Front Row Fridays!

Today I begin a new feature called Friday’s Front Row which is named after the famous ballpark restaurants. Each Friday I will be putting you in the front row of some of the weekend sports action.

The San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants close out the regular season with a 3 games series that will decide the National League West winner. The Philadelphia Phillies travel to Atlanta to face the Braves. The Braves need a sweep of the series followed by a sweep by either the Giants or Padres to win the wild card spot.

In the American League NY Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays are fighting it out for the division title. The Rays are in Kansas City and the spankees head to Boston to play the Red Sox.

Golf’s Ryder Cup is set for this weekend in Cardiff Whales. The best golfers from America take on the best from Europe in this three day event.

The 2-1 New York Jets head to Buffalo to take on the Bills. Hopefully the Jets will continue their winning ways and take my mind off the Mets.

The New York Rangers play back to back games against the Ottawa Senators. The blue shirts haven’t looked too shabby in their preseason games so far. Hopefully they’ll get their act together this year.

Finally, the Mets close out the season in Washington with a three game series against the Nationals. I think this will be the last time I mention the Mets on this site for the rest of the year.

Have a great sports weekend!!


5 thoughts on “Front Row Fridays!

  1. The Jets looked great against the Bills! Brad Smith(former Missouri quarterback) is such a weapon anytime he’s on the field. He can run, catch or throw which has to scare defenses every time they see him.

    • Hi,

      Yea, they played really well! I didn’t get to see it but if I’m lucky I will find a way to watch a replay 🙂

      The Tampa Bay Rays win the AL East and I couldn’t be happier. The Spankees win the wild card but at least they didn’t win the pennant. It will be a good day!

      The SF Giants won the NL West and the Braves win the wild card. You were right Boyd. Good call on the Braves! If you are San Diego you have to be scratching your head right now.

      The playoffs begin on Wednesday and I can’t wait! I’ll be rooting for the Twins against the spankees.

      The US is down 9.5 to 6.5 in the Ryder Cup. Hopefully the event will be finishing up today if the weather holds.



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