Is He A Hyper Preterist?

I’ve been asked to be a guest on a radio show (I’ll let you know when it’s published) and while doing some research I stumbled across this comment that I would like to address today……

Phil, I’m sure you are seeing the pattern. I noticed how much you source linked so ANYONE can check out the issue. However, guys like Mr. Begnaud & people from the hyperpret camp have the same pattern of NOT sourcing. They intentionally only supply their audience snippets & do not allow them to read the full context. It is uncanny how this same practice is employed by these people.

Letting people see the whole story is very important don’t you think? It seemed to be very important to this commenter. He’s always telling people how he’s “known for his sourcing” and always chastising people who don’t. I like what he has to say about this subject.

So what happened here? He’s gone as far as to post this here here and here as well. What I had to do with the blog post at American Vision is anyone’s guess but looks to be the same vendetta driven madness we’ve all come to know….. and…… well……

Where’s the source link to the original you ask? There isn’t one is there? Why isn’t there a link to the original?  You can find that here if you are so inclined and if you do decide to listen you will see the entire premise of the posting made several places on the Internet is bunk.

What can we deduce from this lack of citing and sourcing based on the indented comment?

1). There is a pattern to this type of behavior.

2). Hyperpreterist’s follow this pattern.

3). This pattern of behavior is intentional.

4). People like Hyperpreterist’s only supply their audience snippets.

5). People like Hyperpreterist’s do not allow their readers to see the full context.

6). The commenter fits HIS description of a Hyperpreterist’s behavior.

For a man who continually talks about the character of others he certainly has a ways to go concerning his own don’t you think? Something about “motes” and “beams” comes to mind here.

Is he a hyperpreterist or is he more like the “other” guys that have a pattern of intentionally deceiving their readers by refusing to cite and source the original work they are critiquing or responding to? Either way he’s dishonest and needs to repent of this type of behavior or stop calling himself a Christian.

23 thoughts on “Is He A Hyper Preterist?

  1. Hi Phil, wow, that Pret Cosmos link was something. He is quite fond of rewriting history. Roderick would routinely delete comments at the blog– wait, isn’t that what he just said was wrong?

    I don’t have time to listen to the whole show, so I can’t know the context. In isolation though, personally, I don’t think it is wrong to root for someone to fail, if the way we are doing it is to pray first for their repentance, and if they don’t repent, for God to sovereignly cause their failure.

    Prayer for their repentance must always temper our “wrath.” It is the way to keep love for the image of God in our fellow man uppermost.

    • Hi Dee Dee,

      He is a revisionist and I remember him deleting a couple of my comments as well……

      The context of the comment I made was in regards to wishing financial ruin on someone. It was a carry over from our conversation prior to the program.


  2. Interesting topic.

    In Matt. 6, Jesus in his model prayer said to pray, “Your will be done”. I think I’ll stick to that, and let God work out the details.

    • Rod,

      We weren’t talking about you. We were talking about someone else. Why do you seem to think everything is about you?

      Liberal eh? That’s too funny……


  3. Who cares who you were talking about, your ideas are STILL biblically wrong and an anti-christian mentality, and that is my point. All the while you validate hyperpreterism by doing buddy-buddy podcasts with them where you rarely call them out. This has been your problem from the get go. When Dorothy (a hyperpret) came to you telling you she was a hyperpret, you had really no trouble with it. She has since told me that it was wrong for you to not have an issue with it. She left hyperpreterism for a while. She has since returned to hyperpreterism and has told me it was due in large part to the fact that people like you and Ken Talbot simply tried to make a trophy out of her and use her like a pawn.

    Phil you can continue to hate my guts and go around telling me I’m not saved (wow???) yet you’ll one day have to come face to face with the fact that you are indeed a liberal. You do realize liberals don’t think they are liberals until they are not, then they look back and see just how liberal they were 😉

    • Rod,

      You claim we were talking about YOU and built your little “Phil is a liberal” mantra around that so yes it matters. In the real world we call that building a strawman……

      My ideas are unbiblical? Which ones Rod? The ones based on the voices rattling inside your head or what I actually say? Thanks for reminding us that what was actually said or meant doesn’t matter to you. That was an important admission and I do appreciate that.

      Thanks for claiming I’m a liberal Rod. People who actually know me will get a kick out of that one….must be those voices again. You really need to see a Dr.

