CTMI EXPOSED PART 2: Catriona’s Testimony

Today I continue with the expose “CTMI Exposed” with a powerful testimony from a lady who was abused and manipulated by CTMI affiliate “Centre Chretien Team” and leader Jean-Claude Lajeunesse.  After the jump read “Catriona’s” chilling testimony……(source)

I was only 14 years old when I met the ‘Centre Chretien’ team. I’m an orphan, I grew up with my grandmother who is a catholic and she could not accept that I could change religion and I was persecuted. When I talked with Jean-Claude, he said that if I can no longer remain at my grand-mother’s place that he is willing to give me a place in his house. The case went to court. Being a minor, the magistrate gave Centre Chretien the right to take me in charge. I was studying for my School Certificate but with all the meetings that there were in the morning and late in the evening, I was neglecting my studies and my results were not so good.

When I was 16, I was working in the Bible School as secretary. I met a junior pastor who wanted to marry me but Jean-Claude said that it was not God’s will even if I also loved this junior pastor. I was forced to leave the junior pastor. A man(who later will become my husband) in the same period of time joined this church after attempt to suicide(his fiancee left him few days before the wedding to go with someone else). He was deeply depressed and met Audrey and Miki. Audrey and Miki supported him.

Jean-Claude found that it was God’s plan for this man to marry me. Jean-Claude’s wife told me that if I do not marry this man that I’ll have to leave her house. Since I was an orphan and did not have any place to go, I had no alternatives than obeying. I did not know him at all and I refused to marry this guy(my husband). He threatened to commit suicide if I do not marry him and the wedding was scheduled 3 months later.

On the day of my Civil Marriage, Jean-Claude abused me sexually in a garage(I told him not to do that) and he said that he will always be there to get me out of any problem I could face (he was like a father to me and I trusted him a lot). After 1 week he did it again in my own house!! 5 months after my wedding, I told everything to my husband and hell started for me. Jean-Claude said that it was not him who did that but an uncle of mine. He never ceased to lie and this brought me a lot of deception. My husband and I left Centre Chretien and my husband did not want to hear about Centre chretien again. We did not go to church anymore for about 11 years(we joined the catholic church). I desired to return to a Christian church and I went several times to the AoG. During all these years(24 years), my husband and I were deeply hurt of what happened. We even tried to divorce twice but we stopped because of the children.

Other information:

1. While building the church in Curepipe, people were asked to give 1 month salary. Each person was asked to buy his chair in advance to get a place.

2. Jean-Claude Lajeunesse was asked to sell his property in Grand-Baie and leave his work.

3. I recently heard that Christians who leave their previous church have to be re-baptised when joining CTMI. Does this mean that they were not born again before?

4. The Hardys and the elders were well aware of the risk which could happen before the incident but they left me in Jean-Claude’s house. They did not take preventive measures. There were also dangerous thieves, drug addicts etc living in Jean-Claude’s house.

5. It was an abuse from Jean-Claude who was a senior pastor. But what about the leaders??? Why did they try to conceal everything? If they were righteous people, they should have acted differently. Why did they protect the reputation of the church instead of helping me? For example, Audrey sent Jean-Claude to Rodrigues for more than 1 year to avoid further problems because my husband put it on 3 newspapers. Jean-Claude invented a story saying that I was not a virgin(when he abused me) but that my uncle abused me before. How could he dare inventing such a story!!

6. Where was CTMI when I was in depression, suicidal etc? My family suffered a lot for more than 20 years because of what happened in CTMI.
7.Jean-Claude knew that I did not like the guy (my husband). He said that it was God’s will for me to marry him. He said that the guy is rich and that I will be happy with him. He added that he will always be there for me. I was still a minor(17).

I would like to tell everyone not to marry someone whom you do not love and do not let the leaders of the CTMI to arrange a wedding for you.

For more information regarding CTMI please see the following link.


10 thoughts on “CTMI EXPOSED PART 2: Catriona’s Testimony

  1. Our hearts are torn for this dear sister in Christ who has experienced misery for 24 years – along with so many others affected by this group! It is outrageous that Christian magazines (JOY!) and TBN promote Miki Hardy when he and Audrey preside over an organisation that has this and so much else lurking behind the holy glow!

    Praise God for His healing and restoration in their lives.

    We all sin and need mercy but how can a man continue to mininster knowing that he has done this and has never apologised or repented? Outrageous!

    We have evidence that the husband and wife did the biblically correct thing and met with the perpetrator, his wife and Miki and Audrey Hardy . Audrey rebuked her for raising it all. After initially admitting to the sin this pastor then made all sorts of claims about her losing her viriginity to abuse from her uncle (a complete fabrication) and that she had seduced him. Even if all his lies were true adultery is adultery whether with a virgin or not or whether seduced or not!

    Worst of all is the typical treatment from Miki and Audrey. Instead of broken hearted sympathy and minsitry to this broken 18 yr old orphan there is rebuke, obfuscation, denial and cover up which has continued to this day.

    But God is now bringing the light of truth to bear on the situation. Like Achen, whose hidden treasures were uncovered, Jean Claude and Miki and Audrey should face the searching questions of deeply concerned believers from all over the world.

