This Weeks Antithesis Hour!

This weeks What Color is the Sky in Their World podcast is from The Antithesis Hour dated January 5, 2011……Michael Loomis is a Full (Hyper) Preterist. I am not. Join us as we discuss our differences on this weeks show!

The Antithesis Hour

2 thoughts on “This Weeks Antithesis Hour!

  1. Wow. I just listened to the show from last night. sorry to miss it live…appreciate you sending me the link. All I can say is that yes, two down…one to go! I hope you feel better soon (near, at hand, about to be) and I will be dialing in from work to hear the Sam Frost show today that Mike spoke of. Thanks Phil – I do appreciate you a lot! Even if I do remain a black sheep…lol. blessings, w

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