A Former Employee Speaks Out In Regards to Morningside and Jim Bakker

The thread posted by Boyd regarding Jim Bakker has brought the following testimony from a former employee of Jim Bakker. This person who posted this some time ago posted on another site in praise of the Bakker’s. To protect this person’s identity I won’t give the link as this person did sign their name to the posting. I will leave it up to the individual in question to state who they are if they so desire. After the jump I invite you to read this testimony and interact with the various issues and concerns raised.

Hello all,

I have been reading this thread for quite some time as I stumbled on it several months ago. I was mad at first when I began to read this thread. You see I was still working at Morningside. I have known Jim and Lori for several years and I worked for them a few times while they were in Branson.

I will get to my point in a bit as you will see but I need to give some back ground for a few moments.

I first met Jim on 2001,and he was in my opinion a truly humble..changed…man. He was on his 7th show,so I came in at the beginning or re start or re launch so to speak.

He shared stories of prison life and how he was wrongly accused of over selling time shares and wire fraud. Well before I dove in too deep..I read his “I was Wrong” book.

Jim and Lori had just adopted 5 children from Phoenix AZ. As I worked with them I befriended the kids because they truly had been taken from the pit to the palace so to speak and really had no clue how to act or interact with the “partners” and those who came in the studio.

In doing so, I got close with Jim and Lori and I truly think that they had the purest of hearts and intentions. I mean Jim drove a donated Buick Park Avenue..and Lori had a Chrysler Seabring that had about 150k on it…BUT they were happy and you could TRULY feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in that place.. No there was no money but there were friends and we all were close…. OK now I had to move away in 2002… so we will FF till present day…

December 2009…… I was aware that a position had become available and would be open soon that fit my line of work,something that I have great passion for. I contacted Morningside and spoke with several people over the next few months to get acquainted with them and the position. Not mentioning the names of these people,there is no reason to..I will however mention names of some a bit later. After having to make a trip to Springfield MO totally unrelated to anything @ Morningside..I decided to make a visit.

I spoke with a few old friends and then prayed and asked God if I was truly called to be there. I did get the Holy Spirit confirmation several times and then set out to make the 700 mile move.

Once here EVERTHING fell into place.. It was too perfect!!

Jim and Lori welcomed me back with open arms. We caught up on things over several encounters and I was told what a God send I was for this time. I was truly happy.

FF …a month or so

I am now doing my job plus helping out with several other things in the Ministry. At this time I begin to realize that the man who brought Jim up from FL and put him back on TV was NOT…NOT…. the man that I thought him to be. I began to see the demands he put on Jim for money to pay for things that he was doing….then billing the Ministry for what he had done. I have witnessed first hand how this man manipulates Jim. Any time the Ministry gets money…a bill is sent over for a huge amount due with in a few days. I still do not fully understand the relationship that is present between Jim and him but it at the very least…Un Healthy…at the very worse… Manipulation,control..and out right horrible….. NOW WAIT !!!!!

you have to read the WHOLE of this to get my point.

At the same time as I am seeing all of this I finally get to meet who I will call the former poster child of Morningside. She came and visited for a week. She is a widow and has 2 teen girls. I never understood…. for a long time while I was watching the show she was on it ALL the time. I mean hey, she DID get a miracle from God by being able to sell her home in a depression and not only that but for CASH. She bought a condo @ MS and helped out in any way she could. She gave money,time and prayer…..then one day POOF she was not on the show and I had not seen or heard of her since. Well, I found out she did in fact still live there. She just keeps to herself now… WHY do you ask? Glad you asked..:)

At some point…. someone entered her condo with out her there,and saw an old Catholic cross w Jesus on it,but it was said it was a headless Jesus and she was a witch. Further examination revealed his head to be bowed,and at the right angle it did appear he was headless…….SO the “witch hunt” began. The developer of MS made an announcement in church one day that a witch was living there and the reason the place wasn’t growing was because of this. EVERYONE in MS knew about what was going on and they also knew that she was named. Everyone but her!!

Time goes on.. people mame and defame her name to the point that she cant be out in public there because of this lie…….. Now she is stuck there in an over priced 330k condo she paid CASH for.

This is one example of how the good people of MS treat the residents once the Money runs out.

I witnessed Shuffle Boards going in…in lieu of paying TV time. MS has a fully operational police car complete w the original lights and sirens in leiu of paying TV time.

The list could go on but you get the point.

While I was working @ MS the Masters Commission School was about to graduate. It was the day of graduation that I met Jim’s ex son in-law. He had come to see the grandson graduate. I talked with him for a bit and could tell he felt out of place. SO I decided to get to know him. He is by all rights a very nice person with a heart of gold! He voiced to me that he would like to move to the area but needed a job first.. well there was no problem with that,or so I thought… I told him I would hire him.

I went to Jim and Lori and told them of what I thought was great news. I found a person able to preform the job functions above and beyond what I was looking for at that time.

I was shot down instantly.. I was told of drug addiction and ..well more than I care to write. BUT I was determined and knew he was the right fit. I was a day away from having him fill out his paperwork when I was told it would cause major family problems and that it could not be done.

I believed in this guy so much so,that I began to seek out other ventures that I could obtain and plug him into it.

FF a bit….

The wedding was soon approaching …and I had a big part to play in the functionality of it. I was talking with Jim’s daughter one evening and asked her what she thought of the plans that had been made..

“Its not what I wanted” she said… I don’t want any of this !! I wanted to get married in our condo with a few friends and now it has turned into wedding-zilla.

Just watch the video online of what she didnt want and you will see what I am talking about. Another thing that disturbed me while this was being planned was that the groom didnt want it to go out live on the net. He was told that he was marring into the wrong family if he didnt want his life from now on to be a public spectacle. And the term ” OUR Life is a production” was thrown out more times than I can count.


I am able to secure a business in the area where the ex son in-law can work so he can relocate his new wife and infant (cute as heck) baby girl. I am at this time trying to sell the shoppe I had bought @MS so I dont have the overhead of 2 businesses

Enter Bob and Rose Drake……

They had just moved to MS from FL. Rose was going to buy the little shoppe that I had only purchased 2 months prior, as soon as she arrived. They were disappointed to see it had been sold to me.

I offered it to him and he stated as soon as his money came he would buy it. This lasted a few weeks. At the same time, Jerry Crawford was in discussion with Bob on a frequent basis.

I was also beginning to feel …well a cold shoulder from many of the people there.

I was called into Jerry Crawfords office and asked if I had purchased a business. I said yes I had and we were going to open it soon,but I had the staff for it and it was not going to interfere with what I was doing there.

I was told I and my entire staff @ MS was fired… and I needed to remove personal belongings at that point.

He went on to say that he would tell everyone that I went on to pursue other interests.

Well that was LIE #1

It was said that I left without warning and had taken all employees with me.

Lie #2 was told by Kevin Shorey(Jim’s Co-Host) and his Mother (the keyboard player) that I had stolen money and was dismissed.

the list goes on and on….

At this time the man who I had believed in so much,turned on me. The EX son in-law got in on the game. And with him and several others they began to slander,harass, and just plain make up stuff. Bob Drake the man who was going to buy my shoppe was now in charge of my position. And in a strange turn of events,the EX was now on payroll…

This could have gotten ugly but I contacted my Attorney and we began a law suite.


1. The shipping Dept at the time of this writing can not get any more product to send out as a love gift. WHY? well the vendors wont send anymore water pitchers or…you get the point. WHY? They have not been paid !! Yes the partners sent the money in…but well you put it together.

2. The new and hottest product to hit MS Silver SOL (BTW DOES help burns and heals in 1/2 the time) is making people sick. 2 people that I know personally have been hospitalized because of this product. WHY? because they are told that it replaces their normal meds.

3. Lots of vacationing had been going …LOTS…. Fill in the blank………

Phil……. I could say much more and forgive me for rambling..or venting I guess you could say…

I am open to questions or comments……

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  1. With the crumbling real estate economy in the Branson area I’m sure MS is feeling the pressure. My next door neighbor has closed his business in the area because of a great reduction in traffic last summer and even less this summer. I can’t help but think that alot of people are beginning to question what is going on at MS because of the amount of traffic searches for information about Bakker and MS. I now wonder if it wasn’t Crawford who suggested that Bakker bring in Copeland earlier this spring or summer to juice up the cash flow with the very prosperity message Bakker had claimed to have forsaken. I have always thought that Bakker is just a pawn as I have stated before which this article seems to verifiy.

    The bakker’s adoption of these kids at a time when their finances were such that they were driving donated cars and without steady jobs(let alone his criminal record and inability to claim income due to IRS liens) is very suspect and would seem to be impossible given the legal requirements for adoption. This would take an enormous amount of back ground maneuvering(cash to the parents or guardians) to pull off. I suspect Crawford or someone had to play a part in this for the production value it would create.

    • Hey Boyd,

      I think what you said the other day is correct. It looks like someones building a country club for Christians and Bakker is the frontman. It probably explains why there seems to be such a turnaround in staff at MS.

      This might turn out to be as interesting as your thread!


      • I watched some of Bakker’s TV show this morning. The audience was a perfect clone for the kinds of audiences he had on the old “Praise the Lord” show–almost entirely late middle-aged or older. These sheeple are likely as ripe for fleecing as were the folks who got scammed on PTL.

        Bakker and his current wife are peddling a nostrum called “silver sol” and are hawking it on the implied notion that it could help prevent people from contracting some kind of super virus that allegedly could result from hybridization of swine flu and avian flu. It is a very expensive liquid material. It is also said to assist substantially in the healing of burns, which might or might not be true. But ANY claims or implications that this stuff would or could help prevent a super flu have to be spurious, since there have been absolutely no clinical trials of silver sol, and such trials are an absolute prerequisite for scientifically examining beneficial effects of any drug or any other material on any particular human health condition.

        I suspect that Bakker is getting pretty close to trouble with the Food & Drug Administration. I also suspect that enough gullible fundamentalist dupes are buying his snake oil to make it worthwhile for him and his sweetie to pay for the TV time they need to peddle their latest scam product.

  2. Dear “former MS employee”:

    Hello …. All that you have written / reported about MS and Jim Bakker surely does not come as a shock or great surprise to any of us regarding to what goes on behind the scenes at MS, you merely put it all in clear perspective with the polarizing text of your message. I am sure I speak for many when I say, “Thank you” for your contribution.

    In your report, you mention “the man from Florida” … I am pretty certain to KNOW w h o you therewith are referring to, that is, Jim Bakker makes no qualms about w h o helped him / put him on television after he got out of prison, with pre-fxed “conditions” of course ! I GOT the connection long ago.

    Another blogger – “Rainbow Kid” – mentioned in her / his entry dated August 2010, another name “Dortch” that directly connects with “the man from Florida” .. I am quite familiar with t h a t name also! It all sounds like the “1980’s Christian wanna-be Stars Jerry Springer Show” .

    The say that a “Fish always stinks from the head” and that “a Tiger never changes its spots”, one applying to the “man from Florida” and the latter pertaining to Bakker, if you get my drift.

    As to Lori, her body language evidences that she considers herself primarily a “Cheesecake Ornament” to Jim Bakker, the “little blonde” in his lineup as it were ! I have observed him being quite rude to her on the air, interrupting her crudely while she speaks and treating her as if she was a “hired” servant. If he were my husband, I would have clipped his wings so V E R Y short, he’d be afraid to “fly” a long time ago !

    The same with Kevin Shorey. Argggh 😦 – His is the pure annoyance in person, his singing is of 2nd if not 3rd class “crooning” and his entire agenda seems to rest on the motto: “kiss up to Jim Bakker, always have a job” … There is another expression for a person like that and I am sure all can guess what that is. Not to judge Kevin Shorey, but his UNhealthy, grossly overweight appearance says what he thinks of himself and it certainly does not set a good example for the younger set at MS and those youngens watching the show.

    The entire “Jim Bakker Show” is a freakshow and the falseness of it all is so obvious that it could stop a clock !

    The Bible says that “God will not be mocked” and Bakker & Co.’s act will in due time lose more and more credibility and eventually fall apart altogether. Acts 5:38 (thereabouts) says: “If something is of God it cannot be stopped, but if not of God, will fall apart in due time” ….

    Jim Bakker is in love with himself and is – according to simple Psych 101 – pacifying himself t to make up time he had to spend behind bars, only he has gone way beyond and above with antics his body language and voice tone clearly evidence and leave no doubt about, as in “love me, love me, I did time and deserve it all” ….. God help him !

    Thank you for reading, be glad you are out of there and be blessed.

    Keen 🙂

    • I absolutely agree with you. I caught a glimps of the PTL show in early 1980 and could NOT believe people would send money in to Jim and Tammy…running mascara and all. (RIP) I was not surprised to hear of his downfall. FF 6 months ago when I first caught a glimps of “The New Jim Bakker Show”. More of the same BS, but with a new side kick, just the same he still has his hand out for $$. Lori should just smack ol’Jim upside the mouth when he treats her so rudely, and interrupting whenever he wants. I don’t know what to think of Lori. Now Kevin Shorey definitely DOES NOT eat the food they are selling on TV….yes he is certainly kissing up to ol Jim and neither are credible to me…sitting on their butts with their hands out! DISGUISTING!

  3. Dear Former MS Employee,
    Wow…is all I can say.

    Thank you for sharing all of this, because so many of us who leave ministries like this are slandered, lied about and harassed, leaving us feeling betrayed and wanting to be silent. Thanks for speaking up, because you never know who it will help in the future.

    Lisa K.

  4. Hear say information isn’t allowed in a court of law, and yet you put the words of a disgruntled employee on the internet without a qualm about it. That is gossip and you know what the Word says about that. We all have to fight it! Why was she fired if she was such a great, loyal employee.- could it be it was because she was a gossip? It sounds like she had her nose in every body’s business and couldn’t be trusted.

    The person who put up this web site has obviously deemed himself to be the perfect judge because he is sinless!!! Is your name Jesus? You are out to destroy someones name out of concern for — WHO? Gossip is listed as one of the sins, right? What goes around, comes around, so watch out!!!

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      The person who left this comment is legit. Several months ago this individual wrote a comment very similar to the one you just left on another site only this person had the courage to leave their real name. This persons story also matches similar stories I’ve heard over the years which I didn’t publish. I didn’t publish those stories because I couldn’t verify who these people were. Not so with this commenter who was happy to give me their real name and stands behind what they say.

      The Bakkers know all about this site Sharon. I’ve invited them to come on here or on my podcast to discuss this. If they are uncomfortable with my taping an interview for a future podcast I would be happy to do this live via several options I have AND at my expense if need be. So far I haven’t received a response from them but maybe if you contact them they might change their minds.

      I can be reached via the contact form at the top of this site.



      • He’s legit alright. He’s a legitimate thief, sexual deviant, and liar. You can sure pick ’em Phil – I’ll say that for you.

      • Great reading Phil! I sure would love to hear Jim come on and reply to some of the accusations, but we all know he never will. Does anyone know what happened to Susan Ruiz or if Lori wears a wig?


  5. Sharon,

    First off this isn’t a court of law. Secondly the words of a former employee are not hear say. Hear say would be if someone said, “A former employee told me etc.” This was the testimony of an eye witness. If you chose to not believe what this person has to say that’s fine but you must have some doubts or you wouldn’t be on the look out for stories about Morningside and the Bakkers.
    I am not speaking for Phil or this former employee but can tell you that this isn’t the first time we have heard stories like this. I hope you have the same compassion for the thousands of people whose lives and finances were destroyed by the fraud Bakker did at Hertiage USA as you seem to have for him. Which by the way isn’t gossip now is it?

  6. Maybe not but you have planted seeds for people to gossip about – something you or they are only speculating – because you don’t know the whole or ongoing story. You have no idea what God is doing in the Bakker’s life and you have already condemned them. You are the Pharisees – Religious people who killed Jesus because he didn’t do things their way. The truth is God is always doing new things and using new means. And if he wants to restore somebody that was thrown away, he can and you can’t stop Him!

    Right now on Jim Bakkers streaming show, is the Seychelle owner, so that disgruntled employee is wrong – the bill was paid. You can see it on regular TV in a few days.

    Be careful who you are trying to ruin – it could backfire on YOU!


    • Hi Sharon,

      Jim Bakker isn’t doing a “new thing”. In fact he’s doing the exact same thing as some men in Thessalonica were doing back in Paul’s day. It seems as though there were some who were attempting to use the “Jesus is coming back soon” in order to scare folks and it seems as though it worked. Enough so that Paul had to write a second epistle to the church at Thessalonica warning them about these false teachers.

      So you see Sharon, scaring people with the end times is nothing new. In fact there is nothing new when it comes to these sorts of things. Jim Bakker isn’t the first to do this and he won’t be the last that I can assure you. The Holy Spirit Inspired Apostle Paul condemned this sorta thing so unless God changed His mind I don’t believe He approves of what Bakker is doing, at least in this instance He’s doesn’t.

      Finally, I can assure you that neither Boyd nor I are trying to ruin anyone’s life here at this site or anywhere else for that matter. We take this very seriously so if you can actually produce how and where we are wrong with actual facts and not your speculations regarding our motives than we are all ears.



      • Well, you got me shaking my head on this one, Phil.

        Paul wrote to the Thessalonians to encourage them not to deviate from the way they had been taught. The only passage that I can remotely equate to your note above is this one:

        1 Now, brothers and sisters, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, 2 for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. 3 While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

        You surely aren’t suggesting that Paul is saying not to teach about the coming of the Lord, are you?

        Paul is warning here that while people are saying “don’t worry, be happy, peace and safety… look out!”

        People like that SHOULD BE SCARED.

        • Actually, he wrote the second epistle because the people believed that since the end was coming “soon” they could stop working and taking care of themselves. In their mind they thought “what was the point”. There’s more to the epistle than just “watch out the end is coming”.

          (2Th 3:10) For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.

          (2Th 3:11) For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies.

          (2Th 3:12) Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living.

          You can stop shaking your head now 🙂


  7. Sharon, I’m not trying to ruin the Bakker’s, I hope God has mercy on them just has he will have for me. I am just trying to warn the public to be wary of someone who trys to use minstry to scare people into buying surival material, which is in direction opposition to the teaching of Jesus in Matt. 6:25. If you believe in extra-Biblical activities,(new things!) then you probably won’t care much for my comments.

