A Joyce Meyer Supporter Speaks!!

Sometimes a comment is just too good to leave in the combox. This morning I received the following comment from a lady named Kristine Johnson. Apparently she was irritated that I took three of her favorite lady preachers to task and let me know how she felt. You can read her comment in its entirety here and after the jump I will interact with this fine Christian lady’s oh so loving statements…..

Judging from the venom coming from your mouth, you are being eaten alive my jealousy. The problem is, the Lord never shows up at your meetings, you have never been granted a miracle in all your life, and people who you pray for die, right under your hand.

This is a typical comment from one of the WoF faithful. It has nothing to do with the actual complaint I have nor do they ever try and correct me with Scripture. They insult, assume and attack.

The Lord does, however, show up each and every time when Marilyn, Sarah and Joyce pray with IN YOUR FACE miracles you cannot explain.

Notice how this person KNOWS that the Lord shows up each and every time the ladies she mentions prey pray for their victims. Miracles I can’t explain is a good one considering the fact that when asked to verify their alleged miracles they go silent.

Thus, you are being eaten alive by jealousy…kind of like that man in “Amadeus”…Antonio Salieri was his name. He cut his throat because he was so miserable. If we were to unzip you, that’s what you would look like. Sad, damaged, insane.

Notice the ad hominem attack. That’s also normal behavior for these folks whenever their heroes get called out on the carpet. It’s easier than trying to refute the irrefutable.

And I am quite certain you are going to hell, and we will see the smoke of you in the distance. And that is a very, very sad thing. Don’t bother about acting like you’re “obeying” God. He is not listening to you. Go ahead, test Him and see. He will NEVER show up.

Kristine forgot to say “touch not mine anointed”! It’s interesting that she is quite certain I’m going to hell and comfortable enough to tell a complete stranger that God will NEVER show up for me.

Here’s an idea Kristine. Take the plastic cover off of the bible you own (the one you are using to prop up the short leg on your kitchen table) and read 1 Corinthians 15:1-8. In case you didn’t know that would be the Gospel. Now go to Joyce or Sarah or Marilyn’s websites and find a sermon related to that portion of Scripture and send it to us. This sermon must be free of charge and contain the Gospel message and not a bunch of stories and advertisements about their revivals. Unlike you I won’t say you will NEVER find one but I wish you lot’s of luck in your search.

Thanks for the comment Kristine!


3 thoughts on “A Joyce Meyer Supporter Speaks!!

  1. Hey Phil,

    I always wonder if these type of responses aren’t the arguement going on inside a persons head when they start to question some of these profiteers. Why would someone who seems so convinced of Joyce’s “godiness” be searching the internet for information? Anyone who has ever contributed to one of these theives will receive weekly updates on their meetings and activities so it is doubtful that she happen on to this site because she was wondering where Joyces next conference would take place. To me this is the first step in her awakening and shows the value in what you do.
    While Joyce and these other women preach “empowerment” they are actually ministering “enslavement” . Think about it Kristine.

  2. Good response to Christine, guys. She is obviously still where I was once, with stars in her eyes and idolatry in her heart. Christine, the gospel defined in 1 Corinthians 15 is rarely preached my most of these TV superstars, and much less do they ever walk in it themselves. It’s all about an outward show of their “faith” they demonstrate by the clothes they wear, the planes they ride on and the homes they jet set to and from. The REAL miracle takes place when the TRUE gospel opens our eyes to the truth and sets the captives free! The TRUE gospel gives sight to the blind and heals those who have been bruised. There is liberty from those folks (wolves) in the truth!

    I am a product of the TRUE gospel working in my life….and I am not ashamed of it. The Gospel is the power of God unto our salvation, not those deceivers! I was once blind, but now I see!

    Many of us can see these charletans coming a mile away. Compare their actions and words to the Jesus who did and said everything the Father told Him to. What was REALLY the lifestyle and teachings He encouraged? Keep reading, girl, and look forward to an abundant life of liberty and peace, free from these false prophets that have you bound. You can then preach Jesus, not man (or woman), because THAT is what will be in your heart once you have been set free. He is a rewarder of those who dligently seek Him, that those who diligently defend the cons.


  3. Hi All,
    I knew Kristine was probably a drive by poster thus the reason she’s probably not all that interested in my response to her however there is a ministry that seems very interested in this thread. Three guesses as to who that could be?

    Now let’s not come to any conclusions but it sure is interesting isn’t it?



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