Four Years Ago Today I Started This Blog!!!

It seems like only yesterday but it was four years ago today that I began this blog. Lord willing I should be around here for at least another year. Here being at this particular blog site.

Today I just want to clear some things up as well as inform you dear readers of some changes around here.

I removed the article Dawn Reinas wrote concerning Heather Veitch. It has nothing to do with the content of the article but more to do with the character of the author. These people (Dawn and her husband Curtis) have used multiple identities in order to either attack their opponents or praise their own work. Their daily attacks against the Body of Christ that also includes faithful ministers and ministries to the Body are intolerable.

Many of you have privately expressed concern regarding the posting involving Kirk Bookmyer. Particularly in question is the video I posted that was removed (not by me) and the three “clarification” videos that were posted. In my opinion the “clarification” videos seemed like a very poor attempt at justifying Bookmyer’s weird antics and anti-social behavior but I am thankful for this clarification, aren’t you?

The new contributing author I spoke about a few months ago is still planning on joining us here. Currently he is completely swamped at work and doesn’t have enough time to spend on his own thing let alone contribute here. Hopefully his work situation will sort itself out and he will be able to contribute here in the next few weeks!

I have uploaded the entire archives of the Phil Naessens Show and they can be downloaded, if anyone’s interested, here. These archives begin when I renamed the show. The first few shows were lost when I changed over the domain name.

I would like to especially thank Boyd Miller, Mr. and Mrs R. Smith, the CPG (Concerned Parents Group), Reverend Bob Kraft and Dr. Kenneth Talbot for all the encouragement as well as their valuable contributions to not only this site but for being a huge part of my life. Thank you and God Bless each of you!!

And finally I would also like to thank the readers, commenter’s and participants on the various podcasts for taking the time to read this site and listen to the shows each and every week. I know there were times when I made you scratch your head (sometimes me too)  but I’m glad you stuck around. 2010 was the best year ever and 2011 will be even better!

God Bless,

Phil Naessens


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  1. Wow, I didn’t realize it had only been four years. A lot has happened in four years. Thanks for being a friend. Keep swinging!


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