It’s Wednesday!!

It’s Wednesday and today and for the first time in a long time I’m not sitting in the most beautiful Starbucks in the world. No beautiful view and there isn’t an ice tea next to me instead I’m sitting in my tennis academy office and believe me when I say the view is not the same!

I won’t be doing The Antithesis Hour tonight. There is now an 11 hour time difference between us and quite frankly that is too early for me. We’ll resume next week at the regularly scheduled time. You can download last week’s show here.

This Bob DeWaay situation is baffling. You don’t get Alcoholic Hepatitis overnight. It takes time. Churches don’t usually remove Pastor’s from their jobs when they get sick. Certainly a leave of absence would be in order but removal from their position? Not likely. Knowing the gossipy nature of church life I wonder how many people knew about this and just turned a blind eye because DeWaay is on the “home team”. If this guy can be believed Dewaay was knocking down 2/3 bottles of vodka per day.

I’m sure DeWaay’s fellow compatriots in the war on Warren (Rick Warren) are stunned by this news. Maybe this is why they are relatively silent on this critical issue. Had this been Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll or Rob Bell there would be enough smoke coming from their fingertips to make a forest fire jealous. Guess it’s different when the proverbial shoe is on the other foot huh?

Twin City Fellowship should be commended on how they have handled this situation. There isn’t a need to “call DeWaay out” because he’s already been put out. That is how they did it in the good old days…….listen for yourself here .

Please continue to pray for Bob and his family.


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  1. Hey Phil,
    Tough situation with Bob but from what I have heard the church is handling this correctly. Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith talked about this on his podcast a couple of days ago. He is one of the few non family members to have visited with Bob since the announcement of his condition. Bob gave him permission to talk about it. He told Chris that he began drinking in seminary to help him sleep. After 18 years he had come to a place where he had to have a drink every 4 hours or he would get the shakes. I’m not sure how much that amounts to each day but it sounds like he had become a functioning alcoholic, drinking enough each day to fend off the physical effects of withdrawal but not necessarily getting rip roaring drunk.

    I’m not saying any of this to minimize the situation. He had a problem and is embarrassed about it and shamed over what this has done to the name of the Lord. Chris’s podcast is not up on his sight yet but when he puts it up you should take a listen. This is a great learning experience for all of us in how we should handle these things especially when it seems genuine repentance is evident. I think we all should understand that this is a sin that is common to man and there but for the grace of God go I. Jesus died for all our sins (even the sin of drunkenness) and that is the only hope any of us have regardless of our individual sin preference

    Also Twin Cities Fellowship pastor Eric Douma addressed this last Sunday. you can hear their podcast here >

    • Hi Steve,

      Nice to see you here and thanks for letting us know more of the details. I wasn’t able to hear Chris’s podcast live but when he puts it up I most certainly will have a listen.

      Chris Rosebrough added a comment that is important for all of us to read.

      Hopefully Bob will finish well and I pray for this. From the looks of things he has a long way to go but he seems to be heading in the right direction praise God!

      The podcast was vague about whether or not Bob and his family would remain in the congregation. They were clear about his removal as Pastor but is he out of the church as well? Does anyone know? I hope he’s able to return as a member of the congregation. I believe that’s important.



  2. Good thing we postponed this week. Got a call from my mom mid day from the hospital. They thought she had a heart attack…But the results came back negative. They then did a treadmill and the results were strange. Thought there might be an arterial blockage. They went in with a catheter and found that her arteries were clear. Praise God…Our Great Physician.


  3. I really emphasize with pastor Bob because he started to drink to help his insomnia. He never expected a medicinal drink to lead to dependency & alcoholism. How many pastors & non-pastors are dependent on prescription drugs for sleep, anxiety, nervousness?? That figure might be very discouraging . Pastor Bob is extremely sorrowful & regretful & ashamed for this secret. Would we have wanted him dependent on prescription drugs instead? I hope he fully recovers & is reinstated in the future.

  4. I listened to the first few minutes of the 10/31/2010 TCF podcast but it does not mention Bob Dewaay. It must have been edited out at some point. If anyone happened to download then please post it for replay.

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