Cyber Stalker Alert!!!! Roderick Edwards

Cyber Stalker Roderick Edwards of Whiteland Indiana

Roderick is stalking folks once again but this time he’s gone too far. As I stated on this podcast the only way to stop these types of  individuals is to report them to their local authorities. This was done this morning.

Edwards has a lengthy history of such anti-social behavior and as recently as this week has stalked and spammed my friends at Reign of Christ and Michael Loomis. Prior to that he stalked and spammed Dee Dee Warren as well as many others.

If you’ve been stalked by Edwards or if you know of anyone who has been a victim of Edwards, please sign the comments section of this blog so the authorities can see how messed up this weirdo really is.

18 thoughts on “Cyber Stalker Alert!!!! Roderick Edwards

  1. If stalking is receiving an unsolicited email from Roderick Edwards in order to gain an audieance for his new blog mis-representing preterists then yes I have been stalked. Its just more of the same this delusional person is displaying.

  2. Phil, thanks for posting this. Awhile back, i had started a Google Doc in which i pasted emails from Roderick after having asked him to stop. I hadn’t touched the doc in awhile, but now with his latest attempts, i have updated it with his stalking on three sites that i administered. Here’s the doc:

    Phil, do you happen to have the contact info for the local authorities there handy?


    • Jason,

      Here is the page where you can report Cyber Crimes in the State of Indiana…

      He’s also tried to post here twice…..and I hear he’s particularly fond of emailing folks about me. Just for the record I’m employed by Phil Naessens Tennis Academy……..and NO ONE else. Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong Roderick 🙂



  3. Thank you for this Phil. This will be interesting to see how much of this will come to the surface.

    He also posts under multiple usernames. However his IP adress continues to give him away. We should all do our best to his Usernames too. Here is the most recent one.


    Would you like the complete texts of his postings and emails or just a link to a document containing all of the incidents?

    Michael J Loomis

    • Hey Mike,

      Just link the documents. I’m still waiting for a reply from the folks in Indiana. I’ll probably call them tomorrow if they don’t write me. I’m going to see this through Mike. That man went WAY to far today…..


  4. He has used multiple ip addresses on RCM over the years. I don’t know if it is intentional or not. My guess is that it is because i have tried and tried to block him from even viewing RCM and it doesn’t work.

    ThatGuy ·

    TKC (

    RoderickE (

    Moolang (

  5. Here’s another one. Not sure how many identities or IP adresses he uses. At least two that I’ve seen.


    On 10/23/2010 after a flurry of postings to my sites, I asked Roderick to stop posting to any of my websites or contacting me personally via email. Yet he attempted to post 2 more times at my site, on 11/20/2010 & 02/06/2011

    He then contacted me 3 more times by email on 10/24/2010, 11/20/2010 & 11/30/2010.

    Michael J Loomis

  6. He has continued to attempt to post on Preterist Blog despite being told he was not welcome. I have since put his information on auto-delete, so I don’t know if he has continued to do so. Apparently he has also copied me on multiple emails over the past week or so despite being told on no uncertain terms to stop contacting me. I put my email through a gmail filter so it is rare for one to slip through to my Apple Mail program, though they remain in my gmail folder. Checking, he has sent me at least two very recently. He has been told VERY CLEARLY not to contact me by any means. The only other people who have ever behaved this way is certain hyperpreterists, such as mograce2u who also earned an auto-delete at preteristblog. Roderick behaves no differently than the most obsessed hyperpreterist that I have run into. I am very glad I have changed my phone number since the time he had it as well as working at a new employer.

    I don’t agree Phil with using his picture or location due to things that have happened to me in the past. I am asking you sincerely if doing so is necessary. His harassments are not location-based or personal, but rather over the Internet,so I would think his usernames and the like are all that are relevant. I ask you to consider taking down the picture and the location, it does bother me as not appropriate considering the nature of his harassment. If he was doing it in person or in his local area, then I would agree. But posting a location and picture smacks too much of things like a dangerous neighborhood criminal alert.

    Please feel free to pass my contact information on to any cyber-crime person to speak to. I believe he has also contacted Paul repeatedly, but he would have to confirm that.

  7. Clarification: by personal, I mean “face to face” so that it would be needful for someone to know what he looked like. His harassments are certainly “personal” in the other sense of the word.

  8. Oh and yeah I know that Roderick will attempt to pimp portions (and only portions) of my comments to his benefit. Oh well, we are both better than that. “Users” end up with no friends or peace.

  9. Hi Phil, thank you for putting me up. I have only just started this blog and one thing I want to highlight is the problem preterists face with people like Rod. But as I said, I don’t feed trolls, and while everyone reacts to him, he will keep on going. Starve the beast and it will find other feeding grounds. If you find he has responded to a post, just delete the post.
    Karen, the Preterist Alien

  10. Hey All,

    Yesterday the weirdo stalker sent me a request to be “friends” on Facebook. Is he nuts??????

    Thanks weirdo. More kindling for the fire……

  11. The “roderick” has found a way to bypass the block of his email address in my junk file. He claims that Don K. Preston and I are “cowards”, which is nicer than his usual tirade. He is a pretty good hacker who I believe can use his obsession to actually cause severe computer viruses. He is a fanatic, for sure!

  12. Paul, I can assure you that Roderick is not a hacker, good or otherwise. He certainly has his faults, but he is not any better at computers than the average user. I don’t mean that as an insult to him. He had issues with an iTunes feed that I helped him with, so I have had technical discussions with him, and I am more technologically knowledgeable than he is, and hacking is way beyond me. You probably are misinformed as to the impassibility of your block.

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