CTMI Exposed: Miki Hardy’s Manipulations!

The topic of this week’s podcast is Church Team Ministries International, the cult from Mauritius. Today I will be playing some clips from a message Apostle Miki Hardy preached on the opening night of a conference held in Mauritius. Hardy sows the seeds of manipulation into these young people’s minds and listen as I demonstrate how Hardy relies on the parents of these young people to assist him in ruining families.

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CTMI Exposed Miki Hardy’s Manipulations


8 thoughts on “CTMI Exposed: Miki Hardy’s Manipulations!

  1. Good job Phil!

    When I was in CTMI, I was going there alone. I left my church because I disagreed with a doctrine they taught. So I went to CTMI because I agreed with the statement of faith they posted on their website (It was a Baptist one). I liked their worship but I soon became frustrated when some people came to the altar and prophecied(false of course!). Miki does not have to say that he is an apostle. But he positions himself as someone who lays the foundation and preaches the gospel of Paul. I found that people their have very little knowledge of the scripture, they knew only what Miki preached. Miki often said that he’ll continue to preach the gospel of the cross. Sundays after sundays, it is what he preaches. This is the only thing people are going to hear. Seems like Sundays are brainwashing sessions. From time to time the elders or Audrey will say “Brother Miki sermon’s last week was great”. So if it was not great for you, then you have a problem. He will also say “Look at those people who left everything to serve the Lord”. He does not have to tell people to leave their family or career, he just point to the church members who left everything. So if you don’t leave what you have, you have a problem. When I saw that there was something fishy in this church, I stopped to go. They soon glued with me and came home. While discussing with the young man who came to visit me, I told him during the conversation that my family was not so happy that I was coming to CTMI. He quoted this verse where Jesus said that he came to bring a sword. He said that this is normal to be persecuted because of the gospel.I was about to laugh at him because I knew that this was not what my family was doing. My family was not persecuting me whatsoever, they were just unhappy that i left them. I also told him that I did not agree with some stuff Basil and Miki preached. He told me that everyone in the church has to conform to the same gospel otherwise I can’t be part of them. He also told me that if I go to France, SA or anywhere I’ll hear the same gospel being preached. This man was living at an elder’s place and there were some questions which he could not answer me. So he referred me to an elder. This elder listened to me and I started to explain what was wrong. I was so surprised that this elder knew very little about the bible. I’m not saying that we can measure someone’s maturity with his knowledge of the scripture but I expected that this elder could help me a bit through the scripture. This same young man often asked me if I was confronted and whether something was burning inside of me. Yes there was something burning inside of me. I wanted to cry out : Impostor!

    You are not an apostle! False prophecy! Manipulation!

  2. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks for this spot on and insightful exposure Phil. You describe the manipulation that has blinded our beloved children so accurately it is scary!

    We have all heard from the mouths of our own flesh and blood the very same verses and catch phrases of this wolf in sheeps’s clothing. (“catch the revelation”; “walk the road”; “You will be shaken” etc)

    Thank you for describing us as gracious!! Being gracious is a new challenge after the grieved family asking us to represent them to CTMI leadership and getting the usual silence (other than Rachel Gillon opening wounds in her parents saying she will have nothing to do with them) and hearing the awful treatment meted out to Claudia’s son in that recorded meeting !!

    May God have mercy on so called Christian media, TBN, JOY Magazine, Highway radio; Nuradio for ignoring our warnings and supporting this charade. What has happpened to Christianity today when money speaks louder than truth!!!

    And thank you SonShine FM in Perth and Trans World Radio for investigating and responding professionally and in respect for God’s word.

    God bless you Phil

    • Joe Blogs I hope you are not one of their members or converts with a filthy mouth. You certainly prove what this church truly is.

  3. I would like to let you know that I posted a warning about Miki Hardy to Joy Magazine and to TBN and they both flatly ignored me. I wonder if they accept stuff from Miki Hardy maybe they would accept some Mormon stuff as well, as long as they are financially rewarded. I cannot believe that these are Christian organisations who claim to hear from the Holy Spirit…

  4. Hi
    I am an investigative journalist and would like to know more about CTMI. Church or cult? If you have an opinion and/or first hand experiences please e-mail me… odette@backyardtv.co.za
    Thank you

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