It’s Wednesday!

It’s another dark rainy Wednesday here at the most beautiful Starbucks in the world. I had hoped to sneak away to the golf course for the day in order to get ready for the 300 hundred Swedes arriving here on Saturday for nine days of golf and tennis. Oh well!

Tonight at 10pm eastern I will be co-hosting The Antithesis Hour with my friend Michael Loomis. You can listen to this live broadcast here or you can download it from the site on Thursday.

The baseball playoffs begin today with Texas playing Tampa Bay at 1:30pm, followed by Cincinnati playing Philadelphia at 5pm. The nightcap will be the Spankees playing the Twins at 8pm. The Braves/Giants series begins on Thursday. All times are EST.

Who do I see as the series winners? I like Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, Atlanta and the Twins to move on. It should be an exciting week of baseball.

Did any of you see the story of the man who watched a news story describing the pick-up truck of an alleged kidnapper? Apparently this guy saw the truck later in the day and wound up rescuing the kidnapped little girl. You can read all about it here.

Anyone interested in becoming a lion tamer? Perhaps the following incident in the Ukraine will change your mind. See it here.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

One thought on “It’s Wednesday!

  1. Hi All,

    Last night’s edition of The Antithesis Hour could not be broadcast due to a power outage in Corfu. Hopefully that won’t happen again but it is the season for that type of thing to occur here. Many apologies!



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