Congratulations Texas Rangers! American League Champs!

The photo above says it all!

Congratulations to Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers! American League Champs!


3 thoughts on “Congratulations Texas Rangers! American League Champs!

  1. This is SO cool! I live about a 1 1/2 from The Ball Park and went outside after the game was over. I could HEAR the cheers and other people in the neighborhood making a ruckus. What FUN!

    Did you see when Josh was awarded MVP? First thing he did was thank God! Now that is the kind of guy all the kids should be looking up to. Sure, he had his problems, but with the Grace of God he has been saved.


    • Hi,

      That was great! You know what else I liked? When the Rangers were celebrating on the field and in the clubhouse they toasted each other with Ginger Ale rather than the traditional champagne out of respect for Josh and his struggles. What does that say about this bunch of unlikely champions?

      It’s going to be a fun series!



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