It’s Wednesday!!

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning in Corfu Greece. My view of the Ionian Sea is absolutely breathtaking!

Last weeks The Antithesis Hour unfortunately was the last show Mike and I will do together. The main reason? I want a sick weirdo stalker out of my life and that was decided before yesterdays strange but very predictable events occured.

Christina Aguilera really laid an egg at the Super Bowl, huh? Ah, listen for yourself and make up your own mind;

Thanks to all of you who sent emails of support due to yesterdays events. I’m cool folks. I’ve been through this sort of thing before. That time the guy slandering me was anonymous. This weirdo stalker was insane dumb enough to sign his own name to his foolishness.

On this weeks podcast I will be dealing with a situation I didn’t want to deal with but unfortunately I’m now forced to share this thing publicly. I think I’ll call it “Dorothy and the Little Munchkin Return To Oz”……that should get someone’s attention 🙂

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!!!