“Linda” Saw The Light!!!

Every now and then I receive a comment that is just too darn good to be buried in the comments section of a particular posting. This comment was left in the “Contact Me” section of the site and I must say this lady has sure seen the light……


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I have to say that I am so disgusted with tele-evangelists that I want to just blow up! Every one of them is now claiming a shortfall in their ministry giving because of the downturn in the economy. My conclusion would be …why don’t some of them sell the huge homes, and give from their own vast personal wealth??? I am to the point where I can barely stand to hear them “hawk” their wares and get away with it. They literally prey on the poorest people who are in desparate need, and they really don’t care if they go into more debt or can even afford to send their last dollar!

I stupidally sent a small donation to “Breakthrough” to help with the orphans they were helping in Haiti. I then found out all about how most of these ministers live, and then I heard about the behavior of Benny Hinn and his downfall. I am truly shocked at how they live and no one seems to understand that they really look down on US because they think they have some sort of secret they know and we don’t. When I sent in the donation, I got an audio CD made by Todd Coontz titled “Unstoppable Favor!”. In it he referred to the incidence that he had gained his inspiration from Mike Murdock about how to gain wealth, and this all happened within 24 hours…it was magic, or so it seems.

Anyway, after reading some background on Mike Murdock’s claims, his extravagent wealth, possessions, and such, I realized that he had hit the “merchandising” jackpot by making all these claims from the Word of God , and twisting it to make it sound like he was telling the truth.
The Word of God clearly says to watch out for these Wolves in Sheep’s clothing…and refers to these people as “hirelings”…basically they are just in fit or the money and it is a business to them.
No wonder Jesus got so mad and turned the tables on the Money changers in the temple! Frankly, I am getting so righteously mad myself that I really think something has to be done to stop all of this. With the money that is being horded by them, we could end world poverty.
And now the Christian Television Network here in central Missouri is broadcasting the Great Awakening with Rodney Howard-Browne every night! These people even fell for the whole thing hook, line and sinker…RHB is part of the Counterfeit Revival bunch that has literally made a mockery of worshiping God in an ‘orderly” fashion as is prescribed in Scripture.
With the laughing, howling, and weird contorsions of the people he supposedly hits with the “fire”!! What about the Holy Spirit as a gentle person, who does not have to be violent to come into someone’s life???

I had to talk to someone about this…I hope what I have to say isn’t offensive to anyone out there, but the time has come for me to stop watching and listening to these “hirelings” .and Maybe they will have to pay all this back…could they be the “wicked” that is supposed to relinqish their wealth to the righteous?

Believer in truth for the end days…



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