Apology Regarding Full Preterism

I’m sure most of you reading this are familiar with Mr. Jason Bradfield. He comments here from time to time but many of us will always remember his very vocal defense of Full/Hyper Preterism. Since that time Jason has left the heresy of Full/Hyper Preterism and has been speaking out about it. The following video is a must see and after watching this video please visit here (not you weirdo stalker) and give my friend a few words of encouragement.


4 thoughts on “Apology Regarding Full Preterism

  1. Hey,

    My pleasure Jason! That took a heck of a lot of courage for you to say what you said. I’n sure some will try and use this against you but anyone who does isn’t worth your time, energy or thoughts!

    Thanks again for blessing us with this video and may God bless you and yours Brother!!!


  2. Stalker just keeps on stalking. I’ve just reported him to 2 different agencies today.

    He’s going to be sore displeased when he gets banned from using the internet. Will that stop him? Probably not…But since he lacks the self control I’m guessing someone of greater authority is going to need to speak with him.

    Peace out brothers

  3. Hi,

    Good job reporting him. He has ZERO respect for people by his continual harassment of others. You’d think a Christian would understand what “do not contact me again” means and honor that request.

    Apparently I’m a stalker because I posted his picture and hometown on a blog. His picture and whereabouts are public information and didn’t his former partner do the very same thing? Where was stalker boys indignation then?

    He claims that people have threatened his family if he didn’t “shut up” yet HE’S the one who allows himself to be interviewed by a TV station revealing where his daughter attends school???? Stalker boy is doing a fine job protecting his family, huh?

    He’s lost it Brothers!


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