It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a beautiful Wednesday here in Corfu Greece. It’s cold today or I should say it’s cold for here. Where I’m headed next 30 degrees isn’t cold at all. There will be a LOT of adjustments to make where we’re headed next.

It’s all good!

The Internet has decided not to work very well so I had to go somewhere else to do my thing today. The bad part is where I’m at now the Internet is rubbish. Why is everything so darn slow here?

At least I was able to upload this week’s podcast. Miki Hardy and his cohorts at CTMI need exposing and I am more than happy to do my part!

The Miami Heat have now lost five games in a row! I’m not a Heat fan and I certainly don’t mind seeing them lose after the way they celebrated after signing Lebron James and Chris Bosh.

NY Mets SS Jose Reyes is on his way out Mets fans. Look for him to get traded prior to the All-Star break. The Mets are broke so getting rid of him is the only way to insure they will get something for him.

NY Mets RF Carlos Beltran has tendonitis in his good knee and will be out for God knows how long. I think it’s time to say good-bye to Carlos as well. Trade him to the American League and at least he can DH and maybe play a bit of OF. What a shame because Carlos was a GREAT NY Met!

Well, back to work I go! Have a great Wednesday everyone!