It’s Wednesday!!

It’s another rainy Wednesday here in Corfu. It seems like it rains every Wednesday doesn’t it? Oh well. The rain is the reason Corfu is so beautiful and a top tourist destination but too much of anything is never a good thing!

It looks like the folks down in Chile are beginning to rescue the thirty three trapped miners. At the time of this writing two miners have been rescued! That’s great news! You can follow the story here.

Tonight I will be co-hosting The Antithesis Hour at 10pm on the east coast and 7pm out west. You can listen live here or check back on the site Thursday to download it. Tonight’s show should be a lot of fun!

Next Friday morning (Thursday night in the states) I will be broadcasting The Phil Naessens Show live and you will be able to call into the show. Please be advised I will only be accepting phone calls regarding the topic at hand which will usually revolve around the Mets, Jets or Rangers. You can learn more about the times and other info  here. If this works out I will probably do the What Color is the Sky in Their World program live as well.

Check out this hilarious video……

….not a bad idea eh?

Have a great Wednesday!!!!!