    • Wow….My step-mom watches MS and she will spout off about this or that ominous event that is about to happen …and I will say is this Jim Bakker talking without even asking where she heard it…..she replies yes and all I can say to her is “Mom, you an’t be afraid,,,, did not Jesus say that if you keep his commands and (basically look to HIM)….”a thousand will fall on your left and 10,000 will fall on your right…..But YOU shall stand” ? She said well , yeah……
      So I tried to explain to her if she bought several 5 gal containers of that stuff and someone came and stole it…….where would she be then? In other words….to my trust and faith in God supercedes all this gloom and doom prepare stuff !!
      She keeps saying but Jim says……..and I interupt her and said well what did JESES say?…….some will be willing to be cast into that pit of fear……and Paul I think was admonishing them because its the “preachers” that were doing it”

      So now I am here and read all this so far and I am going “AH-ha!” My gift of discernment is as sharp as a tac…..Thank you God…..for the wisdom. End of Sermon!

  8. Was Joseph in the OT wrong for storing up survival food for the seven lean years that were ahead? The wise man sees the evil coming and hides himself but the foolish man doesn’t hide and is punished. The main reason American Christians don’t think this way is because of the “any-moment pretrib rapture” view which has neutralized many unsuspecting persons! Google “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” and “Pretrib Rapture – Hidden Facts” to find out what Jim Bakker and many others have been discovering. Also Google “Letter from Mrs. Billy Graham.” It is better to be prepared for the worst than to put all our eggs in a 181-year-old escapist theory dreamed up in Britain by a young woman in 1830 – a fly-away theory that was NEVER a part of any Christian theology or any organized church before that year! Karl

  9. “I have been young and now I am old, Yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or his descendants begging bread.” ~ Psalms 37:25

    Trust in a faithful and good Lord: My only escapist theory.

  10. 1. Is this the main discussion forum for viewers of The Jim Bakker Show?
    Or are there any other forums? By viewers in this case, I mean “folks that
    watch for entertainment reasons but know what’s really going on”.

    2. The former employee’s story reminded me of the sudden disappearance
    of their viewer ‘liason’ lady. She was very nice and I spoke with her a few times,
    but I always kind of wondered when she’d end up having ‘enough’ as it were.

    3. Randy the piano player? Sudden disappearance. Did he and Jim’s ‘bromance’ go sour?

    4. Ummm…where is Kenin Shorey? Kevin, if you are reading this, and aren’t
    under some kind of anti-disclosure contract, I would REALLY love to hear your
    story sometime. I will be first in line to buy your book. You had a great talent and
    I enjoyed waking up to your strong tenor voice every morning. I knew you were in on
    the con having stayed with him for so long, but were smart enough to conceal it well.
    Singers have to work somehow afterall.
    And I always enjoyed your road rage stories.

    Most of all THANK YOU to ‘former employee’ and others for having the courage
    to speak out. The information on Little Lori is most revealing. No wonder we haven’t
    seen her. Claire disappeared too. It’s as if their adopted kids get to the age
    of ‘discovery’ and seperate themselves. Are they even legally adopted?
    Can’t wait for Marie to come of age! She’ll be sure to have some interesting stories!

  11. I guess Kevin is not going to write a new Christmas song for the Jim Bakker Show this coming Christmas.
    Did he get FIRED??


  13. Kevin was let go by Jim over a silly Sunday morning service flap. The adopted kids are finding that it’s not all roses with Lori and are flying the coop soon. Jim just has a couple of kids – a fat boy and rapid-talking preacher wannabe named Trystyn that sells the canned food. What happened to the grandson and the black kid?

  14. Shocking but we knew something was very wrong there. This past year things seem to have really slowed down in the ministry and we noticed people missing everytime we went to visit.

  15. Hello Everyone,

    For anyone interested in Kevin Shorey and what he’s doing now you are invited to visit the following website;


    It seems as though Kevin learned a few things from his mentor and friend Jim Bakker. Reading Kevins homepage is nothing more than fund raising 101…..


  16. This is trash. A bitter person who is taking his brother to court. (unscriptural)

    FACT: Jim Bakker has a wonderful relationship with Carl from Seychelle and the Food for Life people. They are on the show ALL THE TIME. This is pathetic. Jim Believes very sincerely that famine is coming. The Word tells us it is. It has already started. Go read about Joseph and the Lord telling him to store up food for famine. Dont tell me its unscriptural to prepare when the Word of God plainly says otherwise.. Read Math 24. Jesus himself says the elect is gathered AFTER THE TRIBULATION. Dont count on escaping friends.

    We are called to love one another. Its high time we started that and let Jesus judge his own servants.

    • I order the “I love Water” offer on 4/15/2011, it has been 6 weeks and still have not received the items. When I have called they give me a customer service number to call, I was on hold after calling that number for over an hour and finally hung up. They took the money for this out of my account on 4/15/2011. I would like to know what is going on. I think it’s important to prepare, but when you depend on items that you ordered from the Jim Bakker Show and then don’t receive them and cannot get in touch with them it is not right. I will never order anything else from his ministry and hope and pray I get my order soon..

  17. Lisa,

    Jesus said in Matt. 6:25 to not worry about what we will eat. Please read all the Bible rather than depend on the scriptures that someone in the “FOOD SELLING BUSINESS” is quoting about famine. Bakker is running a marketing scam using old testament famine scriptures, while claiming to being a reformed huckster and a lover of Jesus, but I won’t judge him, I’ll let the scripture speak.

    • You know, you guys are just hell-bent on finding something to accuse Jim Bakker of. While the many other Christian communities, the gubment, FEMA and every other preparedness agency out there is screaming GET PREPARED so you don’t expect us to find you some food when food shortages, natural disasters and other catastrophies come…. the religious numbskulls, supposedly in the church, are quoting Matthew 6:25 and sitting on their blessed assurance! Not only that, they then want to crucify anyone who does bring a common-sense message of preparedness straight out of the Revelation. Well, maybe not anybody… they seem to delight in going after Jim Bakker.

      Show me where and when Jim uses old testament famine scriptures. He uses Matthew 24 – a LOT – which happens to be new testament spoken by Jesus himself. His bad.

      Get real. You can just ‘trust God’ for your food if you want to. Perhaps he will send you manna. Then maybe he will say “I sent you my Word to warn you of what was coming, you numbskull. Why didn’t you heed it?

      Here’s what Jesus was saying in the Matthew 6 passage. He is saying don’t run after more than you need and don’t make these things an object of your lust and want more of them than you need- seek the Kingdom and when you do this, you’ll know that the focus is eternal first. He did not say you don’t have to make any effort to have food, shelter and clothing – don’t worry, be happy – I’ll do it for you. He did NOT say that. If that were true, we could all just quit earning a living and ‘trust Jesus’ for that heavenly supply.

      You people who are against storing food and having a way to feed your families when tough times come – and they are coming – will wish to high heaven you had heeded the call to prepare. Even the ant is smarter than you are.

      • I’m curious as to what you will do with you buckets of food when the famine comes? Will you lock your family in a compound and fight off the starving masses? Why is it that Jim Bakker’s message from God is always associated with a business and a real state developer??? I can’t find an example of that in the old or new testament.

        • IN order to pay bills to air The JIM BAKKER SHOW IT Takes Money. In order to conduct a Sermon or To hold a church meeting YOU NEED REAL ESTATE !! AT least THE BAKKERS are attempting to give you something in return for your contributions!! And Hey FOOD and PREPARATION FOR A CATAstophic EVENT ARE BEING Stock Piled By FEWMA and the U.S. Government ??? OPEN your Eyes and Ears GOVERNMENTS around the world are BUILDING UNDERGROUND FACILITIES AT record PACE ??? BROADCASTING IS NOT CHEAP AND MOST of you COMPLAINERS and WHINERS HAVE NEVER GIVEN TO THE JIM BAKKER SHOW or ANY RELIGIOUS CONGREGATIONS in your Life ?? YOU re NON believers and thats okay !!! But facts are FACTS and the truth is truth Alot of their revenue does go to help many CHILDREN PREGNANT women -Girls and ministries AMerica is filled with people who talk without facts and just like Voting NEVER RESEARCHING on their own to find the Facts ATHEIST VIET NAM VET

  18. 1 john 4:1 says “dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world”. Lisa your accusations and judgments need to be questioned. Who are you? Are you one of Jims employees or a family member? I find the people Jim surrounds himself with are bitter, spiteful people as your words show you to be. Are you a christian, are you in the word.? No it is not unscriptural to prepare for emergencies but who says it needs to be through Jim Bakker? I know first hand this man lives high off the hog. He uses his wife to hide his assets, he demands the ministry to buy Lori a new car, they take luxurious vacations all the time. The most recent a cruise this last winter. I have watched him expect everyone around him to do everything for him for nothing, He is a pompous, arrogant thief. What a foolish comment about Carl from Seychell and the Food For Life people. Of course they are on the show all the time. Isn’t that what the show is about, making money and more money for Jim Bakker. As far as their relationship goes,,, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. They are making millions for each other by creating fear. Anything that gets your eyes off of Jesus and onto a different message other than “You will have trouble in the world but FEAR NOT I have overcome the world”, is a anti-christ message! I will keep my “eyes fixed on Jesus” and pray those he is scamming through his fear message will get back to searching the scriptures for truth and balance. So as you judge others for being bitter and condemn those who speak the truth as unloving I would give you the advice to check your own spirit and let Jesus judge your words and attitude! Don’t expect to escape judgment yourself! How do you like that shaming message thrown back in your face? Oh yes, preach it to us sister about how to love one another because you speak so lovingly!

    p.s. as far as Joseph he never took credit for being able to interpret the Pharohs’s dream but gave God all the credit. Joseph didn’t run around trying to convince everyone he was a prophet . Joseph was respected by the Pharoh because Joseph was obviously a man of God with wisdom from God. That is why the Pharoh put Joseph in charge of storing up the food for the famine. Joseph then once again gave God the credit when he spoke the truth to his brothers when he told them You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to preserve many alive, No bloated, self serving, self promoting, look at me, message there!

    • You know, this is one reason there’s probably such a high turnover at JBS. It’s hard to find good people who won’t try to stab you in the back when things aren’t like THEY THINK it should be. Somebody on this forum the other day said something about the people who came to fight with David to restore Israel. Well, here’s the thing about those people. They were the broken ones – in debt, discouraged, and in distress. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything had been shaken in their lives, and what was left was all they had to GIVE. And GIVING was what they did, without thought of what they were ‘owed’ or what they could get back. They didn’t whine about being treated right or being recognized for their ‘specialness’. They didn’t nitpick their leader. They were loyal. Was David a perfect man? Lord have mercy, read the Bible!

      There’s a bunch of Absaloms out there today.

  19. People do you know what the Bible says about a wagging tongue? You people think they are getting rich over the products they promote well I am sure you have a job you make money at your jobs and businesses well they have paid the price and so what if they make money that is their business not ours.

    I have followed Jim for years and he has paid for things in his past that will follow him the rest of his life I pray that you will find it in your heart to leave this alone on how they run there Ministry.

    Please look at your life before you judge someone else.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      The only product the Bakker’s get rich off of are well meaning people (usually pensioners) who want to believe the best of folks. He then teaches these folks the end is coming “soon” which scares the pants off of these people which then allows him to sell his survival kits and freeze dried food. That’s how he gets rich Cheryl.

      I’ve probably followed Jim a LOT longer then you have and have his book “I Was Wrong”. In fact that book sits on my desk. That contrite, remorseful Jim Bakker he describes in that book is nowhere to be seen today. He really has returned to his vomit…..what a pity.

      I don’t care if Jim gets rich or not…..but ministry is a service and not a business. His first responsibility is to feed the sheep the Word of God and to prepare them for the end of God’s plan of redemption. Rather then instructing his followers to “repent” for the time is coming he sells them flashlights and freece dried food…..that’s why tongues are wagging Cheryl.



      • Razerbeck,

        I’ve run out of fingers and toes counting the logical fallacies you’ve employed in your numerous defenses of Jim Bakker on this specific thread. I understand why you won’t reveal your true identity. I wouldn’t either.

        You think Bakker is out to ‘scare the pant off people’ and get their money. I think Jim Bakker preaches an unpopular message that is true, and they older wise ones recognize it While the young intellectual ‘happy church’ people scoff at it. They haven’t learned to respect older people – they’ve ony learned to criticize them. Big mistake.

        I don’t just think it I’m certain of it. His message is very popular. Ever heard of the Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins? All Bakker does is regurgitate this to make a buck.

        I have a great deal of respect for “older people”. Go check out my Facebook page and look at the profile picture. That’s me on the left with one of my mentors. Also, I don’t criticize Bakker or anyone else because of their age…another logical fallacy…..I’m shocked 🙂 I criticize Bakker because I believe men like him are dead wrong and leading people into a ditch and you’ve done nothing here to change that opinion.

        You say ‘ministry is a service and not a business’. That goes right along with the dummies who think God will supply all your needs if you never do anything to supply them yourselves.

        The biblical definition of ministry (διάκονος,) is as follows;

        (1) generally of a person who renders helpful service servant, helper (MT 20.26; possibly RO 16.1); (2) as an official in the church; deacon, both masculine (1T 3.8) and feminine (probably RO 16.1); (3) as a government official minister, agent (RO 13.4); (4) as one who serves a high official attendant, servant (MT 22.13)

        This word (διακονία) is also used for the word ministry as well and is defined as;

        1) generally service (HE 1.14); (2) as charitable giving aid, support, arrangement for provision (AC 6.1); (3) as preparing meals serving, preparation (LU 10.40); (4) as the role or position of one serving God in a special way task, office, ministry (RO 12.7; 1T 1.12)

        Ministry is all about service my friend. At least back in the early days of the church it was. Men like Bakker have turned “ministry” into a business where instead of being servants they are the ones being served. The complete opposite of Christ and He was and is the model. I could go on and on but I don’t think it will mean all that much to you.

        No one here ever stated that we are to do nothing and wait for God to take care of us…that would be known as a Strawman fallacy….I’m stunned.

        All churches pay their pastors. Are they then hirelings?

        All I need to do is find ONE church that doesn’t pay their pastor and your argument falls short….and where on earth did you get the idea that receiving a paycheck from a church makes one a hireling? Had you of been a bit wiser and familiarized yourself with my entire body of work you would never of made the “pay equals hireling” statement.

        Are pastors ‘selling’ their services? Are churches running a business? You bet they are – and if you don’t believe it, just try challenging their teachings by which they extort money from people. Jim Bakker did this and is doing this – which is probably what has made him a huge target.

        Who’s teachings is Jim challenging? I know all about being a target for challenging the teachings of those who extort money from people….you should see how aggressive the followers of these teachers become in defense of their teacher 🙂

        There’s more hutzpah in that little man than all of you complainers and revilers put together have.

        I’m sure the same could be said for Judas and look how that turned out.



        PS: You don’t need to make repetitive comments. One is enough.

  20. Cheryl,

    Should you report a crime when you see it happening? Should Jonathon not have warned David of Saul’s plan to kill him, should Esther have not turned in Haman to the king. Should Paul have not made public that he handed Hymenaeus and Alexander over to Satan after they shipwrecked their faith? And finally, would you call the Bible a book full of written tongue wagging. Think of all the atrocity done in the name of Christ through history because many good Christians thought they were doing the right thing by keeping quiet! In doing so they have given Christ and Christianity a bad name!

    Just as I would not be indifferent to my next door neighbor if I saw a thief breaking into his home to steal from him, I cannot sit by knowing that the money sent to Jim Bakker is not being used for ministry.

    How many people listening to his fear filled ranting about these last days causes people to lose perspective of how God is bigger than all that is going on in the world. I know first hand people get into so much fear they sell everything they have and move to Morningside because Jim sells the idea it is the only safe place there is in these last days. He sells it as a Christian community which it is not.

    Do you not watch the show and see how many people have come and gone from that ministry? Do you know how many of those people who have given up everything to move there regret that decision? They moved there to find out that it is a very dysfunctional environment that destroys lives and families. They leave there broken and abused. I am sure they wish they had been warned!

    Yes, shoot the messenger if you can’t refute his message! As any dysfunctional person will do he will get off subject and say you are the problem when you say there is a problem. People of God if He is telling you to stock up on the buckets of food go to Costco to get it cheaper, and go to your local discount store for all the other emergency supplies. With the money you have saved send it to Christian organizations who are truly doing the work of Christ. Send it to organizations like the Red Cross who send in relief teams and supplies to those in crisis. Please people of God listen to his warning that in the last days there will be many deceivers and many being deceived . Pray without ceasing and don’t be one of them. And final do pray for Jim Bakker that he will come to true repentance and mean it when he says “I was wrong!”,

    • Well then, here. I’ll report this crime of slander, gossip and accusing the brethren.

      And you are very ill-informed if you think that the Red Cross spends even a fraction of what you give to them for what you gave it for. The rest goes to their administration and keeping upp their buildings. Sort of like the church….

      • Yeah you are right about the Red Cross…..I used to donate until I saw in black and white where the money actually goes………certainly NOT TO HELP WHERE IT NEEDS TO GO!!!

  21. Hello everyone,

    This is thrilling reading. Jim Bakker is a slimeball, and if you cannot see it then you are blinded by your own ignorance, or else enjoy being deceived for some strange reason. God gave you a brain, I’m sure He would prefer that you use it.

    I’ve recently begun covering Bakker’s show and calling out all the hypocrisy and shenanigans occurring there. If you are interested in my take on the man and his integrity-less co-conspirators, feel free to stop by at http://www.jimbakker666.blogspot.com.

    FYI, nobody who willingly appears on that show is off-limits from my ire. They are all scoundrels and cheats, from Dino to Lori to Mondo and everyone else in-between.

    Thank you for your time, and thanks Phil for loudly exposing Jim Bakker for the fraud that he is.

  22. I am one who wanting to think the best of people, gave Jim Bakker another chance. I order an “I Love Water” offer back on 4/15/2011 and still have not received it. When I call to check they give me a customer service number to call to check on my order, when you get the customer service department you get a recording asking you to please be nice to the person who answers your call and they will be nice to you. Why would they have this recording if they had not gotten some phone calls from people probably upset because their money was taken and have not yet received the items they ordered. I was on hold for an hour and finally hung up. Whats really gets me is that they are still taking orders for these items, yet have not filled the orders they already have and have already been paid for. I know I should have known better and have definitely learned my lesson the hard way…

    • Jim cheated thousands of people out of millions of dollars so I guess you has no problem cheating you out of $100. Wake up people!.

