It’s Wednesday!!

It’s Wednesday and I am in the office of a tennis club where I’m conducting some clinics. They were nice enough to let me use their PC to make this posting……in case you didn’t know my PC has been out of order since November 24……

I don’t even miss it.

Well, I shouldn’t say I don’t miss it because I do. What I don’t miss all that much is the Internet…..

Actually I do miss the Internet. What I should have said is I don’t miss some aspects of the Internet…..

What do you like most about the Internet? What do you like least about the Internet?

For me the Internet has been a great way to communicate daily with my friends back home… well as make new friends which I am greatly blessed to have in my life. It also allows me to keep up with the news back home as well as a host of other things that I would miss out on without my PC.

Don’t get me started on what I dislike about the Internet….

I’m prayfully considering bringing on another writer around here. This individual will also be a part time co-host of the podcast as well as the Blog Talk Radio program What Color is the Sky in Their World. This would begin after the first of the year.

My New York Jets got their backsides ripped on Monday night. I’m glad my PC was busted otherwise I would have wound up watching that massacre…..

Have a great Wednesday everyone!