Facebook False Teacher Alert: Kirk Bookmyer UPDATE 3/15/2011

UPDATE: I’ve added an excellent video prior to the article from RT-SS. Please take the time to watch this video.

UPDATE 3/17/2011 The video I linked to and mentioned in the last update has been removed and replaced by 3 “clarification videos” that I will link to in the comments section of this blog post.

I knew at some point I would have to begin highlighting the false teachers found on Facebook, and add a new category called Facebook False Teachers. After receiving the following warning regarding one of these rogues from my friends at Reformed Theology-Sola Scriptura I figured today would be as good as any to begin. After the jump check out what the folks at RT have compiled in regards to Kirk Bookmyer.

Numerous Facebook friends have alerted me to the emergence of a heretic on Facebook with his scandalous behaviour now having reached the point where he must be exposed. His attacks begun as doctrinal, centred upon what constitutes the gospel, before deteriorating into personal assaults, then eventually attacks against the children of those who faithfully stood against him, culminating in what many reliable sources have reported as “stalker behaviour”. Yes – you read all that correctly.

I have exposed heretics in the past from Rob Bell to Marc Carpenter, and again feel the need to warn believers about this person through my various networks. The person I am exposing is “Kirk Bookmyer”. I must also state this transcends secondary doctrinal issues, rather also includes the essential gospel and formally illegal behaviour.

Below are some of Kirk’s falsehoods he has propagated; if you are aware of any others I would be grateful if you could provide links so I can expand the article. You can contact me on this page or at reformedtheologysolascriptura@gmail.com. I have not included the specific links to protect the privacy of those offended, but yes, all the following remarks are electronically evidenced. Some of the following material is specific within Protestantism, while some transcends Christianity.

Some of his particularly disturbing theological comments that ought to frighten every Christian include: claiming apostolic authority, claiming prophetic authority, pharisaic legalism, full Preterism, making God the author of sin, threatening remarks against children and adding to the gospel.

Kirk said on a Facebook news thread “I am on THE ROCK of Matthew 16”. Here Kirk has committed verse mutilation in what resembles the Roman Catholic style. The verse regards the specific role the Apostles had founding the church (Ephesians 2:20, Rev 21:14) – a foundation that is laid (c.f. Gal 2:11-14, Matt 16:23), with Christ alone the cornerstone.

Kirk has on countless occasions claimed a prophetic authority for himself, even declaring himself the official mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit who is speaking as Christ. The prior statement is clearly proven by the following direct quotes from Kirk himself. “I have the mind of Christ. I speak not on my own authority but Jesus Christ’s authority”, “Even now you are not talking to Kirk you are talking to GOD!”, “Kirk is nothing. Kirk died years ago. God is running his life, now!”, “I know the TRUTH. And the truth is I am speaking as the Christ in this capacity”, “It is not I who speak on my own authority. But the Holy Spirit that is speaking through me”, “Jesus is speaking through me as I accurately apply the biblical standard. In essence I have the authority of THE CHRIST when I speak according to His Word”.

People prophetically lying in the name of God is nothing new (Jeremiah 23:25:26) and such prophecy has ceased (Hebrews 1:1-3). Scripture is complete (Revelation 22:18-19); Kirk is adding to Scripture right after the command not to, declaring himself the Magisterium and adding to Scripture, which is exactly what his predecessors the Pharisees were rebuked for (Matthew 5:43).

Kirk has also exclaimed his own morality, which later statements completely disprove. “I have removed all known sin from my life” he exclaims boastfully with pride. Does this remind anyone else of the Pharisees (Matthew 23:23)? Or maybe the man who professed to have obeyed the law yet was constantly committing idolatry (Matt 19:21-22)? Sanctification affects every part of man, yet all continue to sin unto death (1 Kings 8:46). Proverbs 20:9 says the exact opposite of such a person “Who can say, ‘I have made my heart pure; I am clean from my sin”; the truth is not in those who claim to be perfected (1 John 1:8). Kirk cannot believe such sinlessness and be regenerate.

Kirk’s doctrinal heresy extends to eschatology; he typed “That is where all you folks go wrong. I am part of the Body of Christ. Jesus HAS returned! This is the second coming.” This heresy is called Full Preterism, not to be confused with Partial Preterism. Matthew 25:33 says “[God] will place the sheep on his right, but the goats on the left”, then according to Revelation 21:4 Christ’s return will signal the passing away of former things of death, pain, mourning and sadness for His people in a “new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells” (2 Peter 3:13). You don’t need a seminary degree to join the dots here – full Preterism is heresy.

