It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a foggy Wednesday in beautiful Corfu Greece. We had to cancel the morning session today thanks to the rain last night and the thick fog this morning. That means a double session this afternoon as more rain is on the way for Thursday.

“Hump Day” is going to suck big time for all of us here at the Phil Naessens Tennis Academy!


The other day someone sent me an email stating the following;


I think you are very worldly because you always seem to talk about sports”



Forgive me Pharisee for I have sinned and I will never talk about sports or anything else “worldly” ever again!!!


I must of missed the “Thou shalt not talk about sports on a supposed Christian blog” presumably located in the “Pharisee’s Study Bible”. You can purchase that bible at any one of a 100 ODM blogs and websites….




The NY Mets open up their 2011 Grapefruit League season this Saturday against the Atlanta Braves. The Metsies have a new manager (Terry Collins) and several new faces so it will be interesting to see how this season will pan out…’s what I think the starting lineup will be once the regular season begins….


1B  Ike Davis

2B Louis Castillo

SS Jose Reyes

3B David Wright

C Josh Thole

LF Jason Bay

CF Carlos Beltran

RF Angel Pagan


I have no idea who or what the starting pitching rotation will look like. With Johan Santana out until only God knows when there will be at least 2 starting spots up for grabs. Mike Pelfrey, RA Dickey and Jonathen Niese should retain their spots in the rotation and it will be interesting to see who we head north with in April.


I’ll be talking more about this on this week’s Phil Naessens Show.


There I go again only talking about sports……forgive me Pharisee for I have sinned 🙂

Thank God for sports!!!


Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!









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  1. Hey Phil,

    I get the same reaction and complains about our sports crazied soceity and then they ask me if I can get them on some course somewhere or a discount on equipment or a tip on curing their slice.

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