Benny Hinn: Dark Lord of the Sith

Hey everyone. Check out this video. It’s hilarious.

Any thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Benny Hinn: Dark Lord of the Sith

  1. I’ll be honest: this serious of a subject deserves more than sound bites and ephemeral laughter and sarcasm. IMHO you should delete it and move on. We both agree there are major issues here, but people’s souls and patterns of thinking, believing and existing hang in the balance. They should never, ever be taken lightly, even when it is easy to do. This is a small fragment of the burden of the sin of the world that Christ bore on the cross: a tiny, yet well disseminated false expression of His behavior and character is portrayed in the clips edited together here. He died for this as well as all our faults and misunderstandings and sins. Craig, you have spoken with me personally, so you know that I mean every word seen written here.

  2. Hey Phil,

    Maybe the Mets should put a bat in Hinn’s hands and see what he can do with National League pitching.

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