As I noted in my opening statements, Kirk’s comments extend to personal attacks – I have read newspaper articles where people have been criminally convicted for much milder statements. Such statements include “Oh, and if God wants your daughter to be publicly ATTACKED she will be ripped to shreds”, “Why shouldn’t they be punished: because they are so cute and cuddly?”, “[He is] more dangerous than Hitler or a child rapist”, “You are working for Satan”, “Child rape is the judgment of God on the evil child. That is why they are tortured and why they die?” and “[I] had thoughts of raping and killing children, then bringing them back to life I could do it again”.

Such assertions by Kirk is just so heinous, inhumane and callous that I will let it speak for itself. Some of the videos where these things were said were posted on YouTube and have since been taken down. Kirk repeatedly in his YouTube videos quotes Ephesians 4:29 to justify declaring many pastors unfit to preach and his anathematising of their whole families; certainly such speech from Kirk does not give grace but hatred to those who hear – this is what we call hypocrisy.

Such thought process of Kirk did not cease here, there were further utterances by Kirk against the child of a person he was debating that are too abhorrent to repeat. These obscene remarks were followed by “stalker like behaviour” according to a variety of reliable sources.

Comments regarding Kirk’s stalker behaviour include: “Kirk is a stalker . He goes after people and then slanders them. You are not the first”, “So Kirk, (who keeps sending things to my blog because I have him blocked every other way he could possibly reach me – what a stalker!) wrote to me ‘I see you have found a new way to not serve God’”, “He then found a comment she had made on one of my YouTube videos. He posted several demeaning, condemnatory remarks about my daughter, he went to my daughter’s YouTube page and sent her several private messages condemning her to hell, telling her to repent, telling her how evil and devilish I was”. This kind of behaviour is not just unchristian on behalf of Kirk, but illegal and punishable by national and international laws.

Furthermore, Kirk has added to the gospel. Where in Scripture is baptism declared a necessary doctrine for salvation? While I certainly have a decided opinion on paedobaptism vs. credobaptism, nowhere in Scripture does it say “Baptise babies or perish” or “If you baptise babies you will perish”. Yet, Kirk comes out and says “You are a devil, [to a Presbyterian]. You can’t handle the whole truth so you only go so far with it. God has a special place in hell for infant baptizers”. Additionally, does the later statement resemble a works gospel to anyone else?

As demonstrated above, Krik Bookmyer is a heretic whom I strongly suggest avoiding as he preaches another gospel (Galatians 1:8-9, 2 Peter 2:1, 2 John 1:10-11).”Oh, and if God wants your daughter to be publicly ATTACKED she will be ripped to shreds….” It would be appreciated as it would be beneficial to believers if everyone who reads this note passes it on. Thank you to everyone who assists in exposing this heretic.

Kirk does not evidence the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), adds to the gospel (1 Corinthians 15:3-4) and profanes the name of our Lord and Saviour through his Pharisaic Legalism (Deuteronomy 4:2). However our Christian duty does not stop with exposing the heretic but extends to praying that if it is God’s will, He may grant Kirk Bookmyer repentance and that Kirk may cease leading so many astray.

There are the Five Solas, the Five Points of Calvinism, now we can have the Five Anti-Kirks: Report Kirk, Block Kirk, Share Note about Kirk, Pray For Kirk, Cease Fellowship with Kirk!

Soli Deo Gloria!

By both Administrators of Reformed Theology – Sola Scriptura. I would like to add a personal thankyou and word of encouragement to those who have taken time to expose Kirk, and in doing so have given me the material to formulate this note.

15 thoughts on “Facebook False Teacher Alert: Kirk Bookmyer UPDATE 3/15/2011

  1. I draw your attention to other comments that may be found on his Wall:

    Kirk Bookmyer: Jesus is angry with you, John! Repent or He will kill you!
    Monday at 2:27am · 1 person

    There is also this link on you tube where he has posted another of his exchanges on Face Book. This time with Mark Bailey. Herein Kirk claims to speak on the authority of Jesus Christ Himself. He also makes statements regarding the requirement of works and his dislike of people messing with his ‘ewes’. During my own unfortunate exchange with him, he claimed to be a saint and claimed that children should be taught that they are evil filth whom God hates; and that having children is bad for an adult’s spiritual growth as the parent/child relationship is idolatrous. This man appears to need intense spiritual and mental therapy. He has created a great deal of damage, both for myself and others. There is a young man currently exchanging with him who is very vulnerable and whose mind is being poisoned with Kirk’s fanatical rhetoric. He is dividing the flock and turning people away from the Word.