      • Mark, I definitely have learned my lesson. I did finally talk to a customer service employee on the phone and was told that they are at least 2 months behind on orders for water filters and I should receive mine around the end of June. I will be totally shocked if it actually shows up. I know the food he is selling can be purchased on Ebay for less than half the price he has and you will get in the mail within a week. It is sent through the exact same company he says his food is coming from, yet you have to wait months to get it from him, if you even get it at all. I am now searching elsewhere for my water filters. I agree that I totally deserve the “Dummy” sign for trusting this man. You can find me sitting in the corner with the tall pointed dunce hat on.. 🙂

  23. Dear Brenda,

    Good luck getting your water pitcher. I ordered something over a year ago. My charge card was charged. I never received what I ordered. Called a few times. Was treated rudely. Why if they are a Christian organization would they have a message that states they’ll be nice to you if you are nice to them? If they are Christians why wouldn’t they be nice either way. What about the scripture “a soft answer turns away wrath”.? I have found the people of this so called ministry are very rude. Hope you don’t get ripped off like I was and eventually get what you ordered. How sad!

    • You can get the food cheaper on E-bay…when PTL was alive and well, I ordered the parallel bible…fell apart…now the New Century bible I ordered from Jim at MS is falling apart…concerned about the qulity of their “gifts”.

      • Hi Loraine,

        Your bible that’s falling apart is a good sign….it means that you must spend plenty of time reading it so I won’t need to remind you what Paul says about giving or where and how Peter describes false teachers or even where Paul had to write an entire epistle to undo an eschatological misunderstanding…..3 very good reasons to avoid Jim Bakker 🙂



  24. I was just watching the Jim Bakker show , today, June 6, 2011 & I seen Kevin Shorey singing. He must be back!!

  25. NEDZO noticed that Kevin Shorey was on the show this morning. I checked the Bakker website and they’re having a Philip Cameron telethon all this week. Seems to me that they’re repeating some old Cameron shows that have Kevin on them. I also see Shorey’s website and he makes no mention of being at Morningside.

    Any actual Morningside residents or people in the know who can confirm Shorey’s return?

  26. The author should have checked the source on this article before reposting it. Obviously, the author of the original article has an axe to grind. I know the original author, and if anyone likes I will name names. This person asserts that he was fired for owning another business, which is not true. He was fired for stealing and nothing else. In fact, the author was hired to run the Fireside Cafe at Morningside which he did to the best of his limited ability. While employed there he “Purchased” another shop at morningside which sold jewlery. I say “Purchased” because he never actually made any payments to the lady from which he “Purchased” the shop. He tried also to come in in the late hours to “clean out” of the shop however was stopped by security. Oh, and the other business he aludes to owning was V.J.’s Diner in Blue Eye, MO. Where does the stealing come in? He was ordering food and supplies for the Fireside Cafe and diverting the food and supplies to his privately “owned” business. Again, he never made any of the payments on that business either. Actually he and his male lover/roommate were caught by the REAL owner of V.J.’s Diner loading up food and kitchen equipment from the restaurant as they were moving out of town ,very quickly, in the middle of the night. Oh, and by the way, he ran out without ever Paying ANY of his employees. Another fact is that the Author has warrants for his arrest from another state. I dare the author to dispute any of this. He knows that it can all be proven in court so he will of course came back only with more slander against these people. The author also states that Morningside is somehow in debt to tv stations for seemingly millions of dollars. Now come on, TV stations do not carry tv shows for that kind of debt without cutting you off of the air. The fact is that Morningside has NO DEBT whatsoever to anyone. You ever notice that the people pointing fingers are usually the most guilty! To those of you who say you made a donation to Morningside yet never recieved your gift, are either liars, or you were genuinely and accidently overlooked in thier order system. Every system has it’s glitches and MS’s is no exception. As a Partner to MS and Church Member, I can honestly say that no malice is intended if you do not recieve your gift. I have on occasion had to call their service dept as well and I have always been treated with respect and after the issue was corrected, I have always, eventually recieved my return gift. I do not donate to their ministry for the gifts, however, it is nice to get something back in exchange for my gift to them. The truth be known, most of you when you do not reg your gifts in a few days, get a chip on your shoulder and call claiming that you have been wronged somehow. I know because O have volunteered in their call center and had to listen to you rude people try to tell me what a crook Pastor is, all because you didnt get something immediately. You wouldn’t call Sears acting like that when your item is on backorder.. MS is definately not my largest charitable recipient, however I support the Revelation Message that Pastor Bakker preaches and the Health seminars that he tries to teach us to take care of our health. I support teh work they do in Moldova to help build Stella’s Houses and the Anti-Abortion, Lori’s House, for Abused and Pregnant Women. As stated, I am a supporter of Morningside Church. If you really want to know what goes on there you will really have to expierience it for yourself. Go there for a week or so, undercover as a volunteer, and see it for yourself. It is really nothing like what other people say it is. I just ask that if you do, you will do it honesly and leave any pre-conceived notions at home and see it for what it really is. It’s easy to condemn something you have no expierience in or are prejudiced against.

    • Hello,

      Let’s get a couple of things straight, ok?

      1). Before you name any names on this forum you will start with your own, which I will verify just as I did with the former employee. The former employee’s story is eerily similar to some others I have heard which is why I allowed it to be posted.

      2). Next you can bring actual proof that what you claim about the former employee is true. I only allowed your comment to stand because you can’t hurt the former employee which is why I have allowed this person to post their story anonymously.

      3). You claim to be a supporter of Morningside and that Jim Bakker has no debt whatsoever. I’ll need to see proof of that claim because I don’t believe it.



    • I waited 2 months for my gift before I became concerned. My friends will tell you I am the most patient person they know. However, my patient does run thin when, I am assuming a “christian”, goes off on a rant about things they definitely need to look into before passing judgements. But I am sending you a ((HUG)) because you are definitely in need of one.

    • Havent been on the thread in a while, so catching up.. Ok

      Here is the quote by the person here:

      “This person asserts that he was fired for owning another business, which is not true. He was fired for stealing and nothing else.”

      I need proof of this please. Please show me a police report stating what it was that I stole

      “In fact, the author was hired to run the Fireside Cafe at Morningside which he did to the best of his limited ability.”

      I agree with this

      “While employed there he “Purchased” another shop at morningside which sold jewlery. I say “Purchased” because he never actually made any payments to the lady from which he “Purchased” the shop. He tried also to come in in the late hours to “clean out” of the shop however was stopped by security.”

      Nope not true. I have canceled checks from payments made. Shirley Phillips is whom I bought the shop from. Shirley came to the diner after I was fired from MS and we discussed along with a few other people living at MS,the manner in which they were treated. There also was conversation about how they regret spending what they had saved a lifetime for only to move there and be lied to.. how? By MS being presented as a Christian retreat that is always active and alive.

      Then when they figured it out and began confronting,they were lied about to make them look bad.. Just ask Susan the resident witch.. or thats what they claim she is.. Jerry Crawford even went into her home that she paid CASH for to inspect her headless Jesus statue on the wall.. which was only Jesus bowing his head, just looooked headless…

      “Oh, and the other business he aludes to owning was V.J.’s Diner in Blue Eye, MO. Where does the stealing come in? He was ordering food and supplies for the Fireside Cafe and diverting the food and supplies to his privately “owned” business.”

      I again am going to ask for some type of proof since this is the first time I am hearing about this. Look I can only say this to you writer, you will one day see what is happening in that ministry.. it took me 10 years…. but it will happen.. I would like to know who told you this however???? Because I have no issue confronting anyone about this….. I know what happened..

      “Again, he never made any of the payments on that business either.”

      Wow you sure do know a lot about my finances. Umm this would also be false.. I have receipts from where I paid.

      “Actually he and his male lover/roommate were caught by the REAL owner of V.J.’s Diner loading up food and kitchen equipment from the restaurant as they were moving out of town ,very quickly, in the middle of the night.”

      Not even commenting on the first part of this.. Caught doing what exactly because we were not open the last 4 days I was in MO. Second we didnt move at night.. I have the contract from Budget, I rented the truck at 11am…A M.. so couldnt have loaded it at night, actually didnt at all cause I was out of the area by 7pm..

      ” Oh, and by the way, he ran out without ever Paying ANY of his employees.”

      I personally paid Tammy,and Jeremy, V.J.’s Grandson. Tammy Griffin-Collins was given the money and time sheets to pay everyone else when they came to collect.

      ” Another fact is that the Author has warrants for his arrest from another state.”

      Please state the City, State and County in which I am wanted?

      ” I dare the author to dispute any of this.”

      Dare accepted.

      ” He knows that it can all be proven in court so he will of course came back only with more slander against these people.”

      Prove it please.. PLEASE prove it !!!!!!!

      I did NOTHING wrong except bust my butt to try and make Fireside Cafe run correctly.
      Did everything Jim asked and more. But I will NOT NOT NOT allow anyone else to speak lies about me in the stories they have heard.. NOT happening. I am really close to just exposing MS for all it is involved in.. I mean all.. Then you students, and brainwashed followers will have your world fall apart.

      I feel sorry for those stuck there in property they over paid for as much as 100k. But then again who appraised it that high to go to underwriting?? humm

      I feel sorry for the Masters Kids at MS and the slavery they are in.. Ohh wait Masters pulled from MS.. hummm

      Well at least the Tabernacle that was built by a fundraising drive on TV a few years ago is there to house some students all sturdy and secure and PAID FOR DEBT FREE!! Ohh wwwait.. nn,nnnoo it isnt.. It has no subfloor and bugs crawl in through the cracks in the floor.. Ohh and NO its not DEBT FREE cause Jerry Crawford kept changing the price of the building.. yeahhh thats right..

      Ohh and not to mention the shower that was put in for campers.. a wood platform 2 shower heads hooked to a garden hose, God I hope that was fixed.

      I can go on, but I prefer to tell it where(no offence Phil) I will get as much exposure as I can in doing it.

      Ok I am done now.. sorry fro the small rant.

    • always received everything, & never treated badly when reporting a damaged package with missing items or a defective sprayer which both items where promptly replaced.

  27. No debt? What about the millions to the IRS? What about the millions to Hertiage investors? Bakker personally couldn’t borrow .10 cents anyway with all the judgements against him. It’s funny that you accuse someone who is critical of MS of being a crook when Bakker, the figure head leader of MS, is a convicted crook! Why would I want to volunteer to help sell junk for Bakker, so he can keep up his big house boat on the lake? People who invest in schemes like MS have a financial interest in promoting and defending them that blind them to reality. If MS was to flame out those condo prices would tank big time. We get that.

  28. KaLaMar,

    Bakker just said last week that ‘the debt is piling back up again’. Did you miss that show?

    You are being duped by Jim Bakker just like everyone else, and once you are no longer useful to him you will be gone and probably will come here listing all the wrongdoing.

    The anonymous Morningside employee was probably a Bakker defender just like you when things were going well. That’s a complete guess on my part, but I’d bet you a foodbucket that its true.

  29. To Kal Mar,

    Your posting full of rude comments proves the point about the rudeness of the people at Morningside. Have you given any thought to the fact that people call in and become upset because they are being treated rudely and realize too late that they have been duped and ripped off by this so called ministry. All they want is their money or the product(s) they ordered. DUH! How dare you call people liars when you don’t have the facts of how they have been stolen from. From my understanding the person who charged my credit card, treated me rudely when I called to ask when I could expect to get the tapes I ordered, and then saw to it that I never got what I ordered is in jail. Yes, I great bunch of people out there at this supposed ministry. Anyone who stands by and supports Jim Bakker once they know the truth that he has not changed is not very bright. One fact we do have is Jim Bakker is a con man who has made a living off of stealing from people. Wake up people he’s still doing it. As the serpent always does he just twists the words a little to sound innocent.

    Another thing I want to address. These Morningside people are always accusing people who speak out against the craziness out there as gossips. When in truth they are the biggest gossips. I have been out there and ate at the cafe Kal Mar was talking about. I stayed in a condo for a few days. It was outrageous the gossip swirling around that place. Mean spirited old divorcees with nothing to do but criticize others. I especially loved the stories about the resident witch. They actually would look at people coming in the door and say “there is another witch.” They were so paranoid that there were witches all around them trying to take down this ministry. As I observed these old biddies calling everyone witches I have to admit I thought “talk about the pot calling the kettle black!” None of them were friendly, non smiled at me or made me feel welcome. No one can accuse these women of being the Titus women God called older woman to be. I was so duped, at the time I was thinking of living there! But as I heard about all the crazy stuff going on out there I put as much distance between me and that place as I could, So Kal Mar I did go there, I did see what goes on out there, and every day I praise God I found out the truth about that place! I feel sorry for the good people that are stuck out there as one other person has blogged about. I pray for them that they can get out!

  30. To Kal-mar,

    I want to make a correction to something I said. (I should have proof read my comments better). I said “I loved the stories about the resident witch”. I did not enjoy the stories. It made me sad at the time, but as I read this blog I get mad. Mad, because I know the truth and I am tired of people defending this so called ministry. I say so called, because if they were a true ministry they would be loving and kind. Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you”. Spreading gossip and slander about others is not loving. Telling the truth is. I have to admit as I look over my comments not all of them have been loving, I have let the anger get to me and I am sorry for that. God never said to be quiet in cases like this. He said to “speak the truth in love”. So I have said my piece. I have asked the Lord to forgive me for the unkind words I chose to use. I have a clear conscience before God, and I move on. Going around in circles with people who would rather live in ignorance is pointless. I want to spend my time serving God. It is up to Him to protect anyone who is unaware and could be seduced by the lies of the “Jim Bakker Ministry” just as He did for me. I got sucked in to a small degree and felt a obligation to warn others. I am done now. I would rather think on things that are lovely and pure, and do as the the scriptures tell us to do and that is build one another up and encourage one another. I have learned my lesson I will be very careful and not be drawn into the middle of wickedness, the like of what goes on with these people who support Jim Bakker. The Proverbs tell us if you walk with the wise you will become wise, and to not argue with a fool. Don’t fall for serpent talk is all I wanted to communicate with those interested in supporting this ministry. I will no longer respond to the ugly comments put on here by Jim Bakker supporters because I don’t want to be like them! ” Don’t go with a angry man lest you learn his ways.” I am convicted by God about this sin,. Heaven help us all on this journey getting there!

  31. I have a couple questions for the audience:

    I’ve read elsewhere that Jim and Lori are not actually listed on the nonprofit operating out of Morningside. Lori’s mother, Charlene Graham, is the person registered under the nonprofit.

    1) Does anyone know the actual name of the nonprofit that Bakker makes money for (registered under Charlene Graham)? I can’t find anything related to Morningside or Jim Bakker in Branson, MO. I want to look at their finances.

    2) Would all of you Morningside / Jim Bakker supporters agree that it is completely acceptable for this financial information to be public? They should have nothing to hide.

    If anyone knows the name of the actual nonprofit out there, PLEASE let me know. FYI, Kevin Shorey’s information is public, and the guy doesn’t make very much money at all.

    • Look under New Covenant Fellowship, Branson. If not then Morningside Church INC. One of the 2 should help you out there.

  32. Bakker has got to be one of the best con men of all times. He gets people to work for him for free..as students of his unaccredited college. Just put grandson, James, on the payroll. Same way he put all of his relatives on the payroll at Heritage USA. His parents were paid to more or less exist with no real job. As someone stated previously, it may be smart to stock up on food…but get it from Costco where it is much cheaper. He has totally lied about the iodide shortage…I have received numerous e-mails from Food for Health and they have a large supply ready for immediate delivery. He continually flaunts himself with knowing Billy Graham and Ronald Reagan. I have personally met both of these individuals but would never use them to make myself look like a big shot. I have met numerous movie stars, television personalities, and the biggest names in sports but would never use this to make myself look like something I am not. I am a private pilot who has had the fortune to be associated with a lot of high profile people…..some of them are really nice while a few are people that you would never want to associate with. I have met Jim Bakker on a couple of occasions. He is really a little slimeball who would take your last dime. Try posting any negative comment on his blog and see how quickly it is deleted.

    • My name is James…Wow I must know a boy name Johnthon and a wonderful women name tammy sue and a loving uncle named Jamie Bakker and amazing aunts that my grandfather adopted

      My name is James Martin Chapman,I was named after my grandfather…..say what you want….I am proud of that.

      Now say all the mean things…I know its comeing but I don’t care,I am a smart young man and all you sad people can do is talk about peoples familys that they love…..what if someone was saying these things about your family…..What if on your 13th birthday a man in a truck drove by and said that they wish your grandparents were dead…and you watch you uncle cry…..Thats how you spend your 13th birthday…and you dont know why…You have no idea who my grandfather is…..I was going through alot and he was there to help me……YOU DONT KNOW HIM….I wish you did

      • Hi James,

        This is the “tennis boy” that needs to stop talking about people he doesn’t know and just get a life……how are you?

        I posted the above and deleted the other 11 highly insightful comments you left. I didn’t know there were still people in your family referring to your “uncle” as Jamie.

        I’m fairly certain that your Grandfather has done a LOT for you but what does that have to do with this thread?

        I met your Grandpa and Grandma many many years ago James…..long before you were born. Your Grandma sang at my church and your Grandpa preached a very strong message about imitating the life of Christ. Had lunch with them afterwards and couldn’t help noticing how much in love they were and how much they both seemed to love God. That was LONG before the TV cameras, constant begging for money and the scandals ruined your Grandfather. Such a shame James.

        There are people very angry with your Grandpa, and rightly so however I am not one of them. I feel sorry for him….


        The “tennis boy”

        • i would like james to tell us why his mother and his uncle jamie will not appear on the new jim bakker show. i’m not trying to be ugly or mean but am really interested in knowing why they are completely absent from your grandfather’s restoration ministry. many of old ptl’ers saw both tammy sue and jamie grow up on tv and their absence from jim’s comeback is glaringly noticed. i hope phil lets james answer.

        • Hi tkillian,

          Jay Bakker was a guest on the new show a few years ago. The show is no longer available to me so I have no way of knowing if he’s been on there recently or not but like Boyd I really don’t care too much about those things. I just wish he would just take the Name of Christ out of his mouth….


      • James,

        All we know about Jim Bakker, is that he misleads people into thinking that by giving him money or buying his crap, they are pleasing God. He may have been a great parent, many crooks are. Mobsters spoiled their families. That’s not the issue. My only interest in Bakker is because of his misrepresentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If he wants to sell junk to people, that his business, just leave Jesus out of it.

        • What are you talking about, Boyd? Jim Bakker has never said anything like you are pleasing God by giving him money or buying his stuff. What he has said is that God is pleased when you help the unborn and the orphans. Why do you twist that? Jim does NOT misrepresent the Gospel. Please provide proof of when and how he did this. Otherwise your hateful rhetoric to a young man that loves his grandfather is cruel and malicious. Cut it out.

      • James,
        I’m very interested in your response to the following few questions I have for you:

        1) Are you aware that your grandfather ‘fake cries’ when pleading for people to buy his merchandise? By fake crying, I mean that tears never come out of his eyes. He folds his face into a ball and makes crying noises when he speaks, but no tears. Never. You can see many instances of his fake crying on my blog (just click through my name).

