John MacArthur Hammers Joel Osteen

I only called Osteen a heretic….MacArthur ripped the guy to shreds…..



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  1. Thanks Phil for this provocative post!

    We from the “Concerned Parents Group” ( have often accused CTMI “apostle” Miki Hardy of indiscriminate criticism of other churches. Is MacArthur guilty of the same thing?

    Our main criticism of Miki Hardy is his employment of sweeping, unspecific generalisation. (“The church today”,”the church at large”, “pastors today”, “CPG are liars and persecutors” etc etc) We have said on our forum that when the Apostle Paul criticised he was specific and gave reason. In our challenging of Hardy we quote him and give specific support from scripture for our concern. Folks may disagree but they know whom we are targeting and why!

    John MacArthur is specific (he quotes Osteen extensively) and gives biblical support for his views.

    Whether we agree with his argument and/or manner is another debate ….:) However, we can enter into meaningful engagement on this issue because he has been specific and provided biblical support.



    • Hi Keith,

      I was actually thinking about Hardy when I posted this. MacArthur is a stark contrast from Miki Hardy and I really don’t have any problem with John’s manner either. IMHO he’s a good shepherd protecting his sheep….

      Great post Keith!!


  2. Hi again!!

    On your podcast Phil you state we must tread cautiously and not write off folks completely because not everything taught by certain prominent authors and Christian TV stars is bad!

    For sure – someone sends me a daily devotion by Joel Osteen and although I must confess I mainly delete it , there are times when he aligns with the word of God and I am blessed.

    But in the in general I guess a little leaven leavens the whole lump.

    Osteen’s performance on Larry King live is the leaven that did it for me!

    KING: Sinner – Is that a word you don’t use?

    OSTEEN: I don’t use it. I never thought about it. But I probably don’t.

    And then when King asked about those who don’t believe in Christ Osteen speaks of those committed to false religions as really “loving God” – he could see this when he visited India with his father!

    Sin and Christ as the only way, truth and life are fundamental to Christianity. Get fuzzy and non committal about that for the sake of popularity and money and you are in big trouble.

    • Hi Keith,

      Thanks for the response!

      Joel Osteen has done that a couple of times on Larry King’s program. I think we talked about that once but thanks for reminding us of that.

      There’s a reason why Joel doesn’t preach a Gospel message and that’s because he’s never heard the Gospel. His father use to preach the Gospel but got caught up in the WoF movement and stopped. Joel was a young kid then. I speak from knowledge here because his dad and my dad spoke at some of the same tent revivals back in the old days and my dad use to say “what a pity about John” (Joel’s dad) quite often.

      I’ve never heard Osteen preach anything remotely close to the Gospel. I don’t think he does so on Easter Sunday. When he went to Oral Roberts University he didn’t even take the required OT/NT survey classes and left after 2 years (?) to produce his dads TV show. By then the warm and fuzzy message was prevalent in John’s message because of the TV as you rightly stated.

      I think my podcast and some of the statements I made might be an overreaction to my own mistakes doing ministry online. I constantly hammered folks without any balance whatsoever and I’ve been trying to work that out these last few months which is why I’ve been posting more about sports and whatever and less about the wolves and heretics. I just want to please King Jesus which should be the goal for all of us.

      Back to Osteen. You are absolutely correct when you say a “little leaven leavens the whole lump” and absolutely correct that we shouldn’t be listening to him. I certainly don’t endorse him and made it clear I believe him to be a heretic based on that continual “warm and fuzzy” message he preaches. I don’t believe Osteen has a clue about God’s plan of redemption or why we even need a Savior and that overrides the few times when he is correct.



  3. WOW! I’ve been waiting for years to hear a prominent pastor tell the TRUTH before cameras!! I have often said what MacArthur says at the end: That pastors like Osteen and others like him HAVE to hate God! They study the Bible enough to know His character and yet continue to lie in order to enrich themselves!

    LOVE John MacArthur.

  4. Tithes and offerings are way down and “storehouse” venom is beginning to lose its effect. I think we’re going to see more of this clergy cannibalism.


  5. You can criticize Miki Hardy as much as you like.
    People cannot handle the real crucified life.
    Miki does not name people because he knows the potential we all have if we start to live the real crucified life! He knows the church as a whole needs to change.
    He will not be pulled into childish discussions.
    I think it is time the concerned parents got off their high horse and seek the real gospel.
    If you can find one thing wrong with Miki’s doctrine, please let me know.

  6. Hi Harry

    Thank you for your post! We have responded on our forum to the exact same accusation of “not handling the crucified life” made by Keegan O’ Connell Jones. ( If you are really interested in a biblical evaluation of Miki’s “revelation of this gospel of the cross” there are many on the forum. See “Hardy’s Down Under” (1&2). Analysis of Miki’s interview on “Carte Blanche Full Interview – Revelation of Gospel”. “Pure heart or Justification by faith”; “Exposing the Pure heart Error”. and many more!

    Maybe you can comment on this site on Audrey Hardy’s comment on TBN “When my heart is pure why do I need the blood of Christ? Our greatest protection is to walk without sin. if I have things in my heart what good is the blood of Jesus? My protection is the state of my heart”

    I look forward to your answer to Phil’s question.

  7. Sorry its me again!! Harry, you asked for “one thing wrong with Miki’s doctrine”

    References to our forum above were only related to error on the gospel – very important since Paul told the Galatians in 1:8-9 ” But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed. [9] As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed. ”

    Our forum also has full analysis of the following doctrinal errors:

    1. Low view of Scripture “Put the book aside and let God speak to your heart” “The law kills – the spirit gives life” “ Must we learn the scripture to renew our mind? No! It’s in the spirit that we renew our mind- reading bible bible bible wont help you.”

    2. Low view of family – parents dishonoured in children leaving home without communication and secret and open marraiges without parenats knowledge and blessing. Youngsters rebuking parents in public. Wresting “Jesus came to bring a sword in families” completely out of context.

    3. Low view on honesty. Members instructed to lie to immigration officials. Miki Hardy shown to have lied repeatedly on 2 hour Carte Blanche interview

    4. Low view of great commission. Miki repeatedly states his mission is to take “the revelation of this gospel” to the fallen, luke warm and backslidden church with the stated aim of drawing churches into the CTMI fold under those ‘begotten” in “this gospel”.

    5. Low view of church discipline: See elsewhere on this site the case of sexual misconduct which remains unresolved to this day.

    We look forward to hearing how these things are “correct doctrine” in the light of scripture Harry.

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