KOKH FOX 25 :: Special Reports – Pastor strip club investigation

KOKH FOX 25 :: Special Reports – Pastor strip club investigation.

Check this out folks! Pastor Randy Robertson is caught red handed visiting a strip club……


3 thoughts on “KOKH FOX 25 :: Special Reports – Pastor strip club investigation

  1. It would be interesting to know who the tipster was on this story. In one cut they said their informant had called and said he would be there in a few minutes and right on que he showed up. They also said they had followed him for six weeks. That seems like an awful lot of resources to spent on this story. The only value in their documentation of his many visits was to compare that to his repentance and resignation to the church were he lied and said he went twice. I guess a preacher must think he is incognito in a hawiaiian shirt and shorts even though he parked his car in plain site at the club?

    I once noticed a local pastor who played a lot of golf at a course I was working at and made a call to the church while he was playing and was told by the church receptionist that this was his weekly hospital visitation time. Nice huh?

  2. Hey Boyd,

    The tipster is probably someone the Pastor ticked off……whoever it is sure had him pegged didn’t they? In any event this Pastor wasn’t too bright was he?



  3. I suspect the fallout from this revelation will go much further than just this sick pastor. By the time the finances have been checked people will begin to ask other staff members what they knew. One option for the tipster is probably the church secretary who may have noticed his habits or been aware of his strange unaccountable absents. Option 2 might be some member or a friend of a member who had been visiting these clubs and saw him there. Either way this whole organization(church) will likely dissolve.
    Most church goers will reply to an event like this with,”How was I to know”. 1Cor. 5:11 suggest we are required to know who we are gathering with.

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