Book Review: The Jesus Inquest: The Case For and Against the Resurrection of the Christ by Charles Foster

I just finished reading The Jesus Inquest: The Case For and Against The Resurrection of Christ by Charles Foster and published by Thomas Nelson as part of the BookSneeze blogger review program. I was given this book as a gift and was not asked to give a positive review in exchange for said gift.


Charles Foster, an attorney (barrister) from England, has presented a very interesting concept in that he presents both sides of the case as he would do if he were presenting this in front of a jury. It’s actually an amazing concept and extremely informative as he goes from A to Z and leaves no stone unturned.

Watch as “X” and “Y” square off in a amazing battle of two attorneys (actually Foster) arguing both sides in the case of the Resurrection of Christ.  Foster has done a brilliant job of research on this project and it shows. Each “sides” case is impeccably researched and meticulously argued by “X” and “Y” with both sides offering very compelling cases. I enjoyed this concept very much.

This book was a very long and difficult read. One needs to really take their time with this book in order to absorb it fully. It’s long and tedious but well worth the time and effort it takes to read this book. Who wins? You’ll have to buy the book!

I’ve read plenty of books on this subject and this book is worth the effort. Charles Foster has done a massive amount of research and has offered a well written and valuable work to the Body of Christ. It may not be the best of the best on this subject but in my opinion it’s worth the time and worthy of a spot on your bookshelf!

4 Stars! You can purchase this book here.