Book Review: The Sacred Meal by Nora Gallagher, Phyllis Tickle

I received the book The Sacred Meal by Nora Gallagher and Phyllis Tickle as part of the BookSneeze blogger review program. I was not asked to give a favorable review in exchange for this book.

I won’t be giving this book a favorable review.

Mrs. Gallagher is a very good writer and story teller. If it weren’t for those two details I wouldn’t have been able to finish this book.

Sadly The Sacred Meal is more about experience and very little about Scripture and how it relates to the Lords table, more commonly referred to as Communion. I had hoped for better but was disappointed beyond words.

The title says “sacred” it doesn’t seem like the author treats Communion as a sacred event in the spiritual life of a Christian. She even contends that anyone should be able to practice Communion and claims those who prohibit non-believers from receiving communion as belonging to a “special club” (page 90). I was less than impressed.

I’m very sorry but I can’t recommend this book. I’ll be speaking more about this book and how it relates to scripture on a future What Color is the Sky in Their World podcast.


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