It’s Wednesday!!

Anonymous Christian Bloggers Enjoying A Mets Game!

It’s another Wednesday in beautiful Corfu. I’m a very blessed man to be living here and I’m grateful and thankful to God for this blessing. We (the resort’s golf course) are hosting a Women’s International Amateur golf tournament as well as an astronomy conference that I’m very interested in. Listening to these astronomers go on and on about the galaxies leaves me more and more in awe of God and how powerful He is.

The NY Mets are officially eliminated from the NL Wild Card race. Actually they’ve been done since the first week after the All Star break. Oh well. As my buddy from back home told me last night “it’s just another year so have another beer”…..

Did you read the news out of California regarding the “doomsday cult” that was allegedly going to off themselves? Well, they’ve been found and apparently weren’t even remotely considering such an event. You can read all about it here.

Have any of you ever heard of Reverend Bill Keller? He’s a televangelist from Florida whose planning on building a Christian center near Ground Zero. He seems to be controversial due to the nature of his preaching. A sample of this can be found here. After listening to a few of his messages I’m not sure yet about him. I’d love to hear your opinion of Keller and his ministry.

Tonight at 10pm eastern I will be co-hosting The Antithesis Hour with my friend Michael Loomis. Michael is a hyper preterist. I am not. You can listen live at Tonight’s topic will most likely be Glenn Beck and Mormonism but you never know what or who we will end up discussing.

Have a great day!


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