“I know more than you do about the Bible”!!!!

The title says it all doesn’t it? Pray for this seriously deluded man and anyone else that has the misfortune of crossing this man’s path. Part two of this nonsensical rant is below.


4 thoughts on ““I know more than you do about the Bible”!!!!

  1. LOL…very funny but very disturbing at the same time. You know though, the title says it all, not about this man necessarily but about the attitude that many of us take regarding a book that some take too seriously. Serious enough to kill and destroy and hate anyone that doesn’t agree with their view of the Book.

    Oh well, I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    • Hi Ralph,

      His problem isn’t taking the book to seriously. His problem is taking himself WAY too seriously. He made a statement on one of his articles that went something like we may not write that many articles but when we do they are profound or something to that affect. When you take a closer look at this dude you will see he’s had problems wherever he goes because he is a know-it-all troublemaker.

      Its a shame huh but you are right, its hilarious and disturbing. Please join me in prayer for him and his family.



  2. That is right Phil. Sad and scary to me but he reminds me of someone I know but I just can’t put a finger on it. It is disturbing to here his views on women as well. I actually am afraid for his family hearing some of the views he has on gender interactions in society. Yes, prayer and counseling would be great here.

  3. This guy has a bad bad baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad case of “Lost Sheep Syndrome” and is calling the Wolf instead of the Shepherd for help to be found !

    He “needs” to feel important and for that reason, puts himself front and center using the antics that he does.

    A famous german country man of mine, the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, is quoted as saying: “” There is nothing more frightening than ignorance in action. “””

    If the shoe fits …

    Keen 🙂

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