Its Wednesday and My Yearly Paula White Rant!


It’s a cold rainy Wednesday today in beautiful Corfu Greece. As much as I despise the rain it’s good to get a day off. Today could be the day my Toshiba returns from the shop but I’m not holding my breath!

Tonight at 10pm eastern I will be joining Michael Loomis on The Antithesis Hour. Despite our vast theological differences I really do enjoy doing the program. You can listen live on or download it from either of our sites on Thursday morning.

Now for my yearly Paula White rant:-)



The other day someone on Facebook attempted to tell me that Paula White is a bible teacher that proclaims the Word. Her only complaint was that Paula doesn’t practice what she preaches…….which is the furthest thing from the truth.

Paula White DOES live what she teaches. In case you were wondering Paula teaches that all you need to live healthy, wealthy, prosperous lives is to have “faith in your faith”. To activate this faith you must sow a seed to meet a specific need.

Paula lives that each and every day. Please allow me to explain.

Paula White and her ilk have plenty of “faith” and have had to sow “seeds” to big dawgs like T.D. Jakes in order to be where they are today. Had Paula not given her “Paula money” to Jakes (10,000$) we may never of heard of her or Randy White.

More importantly, and I have said this over and over so many times I get dizzy, is Paula has amazing faith. Her faith has nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus but in human nature. Don’t we all want to be healthy and wealthy just like her? In other words her faith is in her audience!

Paula White butchers God’s written word to the point it’s unrecognizable to anyone with any sort of reading comprehension but her listeners aren’t interested in checking up on her to see if what she’s “proclaiming” is so. The resounding theme? Sow your seed into fertile ground (her ministry) and you will be blessed abundantly!

Now turn to your neighbor and say “sow that seed”!

The audience eats it up like cotton candy and Paula gets to pay her TV programs bills for another month not to mention her own personal bills. All that plastic surgery don’t come cheap my friends.

So you see my complaints with Paula hardly have anything to do with her lifestyle. After listening to her teach it doesn’t surprise me in the least that she lives her personal life the way she does and frankly speaking I couldn’t give two hoots about what she calls herself because my bible tells me to run like the wind from her………and pray for her soul.

For further reading as to the biblical reasons I have for avoiding “Pastor Paula” please see the following link;


Have a great Wednesday everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Its Wednesday and My Yearly Paula White Rant!

  1. Judge not lest you be judged. Paula White preaches the Word of God, lives the Word of God, n preaches Jesus Christ! It’s easy to take others words n twist them or manipulate them n judge others.

  2. Jesus said in the Bible sell all you have and follow me!! Not take all God’s money and live like a Rock Star? Peter said to the man I have neither silver or gold but what I have is free. Jesus lived in the most basic means on earth. I find it hard to believe he wanted his disciples to live in mansions or have a personal jet. They would put the money together for the church and the people who were in the most need.
    This is what happened to the Jews they expected the messiah to come rich and powerful and instead he came poor meek and humble in heart. Jesus said store your riches in Heaven. I can’t get
    these preachers living in million dollar homes while the very one’s they tell to give a seed offering are mostly poor. Yes they should have and income but, when I see motor boats and homes that could fit hundreds of poor people.

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