It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a wet Wednesday here in beautiful Corfu Greece. The forecast is light rain for the entire day which means a day off around here. We’ve been hitting it fairly hard the last few days so a day without tennis might be a good thing.

One of my pet peeves is the stealing of another’s intellectual property. I especially don’t like it when it happens to me. Recently the weirdo stalker decided to copy and claim as his own The Antithesis Hour. The reason I left the show was because of the weirdo’s obsession with me. I had hoped that would be the end of his obsessive stalking but the vain little man continues to believe that everything I say and do is all about him. His stealing our intellectual property, including the music to the show, his continual attempts at contacting me despite my practically begging him to stay out of my space has made me see that his stumbling over me is going to continue no matter what I do. So, on Thursday night, 10pm Eastern Michael and I will return from our hiatus to once again co-host The Antithesis Hour; The Boys are Back in Town…..visit our new website for all the details!

Don’t you all just love irony?

The NY Mets are on a roll with a side of slaw! After dropping their first game to the Marlins they’ve won three straight including last night’s 7-1 drubbing over the Phillies. Last year the Mets sucked on the road and this year the boys are off to a great start……so far so good!!

The Masters begins this week in Augusta Georgia. Will Tiger Woods break out of his 19 month slump or will the crafty lefty Phil Mickelson bring home the title. You can follow all the action here.

C. Michael Patton has written a brilliant article directed towards those who claim to be battling heresy. He’s absolutely 100% correct and I commend this article to your reading. Hopefully people will listen to what he has to say.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!!