It’s Wednesday!!

It’s another Wednesday here in beautiful Corfu Greece. The black clouds are rolling in and it’s going to be raining cats and dogs in the next couple of hours. As far as I’m concerned it can go ahead and rain all it likes. I really don’t care and even if there was something I could do about it (stopping the rain) I would probably focus on something else.

The Internet is down again…..arghhhhhh!!!!

The last couple of days I’ve been in bed down with the flu. Spent quite a bit of time going through the extensive notes I’ve taken over the last four years. Didn’t realize how much info I have on the various subjects highlighted on this blog. I also noticed I have some unfinished business with a couple of people who I put on the backburner while I was having PC issues.

Yesterday I also re-read The Shack by William P. Young and I must say I’m feeling quite “perky” because two pages of that book are the catalyst for cleaning up some of that unfinished business I was previously talking about.

Fennville’s Boys Varsity basketball team lost Monday night. You can read all the details here.

Starbucks is opening on Friday! Yay!!!

There are still two days left to sign up for FOX Sports NCAA College Basketball Bracket Challenge. You can sign up here and if you’d like you can join my group PhillyFlashes. Thank you FOX Sports!!!

The other day someone asked me what are the top websites I visit each and every day so here they are, in no particular order…..

As you can see I’m fairly well rounded huh? More like a one track mind. Please feel free to share the sites (except you weirdo stalker) that you read daily and help me see what I might be missing!

As far as the blogs I read head on over to my blogroll…..

Who is Luis Hernandez? According to these folks he is about to be named the starting second baseman for the NY Mets.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!