        If there are times when you have seen your grandfather actually cry real tears, can you let us know when that was? If it occurred on a particular episode of his show, can you please tell us the date of the episode so we can collectively observe?

        2) If you are aware that he fake cries when selling merchandise, do you think this sort of emotional deception is acceptable behavior?

        Again, if you think he is really crying up there, you are mistaken. He’s not, he never is. I am open to correction though, so if there is a time when he has actually cried real tears, please let us know. There’s only one time I’ve ever seen Jim Bakker cry real tears, and that’s when he went to prison. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

        It would be quite telling if you decided to leave the discussion without answering these questions. It would seem as if even you agree that his fake crying is wrong and indefensible.


      • James,

        I was was not one to be taken in during the PTL days. I was not a believer at the time. In fact I was quite the opposite. I remember going to happy hour at the bar across the street from my workplace with co-workers during the time of your grandfathers trial. I remember the tvs in the bar flashing the scenes of your grandpa being taken away in chains sobbing. I remember the laughter and the poking fun of Christians it caused. I remember the disdain for your grandfather and Jimmy Swaggart. Many are still turned off to the Lord because of your grandfather. They make fun that he’s back at it. Therein is the problem….your grandfather said he was wrong and wrote a book entitled just that! But now he is back in the business of taking people’s money. He is using Jesus and the Bible and calling it ministry.

        When I think of your grandfather I think of Zaccheus. The bible says that Zaccheus was small in stature. A tax collector that used the governmental system to extort money from people. He admitted to taking peoples money wrongfully. Your grandfather is of small stature. He used the religious system to take people’s money selling them the idea that they would prosper if they gave. He then admitted he was wrong when caught. This is where your grandpa and Zaccheus part. Zaccheus after coming face to face with Jesus repented and gave half of his possessions to the poor. From the wealth that he defrauded from the people he gave back four times as much to them. Your grandfather to my knowledge has never sincerely asked for forgiveness from those he defrauded. Also, he has never tried to make restitution. Instead he, as stated by another, is “like a dog returned to his vomit”. He is back to building another Heritage like Village. He is living quite comfortably. Better than many who keep buying his lies and sending him money again. He uses those around him for his gain rather than ministering to the flock. What a insult to those he hurt. He obviously didn’t mean it when he said he was wrong! He is what psychologists would call a pathological liar, and a extreme narcissist. It is evidenced in his body language along with what he says. The saddest thing is that he preaches so passionately about how others won’t forgive him. He has no remorse for his sins against them. He seems to have no ability to regard with brokenness and compassion the lives and families he has destroyed. He is offended when he feels someone has come against him or his family. Do others not have the right to feel as passionately as you or he about the harm done to them and their families? He takes no correction or reproof but heaps it on others. I watched some of the 50th anniversary shows. He told the stories over and over of how he has been spit on, heckled, and made fun of as if it isn’t deserved. I am sorry James but he has set himself up. He is back in the public eye doing the same thing again that hurt so many, He needs to face the fact that he will have to deal with the ire that it brings up in people! If it helps others to deal with their pain by sounding out about it on these blogs they have that right! They also have the right to warn others in order to spare another generation of victims from your grandfathers abuse of the gospel. I feel for you James. I feel for your mother and uncle. Perhaps of all the people he has hurt your family may be the most hurting..I will pray for your family. James. I pray for you the wisdom needed to fairly appraise the situation that your grandfather is in. God Bless you James. God bless those that your grandfather has harmed. I will also pray for your grandfather. I pray he will come to a brokenness like Zaccheus so that he is restored to the Father and to those he has harmed.

      • I am reading this whole blog and realize that everything on here is not true but parts of it are. As to your personal story people should not criticize you or your family until they have walked a mile in your shoes.I have seen you in person when I have been at Morningside and I see the love of Jesus in you. You have a great calling on your life and you have a great legacy in Jim Bakker. People looking from the outside tend to see things from the human standpoint rather than the spirit even though they really mean well. Hang in there. It will get better for you and your grandfather and all of your family. God is still on the throne

      • From someone who knows Jim and Lori personally and worked for them at MS:
        We took over running the cafe after Chad and Jeremy were let go. We KNOW what went on in the cafe before we took over. Many items went out the back door after hours, money from the till was never turned in to the ministry, many OT hours were charged to the ministry, and the place was a pigsty. We closed the cafe for a solid week and three of us worked 10-12 hours a day to clean and disinfect the kitchen and dining areas.
        We worked at the cafe for 8 months and got it on its feet…once that was accomplished, we moved back to Florida.
        The Bakkers and Crawfords are wonderful, giving people.There are people in the prayer room that are wonderful prayer warriors .Most of the residents are great, caring people.
        Although all is not perfect at MS, it cannot all be blamed on the Bakkers. There are people there (like everywhere else) that like to cause trouble and gossip. Some people have nothing better to do with their time than to talk about someone else…and if there’s nothing to talk about, they make it up.
        If you have ever been on the show, you’ll know that Jim is a giving person…he practically “gives away the store” to his guests/audience.
        James, Johnathan, Doug (the EX), the five Bakker adoptees,and the Master’s Commission kids are friends of ours and we love them very much.
        The “fat kid” that’s on the show now (Zac) is a spirit-filled young man who will make a great preacher some day. Trystan is also a spirit-filled young woman. She has moved on.
        You talk about the people that disappeared from MS…people move on to bigger and better things all the time. There’s nothing new about that.

  33. Great assessment Jay! So glad those who are in the know are speaking up. Does anyone know what happened to the money funneled to his parents when they died? Can’t believe he is getting away with conning the old folks out of their money again!

  34. Of course we need his “I CARE” caps (like we need all the rest of his junk). After all the end of the world is coming and I can’t imagine meeting Jesus without one. How else will Jesus know “I cared”!

  35. I just happened to find this blog today. I find a lot of it amusing. I worked with JB for almost the last 10 years. I left in March 2011.
    I saw things and know things that went on within the ministry that would make you vomit. The shenanigans and blatant LIES that were told.
    I came very close to selling a tell-all story to the GLOBE.

  36. So happy to see Kevin Shorey back on the show! Although the first few
    times he reappeared, Jim and Lori were visibly VERY cold towards him
    which looked very unprofessional. Kevin if you’re reading this,
    someone else just sang “Jesus is a Valley Walker” and he wasn’t
    nearly as good as you, and your version has set the standard. It looks
    like Jim now has you on a “whenever we need the singing slave”
    schedule and I am sorry about that. You put on one heck of an
    entertaining pre-show, and your clever sarcasm was not lost on the
    observant viewer.

    I for one would like to register interest in those referring to inside
    stories. Please share!!
    Recently Jim said he does not travel anymore, then a couple of days
    later he said they just returned from a cruise. I believe 100% whoever
    said that he uses the donated money for personal vacations.
    PS- I noticed they took the chat feature off the simulcast page. Does
    anyone have the inside scoop on that? I’m not sure how long ago that
    happened or why.
    Thank you to those keeping this invaluable (and unique on all the
    internet) thread alive!

  37. I was a part of that pre-show you mentioned. JB hated that pre-show because it took too much attention away from him. JB definitely does NOT pay for his own vacations. Your generous donations pay for that.
    I can tell you that 99% of what you hear about finances on the air is a LIE. JB has his little puppets and surrounds himself with these people. Anyone else is judged “disloyal” and eventually ends up gone.
    This is only the very tip of the iceberg.

  38. JB and the gang of loyals must read these blogs. The snake changes his tune on the shows and adjusts according to what it being exposed. One example is bringing back Kevin Shorey because people were talking and upset. Now he’s making it look like he was a good guy and went and gave a bunch of money and supplies to flood victims. Honestly, does it look like the guy has ever put in a honest days work! He looked pretty clean to me with that mic in his hand running around interviewing victims of the floods and tornadoes. Don’t want to get any mud on those waders! Look at Lori, do you think she’d ever mess up her $200 fake french nail manicure, and her pretty hair, done by private sytlists?! Gotta wonder how many thousands of dollars she spends on her wardrobe! After all there are more important things to spend her time and money on then helping the little guy, let alone getting dirty doing it! She is such a fake and a flake. Nauseating to watch her primp herself and stick out her big chest throughout the show. She is so shallow! She sure has come along way from the drugging, drinking days, Yet she still is trailer trash. She is not collecting a welfare check anymore. Instead she is stealing from good people in a different way and still not working for her keep! Now the sex addict wants good people to send their hard earned money for Loris house. There is no end to the lies and deceit coming from JB and gang. Those people who surround him and defend him will have their day in God’s court just as JB will!

  39. Hear this people, and hear it well. God is FED UP with all the ministry bashing that has been going on in the U.S. for decades. Spreading stories and — let’s just call it what it is — gossip on a public forum for the WHOLE WORLD to read is, frankly, abominable for people who claim to be servants of the HOLY one. If you don’t like a ministry, or what it teaches, then PRAY for those people, keep the details to yourself, and move on. That’s where it should end. Those who have judged mercilessly the servants of God, while tolerating sin in their own lives, will be judged as harshly as they have judged others. I am preaching to myself here also, for I used to be guilty of this as well. The fear of God has gripped me, and I will no longer touch his anointed ones.

    • Good Comment! However on both sides…both are trying to convince the “fool” on the other side….don’t need to tell you all the Proverbs that warns against tangling words with a fool……….

  40. Hi Anonymous,

    Plenty of people are interested in how you know Bakker owns this “lake home” that you claim he does. Do you have some sort of proof regarding this allegation? Please feel fee to share this proof with us.



  41. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately I’m not going to heed it. I need more from you than “God is fed up”……IOW show me through Scripture that God is “fed up”…..until that time I guess I’m going to have to take my chances…..

    Hey, BTW: Did you pray for me today?



  42. To Robert: Was it gossip the first time around about Jim? If no one had spoke up Jim would never have been held accountable the first time he was pulling this stuff. Do you call what Jim is doing ministry? How is he God’s annointed?

  43. Hi Anonymous,

    I love juicy Jim gossip as much as everyone else, but I have to wonder why you wouldn’t just give the stuff you have to the ‘Feds’? If Bakker’s doing wrong and you have evidence to support that, give it to the right people so that he’s held accountable. And believe me, I’m no Jim Bakker fan.

    Ron @ the foodbucket fan page

  44. call the fbi or the department of justice. they will guide you in to what you should do and to whom you should forward your documents. believe it or not these public servants do listen and want to get to the bottom of wrongdoing. i have personally seen the power of a single citizen to report to the department of justice and the fbi.

  45. btw i would imagine there is a local fbi office in springfield. just look in the phone book. it really is that easy! good luck

  46. I can guarantee you that you will never find anything now on paper that Jim Bakker “owns”. He owes the IRS like 4mil, so why would his name be on any titles, property, etc? it’s not. won’t happen – ever.
    Trust me, the snake has learned how to manipulate these things. You won’t find anything on paper owned by him.
    In reality? that’s another story.

  47. Now that August is here, where’s the epidemic corn shortage that was touted numerous times by Larry Bates and Jim? I sent a column from a St. Louis newspaper, via e-mail to Jim, that said the nation had an abundance of corn, this year, even though much of the nation had experienced drought conditions. Haven’t received a reply nor do I expect to…he crows when he guesses right but maintains his silence whenever he’s not.

    • haha. this is so funny. i was thinking of jim’s prediction today as i was driving thru miles and miles of corn being harvested the mississippi delta. at the grain elevators corn was piled so high it looked like corn mountains. theres probably enough corn in mississippi and louisiana alone to feed most of the country. plus corn is at a good price so the farmers will make a nice living this year which is always nice.

  48. Apparently some of you “don’t get it”. Bakker is about as much of a Prophet” as my dog is. There’s no need to call him on his BS prophesies. You’ll never get a response from him. If you dare to question him, it’s your problem, not his. remember that.

    • Hey Bonzo….

      I’ll bet your “Prophet” dog isn’t making the kind of “Profit” old Jimmy Gimme is….

  49. well…
    It looks like business as usual for the slippery snake of Blue Eye.
    I swear…if I knew for sure it would have hurt him, I would have sold my story to the GLOBE. I’m beginning to think he’s untouchable…and will only answer on his judgment day…which ain’t coming soon enough for me. I really wish something could be done to let everyone know exactly what he’s about and what is going on in Blue Eye. Yeah…I know…forgive & forget… Just sayin…it still makes me sick.

  50. Hey……did I ever tell you I saw Jim Bakker once ? He was at a Sams Club in Asheville NC when we were there. He was looking through the books ( my favorite section) and was wearing shorts and there was a blonde lady with him. Being that this was in the 90’s that’s all I remember. Actually, I was just looking for an excuse to comment on one of your “powerful posts”. <——I stole that from Ken Silva. ( but the story is true )

    I just had to chuckle when I saw this on Lori's blog.


    If we go through an economic and or tribulation meltdown…….yes……that will get you through that whole mess. By the way where are the batteries you are gonna need for the "my light" ( I thought Jesus was the light) flash light ? And where are the extra filters for the water filters……… I think they need to add a shotgun and shells with that survival pack so you can protect your "staying alive" useless purchase and waste of $250. Potassium Iodide is not much help if something Nuclear falls on your head.

    I like theses Verses….Mathew 6:19
    Luke 12:13-21
    Matthew 6:25-34

    I'm convicted just reading those. Either we trust the Lord or we don't.

    ( PS. I pushed you in the pool…….facebook picture )

    • This is what I have been trying to tell my stepmom, God Love her….she is all swooney over Jim and I told her if she bought the bucket and someone stole it…THEN what does she do…..? turn to God then and say what? I believe HE will make a way over and above what we “CAN”T AFFORD to do our selves” and that is the sin…people are pouring money into something that they can get cheaper….but are not wise servants and doing foolishly……..Amen thus endith the sermon! ha

  51. Deborah: I also ran into Bakker, in Asheville, when he was released from prison. My son, as a high school student, worked in a drugstore and sold condoms to Bakker on several occasions. He was accompanied by two women when he visited the drugstore.

  52. According to the Missouri Secretary of State, the official name that was Incorporated is “Morningside Church, Inc.”. The official address is recorded as 180 Grace chapel Rd, Suite A, Blue Eye, MO 65611. They indicate that the organization was created 8/24/2005. Its Missouri Secretary of State “Charter Number” is N00681612. The initial first three Incorporators are listed as Charlene Graham, Dr. James Lukavsky, and Jerry Crawford.

    • Isn’t it interesting that Jim Bakker doesn’t register his television ministry in his own name? Would any Morningside reps care to answer why?

      • Hi Ron,

        Bakker is just being a good Grandpa….he probably has liens against him still and when he passes away anything in his name would go to pay those outstanding bills…..it’s simply good business 🙂


  53. Stop it all of YOU! Go read your BIBLE. Go clean your toilets, hug your kids, do laundry, water your lawn! Who cares about all of this? This is crazy I too don’t care for him but all my goodness. Don’t watch the show, don’t give to the ministry. I also was wondering what happened to the piano player,and Susan and all the stuff from the past 2 yrs. that I have watched off and on but really what does it matter. The energy and typing that all of you people are dong is just a waste of your time. And yes, I even wanted to drive up from Tx. to stay in a condo. for a couple of days and I don’t really care to now but come on. And yes I do wonder why Jims 2 oldest children form Tammy don’t come around but really what does it matter?

    • Teresa (from Texas)

      Thanks for taking the time away from your busy day cleaning the toilets, hugging your kids, reading your bible, watering the lawn and whatever else you claim we should be doing rather than being here to give the commenters here hell….how hypocritical sacrificial of you 🙂

      I do agree with you in that I don’t care all that much about what Jim Bakker does and I certainly wouldn’t take time away from more important matters like reading my bible rather than Googling Jim Bakkers name to see what gossip I could read about him……PLEASE STOP IT 🙂

      Thanks for sharing 🙂


      • Actually Phil, I wasn’t googling junk on Jim. I was trying to look up to see if Kevin was back at MS. I record the show to see what guest will be on, and I happen to come across all this wonderful info. you have put in BOLD LIGHTS. Sounds like you’ll always have your feathers ruffled right? Take care, and go beyond all this mess. Teresa

        • Teresa, You are a very confusing person. First you say you watch the show off and on, then you say you tape the show. So if you just stumbled across this website and don’t like it why do you keep coming back? Just don’t read what is written here and just don’t stop by. It seems all it does is get your feathers ruffled. Take care and go beyond all this mess Teresa.

    • Hi Teresa,

      You don’t care for Jim either…..but you were going to drive up from Texas to stay in one of Jim condo’s? Why would you do that if you don’t care for Jim? Yes, that is a rhetorical question.

      You don’t watch the show? Then how do you know that the piano player and Susan are missing? Your watching the show dates back two years? What is ALL the stuff from the past two years?

      I agree with Phil, it was so nice of you to take time away from your busy day to take to task all of us who are exposing the deceit of Jim Bakker and company. (Oops, I meant to say “lovingly correct us”).

      Yes, we all do wonder why Tammy Sue and Jay don’t come around. And we do wonder why so many people come and go from this ministry. A prudent person would question why, and of course not give any money to a questionable “ministry”!

      It seems this forum has provided you with valuable information since you stated that you “no longer care to visit Jim’s Morningside and stay in one of his condo’s”. I am relieved to know that my valuable time, typing what I have, has informed you that this “ministry” is a sham. You obviously have benefited from that wisdom, it helped you decide to save some of YOUR valuable time and money by not driving up there to visit. I am also glad you have taken the time to read all of that we have wrote here. Especially since you gleaned so much understanding. I am happy to know our shrewdness is keeping people from being seduced by the snake. Taking all this into consideration “you’re welcome, glad to be of help.”

      I want to thank you so much for caring about me. I am sure you will be praying for me and for all the rest of us sinners that have wasted our time typing on this blog. Back to reading my bible, cleaning my toilets, hugging my kids, doing my laundry, watering my lawn (oh,I can scratch that off my list, it’s raining).

      You have a nice day too Teresa from Texas! I pray for rain for Texas. (Hope I can cancel Jim’s prayers that you don’t get it. That wouldn’t be good for business. His gloom and doom message wouldn’t sell as well). As for me I would rather pray for God’s blessing and mercy. As for us all sinners typing on here I pray we will continue to “Never participate with the evil deeds of darkness, but even expose them”. Ephesians 5:11 Why? Because it really does matter!

  54. First off…are y’all referring to Randy Brown, the piano player? I can tell you exactly why he left. Bakker cut his salary big time and his wife’s salary (who also worked there). Why? because Bakker does whatever the hell Bakker wants and nobody says a word. Loyalty, integrity, etc. have no bearing in Bakker’s mind. Why did Bakker scrap almost the entire band except for the azz kissing current bass player? Same reason he got rid of Randy Brown. To Teresa from Texas…you’re a clueless clown. It’s time to get real. I can tell you things that would make you puke, I worked there almost 10 years. It’s time for Bakker to be exposed and for all the garbage to be brought into the light. ENOUGH of people covering for Bakker.

