Oh Happy Day!!! The Mets Have Released Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo

Former NY Met Pitcher Oliver Perez

There have been very few times over the last couple of years where I was actually looking forward to opening up the Internet but this morning was one of them.

Why you ask?

Because I thought the Mets would release Oliver Perez on Monday and that’s exactly what they did!!!!



If you are a Mets fan this is icing on the cake after last week’s news that second baseman Luis Castillo was released from the team. If you don’t know who Luis is he’s the dude pictured on the left dropping a fly ball against the Yankees back in 2009. From that day forward he’s been persona non grata with Mets fans…..

Let’s face it. The last two seasons Oliver Perez was a Met in name (and paycheck) only. He did nothing but clog up a vital spot on the roster. I lost all respect for Perez last year when he refused to be sent to the minors to work on his game forcing the Mets to put Ollie on the disabled list with a “mystery injury”.

Bye bye Ollie!

Don’t feel sorry for either of them. The Mets will be paying Ollie 11 million and Castillo 6 million to not play for the team. I’d say the Mets got a bargain.

Castillo has signed with Mets rival Philadelphia and apparently the Yankees are interested in Perez.

This is going to be a great year Mets fans!