Please Pray For Pastor Bob DeWaay

I saw rumblings of the following announcement on Facebook. It appears Pastor Bob DeWaay is no longer on staff at Twin City Fellowship. I wasn’t able to verify this on some of the bigger ODM sites so I was forced to Google to find the churches website. What reads below is exactly what is on the website…..

10/28/2010 — Update regarding Bob DeWaay:
We now have a clear picture regarding Bob DeWaay’s health issues. He has been diagnosed with Alcoholic Hepatitis. He is currently being treated and is making progress; the long-term effects to his health are yet unknown.

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Bob will no longer be a part of the leadership of Twin City Fellowship. Please keep Bob, his family, and Twin City Fellowship in your prayers.

Pastor Carl Johnson
Pastor Eric Douma                         (source)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Alcoholic Hepatitis please see the following link.

Please join me in prayer for Pastor DeWaay and his family during this very difficult time……

7 thoughts on “Please Pray For Pastor Bob DeWaay

  1. Any idea how this will affect his CIC ministry? Will he continue with it, or will he let others take over? I’ve noticed that on occassion he’s had other people write articles in conjunction with his for CIC.

    • Hi Mike,

      The CIC website is still up so who knows? Right now the most important thing is his health both physical and spiritual. I’m sure the rest will get sorted out in due time.


  2. any updates about his current condition? I’ve been reading his articles since yesterday published on I’m glad that we share the same belief on doctrinal basis of Christian faith. I’m a member of a reformed baptist congregation here in the Philippines.

    • He and I don’t run in the same circles so I have no idea how he’s doing. I just felt sorry for him and decided to show him far more grace then he would have ever shown someone like, say, Rick Warren had Warren been found to be living a double life.

      From the looks of things Bob’s sabbatical was short lived and was back in action relatively quickly…..that’s all I know.


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