      Hate your guts? I’m sure that will play at the heartstrings of the more faint at heart but not here. I don’t hate you Roderick and in fact pray for you daily. You must have a very heavy heart from those 15 years of teaching another Gospel and leading people to hell. How many people did you lead to the gates of hell Rod during those 15 years? How many of those you led to the gates of hell died in the false hope you sold them? That must be horrible for you. You must weep for them daily. It’s too bad that you can’t tell them why from the Bible what you spent 15 years teaching them from the Bible was wrong. That must also be disturbing for you.

      As far as you being a Christian is concerned there will be plenty of folks that THINK they are Christians but Jesus will shatter those illusions when he says

      (Mat 7:23) And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

      I pray that you never hear those words Roderick.



  4. Hi Rod,

    One more thing. I don’t need to root for ANY heresy to fail. I have a Bible that tells me heresy already HAS failed…as well as HERETIC’S like you have already failed. You are merely a thorn in the flesh that God doesn’t seem to want to remove just yet. Bear in mind that I have exposed more heretics (including you) on this “ liberal little narcissy” site than you will in 5 lifetimes so keep playing to the crowd at your site Rod. If they are clever they will search this site with “Roderick Edwards” and learn what a vendetta driven vindictive documented LIAR and accuser of the brethren you really are.


  5. Phil, LOL, our special friend calls you a narcissist (his ad hom de jour) by linking to his own site (where you can read about what he is watching on TV, his surgery, his vacation, his search engine exploration-on an “apologetics site” = for shame!- his hosting of an exchange student, . O the humanity, pictures of dad’s yard, condiment cravings, graduation speeches, ……). I notice in his article while using me shamefully in his vendetta against you that he doesn’t address his hypocrisy in deleting comments. I suppose he is so amazed by my comment disagreeing with you while remaining a “supporter” is that he tempers his comments with how he can harm others, not with what is true. You will never see him making a comment that he knows immediately will be used by someone against a person he presently supports. There is always an agenda.

    Oh well. Looks like he succeeded in diverting attention to himself.

  6. One small problem Dee Dee, my site ISN’T an “apologetics” site — never claimed it was. It is a personal site ran by a Christian, that talks about Christian issues in our daily lives. Take care Dee Dee, and congrats of the marriage just months after being divorced from another man. Did Talbot counsel you against that course??? I sure would have.

    • Hi Rod,

      I see you didn’t touch my last comment. That’s ok. We both know who you are and more importantly what you are.

      Most little girls adore their fathers and hang on their every word. What did you tell your daughter when you renounced your former views? Did you tell her that daddy was wrong and that he didn’t mean to shipwreck her faith? Did you tell her how arrogant you were for teaching that garbage to her? I’ll bet that was hard to look her in the eye and tell her all the things you filled her head with were wrong. Did you cry Rod? Did it bust you up inside Rod?

      Does it bust you up inside to KNOW you led complete strangers to a false gospel? Does your heart mourn for those people Rod? The reason I ask is because it doesn’t seem like you give a rat’s ass for the people you HELPED to deceive. The only thing you seem to do is attack people.

      I see you bring Dorothy into this and shamelessly use what she may or may not have said to attack Dr. Talbot and I. Using people as weapons against others is not very nice but then that’s who you are. I hope Dorothy didn’t say this but even if she did I don’t think she’s going to be too happy with you for making this kind of thing public……especially when it’s the furthest thing from the truth.

      Your little potshot regarding Dee Dee is unacceptable and the only reason I published this was to further demonstrate what a scumbag you are. How dare you talk to her this way. How dare you say some of the things you say about her in public. She has more integrity in her little finger than you do in your entire body. That lady loved you and prayed for you and also took a LOT of garbage for you and this is how you treat her? If you want to talk about character you better stick with me because both of us are out of her league. In fact she’s in a league all by herself!

      Your little potshots regarding Sharon are also garbage. She actually LOVES people and regardless of your or anyone else’s opinion she’s a valuable asset in God’s Kingdom. She’s not a “fake renouncer” Roderick. You are WAY off base with your constant personal attacks against her. She has supported me for month’s and has been a constant source of encouragement and support for me and your attacks against her proves what a scumbag you really are. Even if she didn’t support me or encourage me I’d still say the same things about her. Attacking her for being able to love others and still be able to tell her former associates why they are wrong without personally attacking them is something you seem unable to do. You really are pathetic.