  55. Oh yeah…as far as Jay & Tammy Sue Bakker….
    Bakker booted Tammy Sue’s son out of Master’s Comission, plus she does know what a snake ol Dad is, so why should she come around? Jay? As I’m sure you’re capable of Googling…Jay is a HUGE supporter of gay rights, gay marriage, transgender rights, in the church. WHY would he hang out at his Dad’s place? It’s not rocket science, people.

  56. The people on this forum are obsessed with Jim Bakker and addicted to the obsession. This isn’t about exposing some man’s sin so that other people won’t be hurt. It’s about obsession and guile and feeding that obsession with words. It really is a beast. When someone responds to the hatefulness of the attacks on Jim Bakker with a defense, the beast is fed. If no one ever did, the beast would eventually die of malnutrition.

    You can be sure it’s not about defending poor helpless little old people who spend a few dollars on Jim’s stuff – and it is certainly not about defending the faith. It’s about hate. Harboring the hate is bad enough, feeding it is deadly.

    Most people in this country are spoiled, proud and self-focused. That includes the “Christians”. I put that word in parenthesis because some who claim the title, don’t meet the minimum requirements of ever being born again. If they are not born again, they are not on your side in anything, and that includes trying to ‘warn’ you about Jim Bakker or anybody else for that matter.

    They may quack like a duck, but they don’t act like a duck. Their counterfeit rhetoric is easily learned, but not easily pegged. You know it is not right, it’s not God, but you can’t put your finger on why it’s wrong. That’s because they have learned how to mask the hate with smooth sounding words. Though many of their words are all lofty and nice, there is no nice way to do an evil thing.

    Don’t pay attention to their smooth flowing, clever words. Think about what they are doing. They are working hard to get a reaction from you, to get you to behave in a way that would incite you to sin. Then they turn around and accuse YOU of sinning. Crafty they are.

    Don’t ever get involved with people who make it their life’s mission to be ‘exposers’ or ‘heresy hunters’. They really don’t even know how much they’re being used as enemies of Christ. The obsession grips them with addiction and compulsion, and blinds them to their own sins, convincing them they’re doing it for the cause of Christ. Do you think Jesus knew what he was talking about when he said “first take the plank out of your own eye and then you will be better able to see the one in your brothers.”

    Know the full counsel of the Holy Spirit by reading the Word of God and you will know whether someone or something is evil or good. You won’t need people to help you and ‘expose’ the sins of others. AVOID people who do this like the plague. They wreak of offense and they will contaminate you with it. Left unchecked, it will turn to hate and then you will be just like them.

    James, you need to run from this junk. People who get their kicks from making fun of young people and old – people they do not know – people that are doing their best to serve God – people who do this are outright evil. You are not going to ‘reach’ them – you are only going to feed the beast. Trystan, Zach, Kevin and even the piano player get reviled by the people who post on this ‘blog’. Your grandfather never reviles anybody. You will never hear him talk bad about anyone. He is the one you need to listen to – not the voices of these accusers. And God is well able to defend him. If you try, you may be drug into something that is hard to get out of.

    Nobody will stand justified in what they have done here when they come face to face with God. God is not moved by your clever words explaining your motives. God knows your motives even better than you do. You use His words to try to justify your motives, but you enter into blasphemy by doing so.

    While a man or a woman may try to convince other men or women of their good intentions, all of those wordy justifications for why they do what they do is not going to fly with God. He will uncover everything that’s unlike Him and lay it bare, where every man can see it. You will have no defense, no matter how cleverly you present your case.

    And as for you former employees and others who have been offended, even when mistreated, a true servant of God will just walk away, they will not retaliate. You and I have seen these people before. They’re the surrendered ones who know in Whom they have believed and they know that God is able to defend them. If that doesn’t happen, the wounded one would do well to learn quickly to submit to God’s will. If the pain is severe and the injustice huge, a true servant of God will do major work within themselves to keep from being offended, bitter or hateful. They will not rest and continue this spiritual work on themselves until their heart is right with God.

    Offenses cause separation from God. They cause you to be contaminated in your spirit. Don’t participate in them, walk away. Do your warfare in prayer and leave the rest to God. He is the one who will use everything that happens to you for your own good, if you love Him.

    • Hi NoWay Hosea,

      Your comments are in blockquotes:

      The people on this forum are obsessed with Jim Bakker and addicted to the obsession. This isn’t about exposing some man’s sin so that other people won’t be hurt. It’s about obsession and guile and feeding that obsession with words. It really is a beast. When someone responds to the hatefulness of the attacks on Jim Bakker with a defense, the beast is fed. If no one ever did, the beast would eventually die of malnutrition.

      That’s quite a strawman you’ve set up here Hosea…..and I suspect more of the same as I work my way through your man worshipping twaddle.

      You can be sure it’s not about defending poor helpless little old people who spend a few dollars on Jim’s stuff – and it is certainly not about defending the faith. It’s about hate. Harboring the hate is bad enough, feeding it is deadly.

      Yes, yes…..you are very good at strawman building aren’t you? And now you’ve committed another logical fallacy by playing the emotion card….what next pray tell 🙂

      Most people in this country are spoiled, proud and self-focused. That includes the “Christians”. I put that word in parenthesis because some who claim the title, don’t meet the minimum requirements of ever being born again. If they are not born again, they are not on your side in anything, and that includes trying to ‘warn’ you about Jim Bakker or anybody else for that matter.

      What does being a Christian have to do with spotting a crook? Does that mean we should throw out the testimony of an eye witnesses to a bank robbery because he is an atheist? No WAY HOSEA!

      They may quack like a duck, but they don’t act like a duck. Their counterfeit rhetoric is easily learned, but not easily pegged. You know it is not right, it’s not God, but you can’t put your finger on why it’s wrong. That’s because they have learned how to mask the hate with smooth sounding words. Though many of their words are all lofty and nice, there is no nice way to do an evil thing.

      The problem with your “duck” is that it only exists in your fantasies, something that is easy to see in your rhetoric…….you make this too easy!

      Don’t pay attention to their smooth flowing, clever words. Think about what they are doing. They are working hard to get a reaction from you, to get you to behave in a way that would incite you to sin. Then they turn around and accuse YOU of sinning. Crafty they are.

      You create a false scenario based on your fantasies and we’re the crafty ones? Wow!

      Don’t ever get involved with people who make it their life’s mission to be ‘exposers’ or ‘heresy hunters’. They really don’t even know how much they’re being used as enemies of Christ. The obsession grips them with addiction and compulsion, and blinds them to their own sins, convincing them they’re doing it for the cause of Christ. Do you think Jesus knew what he was talking about when he said “first take the plank out of your own eye and then you will be better able to see the one in your brothers.”

      You are too much Hosea!

      Know the full counsel of the Holy Spirit by reading the Word of God and you will know whether someone or something is evil or good. You won’t need people to help you and ‘expose’ the sins of others. AVOID people who do this like the plague. They wreak of offense and they will contaminate you with it. Left unchecked, it will turn to hate and then you will be just like them.

      Actually the bible states that all of us are inherently evil(Jeremiah 17:9). Do you remember the story of Nathan and David? David was a man after God’s own heart yet he needed Nathan to point out his sins to him….do you think Bakker is any different than David?

      James, you need to run from this junk. People who get their kicks from making fun of young people and old – people they do not know – people that are doing their best to serve God – people who do this are outright evil. You are not going to ‘reach’ them – you are only going to feed the beast. Trystan, Zach, Kevin and even the piano player get reviled by the people who post on this ‘blog’. Your grandfather never reviles anybody. You will never hear him talk bad about anyone. He is the one you need to listen to – not the voices of these accusers. And God is well able to defend him. If you try, you may be drug into something that is hard to get out of.

      Now how do you know how anyone here “get’s their kicks”….just another fallacy. No one has asked that James not listen to his Grandpa….there sure are a LOT of fallacies in your bag of tricks oh clever one 🙂

      Nobody will stand justified in what they have done here when they come face to face with God. God is not moved by your clever words explaining your motives. God knows your motives even better than you do. You use His words to try to justify your motives, but you enter into blasphemy by doing so.

      Actually, those who are saved are justified by faith alone in Christ alone and not by works…..betcha won’t hear Bakker teach that on his show….your strawman is the one that won’t be able to stand before God and if I were you I would repent of your strawman building….you know, that little 9th commandment thingy found in Exodus 20.

      While a man or a woman may try to convince other men or women of their good intentions, all of those wordy justifications for why they do what they do is not going to fly with God. He will uncover everything that’s unlike Him and lay it bare, where every man can see it. You will have no defense, no matter how cleverly you present your case.

      You are a real piece of work Hosea……more pronouncements based on your strawman….wow!

      And as for you former employees and others who have been offended, even when mistreated, a true servant of God will just walk away, they will not retaliate. You and I have seen these people before. They’re the surrendered ones who know in Whom they have believed and they know that God is able to defend them. If that doesn’t happen, the wounded one would do well to learn quickly to submit to God’s will. If the pain is severe and the injustice huge, a true servant of God will do major work within themselves to keep from being offended, bitter or hateful. They will not rest and continue this spiritual work on themselves until their heart is right with God.

      A true servant of God would just walk away and not confront the sin in their midst? Do you have a scripture for this remark?

      Offenses cause separation from God. They cause you to be contaminated in your spirit. Don’t participate in them, walk away. Do your warfare in prayer and leave the rest to God. He is the one who will use everything that happens to you for your own good, if you love Him.

      Sin is something we all deal with (Romans 3:23). If you saw a woman being raped would you just pray about it or would you tell someone? Harsh example I know but what Bakker and Crawford are doing to folks at Morningside might actually be worse than rape….

      Thanks for the reply Hosea!


      Now class, did you all notice that Hosea never dealt with one single allegation made against Bakker but instead decided to shoot the messenger with clever crafted words and tale bearing? Welcome to the world of the deceived!

    • To Hosea,

      Little old people spending a few dollars! Wow,that’s what you call $500 for a bathroom key, hundreds of dollar for food buckets, Ridiculously priced condos that are cheaply built etc. etc. Your ramblings about offenses are senseless. A offended person walks away! How about the one giving offense stop doing it!

      I appreciated your wise words Phil. Unfortunately most Bakker followers won’t learn from you. A FOOL TAKES NO PLEASURE IN UNDERSTANDING, BUT IN ONLY EXPRESSING HIS OPINION. PROVERBS 18:2 The comments from those who have wisdom about Bakker don’t express opinions they express facts! That is why the Bakker supporters make personal attacks. Of course they can’t make a case based on facts because the facts bear out that Bakker is guilty of most of what is being said about him. That is why I am not offended by you Hosea. I feel sorry that you are so deceived.

      I really would like one of the Bakker supporters to come on here and make a reasonable case for all the begging for money that goes on during the Jim Bakker show. Until that time I think they should keep their opinions to themselves. They are not helping their cause by the inane ramblings.

  57. Well said Phil.

    The old people who spend a few dollars on Jim’s stuff? How about the people who spent thousands back on the Heritage USA timeshare scam and never received anything for it? Would you like to repay them for Jim?

    Here’s an idea: You pay me the thousands I’m owed, then go get the money from Jim to cover it. And when he doesn’t pay you, and I don’t repay you, just chew on it and ‘walk away’ as you say. I’m sure you’ll find it in your heart to forgive Jim and forgive me. Deal?

    A question for you: Jim Bakker never cries real tears when he tells his scary stories designed to get people to send him money. Never, not once. How do you explain this obvious deception?

    Ron @ The Foodbucket

    • Well said Ron. I don’t think you will get a rebuttal. There is no excuse for what was done to you and the many others. The only thing that Hosea said that made sense is “That He will uncover everything that is unlike Him and lay it all bare, where every man can see it” Unfortunately she does not realize this applies to Bakker and company. Maybe that is why Bakker and company are so angry because that is what this forum is doing.

    • Ron,
      This may be a waste of time, but Jesus was mocked,spit on, and crucified; not for himself but for all of us. Yet Jesus asked God to forgive those that hurt him with his last breath. Isn’t Jesus suppose to be our example? You still have breath and God is waiting for you to forgive, however you are still trying to curse Jim. Funny thing about curses is that they don’t affect the person you want to curse, but the curse only affects you. I think at this time if someone paid you back the so-called thousands of dollars you spent — you would still want a pound of Jim’s flesh.

      It wasn’t Jim, but the lawyers and government that shut down Heritage. They caused more damage and hurt than Jim Bakker ever did. Incidently, Jim is offering everyone that paid for the timeshare at Heritage a lifetime pass to the camping facility or RV park in Branson right now. It isn’t the beautiful hotel, but it is the only thing Jim has available at this time.

      You’re right, God is uncovering everything for everyone to see. So far I see Jim’s heart laid bare and a man who could really be angry and bitter – put his arms around the man and hug the lawyer who accused him and was responsible for sending him to jail. That man had just lied to Jim about not asking about certain things if Jim would give him an interview. Jim agreed to be interviewed and as soon as the camera was turned on that same man started asking those questions he said he would not. Then I read this blog and there are just a few people reiterating their bitterness over and over. I guess it is good to have a place where people can air their complaints, but instead of releaving the pressure in lives it looks like it causes hurts to cut deeper and keep people from the relief of forgiveness.

      • Hi Sharlene,

        I’ll just settle for the thousands I’m owed. If you’d like to repay me for Jim, I’ll be satisfied.

        It seems quite easy for Bakker followers to just gloss over the fact that Jim screwed over thousands of people for thousands of dollars. If you were sitting in our shoes, I don’t think you’d be so quick to tell us to ‘just get over it’. So my offer still stands: You repay me the thousands that Jim owes me, then go ask Saint Jim for compensation. Don’t hold your breath.

        And a couple questions (which I’ve asked multiple times and have yet to receive an answer):

        1) Do you think it’s acceptable for Jim to fake cry on television?

        2) Do you think it’s acceptable for Jim to claim that his foodbuckets will be worth more than money in the End Times, while hypocritically taking in ‘worthless’ money as payment and constructing new buildings? Do you think Jim would send me his ‘worthless’ money if I sent him a foodbucket? And if the End Times are right around the corner, why is Jim building an RV park?

        You’re wrong about Jim not working in debt. He gave $100k to Philip Cameron a couple months ago and stated that he didn’t have the money, but had faith that the partners will help. I covered that in my blog, btw. Just go to the posts on Philip Cameron and you’ll see.

        You’re also wrong about Jim never preaching prosperity. He mentioned prosperity in a positive light a few weeks ago, saying that it’s okay for preachers to be happy and taken care of.

        Where is this lawyer interview with Jim that you speak of? Is this another Jim falsehood being spread to feed into his ‘woe is me’ routine? Frankly speaking, Jim should bare all in any interview he gives. There are no questions which can be asked which Jim should not answer. His avoidance of the issues are what ratchet up the intensity of his critics. In other words, whether this make-believe interviewer ‘lied’ about the questions he would ask makes no difference. Jim should not be telling people which questions they can and cannot ask, they’re all fair game.

        Jim is a hypocrite and a scoundrel. I’m sorry you can’t see it, but I imagine you will see it in a few months time just like the countless other former Bakker followers who have found this blog and spoken out.

        Jim doesn’t need people to defend him, he’s quite capable of defending himself. Though, it is interesting how Jim never responds to his critics. He prefers letting those who have fallen under his spell speak for him. Strange.

        But hey, maybe he’ll take Phil up on his podcast offer?

        On second thought, don’t hold you breath on that one either.

        • Wow. Somebody thinks Jim “owes them” because their grandmother and mother gave to Jim what they were ‘owed’…. and grandma and mom gave it to Jim of their own free will. Sounds to me like the bone this guy needs to pick is with his own family, unless of course, he doesn’t think his own family has enough sense to make their own decisions. Or maybe they know it’s just not right to attack poor old grandma and mom. Note it’s not grandma and mom who are complaining, but poor left-out Ron. Poor guy. Resentment and bittnerness has eaten him up! How dare grandma and mom give to Jim what should have been his.

      • I guarantee you it’s a waste of time, Sharlene. Ron doesn’t believe in Jesus or God for that matter. In fact, Ron is an ordained ‘athiest’. Can you get your head around that one? Neither can I. He is also the self-appointed nemesis of anything to do with Jim Bakker and he’ll tell you so over at http://www.jimbakker666.blogspot.com where he writes some of the most vile material I’ve ever read. He has no sense of decency whatsoever in his latest depiction of young Christians worshipping the God he doesn’t believe in through a musical mime. Ron’s own worst enemy is himself because he has now discredited himself in anything he has to say about anything – no one with any self respect would align themselves with anything Ron has to say about anything. He’s like that group of thugs over in the UK that goes around pillaging and assaulting, only Ron does it with words. Phil – you let anybody say anything they want about Jim Bakker. Let’s see what you let go about old Ron.

        • Hello Anonymous,

          You said;

          Phil – you let anybody say anything they want about Jim Bakker. Let’s see what you let go about old Ron.

          Actually I don’t publish anything they want about Jim Bakker. You should see the stuff people say that I don’t publish.Usually these people don’t tell us who they are and usually leave a fake email address……hmmmmmmm 🙂

          I also couldn’t help but notice that you haven’t dealt with the numerous allegations about JB but instead decided to attempt to discredit the other commenters on this forum……

          I know all about Ron…..his valid valid email address sorta gives him away :-). So what if he’s an atheist. If he were a witness to your daughter being raped would his testimony against your daughters attackers be irrelevant because he is an atheist? He’s a daily witness to what amounts to spiritual rape and he’s telling what he sees….

          Have a nice day 🙂


        • So what if he’s an athiest? Phil, why don’t you thoroughly read the Bible you like to quote when you make your one-sided points? You are no theologian – I don’t care what you say. Why don’t you know that aligning yourself with a reprobate and giving him a platform against brothers and sisters in the Body is spiritual treason? You accuse Jim Bakker of ‘spiritual rape’ because he preaches Matthew 24 – all the while you quote Matthew 25. Why don’t you know that you are not capable of judging the heart of a man and don’t say you don’t do that because you do. You think you’re capable of separating the wheat and the tares but you’re not. You are digging a pit for others that you yourself will fall into. That’s Bible too. If you are born again, you would know that mercy triumphs over judgment and grace is always the way you respond to others in the Body, especially when they sin. You are in need of grace, Phil. When you take the part of an anti-christ reprobate against the people of God, you are in need of great grace.

