In the Mailbag!!

Readers send me quite a bit of email asking all sorts of questions. Mostly they ask questions of a theological nature but one reader asked the following question that I’m extremely happy to answer. The question?

You go on and on about the New York Mets. Are there any other sports teams you like besides the Mets?

Dear reader,

This is a great question and thank you for asking. My answer is as follows.

Mets, Jets, Rangers.


Jets, Rangers, Mets.


Rangers, Mets, Jets.

It’s that simple.

Saying the above doesn’t mean I don’t like any other teams but those three are the teams I love the most and will always root for until the day I die or Jesus returns, whichever comes first. If Jesus decides to return and the Mets are in the World Series I’m going to be very unhappy (just kidding).

Hopefully that answers your question dear reader!


One thought on “In the Mailbag!!

  1. Phil:

    If you LOVE the NY Mets and “go on and on” about them as one person put it, then let NOT your heart be troubled and keep “going on” about your favorite baseball team, I support you whole heartedly in this because I feel the same way about Roger Federer as a tennis player and a person both. I go “on and on” about how wonderful Roger is and the Nadals, Soederlings, Agassis and other players in this sport are only secondary, if that much, for me.

    GO METS 🙂


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