      Your constant attacks against Dr. Talbot are equally disgusting. You claim a man whose been faithfully preaching the Gospel for decades is a “compromiser” yet I never once heard the charge that he’s shipwrecked anyone’s faith. You are the one that spent 15 years shipwrecking people’s faith dude……not him. Where he builds the Kingdom and trains people to build the Kingdom you do nothing but destroy and divide it with your constant smear campaigns and various other despicable and unbiblical acts in the Name of God. You aren’t even worthy to tie that man’s sandals and frankly neither am I. It’s an honor for me to be called his friend. I can’t find ANYONE who can say the same thing about you.

      Keep up the scumbag tactics Rod. Go ahead. Continue to lie about others who you disagree with. Knock yourself out! Keep pretending your ways are Godly ways. You’re only deceiving yourself but then again deception is what you are most known for now isn’t it.


  7. Roderick are you attending a church yet? I would still like to speak with your elders. If you would like to speak with mine, you can ask Jonathan Goundry to put you in touch. I had in the past attended his church, and still consider it my home church, though for the past few months I have been attending my fiancé’s church. Pastor Goundry knows where that is. Since I consider the Goundry church still my church family, I am accountable to them. He runs the King and Servant podcast if you don’t remember how to reach him. That other pastor knows me, we just had premarital counseling with him.

    Now, quid pro quo, how do I get in touch with yours? I won’t publish the information just as I would ask you not to publish where I attend with my fiancé. Of course, I can’t help the obsessive stalkers out there, so *shrug* but I would ask it.

  8. Roderick, so I take it that the answer is “no” you don’t attend a Church you are accountable to which is a practice that is in contravention to 2,000 of Church history. The Church has been united on that point. Why are you disobedient since you do place so much emphasis on Church history?

    You are a viscous opportunistic person Roderick. I thank you for proving that once again.

    Phil, thank you very much. I appreciate your words more than you can know.

  9. Hi Rod,

    Dave Green knows you well, huh?

    > according to them, even Dave Green is a
    > hyperpreterist (this from his fellow FP).

    lol Oh good grief.

    Ah well. It makes for good rhetoric and propaganda, so you might as
    well keep running with it, Rod. After all, why bother with the truth
    when a distortion is much more effective.

    Dave 🙂

    Roderick distort the truth? Nah……..he is always truthful……..I wonder what else he’s distorting……Christian huh?


  10. Dee Dee, my entire point as limited to this scope was to show how Naessens’ idea that it is NEVER right to wish/hope for the failure of people and ideas (even to the extent of financial failure) was YET ANOTHER erroneous conclusion by Naessens. Despite your venomous, unwarranted hatred for me, you AGREED that Naessens is wrong. That is all you should take away from this. All the other stuff you and your tag-a-longs spew is just your own warped garbage. I have standing invite to do a podcast with you, via your site or mine where we can hash this all out without pretenders and johnny-come-latelys like Naessens standing in tow.

    I will now let you all return to the chest thumping, backslapping and general ego orgies all of you narcissies like to do. Take care Phil, it has been revealing to your readers that you attempted to make hay out of this and were even rebuked by Dee Dee for your wrongheadedness. Double-fault! Try again.

    • Hi Rod,

      We were discussing people and not ideas. “Ideas” were your insertion based on your obsession or the voices inside your head.
      My point here was once again to show your hypocrisy and unethical standards. I couldn’t care less about the rest of your silly little post or even you for that matter.

      Dee Dee “rebuked” me? Actually she disagreed with me. There is a big difference but you aren’t very good at making distinctions are you?

      Don’t even try and comment here again Rod. As a Christian I find you deplorable and disgusting. The only one who “double faults” my warped and sinful little friend, is you!


  11. Roderick said this about a lady who isn’t even part of this conversation:

    She has since returned to hyperpreterism and has told me it was due in large part to the fact that people like you and Ken Talbot simply tried to make a trophy out of her and use her like a pawn.

    You are a filthy liar. You have once again slandered an elder, and I have no respect for any who continue to associate with you without rebuking you publicly and often for this.

    Shame on you.

  12. Rod, I see you are still avoiding the hard questions. And Phil has it pegged. You have this combative personality that sees disagreement as “rebuke.” I see Phil’s position as one that a Christian can have. I just don’t agree with it. Just like I don’t agree with pacifism. It is sad you are so threatened by opposing ideas.

    And that is just it. You like to think you are this indomitable force that others hate and envy. No, Rod, I don’t hate you. I pity you.

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