        • Hi Anonymous,

          You claim I make one sided points……fair enough. Maybe I should be more balanced, like, say, YOU?

          Where did I ever claim to be a “theologian”?

          I’m no more aligned with Ron than I am with you. The difference is Ron treats me and others, at least he does here, with respect. I would think as a Christian you would be able to at least do the same…..something about salt and light…..that’s Bible too 🙂

          Where have I accused Jim of spiritual rape because he preaches from Matthew 24? My observation has nothing whatsoever to do with what he does or doesn’t preach but everything to do with what his ministry has done to people……

          Where on this thread have I quoted Matthew 25?

          You’ve insinuated that I am unsaved and claim I am in need of grace yet you haven’t shown me anything by way of the Gospel or grace. Why is that?

          Mercy triumphs over judgment is exactly correct. It’s a shame you don’t practice what you preach 🙂



      • Lady, you are ignorant. Could you send me $500 to pave my driveway ? I’ll let you use my bathroom if your ever in town. Thanks a bunch, and i really am crying. Larry

        • Larry g House,
          This blog is hard to follow sometimes, but if you are referring to my comments above this comment is for you.

          (Phil, I would like to highlight Larry’s comment as an example of the rethoric, that you bloggers accuse us of, that are writing to defend Jim Bakker.)

          First, Larry, I have a name and I was kind enough to post that on this blog. It has been a long time since someone called me “lady” and that time was done in disrespect also. Second, I am not ignorant. You don’t know me and it is time that you stop making claims that show how ignorant you are. I was told that this blog was for discussion and information, not indiscriminate personal attack.

          Then, you continue by poking fun at me, for “believing” Jim, and at the Holy Spirit that lives within me as my guide. It is hard for me to realize that you, who claim to be the holders and proclamers of the ‘truth,’ keep stooping this low to attack and run. If you can’t hold an intelligent discussion please don’t leave senseless, reckless, and rude replies to my comments.

  58. to the former employee,

    Bob Drake is gone from Morningside. They let him go…why? because he was such a bully he was bad for business. A bully at Morningside, nooo tel me it isn’t so!

    • Well.. Well…. Jim wanted a “family” type of couple from what I was told to run the cafe from what I was told. But I knew after meeting Bob, that would happen. Doug, Jim’s Ex son in law left not long ago as well. He and Bob were in disagreements.

      June, very nice lady whom I hired was also at odds with him and told him what she thought of him as well. Bob in no way had the personality to do what he was hired to do.

      He was mean,rude and didnt care what you thought.. a real shinning example of Christ to all who came there. Thats what Jim wanted you to be, a living example of Christ to all..daily..

      He once wanted me to fire people because they didnt smile enough.. Oh well I am not going into any of that.

      Doesnt surprise me at all about Bob, or ANYONE for that matter. You can go from asset to liability in 24 hrs or less there.

      As for Kevin.. Before I was fired.. there were meetings in the Cafe about him,I knew this was coming as well.

  59. I just ran into this blog looking for infor on Kevin Shorey. I only watched the original Jim Bakker Show a few times, but some how ran across his new program about a year ago. I check everything out as the Bible instructs us to do.
    We just came back from visiting Morningside for the first time. Everything Jim has told us was happening at MS is, in fact, exactly what is being built at the site. I saw Jim and Lori in person and they are genuinely concerned about people’s health and well-being. Jim is not the only one concerned about food shortages. The US government is buying up all the Mountain House freeze-dried food they can get, truck drivers I know and ones that have been on other radio talk shows that drive across Kansas and other food producing states are concerned about dead crops and scorched fields and their trucks returning empty instead of full of grains. Our US crops this year are puny. Also I live in TX and know cattle ranchers here and in LA and they are indeed sending their cattle to market very early right now instead of feeding them through the winter, because there is no crops to feed them or the grain is too expensive to return a profit on cattle sale. I don’t mind having food avialable for emergency especially good tasting food. (Also, tthe food Jim is advertising for (Food for Health) is the tasty, nutrious and one of THE CHEAPEST available. Look for yourself.)
    I also had to call about water pitchers that were slow in coming, but that was not Jim Bakker’s fault. Seychelle factory was sending all their stock to Japan after the earth quake and had to back order Jim’s orders. I have now received EVERYTHING I ordered (plus I received extra). Jim’s ministry double charged by CC one month in error and they reversed it, sent a letter and sent extra box of food to make up for the error.
    Jim Bakker is not perfect, nor are the employees that work there, but we talked to everyone we met there (thirty+ people) (condo owners, employees, workers on site) everyone without exception had no adverse things to say about the ministry or Jim. Also, the comment made about Jim being mean to Lori is really over the top. Lori talks all the time and she need prompting to stop oncein a while. Lori even admitted that when we saw her in person. And as far as adopting children – anyone can adopt hard to place children when parents can prove they can provide the children with a home and food. You nay sayers need to do some research for yourself before pointing fingers and making things up.
    One last thing – I don’t care what business you name there are ALWAYS some employees that have a problem with their leaders, supervisors, etc. I have worked in many industries and companies for over 35 years and have seen it all. Although I have had CEOs, team leaders, supervisors that treated me wrong and, when i worked for Pier 1, fired me unjustly, I always went on to earn more money and was given better positions by forgiving as God tells us to do. I would no more call Pier 1 a bad company for one supervisor’s bad decision than I would call Jim Bakker a fraud for the things you keep pointing out.
    We do need to be careful, but when the same people keep complaining about the same problem someone needs to step in and say “forgive and get on with your life and let God handle the score”. I think God has taken care of Jim’s problems and now has restored jim’s ministry to what it was before, AND HAS RESTORED HERITAGE AT THE SAME TIME. Why don’t you all tell us how God has blessed you during this time of complaining about Jim? How has your ministry grown? Your bitterness is all that I see in this blog and that is a curse you are bringing on yourself not a blessing.

    • Hi Sharlene,

      Thanks for your comments here today. You said the following that interested me;

      I think God has taken care of Jim’s problems and now has restored jim’s ministry to what it was before, AND HAS RESTORED HERITAGE AT THE SAME TIME.

      I think that’s part of the problem Sharlene. Have you ever read Jim’s book “I Was Wrong”? If you haven’t then I hope that you do because in that book he decried and repented of the very same things it seems that he’s doing now (constantly raising money, building buildings without the money upfront, preaching a prosperity message yet hosting prosperity preachers like Creflo Dollar and Kenneth Copeland). These things were part of the original problem that Jim said he was wrong about yet you claim that God has taken care of all that. I would love to ask Jim which is it…..where you wrong the first time or were you wrong about being wrong and the first time you were right but you thought you were wrong 🙂

      You see how confusing it all is?

      Since Jim and Lori will talk with you tell him that he’s invited to join me on a podcast and we can talk about his book and his ministry….see what he says 🙂


    • Just love the way the Bakker fans want to preach about forgiveness. Let’s all get together, link arms, and sing Koom-By-Ya My Lord……let’s overlook the fleecing of the flock…..just like Jesus did. And let’s not speak out about it lest we be judged for a spirit of bitterness……just like Jesus never spoke out about the Pharisees fleecing the flocks and leading many astray! Some things never change. Hypocrites will always be with us. Pharisees will always attack.

      They in their arrogance, with their lofty christianese speak, show how they think they are better than those posting about their negative experiences with Jim Bakker and company. Seems to me they have nothing better to do but be busy bodies You’d think they’d have better things to do since they are such good christians. After all, because they are better christians, it makes a person wonder why they aren’t busy helping the poor, the elderly, reading their bibles, conducting their bibles studies, singing in the front row of the choir songs like “they will know we are christians by our love”, oh, and don’t forget cooking for the Sunday potluck….just make sure it’s vegetarian! No meat for Jim!..

      Amazing they can come on here to attack us and accuse us of the things they conjure up in their deceived minds……but there is no way for us to directly confront Jim Bakker about the ill he has done to us with his lies. I know for a fact directly from someone in management at the Jim Bakker ministry they don’t let Jim see this negative stuff about him. Guess he is as thin skinned as they are, and none of them have anything to learn. I keep forgetting they are perfect!

  60. Phil,
    I have read Jim’s book, but it was years ago. I think I still have it.

    As I stated before, I have not followed Jim’s ministry through the years and only ran across his program about a year ago. I only know that at this time Jim’s ministry is debt free. They are only building as they have the funds, period.

    Also, all I have heard Jim say about the prosperity message is that he was wrong about it before and he does not preach that message now. I have never heard him on his program say give to him and God will give you back more.

    Then, as far as constantly raising money, it costs $ to have a ministry or be on TV. Amazing to me is that Jim Bakker ministry gives lots of great gifts back to you as you contribute. (You can request no gifts.) Our church raises millions of $ weekly to build and sustain a budget, Daystar, TBN, 700 Club all raise money many, many times during the year. My husband works for James Robison ministry ( Life Outreach) They ask people watching to give every day so that the staff gets paid so that their outreaches get funded, so that people all over the world get the help they need. If people can’t give they just watch the programs and are blessed. If anyone feels pressured they quit watching, but Jim’s audience and Life Today audience has been growing weekly. I don’t see the confusion that you talk about.

    I also can’t influence Jim or Lori to join any podcasts. If you honestly want to talk to Jim and have no ulterior motives in your heart I am sure the Lord will provide an opportunity for you. One of my ministries is to pray for the body of Christ; to come together and love each other as Christ loved the Church. Since the Lord brought you across my path I will add you, Phil, to my prayer list.

    • This is why I no longer give to James Robinson, or the 700 club. Jim Bakker, Benny Hinn Paul Crouch, Jimmy Swaggart…..they all give Christianity a bad name. I give to my church where I can see that my money truly does the work of the Lord.

      I think James Robinson and the 700 club do use a good deal of the money for honest and ethical ministry. It just that there are too many shysters like Jim Bakker on what is so called christian tv. So now I am done with them all!!

      • Instead of writing all these ministries off please do a little research on your own. My husband has worked for James Robison (Life Outreach) for 18+ years and James is 100% genuine. What you see on tv is what he and his wife are in every venue. And they really need the Christian prayer and monetary support to keep doing what they are doing.

        You don’t have to take my word for it. He will send you all the financial documentation you need to see where his ministry dollars go. The staff and administration have not received raises or bonuses for the last three years in an effort not to lay anyone off. They honestly care about the needy in this world and about the ministries that use the funds to help the needy.

        At least 20 years ago Peter Petorious (the spelling may not be right) was a South Africian businessman who was on a business trip that got stranded in Sudan (I may be wrong about the country but the other facts are correct) for 6-7 days. While he was waiting for a flight out he watched many babies and small children die every day and it broke his heart to see all those tiny graves. It affected him so deeply that he came home and sold and mortgaged everything he could, talked to every person he could find to contribute and went back with food and supplies to where he was to help those people out. Peter, his family and others are still there today and this was the first ministry that James Robison accepted to help support. Just thought I needed to share this.

    • Hi Sharlene,

      Thanks for the response and I’m glad you’ve read his book. I think his book should be required reading for anyone desiring to be in public ministry it’s just too bad Jim has seemed to return to the very things he claimed he was wrong about. Oh well, such is life.

      Jim’s ministry is not debt free. He’s stated as much on his television program.

      You said the following;

      Then, as far as constantly raising money, it costs $ to have a ministry or be on TV. Amazing to me is that Jim Bakker ministry gives lots of great gifts back to you as you contribute. (You can request no gifts.) Our church raises millions of $ weekly to build and sustain a budget, Daystar, TBN, 700 Club all raise money many, many times during the year. My husband works for James Robison ministry ( Life Outreach) They ask people watching to give every day so that the staff gets paid so that their outreaches get funded, so that people all over the world get the help they need. If people can’t give they just watch the programs and are blessed. If anyone feels pressured they quit watching, but Jim’s audience and Life Today audience has been growing weekly. I don’t see the confusion that you talk about.

      Yes, you are correct that it costs dollars to be in a public ministry or to be on TV. I don’t question the need to raise money as Paul raised money as well. Paul collected money to feed and clothe the poor and we have plenty of examples on this site where these TV preachers might be giving some of the money to the poor but these TV preachers are also driving 100,000 cars, living in million dollar mansions etc…..big difference IMHO.

      Daystar and TBN are two “networks” that have done plenty of spiritual and financial damage to the visible Body of Christ Sharlene. Many of the teachers they offer a platform to are dangerous false teachers and have been highlighted on this blog.

      I don’t know much about James Robison but if he’s on one of the major networks than I would be watching him with a bible in my hand as you should do with anyone claiming to teach God’s word.

      Just because something is growing doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for you…mold comes to mind here 🙂

      Thanks for praying for me Sharlene 🙂


      • Phil,
        I know the body of Christ needs the safeguards that you represent. I also am constantly amazed that God planned, trusted and created man to carry His most important message.

        None of us is perfect and anyone who delivers God’s salvation and kingdom message in the public arena is presenting that message through their personal filter. It is a wonder that anyone hears the true message and the fact that they do is evidence of God’s truth and the power of His word.

        Also, if there were only perfect people presenting God’s Word on our media the sinful world would probably not feel good enough to become part of it. The message of God’s Word is that we ALL sin but we can repent and be changed. And, very importantly, we can ALL sin after becoming a Christian and can repent and be restored. The Christian community often sees other Christians’ faults and writes those Christians off for eternity. The body of Christ is unique in that we are ‘living stones’ that are constantly being changed by our being in consistent contact and sometimes disagreement and conflict in that relationship. Living is all about relating both in conversation and community.

        I feel through what I’ve read in this blog that sometimes you are listening and looking at others with Bible in hand not to check what they say, but to hit them in the head with it. I’m wondering if Jim Bakker does anything right according to what your Bible says. I haven’t seen anything good you have written about him (and you are negative in your replies when people write positive things about him) and I know Jim isn’t 100% wrong or evil. And, neither are you, but I know nothing about you outside this blog.

        Incidentally, mold is not always a bad thing as it is visible evidence that we need to look closely at what is happening where it is found (not necessarily to throw it out) and was the reason for one of the greatest medical discoveries — Penicillin!

        • Hi Sharlene,

          You said;

          I know the body of Christ needs the safeguards that you represent. I also am constantly amazed that God planned, trusted and created man to carry His most important message.
          None of us is perfect and anyone who delivers God’s salvation and kingdom message in the public arena is presenting that message through their personal filter. It is a wonder that anyone hears the true message and the fact that they do is evidence of God’s truth and the power of His word.

          No one expects Jim Bakker, or anyone else for that matter, to be perfect, but does Bakker preach a salvation message? IOW does he preach the Gospel? To the best of my knowledge he preaches a doom and gloom message that isn’t geared to his audiences eternal destiny but how the hearer will survive here on earth when or if the “great tribulation” occurs in their lifetime. Immediately after he scares the pants off of these folks he attempts to sell survival kits and other such products. Is that biblical? I don’t believe that it is…..do you?

          You said;

          Also, if there were only perfect people presenting God’s Word on our media the sinful world would probably not feel good enough to become part of it. The message of God’s Word is that we ALL sin but we can repent and be changed. And, very importantly, we can ALL sin after becoming a Christian and can repent and be restored. The Christian community often sees other Christians’ faults and writes those Christians off for eternity. The body of Christ is unique in that we are ‘living stones’ that are constantly being changed by our being in consistent contact and sometimes disagreement and conflict in that relationship. Living is all about relating both in conversation and community.

          Does Jim Bakker preach that message? I haven’t heard him do so but if he has then can you point us to where we can hear this message of repentance? And for the record I haven’t written Jim Bakker off as I don’t have the foggiest idea what God has in store for Jim Bakker.

          You said;

          I feel through what I’ve read in this blog that sometimes you are listening and looking at others with Bible in hand not to check what they say, but to hit them in the head with it. I’m wondering if Jim Bakker does anything right according to what your Bible says. I haven’t seen anything good you have written about him (and you are negative in your replies when people write positive things about him) and I know Jim isn’t 100% wrong or evil. And, neither are you, but I know nothing about you outside this blog.

          I’m sure Jim Bakker does some things right but that isn’t the topic of this post. Unfortunately no one who has come here in support of Jim Bakker has brought evidence that the opening post is inaccurate. Instead we get our salvation challenged, been called all sorts of names and receive lectures from nameless faceless folks…..

          You said;

          Incidentally, mold is not always a bad thing as it is visible evidence that we need to look closely at what is happening where it is found (not necessarily to throw it out) and was the reason for one of the greatest medical discoveries — Penicillin!

          And that’s what I’m trying to do here is get people to take a closer look at what is happening with their open bibles and make not only a decision on whether or not to support or follow Jim Bakker but to do so in a biblical manner….



  61. Emilio, you were hired to work with young people. Just one problem with you working with young people – every other word out of your mouth is f___ing this and f___ing that. That’s only the tip of the iceberg with your carnality. You show no Christian ethic at all with any of your appetites in the world of entertainment, videos or movies. And you couldn’t do half the things you said you could do. Add all that to your HUGE sense of entitlement, and you just plain were not the right fit for working in ministry. Now you come with all your bitterness and nit-pick everything about Morningside and the Jim Bakker family. Shame on you.

    • This anonymous is probably one of those good little old “christian” ladies running around Morningside gossiping about everyone. Oh yes they are so pure and innocent those mean spirited old bullies. Their sins aren’t quite as bad as everyone else”s sins because they just whisper their gossip in their little clique bible study groups, and to who ever will listen to them. The word says “to not associate with a gossip”. But they think their behavior is benign. God doesn’t think so. Good luck you hypocrites, Jesus may have more tolerance for a swear word coming out of someones mouth than the filth that comes out of yours! And no, I am not Emilio, and I know nothing of what you accuse him of. I do know of the carnality of many of the people out there, but unlike you I won’t mention names and slander others. You people out there sure like to poke others eyes out with your planks!

      • Man, the truth hurts, don’t it? You little big shots can gossip about anybody you want, but when somebody else tells something you don’t like… ummm, it’s gossip!

        • Truth never hurts to a teachable spirit. Guess you wouldn’t know that. Bakker fans just don’t get it, they are vicious, unrepentive, gossips. The only ones I’ve seen posting the filthy f— word is Bakker fans.. Why should we believe the accusations against another when the accusers have proven they are the ones who are guilty! I have never seen a posting full of ranting swear words by the person who has been accused of swearing by the Bakker fan. The Bakker fans are getting caught in their lies. Not only do we see it but so does God . Jesus warned not to accuse others of what you are guilty of yourself. He said it this way “he who is without sin may cast the first stone.” I’d be careful who I am throwing stones at! Accusations by a hypocrite never disturbed my Lord and they don’t disturb me either.

    • Amazing. Former Pentecostal, huh?