  2. Kirk refused an offer to reason ,show grace to a SISTER IN THE FAITH in spite of being asked respectfully several times by others as well.He referred by calling my friend a whore and never said im sorry.ALTHOUGH WE COME AS LITTLE CHILDREN HE SHOWS NO REMORSE FOR THOSE HE HAS CALLED TO STUMBLE. kIRK HAS SHOWN VERY LITTLE COMPASSION TO THOSE HE SEEMS TO THINK HE IS A WITNESS OF CHRIST. perhaps he cares more about his own righteousness then the call of feeding the flock/as far as my dealing with him ,he tends to kick them than feed and pray for them.Kirk seems to demonize many in a matter of moments

  3. Further to my comments above, I would now add the following:
    I have since watched the Clarification Part One video which was posted on You Tube. In view of the contents therein, I would say: May we all seek God’s wisdom and pray that we keep our hearts and minds open to finding a way forward. Maybe I am guilty of casting stones. This matter requires a great deal of prayerful consideration. May God grant that Kirk show his heart to be pure through means of better communication. May he be granted a wiser discernment in choosing his analogies if that is where the problem lies. A preacher’s most valuable tool of trade (apart from God and the Bible) is his ability to communicate with respect, wisdom and clarity. May we all examine ourselves and search for wisdom and perception.
    God bless you all and pray that these matters do not cause further division within the flock, for the Enemy smiles.

    • Hi,

      Kirk has issues. He attempted to post a video on my friends Facebook page. My friend removed the video and kindly asked Kirk to refrain from posting such videos on his wall. Kirk replied “you can’t stop me lawman” and then proceeded to litter my friends wall with videos and other links.

      Sorry if this offends anyone but I think Kirk is a nutter…..


  4. Yes,
    I guess the nature of Facebook and the internet in general is that everyone now has publishing rights, regardless of how ‘qualified’ they are. I am sorry for your friend’s experience. None of these tactics are acceptable. It is so difficult to determine the real person behind the ‘cyber-persona’. I become very confused by these people because I try to believe in the good in a person. Trying to find a foothold on Christian doctrine becomes almost impossible as this all makes it a ‘slippery slope’.
    Thanks for your response, I guess it’s important for people to have intelligent dialogue.

    Kindest regards to you Phil 🙂

  5. Kirk Bookmyer is more dangerous than I realized. He recently attacked my niece on Facebook, calling her a whore and a she devil, and when I defended her and told him how un-Christian and inappropriate his behavior was and rebuked him for even looking at her pictures in the first place (he doesn’t even know her), he said he was going “public with this!” and went on 2 of our mutual friends walls and called me a whore and said God was going to kill me. Can’t this lunatic be barred from Facebook??? He is turning many away from Christ (which, unfortunately is not illegal) but isn’t slander illegal??

  6. Hi Kirk,

    In your opinion she was dressed like a whore and even if she was what business is it of yours?

    A tree is known by their fruit…..you are absolutely correct. Galatians 5:22-23 is a good place for you to start examining your own fruit. Perhaps if you do you won’t have some of the problems you have with others….

    Thanks for stopping by.


  7. I don’t think you understand. I was a disciple of Mark Kielar’s Word Pictures it seemed (I say it seemed that way at the time since now I see that he is not taking sin seriously enough, either). I am not over-reacting to the state of Christendom. I was fine in the local church until I really studied the Bible. And then I was shocked at the huge contrast that is supposedly Christian compared to how Christian faith and practice is defined in the Bible.

    So, I love people the way Christ does. I point out sin. And if the sinner repents, then all is well. But I have noticed that NO ONE EVER has repent over sin (well, maybe one or two folks have). But I know going into it that they won’t listen (unless a miracle, happens). No, like so many, Mary Jo Visser, who works with Mark Kielar. Has just basically said that I am just expressing my opinion. In other words, she goes against the teachings of Mark Kielar who has shown that there is absolute truth from God and it is knowable by people who study the Bible in depth while destroying every sin in there life that they can find.

    Now, if I don’t speak with the authority of Jesus, then who does? How does the pastor do it in the pulpit? If every interpretation of the Holy Writ is merely an opinion of a man that can be disregarded, then that alone explains why Christendom is apostate everywhere I look!

    Therefore, I am by GRACE ALONE on a mission to command men everywhere in the church to repent of their ungodly practices with the authority of God BY FOLLOWING THE EXACT EXAMPLE of the APOSTLES themselves. I am adding nothing new. This is simply judging the world by the Spirit’s OWN interpretation of the Holy Writ that God has spoken!

    Ignore this warning message and I am clean of your blood! Your blood will be on your own head.

    You are being called to repentance and holy living.