    • do not be quick to judge , the truth is you know nothing about CTMI and you do not understand the gospel they teach and the word they received from God as a result people lie to try and tanish pastrMiki’s image

      • Hi Yewukawi,

        Actually, Keith knows more about CTMI than you do. You should really listen to his story. In fact I will even leave you the link so you can listen to his own words for yourself

        [audio src="https://phillyflash.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/an-interview-with-elder-keith-brown-of-the-ctmi-concerned-parents-group1.mp3" /]

        Miki Hardy tarnishes the image of Christ with his false works based gospel that is really no gospel at all.

        Mongoose also knows more about CTMI than you do. He spent over 15 years with that bunch and knows these folks personally….

        I’d say the one that doesn’t know very much about CTMI is you my friend….hopefully you’ll open your eyes before you end up in an arranged marriage or even worse.



      • Hi Yewukawi

        We were not quick to judge my friend. We only went public with the rape evidence after many appeals from the family concerned were ignored And then after the family asked us for help, we wrote privately to Miki Hardy and the leadership team which was also ignored.

        You say I know nothing of CTMI. You do not understand how much I wish this was true my friend! I do not know you or in what CTMI church you worship but I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Something I definitely know is how Miki Hardy treated the son of the rape victim. If you want the recording of the meeting let me know.

  2. It is the first time i come on this site, and i noticed my testimony is published. All i want to say is that “the Lord is compassionate and is still healing His children heart in this broken world”. What is broken hearts for us children of God? Our heart is broken not by the “World” but by people like Audrey, Miky and Jean-Claude Lajeunesse who claim to be at the service of the Lord, who are supposed to look after the flock BUT who THEMSELVES destroy . Those leaders, elders, pastors of CTMI ex-christian center are the scandal, shame and disgrace to Christianity. Fortunately, for us, GOD opened our eyes and we pray for all those who are still captives under the yoke of CTMI who disguised under the mask of a sheep are dangerous wolves looking forward whose life they are
    going to destroy. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, the Lord asked Abraham to search for right people but there was not. Is there any right one among the Leaders of CTMI? No, there are not. They broke families, parents are separated from their beloved children, husbands from their wives, wives are constrained to sterilize, young’s left studies and jobs to work for CTMI without any salary or for very little money whereas Miky, Audrey enrich themselves on the back of their poor followers . The yoke is so heavy that they do not even show any pity for those who hold it but they ask you that you have to TAKE YOUR CROSS AND CARRY IT. Is it the cross which Lord Jesus said in the Gospel? No, of course not. Lord Jesus cross is gentle and light where as the one of CTMI is an oppresses one. CTMI gospel is not the Gospel of the Lord but the one of Miky, Audrey and elders. One thing we never miss to hear over and over again is MONEY< MONEY< AND MORE MONEY.
    I praised the Lord that my eyes and those of my family are opened and we prayed for the freedom of CTMI followers. There is a time of revenge for our Lord.
    God bless you all.

    • i am a member ofCTMI i have never haerd seen of experienced what you are talking about least of all money money money.

  3. Yewukayi, perhaps your mind has been taken captive by crafty men who have ambushed your ability to think for yourself.

    Or else of course maybe they’ve stopped the never ending campaign to get money from whatever source they can!! Of course I doubt that much can have changed since May 2011 when Miki (loudly encouraged by shouts from Audrey for people to give dollars, Euros and Rupees) harangued the congregation to give far more than the old “legalistic” 10%!!!

    I was a member of CTMI for many years and one of the things that started me to doubt them was the ever present never ending offerings and teachings and pleas for money. We were told to take bonds on our houses to fund CTMI projects, we were told to take overdrafts and give to the church. It NEVER ended!! So I doubt it’s ended now!!

    So Yewukayi, my prayer for you is to be released from the bewitching lies (and these are proven many times) and blood sucking control exerted over you.

    Be free in the freedom that Christ purchased for you and break free from the bondage of this cult!

  4. Hi Yewukayi,

    Oh, there’s no doubt that these things happened my friend. This isn’t really a secret but I can see why they don’t talk about this incident, at least not in front of the pew dwellers. In fact Miki actually met with the ladies son and he (the son) taped the conversation. You should hear the way Miki talked to that young man.

    Miki knows this happened….just ask him. Miki knows this lady who was raped was actually set up in an arranged marriage but I suppose as a member of CTMI that you haven’t seen any arranged marriages either eh Yewukayi?

    I think you should open your eyes my friend before Miki has you building his houses or cutting his grass (if you aren’t already doing these things) or making you drink some cherry flavored Kool-Aid when Miki and Audrey’s house of cards comes tumbling down and believe me when I tell you that day may just be coming sooner then you think.

    Take care Yewukayi!


  5. And by the way Yewukayi, I was not quick to judge. It took many years of being exposed to this “gospel they teach” before I saw it for what it is. A very dangerous, doctrinally erroneous cultic group.

    And if you can point out and prove ONE lie that has been told about them, by me or any of the hundreds of very able, born-again, bible believing Brothers and Sisters in Christ (including many well established pastors) who have stood and challenged much of the doctrine, actions, and criminal activity of this so-called “church”.

    If you’d like a list of the fraudulent and criminal stuff I can provide it! And prove it.

  6. Yewukayi, As I was saying….If you can prove the lies, we will apologise, recant, repent, ask forgiveness and make right!

    Unfortunately the accusations and judgements are all too true and accurate and just having the leaders saying that they are lies and persecution, and the fact that the church people believe these lame defenses does not make them valid.

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