      Hebrews 6:4-8 4For in the case of those who have once been enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift and have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit, 5and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, 6and then have fallen away, it is impossible to renew them again to repentance, since they again crucify to themselves the Son of God and put Him to open shame. 7For ground that drinks the rain which often falls on it and brings forth vegetation useful to those for whose sake it is also tilled, receives a blessing from God; 8but if it yields thorns and thistles, it is worthless and close to being cursed, and it ends up being burned.

    • I cannot sit still and quietly let all this untruth about forgiveness posted on this forum by Bakker believers go unaddressed.

      Luke 17:3

      Take heed to yourselves: If your brother trespasses against you, REBUKE HIM, and if he REPENTS, FORGIVE HIM. king James

      So watch yourselves. If your brother sins, REBUKE HIM, and IF HE REPENTS, forgive him. NIV

      So watch yourselves! If a believer sins, CORRECT HIM, IF HE CHANGES THE WAY HE THINKS AND ACTS, forgive him. God’s word translation

      JESUS SAID to his disciples: “these things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but WOE TO ANYONE THROUGH WHO THEY COME. It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. So watch yourselves. If your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them; and if they REPENT, forgive them. Even if they sin against you seven times in a day, and seven times COME BACK TO YOU saying “I REPENT”, you must forgive them.

      What was Jesus teaching his disciples in chapter 16? He was teaching about the rich man who would never see heaven. These verses conclude his teaching in Luke 17.

      I have been ripped off terribly by Jim Bakker this second go around. Yes, I was one of the fools that thought he changed. He has not.

      REPENTANCE: remorse or contrition for past conduct or sin. Having personal sorrow for sin and turning away from it towards a new life.

      What has Jim done that is a new thing? He definitely is doing the old thing! He has just repackage his sales pitch. He now twists the book of Revelation to do it! Just as he twisted scriptures to promote his prosperity Gospel in the past! The Bakker believers also twist the gospel teachings about forgiveness. There is nothing new here, Satan twisted the scriptures to tempt Jesus when he was weak after his time in the dessert. Jim Bakker preys on weak and illiterate Christians. That is why we are called to be bereans. Jim Bakker and those like him will never fool me again. I have seeked God’s forgiveness for being so foolish for believing that Jim Bakker had changed. I quenched the spirit when he was putting a check in my spirit. I have repented and asked God for a fresh start . I pray daily for discernment and widsom. I will not be silenced by abusers of the Gospel. After the abuse I endured by the Bakker believers and being conned out of a lot of money I almost walked away from the Lord. I believe in God’s eyes I am one of his little ones. He loves me and rescued me. Many true believers and Godly people are praying for me and ministering the love of Christ. He is healing my wounds through them. (thank you Phil you are one of those people, God is faithfully answering your prayers) I think what Bakker believers are doing on this forum is judging those who have been wounded by being ripped off spiritually and financially by Bakker . Rather than having compassion and repentance for their own sin of supporting Bakker and not holding him accountable, they heap more abuse to try to silence those who will. I believe the trouble in the world is a result of these kind of people, If MY people who are called by my name will humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from heaven and heal their land.

      Most of the people making self righteous accusations on this forum in defense of Bakker are his faithful followers. The same ones who gave to have a fancy Christian resort. As they sat around the pool that Jim had sand and palm trees trucked in at exorbitant costs (as boasted about by Bakker himself) the world was going to hell. Then he covered those palm trees during the North Carolina winters and paid to have heaters installed to keep them alive. The excesses were unreasonable even in a worldly environment, worse yet for what was claimed to be a christian ministry! All the while as these christians lounged at their country club and fed PTL… roe vs wade passed, God was being taken out of the schools and the public square, evil was taking over the government, muslim militancy was growing in the world, money was spent on excesses that could have been spent for missions to spread the gospel etc. etc…

      Now these same christians are hunkering down in their village out in Blue Eye fearful of everything that was created by their negligence and gluttony. I feel nothing but disgust and disrespect for them and Jim Bakker their leader. These old people will die and leave this as their legacy. But they continue in their ways, bashing those want to do the right things before the Lord. We need to clean Gods house as he commands. There are many scriptures to back that truth up but this has gotten to long. If these christians would get into the word, interpret it correctly, they would realize holding those claiming to be leaders in the church accountable for their sins is the right thing to do. Cleaning up the church, would be pleasing to God. Then we would see the beginning of God turning this nation around. I just don’t believe God is going to be pleased when he comes back and finds all these christians hunkered down in their bunkers in Blue Eye or wherever they are at with their food buckets and survivalist gear full of fear. He will be pleased with those who have the armour on facing and fighting the Goliaths of our time. Easy to be a coward in the trenches bashing those out front fighting the battle just as David’s brothers did to him …..enough said! Blessings you Phil and to all those on the front line fighting this battle for truth.

  62. Sharlene

    I am always uncomfortable with people who live in luxury from showing pictures of starving children. I had a cousin who spent years in missionary work(totally supported by our small church) and he told me these celebrity beggars would fly in with their camera crews and stage some shots and then rush back to their private jets and leave.

    • boydmiller,
      I guess your comment above was because of my comment about James Robison. I agree with you. I, too, abhor the celebrity beggars and we have seen a lot of Hollywood-like and Hollywood appeals. James Robison only works with ministries “already in place” like your cousin. They do not just “collect” money. James also takes other people with him and goes back to take follow up reports from the ministries that were helped. James does everything possible to be accountable to the Christian community and the world.

      James’ ministry was the first one, and may still be the only one, that the China government invited in to help take care of their orphans because they saw the integrity of their ministry. We personally know other people that have traveled with them and their lives have been profoundly changed. There are trustworthy ministries , but in this world we will always have the counterfeit so we need to be diligent in looking for good places to give resources.

  63. And yet again, my direct questions about Jim’s deceptive behavior go completely ignored by those who defend him. Instead, I’m subjected to personal attacks which aim to discredit me?

    My religious views have never been mentioned here, nor at my blog. Why? Because they are completely irrelevant to Jim Bakker and his actions. I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I go after Bakker because Bakker engages in reprehensible, deceptive behavior. Do I care that his zombies give him their money? Not really. They can do whatever they want with their money. But, as a man, I do care that Jim preys on suckers, and I’ll continue calling him out on it until he stops. That’s because Jim Bakker is not a man, he’s a leech.

    I have no dog in this fight, it is only a high standard of personal integrity driving me in my quest to expose Jim. Watching a guy take advantage of others through deception is not something that I can just idly sit by and watch.

    I’ve previously stated both here and at my blog that I was not actually ripped off by Bakker. However, many people were, so you guys can just lump me into that group if it’s easier to understand why I do this. I say this to illustrate a key point: The admonishment to forgive Bakker is easy when you weren’t the one taken for thousands by a guy that continues fleecing people.

    In a way, anonymous, I do what I do for you. It’s your money, do what you want with it. But when I see Jim Bakker ripping you guys off, I’m gonna talk about it loudly because it’s not right. And imagine, I continue doing it in the face of your insults! Wow, what a guy I am, eh?

    Lemme guess, “Don’t listen to him, he’s an atheist!” Will that be the response? Try responding to my above questions 1 & 2 instead.

    Oh, and thanks Phil. I knew you knew, lol. You all should take a lesson from Phil, he’s preaching right by me.

    • Oh, let me understand this then. He’s trying to protect me? Right.

      Make no mistake, Ron is a looney tune who hides behind a keyboard and pecks out great flowing atrocities that slander and malign not only Jim Bakker but anybody he chooses. Ron is a reprobate and a phony. He talks to you about integrity? He is not eligible. Along with his own blasphemous blog, his bully pulpit is provided for by… guess who?

      He gossips incessantly about Jim Bakker and then wah wahs when somebody tells the truth about him… as they see it, that is. And then Ron and his other brother, Ron… (that’s right foks, most of these responses are Ron talking to Ron) calls others out for gossip when they protest his purely falacious words.

      He belittles and maligns the efforts of those who do worship the God and he calls it ‘parody’. His whole eye, being evil, sees only evil. Yes, that’s scripture… look it up.

      These guys make their own rules and then they violate them at will.

      They are little big shots thinking if they ‘geta piece’ of Jim Bakker, they will have arrived.

    • No dog in this fight, huh? Was this his other brother Ron who said this then? The must have been written with the same ‘personal integrity’ of that other brother Ron over at the Foodbucket that slanders people he don’t know, maligns those who rescue orphans from sex trafficking, and mocks the worship of others to a God Ron doesn’t believe in. Oh yes, such integrity.


      Ron said:

      September 2, 2011 at 6:00 pm

      Well said Phil.

      The old people who spend a few dollars on Jim’s stuff? How about the people who spent thousands back on the Heritage USA timeshare scam and never received anything for it? Would you like to repay them for Jim?

      Here’s an idea: You pay me the thousands I’m owed, then go get the money from Jim to cover it. And when he doesn’t pay you, and I don’t repay you, just chew on it and ‘walk away’ as you say. I’m sure you’ll find it in your heart to forgive Jim and forgive me. Deal?

      A question for you: Jim Bakker never cries real tears when he tells his scary stories designed to get people to send him money. Never, not once. How do you explain this obvious deception?

      Ron @ The Foodbucket


      Why does this man claim he is ‘owed’? Because his mother and grandmother gave to Jim of their own free will and by their own decisions the money RON says should have been his. Bitter man with a huge dog in this fight.

      • I’m counting over 5+ posts from ‘anonymous/razerbeck’, all with loads of mediocre attempts at character assassination and none with answers to my open, direct questions.

        Regarding being ‘owed’, that’s been explained by me at least twice now. It won’t be explained a third time.

        My worldview, your worldview, my dog’s worldview, they are all completely irrelevant to Jim Bakker’s ongoing shenanigans. Why not focus on my questions instead of my beliefs? You even quoted an old post of mine with those same questions, lol. Yet you don’t answer them, you just spit out something that you’ve made up in your mind about me.

        Mother? Grandmother? What are you ranting about? You’re focusing an awful lot on me with your un-Christ-like, bigoted remarks. And why: Because I’ve insulted your God, Jim Bakker? You’re making a fool of yourself here and reflecting very, very poorly on Jim Bakker and his followers. Sharlene engages in discussion and seems rather pleasant, while you crow like an old rooster on a pile of dirt about ‘Ron Johnson’ and his grandmother. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Are you aware that the only thing you know about me is what I choose to disclose, and that I may choose to purposely disclose false information to protect myself from people like, well, you? You did not find that Associated Content profile by some huge feat of online investigation…you found it because I linked to it from my blog. That wasn’t by accident, ‘razerbeck’. Thanks for visiting it though, I’ll use the money you made me for a nice cup of tea. Visit as much as you need to feel good about yourself, make a dartboard with the profile picture if you’d like. Just consider that you would essentially be throwing darts at a make-believe person. Or not. Who knows?

        If you cannot comprehend a neutral observer criticizing those things he sees which are wrong, then oh well. I don’t care if Jim takes your money, and I don’t care if you give it to him. I do care that Jim is a decepticon who slimes his way from paycheck to paycheck. I care that Jim gets away with his phony act because nobody is watching. Jim insults me.

        It never fails to amaze me how well Jim brainwashes people. You, ‘razerbeck’, defend him as if he were Jesus Christ himself. Just who is it that you follow, Jim Bakker or Jesus Christ? Based on your attitude here, I believe it’s Jim “I like to elbow my wife on tv” Bakker. I don’t imagine Jesus would spend time insulting people because he doesn’t like what they say about him. But wait, perhaps I’ve mistaken you for a Christian?

        Meanwhile, what is Jim doing while you’re thumping away madly at a keyboard in his defense? Where is he? Why not allow him to speak for himself? Oh that’s right, he’s concocting yet another way to separate you from your money. What scripture will he un-gracefully cite tomorrow to convince people to send him money?
        I’ll ask once more:

        1) Is it acceptable for Jim Bakker to fake cry on tv as a method to get people to send him money?

        2) Isn’t it blatantly hypocritical for Bakker to tell you that your money will be worthless but his foodbuckets will be worth more than gold in the End Times, while simultaneously taking your money in payment?

        I don’t expect a response from ‘razerbeck’, I expect avoidance of my questions and lame insults in their place. What next ‘razerbeck’, gonna insult my dog? What other imaginary tales about ‘Ron’ can you conjure up?

        All I ask is that if you insult me, make it funny. Kinda like I do with your God, Jim Bakker.

        To the non-psychotics here, please consider that I have never once mentioned religion on this blog. This is not the place for me to express my religious views, and I never will. Even at my own blog I don’t do that, and never would. I have one focus, the immorality of Jim Bakker. I certainly hope you can see through the smokescreen the Bakkonites like to throw up, and hear exactly what it is that I, and others, are saying.


        • Guess what Razorbeck…..that comment just got you banned. You have really shown Ron what a solid Christian looks like! Congratulations!

          Please don’t even bother commenting again.

          The Moderator

  64. > Bakker booted Tammy Sue’s son out of Master’s Comission

    Oh yes he hasn’t been back has he! So what happened??

    PS Are you Kevin?

    Loved it the other day when Kevin smirked at the idea of a purchase of a bath house
    key. Your freedom has made you more honest! I am so tired of Jim’s coldness to
    you since the firing. The tension between you two is really making him look bad.
    He can’t even look you in the eye, he looks down after your songs, and never thanks you. It makes him look guilty somehow. He really does not appreciate
    talent on his show. So busy to get back to selling the high-sodium food buckets.

    It occurred to me today he’s teaching “Master’s Media”, and teaching young people
    the business of television…and he’s always running clips of other people’s disaster
    movies, and clips from other disaster programs on television. He puts major-studio
    movie clips of people dying in natural disasters on the DVDs he has sold, in order
    to scare the weak into buying more stuff. Is he paying for the rights to use those
    clips? If not, doesn’t that teach the young media students to steal?

    • Dear Interested Viewer,

      You have made a good point about Jim and the movie clips. Thanks for sharing your wise observations. I enjoy reading your input on what is going on at the Jim Bakker show, As for me I can’t stomach watching it anymore. I do like Kevin. I feel it is so wrong the way he has been treated. He has been a man of integrity and dignity through all that he has had to deal with. It is so sad that Jim is so callous. It’s also sad that it seems no one leaves there better for their experience and time being with this ministry.

  65. Phil, why are some of these threads dead-ended where you can’t even respond?

    • Because the software only allows 4 comments per “nest”. Also, since you’ve decided to continue to use “anonymous” after I politely asked you and everyone else not to, I’ve given you a screen name….and that’s the one you will now use whenever you post here.


  66. Phil (and bloggers)

    You said
    I’m sure Jim Bakker does some things right but that isn’t the topic of this post. Unfortunately no one who has come here in support of Jim Bakker has brought evidence that the opening post is inaccurate. Instead we get our salvation challenged, been called all sorts of names and receive lectures from nameless faceless folks…..
    I did not write on this site as much to defend Jim as I was turned off by the nasty, ‘mean spirited’ language of a regurgitated one-sided discussion. And it is unfortunate that ‘one’ incident (I don’t see any proof that the post is either accurate or inaccurate) started this and is used to keep a thread of bitterness, hatred and vitriol alive. I am so sorry that I misunderstood that the topic of this post was to crucify Jim Bakker and not host an open discussion of both sides. (One person’s side/view/opinion is never admissible in court to convict anyone.)

    I haven’t challenged your salvation, called you names, nor did I post any lectures; my purpose was to tell you my experience which was very different than most of what was written here. Your response has been to try to prove me wrong and twist what I wrote.

    You said:
    No one expects Jim Bakker, or anyone else for that matter, to be perfect, but does Bakker preach a salvation message? IOW does he preach the Gospel? To the best of my knowledge he preaches a doom and gloom message that isn’t geared to his audiences eternal destiny but how the hearer will survive here on earth when or if the “great tribulation” occurs in their lifetime. Immediately after he scares the pants off of these folks he attempts to sell survival kits and other such products. Is that biblical? I don’t believe that it is…..do you?
    Let’s be honest – Jim doesn’t have to preach the salvation message on his program for it to be a legitimate Christian program. That isn’t what that program is about. It is Christian informational; Jesus is spoken about freely and the Bible text is used frequently. Jim is not an evangelist, his gifting is probably teaching (I’m sure you have heard of the five spiritual/operational gifts). You have no idea what or how Jim shares the gospel in his many hours not being televised. I don’t know either, but I can tell you if I were not a Christian when I stumbled on this site; there is NOTHING here that would influence me to become one.

    Where is the evangelism on this site? All I see and read is a “gloom and doom message”. What you accuse Jim Bakker of you have become. And please tell me if a lot of things in the Bible you read don’t scare the pants off of folks – being lost for eternity in hell, being turned to salt, fire storms destroying cities, the four horsemen, committing the unpardonable sin, etc. Are we just supposed to skip those parts or is every word the Word of God? Now, you may say all of that is OK, but Jim is selling things. I would say “So.” I never heard of Silver Sol until I saw it on Jim’s program and contrary to the comment on this blog Silver Sol is the safest healing agent today. (It’s patented and EPA approved.) And, they have made it very clear that you can take this WITH other medications, but NEVER stop your medication! No one ever corrected that erroneous comment. Also, what is wrong with selling good, proven products to your family and friends? (i.e. Dr. Charles Stanley, prominent Baptist pastor from Atlanta, was and still may be an Amway sales leader.) Some day you may wish you had some protection from disease and, hopefully, there will be good Christians around that can help. And, there are others that are warning of bigger earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. in America. It’s not just Jim Bakker.

    Then, someone commented about the stored food – were we just going to lock our door and feed our family? I don’t know what others are doing, but I have ALWAYS been taught to share. My husband and I got the food so we could eat and help others if something happens. After people have their needs met we want to share Jesus with them. They have found this is what works in foreign missions quite well. And with the price of food going up the way it is and people being out of work Jim has suggested this food at 39 to 60 cents a serving could save a family a lot right now.

    I have asked several of our friends that watch Jim Bakker’s program if they felt that Jim was scaring people or were they glad to hear the information so they could make some intelligent choices. Everyone WITHOUT exception said they did not feel scared or that it was a plan to scare people in order to sell the product. That continuing complaint about Jim doesn’t resonate in my real world.

    Finally, I guess none of you are grandparents or you would not have treated James like you did. He is just 13 years old and I can’t believe you adults (I really question if you are) would write the despicable things you did about a Grandfather that he loved. Regardless of what you thought it would have been better to keep your mouth shut than to barrage him with the hurtful things that were said. Were you trying to build a wedge between him and his grandfather because you despise his grandfather? That’s worse than despicable. Jesus said if you offend the least of these it would be better if a millstone were put around your neck and you be cast into the sea.