    The churches have been fully leavened and pastors are leading the sheep astray. Sin is being swept under the carpet. Women are in teaching positions and even when they are not, they are praying and prophesying with uncovered heads (twice uncovered in many cases). There is no order and no fear of God. And even infants are being baptized and accepted into the church, which is not found anywhere in the Scriptures. They teach an impotent God who is not totally in control of the universe when they deny that God hasn’t planned all the evil in the world in order to judge it. And those that affirm the plan of God deny that man is morally responsible when they over-emphasize that man didn’t have a choice. While others more “reformed” teach that man doesn’t have to strive to enter into eternal life, but rather simply rests on Christ’s work in order to keep people falsely resting instead of striving as Jesus and the apostles commanded real disciples to do.

    God is calling His people out of these synagogues of Satan. Are you going to obey Him? His fierce wrath is coming against these false teachers and their false practices! Consider yourself warned! For if you align with them by attending their services without warning people of this fact while you attend, then you will perish with them. Furthermore, if you do leave the church but do not forsake the world, then you have accomplished nothing, either. Do not trust the comfortable “God loves you” words of your friends and family, they are as deceived as you likely are. Don’t let the blind lead you whether you are blind or not. Only those who are found obedient to the REAL commandments of God will avoid being swept away in the coming wrath of God that has already begun (people die every day and face the power of God to torture them).

    Here is what we are begging you to do. Please contact us and then meet with us for more instructions on how you can obey God, properly. We can hear God via the Bible in ways and amounts by God’s grace that other churches cannot. That is why we can help you immensely. Although we are a local body our movement is supernatural and worldwide! Even though we do not know hardly any of our other members in the flesh this doesn’t hinder us since we are still one spiritual body powered by God! It is an entire body that needs each of its members in order to properly discern all that needs to be done for our mutual salvation from the flood of God’s wrath that is coming and has in many ways already arrived upon this land.

    Contact us at Servant@sheepUprising.com or 614-300-0787. We love you and want you to be saved with us. The elect will obey this message. It is decreed by God. We have apostolic authority to bind and loose sins via the True Gospel. Save yourself some pain (chastening by God) and respond today, please!

    We are waiting to hear from you and welcome our brothers and sisters into the fold, where they belong.

    Jesus Christ’s Holy Body

    • Hi Kirk,

      Actually Kirk you are merely expressing your opinion when it comes to how people dress….it’s no wonder people don’t listen to you.

      You claim that you love people the way Jesus does….because you point out sin in others. Somehow your methods don’t exactly strike me as very loving nor are they Christ-like. Jesus had the following to say to His disciples;

      John 10:14
      And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town.

      When people don’t receive your message do you leave them be Kirk?

      That is what Jesus instructs us to do. If you love Him like you say you do then you would respect the wishes of others and walk away when people ask you to leave them alone.

      You claim to be on a mission by GRACE ALONE but have you ever shown your intended “sinful” targets any grace? Damning someone to hell is hardly showing folks any grace….

      Thanks for the warning but unless you stop gazing into your crystal ball and get darn specific regarding my or anyone elses sins I/we don’t have anything I need to repent of…..

      Come on my show? I don’t host heretics or divisive people nor do I give them a platform….you’ll need to find another program to explain yourself on! Thanks for the offer though.

      I think you are all finished here Kirk. Have a nice day!


    • It is quite obvious that you cannot demonstrate me to be a heretic during dialog (only during monologue have you even attempted to) since you FEAR having me on your show. You would have control over the entire format and could mute me any time you like. But that isn’t enough power and control for you.

      You should jump at the chance to interview me and allow my heresy to be judged by the Holy Writ alone as we accurately exegete whatever portions of Scripture that you claim (erroneously) that I violate.

      As for leaving people alone in their sin after warning them… I do that. Maybe not as fast as you or others would like to see me leave them alone, though. But notice that there are no time statements regarding how many minutes a preacher has to comply with John 10:14. In the end, this is just another example where people like you read more into the Holy Writ than is actually there.

      I don’t damn anyone to hell. I came that they may be made alive. They are already condemned. The God that they have quoted so often is their Accuser – not me. You and everyone else who oppose the truth has a Judge and a Condemner already, Phil.

      • Kirk,

        I don’t have any FEAR of you but in case you haven’t noticed I’m not doing the program these days. In fact the only “show” I’m doing is a sports show so unless you want to talk about sports than there isn’t any “show” for you to do. Sorry to disappoint you 🙂

        I see you still are attempting to judge motive and intentions….not a good idea Kirk.

        “I came that they may be made alive” sounds an awful lot like you are claiming to be Christ. I hope that isn’t the case…..

        Have a nice life Kirk. That’s a polite way of saying move on down the road 🙂


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