How Do You Handle An Angry Arminianist?

This is simply too funny. Or sad. I’m not sure at this point. I guess it all depends on how you look at these things…….

Believe me when I tell you this; this type of depiction occurs nearly everywhere you look and it isn’t just limited to the Calvinist/Arminian debate either.

I remember not too long ago I squared off in one of these debates. The guy I “debated” was a baby Christian who told me I was a “man follower” “unsaved” and then he told me to go and sin no more……remember Curtis Reinas?

Ever been involved in one of these types of skirmishes? How did you handle it?

How do you handle an angry Arminianist?



7 thoughts on “How Do You Handle An Angry Arminianist?

  1. LOL. That’s pretty funny. “How did I handle and angry Arminiast?” Pretty poorly, as usual. I tend to argue rather than gently persuade. Hopefully, over time, God will help mature me in that area.

  2. @ Believe,

    Welcome to the site Dude! BTW, I really appreciate what you are doing on your site. I know it wasn’t easy to do but know that I am praying for you my friend!!


    I was hoping the same thing!!!!


    • Hey,

      I was going to correct it and figured “leave it” so when an angry Arminian comes complaining I can show how to handle one by example! A good sense of humor is very important in these matters 🙂


  3. Hey there,

    As long as you dont mind being called a Calvanist. But hey, Arminianist is better than Armenianist. 😉

    But seriously, one way to defuse the contention is that Calvinists stop calling Arminianism a false gospel, etc etc. I think that may go a long way.

    Thanks for your time,
    Calvin and Calvinism

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