in Corfu Greece and once again I’m sitting in the most beautiful Starbucks in the world. It’s nice to have my ice tea and be able to write from this awesome location!

Last week’s Antithesis Hour generated quite a bit of feedback and I’m fairly certain this week won’t be any different as Mike and I resume our discussion of Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins. You can hear the program live Thursday evenings at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific here or you can visit our site here to download the program that will be made available sometime on Friday.

Apparently Bishop Eddie Long is close to reaching a settlement with the individuals he molested mentored. I’m stunned, aren’t you? It’s too bad because the truth about what really happened won’t ever come out which is too bad because someone in that unfortunate situation obviously isn’t telling the truth.

The NY Mets are currently riding a five game winning streak. The Mets are an explosive team who can either win 10 in a row or implode and lose 10 in a row. Keep up the streak boys!

The NY Knicks are out of the playoffs……haha Knicks! This might be the last year I can mock them because I have this feeling the Knicks are heading places and first round playoff defeats might just be a thing of the past providing that they make the right moves in the off season.

The NY Rangers are out of the playoffs. It was expected but what a bummer as the Blueshirts played their hearts out against Washington. At least they didn’t just roll over and play dead like they have done in the past. As I always say at this time every year “Wait until next year”.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!