A Little Housekeeping!

I’ve been doing a bit of tidying up around the site lately and it appears there are some questions about links on my blogroll. Specifically, what happened to some of the links? Well, after the jump I’ll tell you what I did and why I did it!

Here’s the deal. Some of the bloggers on my blogroll have multiple sites. Some have blogs, websites and podcasts and I like to link to them all. More importantly I don’t want you to miss any of their other work so I consolidated all the links into one whenever I could. If the site owner has the links to all of their other sites on one site that’s the site I linked to with an explanation in the description feature that pops up when you press the link. Pretty simple and frees up some space on the main page!

In other news both of my podcasts are now in the itunes store. You can subscribe to both The Phil Naessens Show and What Color is the Sky in Their World at the following link;


Now that some of the technical difficulties I’ve had with my recording equipment have been cleared up I will definitely be podcasting much more frequently! Hopefully I will have two new podcasts up this weekend!