R.I.P. Bob! I’m going to miss you!

I was informed very early this morning that my longtime business manager/agent/friend/second father had passed away at the age of 79.

Goodbye dear friend!!


7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Bob! I’m going to miss you!

  1. Dear Phil:

    So sorry to hear about your loss. Sincere, cordial condolences to you and may the Lord give you strength to understand, accept and carry this His will. Be comforted, “those who shall mourn will be comforted”

    Keen 🙂

  2. Hi Phil,

    So sorry for your loss. May the Lord hold you in His hand and give you comfort.


  3. Dear Phil – Sorry man – only read this now! I recently read this amazing extract from Octavius Winslow, the Godly author and pastor who preached at the opening of Spurgeon’s tabanacle. (He lost his father at age 7 and his son by drowning at 21). Its my prayer that these awesome truths encourage you!

    “What a separating power too death has in the chasms it creates in human relationships! Who has not lost a friend, a second self, by the ruthless hand of death? What bright home has not been darkened, what loving heart has not been saddened by death’s visitations? It separated us from the husband of our youth, from the child of our affections or from the friend and companion of our earlier and riper years. It comes and breaks the link that bound us so fondly and so closely to the being whose affection, sympathy and communion seemed essential to our being and whose life we regarded as a part of our very existence.

    But there is one thing from which death cannot separate us: the love of God which is in Christ and all the blessings which that love bestows. Death imparts a realization and permanence to all the splendid and holy anticipations of the Christian. The happiest moment of his life is his last!! The day that darkens his eye to all earthly scenes opens it to the untold, unimaginable and ever increasing glories of eternity. It is the birthday of his immortality”

    God bless and much love


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