Please Go Away Todd Bentley!!

There are some folks, well, plenty of folks I wish would just shut up and go away. Some of those people have small platforms so when they speak no one really pays attention to their lunacy. Todd Bentley is one of those who I wish would just shut up but for some strange reason people still want to hear him speak. LOTS and LOTS of people. Below is an interview Todd did with Lisa Ling.

Todd claims he has a “power” that’s available to everyone who believes. Actually, I’ve met LOADS of folks who have that same power Todd has….it’s called the gift of gab. In the streets we have a different name for it!

Todd claims to have the gift of discernment which is actually wisdom. Considering his weird antics over the last few years I would say wisdom passed over him and he got a double dose of something else……you fill in the blank!

Todd claims he can “smell” cancer and actually has “smelled” cancer. I must admit I’d never heard that from one of these hucksters before. Reminds me of my college days and that special taste in my mouth the morning after drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels and eating Taco Bell!

He’s never going to go away is he???

3 thoughts on “Please Go Away Todd Bentley!!

  1. Todd Bentley is persistant if nothing else. I guess in the world there is room for him and those who will follow him. We have to just not get polluted by it. We must continue to point out Todd’s error to others though so good on ya! In my town of 9000 people or so there are about 30 who believe in Todd Bentley…that’s probably average.

  2. Hi Bill,

    He is persistant, like a mosquito. It’s too bad Bentley’s ministry doesn’t have the same life span.

    Fortunately where I live he has had little effect. He did at one of the English churches for about two weeks and then they came to their senses. If Bentley were to turn up here in Greece the Church would probably have him arrested.


  3. Fortunately many of the Lords people also have the gift of smell. they can smell the stench of bad doctrine coming from the faith healers mouths.

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