    In closing, I wish you all everything that you wish for Jim Bakker. I, however, will leave you to your weary blog and spend my time doing what Paul wrote in Phil. 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” New International Version (©1984)

    Life is too short to spend very much of it digging through someone else’s stuff.

      • My mistake then, I thought I read on the blog that he was. However my comments and opinions are still the same whether 12 or 20. Thanks for the correction.

    • Hello Sharlene,

      I’ll respond to a couple of your points below.

      I did not write on this site as much to defend Jim as I was turned off by the nasty, ‘mean spirited’ language of a regurgitated one-sided discussion. And it is unfortunate that ‘one’ incident (I don’t see any proof that the post is either accurate or inaccurate) started this and is used to keep a thread of bitterness, hatred and vitriol alive. I am so sorry that I misunderstood that the topic of this post was to crucify Jim Bakker and not host an open discussion of both sides. (One person’s side/view/opinion is never admissible in court to convict anyone.)

      This isn’t a court of law. This is a blog and you’ve been allowed to post here freely and I see no reason as to why that shouldn’t continue.

      The OP was confirmed of its accuracy by someone who works for MS. In fact this individual actually knows the majority of the posters here on this thread. This is why you see so much poisoning of the well being done by JB supporters because they know it’s true as well. The question you have to ask yourself is this: Why would a legit Christian ministry employ an openly gay man?

      How have I twisted what you have written?

      Where is the evangelism on this site? All I see and read is a “gloom and doom message”. What you accuse Jim Bakker of you have become. And please tell me if a lot of things in the Bible you read don’t scare the pants off of folks – being lost for eternity in hell, being turned to salt, fire storms destroying cities, the four horsemen, committing the unpardonable sin, etc. Are we just supposed to skip those parts or is every word the Word of God? Now, you may say all of that is OK, but Jim is selling things. I would say “So

      There is a very good reason as to why you don’t see any “evangelism” on this site. You might want to read this article in it’s entirety here as to why I don’t “evangelize” on this site.

      I’ve become a false teacher for money? I preach a doom and gloom message in order to sell people survival kits? That’s what I’m accusing Jim of.

      The problem with Jim is that his ENTIRE FOCUS is on the “scary parts” in order to profit finacially Sharlene. My entire focus isn’t on false teachers….see this link from last Friday? One of Bakker’s supporters here on this thread MOCKED me for doing what you just told me I don’t do.

      Has Charles Stanley hawked Amway from the pulpit or on his weekly TV show? Has he created a false biblical scenario in order to sell Amway products? I’ve been a faithful listener of Stanley’s for nearly 20 years and I’ve never even heard him mention Amway.

      I have asked several of our friends that watch Jim Bakker’s program if they felt that Jim was scaring people or were they glad to hear the information so they could make some intelligent choices. Everyone WITHOUT exception said they did not feel scared or that it was a plan to scare people in order to sell the product. That continuing complaint about Jim doesn’t resonate in my real world.

      Unfortunately in my real world I deal with the people who have given their life savings to Jim Bakker and got nothing in return. These people were scared by the doom and gloom enough so to buy all his crap and in some cases buy his overpriced condos only to find out that their new Christian community wasn’t even close to what it was billed as. I guess it just depends on whose real world you want to believe I guess.

      Finally, I guess none of you are grandparents or you would not have treated James like you did. He is just 13 years old and I can’t believe you adults (I really question if you are) would write the despicable things you did about a Grandfather that he loved. Regardless of what you thought it would have been better to keep your mouth shut than to barrage him with the hurtful things that were said. Were you trying to build a wedge between him and his grandfather because you despise his grandfather? That’s worse than despicable. Jesus said if you offend the least of these it would be better if a millstone were put around your neck and you be cast into the sea.

      James contacted me through the site and apologized for the nasty things he said to me and about me. He’s a nice kid but what does that have to do with what’s being said about his Grandfather? You think he doesn’t know about all these allegations? He’s been hearing about this stuff his entire life. I’m absolutely sure he’s heard the same stuff from his parents about his Grandpa. That comes with the territory of having an infamous Grandfather. He knows the side of Jim Bakker that few even know exist and I hope for James that that never changes.

      Your use of scripture here doesn’t apply to us as much as it does to Jim Bakker because we aren’t leading children astray here….and I hope Jim doesn’t lead James astray either.

      Life is too short to spend very much of it digging through someone else’s stuff.

      You claimed you found this site looking for info on Kevin Shorey. Google Kevin’s name and you get his website with all his info straight away….but you couldn’t stop there could ya?

      Thanks for the lecture Sharlene!


      • Phil,
        I return because I was remiss in thanking you for your kindness in allowing me to post. I fully intended to do that.

        I also realized after I wrote that I could no longer claim that “I did not post a lecture”. That’s why I used the word ‘did not’ in the original post.

        In reference to my interest in the original goggle website listing; I come from an emotionally and physically abusive home. Because of that I created an imaginary world where I could grow and exist. As children mature they usually think that everyone else lives and exists exactly as they do. That is, until one day they find out, through a relationship of sharing, that isn’t true. People think, experience, see and respond to things differently and I didn’t learn that until I was in my late twenties; like having deficient eyesight and putting on glasses for the first time. I buried my emotions (I guess it was a little like being a zombie) because I saw the damage those exaggerated, out-of-control emotions caused to the people I grew up with both personally and corporately. Consequently I had to research people’s physical and emotional actions and then practice those actions so I would appear normal. In my late thirties a series of things happen to break up my fantasy world and I subsequently found real freedom. It was then that I realized how much energy it had taken me all those years just to function and to keep everything that was me together appearing normal, and the relief was so accelerating. From that time on I realized that I am a living, growing individual and NOTHING is in concrete except the God of the Bible. I have a solid foundation in Christ, but my opinions (which are based both on the facts I have at the time and my emotions at the time) are constantly up for reevaluation. Thus my interest in someone else’s opinions of Jim Bakker’s ministry.

        I am what I am today because of Christ and all of the people and their opinions that I have bumped into along the way. And I also learned very early that it is important to separate people from their actions. I can dislike a person’s actions, but if I practice the teachings of the God I serve, I have to love the person. I hope this fact has been clear in what I wrote, but if not I want and need to get better at writing.

        • Sharlene,

          As they say in sports, no harm no foul and your writing is fine. This is a horrible way of hashing these things out but it’s the only one we have.

          Some or should I say most of what you’ve read here aren’t opinions but facts told by people who have personal years on experience with Jim Bakker and his ministry. You see, what you experienced with Jim at MS is the same thing many here on this forum experienced….at first. The rough stuff came later and when they see a nice lady like yourself potentially falling into the same trap that they did their feelings of being betrayed resurface and their anger kicks in.

          As for me I’m just trying to give them a place to vent and handle most if not all of the comments so they don’t have to. I know we all sound pretty rough but believe me that things are getting better for all of us. . Much growth is taking place and I praise God for this!

          Based on what you have shared here I think you better understand us and we better understand you.

          Thanks again Sharlene!

          I’ll be praying for you!

  67. Phil, I want to respond to some of the attacks and all out false statements from Charlene’s tirade. James is not 13, he is well over 20 years old. He has been in the Masters Program at Morningside for several years. He is now a employee of the James Bakker ministry. It has been spoken of (if it wasn’t more of the Morningside gossip) that Jim is grooming this grandson to take over his ministry. I, for one, would not attack James. I pray for James, it must be very difficult for him to hear all that is said about his family. Unfortunately, when you choose to live the way Jim lives then your family members will be open to scrutiny. Jim and Lori are adulated by the their followers, it seems that Christ’s teachings take second place to Jim’s for his followers. I was astounded when I heard them calling Lori the first lady of Morningside! Could you imagine going to your church and calling your pastors wife the first lady! If you are going to present yourself as something next to royalty, or a Hollywood star, then don’t be surprised that along with your admirers you will have your critics, We hear the Hollywood stars, politicians, prince,and princesses all bemoan the same fate. They use the media for their gain, but then when the media is used to point out their personal failings then they cry foul. If you want to live in the public eye and influence people with your platform you cannot be thin skinned when others call you out for what you are doing wrong. I personally have caught Jim teaching error. I also have lived at Morningside. I have witnessed Jim on camera lie about things he claims are going on at Morningside. He never has been genuine when he talks about the Masters Program, It has much trouble. He spoke glowingly about the kids school. He said nothing on the show when the school was closed. Bad behavior by those who are close to the Bakkers is swept under the rug. He would ask the camera’s to stop rolling and would give those living there inside info that was very fearful, such as “if the government does come Jerry Crawford will pull semi’s across the entrance”. “Jerry Crawford is looking for caves on the property for us to hide in” I could go on and on with stuff like this. The sad thing is many out there know this is true but never call Jim on it. In fairness I do know that those around Jim make sure no one gets to him that is not a “yes, sir” follower. That is the reason you see so many leave the ministry. Those who speak up are out the door. A true Christian when it is brought to their attention that they are saying or doing something wrong would respond in a Christlike way. No name calling, no attacking, no justifying, or rationalizing bad behavior and sin. Many out there talk about the continual chaos and confusion. We all know the word says “God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. 1 Corinthians 14:33 As you can see from the personal attacks posted by the Bakker followers there is no peace. The behavior and discourse on this blog is what it was like the whole time I lived there. I was so wounded by this type of behavior. Now that I am back in a community of loving servants of Christ and not subjected to this kind of abuse daily I can be in the word, pray, and hear from the Lord again., Also, now that I am not under oppression I am not bitter but I am freed up to pray for these people. I am learning to walk in love and grace again. I will no longer live in fear but be bold in speaking the truth, and with Christ’s help I will speak the truth as lovingly as I can. Unfortunately, people like Charlene will misinterpret speaking the truth as an attack.

    • 2cor –
      I would like to respond and then, if Phil will consent, I would like to ask you a question,

      My comments that brought my ‘tirade’, as you called it, were actually a response to the way others answered James’s comment. I abhore abusing minors because of my experience and that was a ‘last straw’ experience for me. Somewhere in the blog I thought I read that his age was 13 but even if he is 22 I think the response to him was over-the-top hurtful. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be hurtful, but that was how it appeared to me.

      My question is what kind of hurt goes deep enough to take all this time to get over? Why agonize as deeply as I hear through your comments if you leave this all to God in your prayers? I guess that is 2 questions.

      I have gotten everything from Jim and Lori that I expected. No more, no less. I know he is flawed, because I am flawed. I am not looking for a lot of drama, although I know that goes on especially in Christian organizations, I am looking for information to help things in these days and time. I knew before Jim said anything that we are in the last days. None of us know how long the last days will be. I went specifically to see the property and see if they were building what they said they were. Bottom line–they were! I didn’t buy products because I was scared. I bought them because I saw a need. Don’t you see his audience as more of people like me? I am 69 years old and still working because SS won’t cover my retirement years. My husband and I have to be careful with our money, but honestly, I don’t feel hooked into anything. I can turn Jim off as fast as I turned him on and I trust the Holy Spirit to tell me if something is dangerous to my health and well-being.

      I don’t see anything wrong with calling Lori first lady of Morningside. That term might not have the same connotation to the people that say it that you think it does. I am not being disrespectful to you, but it see it as a term of tongue-in-cheek respect given the times we live in, not worship as you did.

      I don’t know much about Jerry Crawford. I believe what you have written. My reaction to information that Jerry respects Jim for saving his marriage was that since Jerry wanted to do something big to repay Jim someday that could include trying to protect Jim from the pain he went through 20+ years ago from the government. Maybe most of these problems are because of Jerry’s commitment to Jim and not Jim. I’m not trying to downplay anything, that is just my take.

      Sorry I didn’t live up to only one question, but I would love to get a response.

  68. In the spirit of What Would Jesus Do?, I submit the following:

    For anyone who chooses to be “Saved”, or “Follow in Jesus’ Footsteps” , you might consider helping your neighbors locally.

    Instead of sending hard earned $$$ to televangelists who are on building kicks or live lavish lifestyles, why not give your money AND your time to your local Food Shelf to feed the hungry. Or, help at-risk children at your local shelter. Or, help your homeless neighbors by giving to Habitat for Humanity and then pick up a saw and nails and help build a home?

    We NEVER hear TV’s “Men of God” talking about actually performing a day’s labor to help people in need in the communities.

    It’s all “Send Your Love Gift NOW to Help Keep Us On The Air!”.

    If you’re truly interested in saving souls and bringing people to Jesus (yourself included), then before you give your credit card number to Jim Bakker or any other con man or woman, ask yourself, “Would Jesus Do THIS?”

    • Patricia-
      (I feel the hurt you are experiencing and do not write any of this to add to it. There are things that I disagree with, however, and I hope you will at least give me audience.)

      Although I agree that we must not forget those neighbors living close to us if I follow your logic then people of third world countries have no hope. They have no hope because their local neighbors have exactly what they have — NOTHING. That’s why lots of them are dying every day. We in America forget that the rest of the world doesn’t live like us. We are privileged in that we can achieve wealth and have food and personal stuff. Americans are also the most generous people in the world and I, for one, hope that does not change. Therefore if we want to help people in third world countries, or for that matter in the US not in our neighborhoods, we need to pick someone else’s feet/organization/ministry to get the money to the right place.

      When Jesus told the story of the good Samaritan the conclusion a listener had to Jesus’ question “Which of the three was neighbor to the Samaritan?” was “He who showed mercy to him.” You asked, “What would Jesus do?” I personally don’t think Jesus ever changes. My conclusion is show mercy to everyone we can whatever form that takes.

      You said:
      We NEVER hear TV’s “Men of God” talking about actually performing a day’s labor to help people in need in the communities.
      I, personally, have. James Robison has a proven track record of that. In fact, he and Betty (his wife) have experienced several physical problems because of their love and labor for those less fortunate than us. There are others, but I know these two because my husband works for their ministry

      I was also surprised that you mentioned donating to Habitat for Humanity. They have had their problems and personnel hurts in the past also.

      You said:
      If you’re truly interested in saving souls and bringing people to Jesus (yourself included), then before you give your credit card number to Jim Bakker or any other con man or woman, ask yourself, “Would Jesus Do THIS?”
      And, I am not sure what you mean by ”saving souls and bringing people to Jesus (yourself included).’ and I am not sure what Jesus would do given your scenario? I know He loves Jim Bakker as much as He does any of us. I know Jesus spent most of his time on this earth with sinners doing a lot of things the religious people around Him didn’t understand. I don’t have an answer.

  69. Jim talked today about Morningside and Lori’s House — their latest
    road/building scam — being safe place where it’s a “no judgement” zone.
    He emphasized it being a “no judgement” zone.
    How can a safe place exist in the midst of paranoid survivalists?
    They judge pro-choice people by saying they LOVE abortion and
    promote it and enlist women to have them. Which is judgemental
    AND untruthful. And they judge minorities by on one hand adopting
    them but on the other scaring middle America by assuring them
    that once the REAL Depression comes, ghetto inhabitants will
    come knocking down your doors in violent home invasions to steal
    your money and food. Just the other day Mondo (how COULD you!)
    was warning that hispanics would come raid FARMERS for their
    cattle and horses! That’s the first thing I think of when I think ghetto
    dweller = cattle rustler. Ahhh that’s why I watch this show, for the
    comedic affect.

    • James Orson Bakker is a con man who uses scare tactics to sell products to the elderly and gullable. All of the guests are salesmen who only come there to peddle their goods.

  70. I’ve watched all of this for 30 plus years starting with Jim and Tammy, Jimmy and Francis Swaggart, and a few others not in the media but large ministries.. Having been a pastor’s wife for same amount of time small, middle, large church and seeing the pressure to grow large, build bigger and better, raise more money, we decided to resign from large midwest A/G church and live out the rest of our life working as public school teachers, pastoring a small church in the desert near Mexico and get the monkey off our back to do anything but serve God and love whosoever will may come! The pressure in on both Jimmy’s to be “spectacular”, STARS! . My husband had to testify for the defense of a member of our church in Kansas City… First question, ” since you are Assembly of God Pastor do you know Jim Bakker or Jimmy Swaggart”? A good attempt to discredit the witness! And it worked! Ever watch Law and Order of the Pharmacist and church board member, also Elmer Gantry Movie? Just history being repeated!

  71. 3 FINGERS POINTED TO ACCUSE, 5 POINTED BACK AT YOURSELVES!!! HOW will any of you answer to God when you stand one-on-one with HIM one day AFTER THIS LIFE???? THINK ABOUT IT!!!

    • I am not accusing anyone just see the damage done…both Jimmy’s could have gone through rehabilitation program A/G offers most church organizations do not offer any. They would have been restored within two years. Each one had to go independent, one ending in jail by refusing the covering of the organization that they were ordained with and so readilty rejected when they became spectacular STARS on TV. and were questioned about moral failure. They would have expected no less from their employees. My Dad A/G minister 50 years said he saw the pressure to compete, raise exhorbitant amounts of money doing whatever to stay on the “Air”.and felt burden for both men. We do believe that God is in control and we do not have to manipulate the public for God to support us. We had a radio program from Chicago while pastoring in Northern Indiana and my husband said we will know we are supposed to be doing this as long as the money is provided and he never said a word, sold anything to finance. One day the funds were not there and we felt very good about God’s leading. Never begged, compromised or manipulated. Beverly is right never judge! But I have never heard that either one has asked for forgiveness to the A/G Officials and members that ordained or supported!?! Maybe they have, if so, someone please post!

    • Beverly,

      Are you not concerned for Jim Bakker? Do you think he won’t be accountable to God for what he has and is doing to the body of Christ? When he was released from prison I believe he was sincere and was doing the work of Christ in the inner city. Now he is back on tv (something he said he would never do again). He is building, building, building with a man named Jerry Crawford. Jerry Crawford says Jim Bakker saved his marriage. (Did God not save his marriage)?! That was the rationalization for putting Jim back on the air and building another christian village. There is so much focus on Jim and very little credit given to God. Where is God in all of this? It is all so worldly. The Jim Bakker show is all about money and building with a little bit of God thrown in. You can not justify that as ministry can you? There are times to be quiet and times to speak up. In the case of Jim Bakker and Jerry Crawford doing business in the name of Christ I think it is a time to speak.

      James 5:19 My brothers and sisters, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring that person back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins.

      Respectfully Beverly, taking this scripture into consideration it is necessary to point Jim back to the Word and the Cross. Any one who is accountable to Jim and doesn’t do that will be accountable to God when they stand before Him.

    • Beverly, You are accusing us of accusing. Doesn’t that make you an accuser? I don’t get your math on the finger thing either.

  72. I have read again through this blog accusation after accusation of Jim Bakker. Things that happened 20-25 years ago, never forgiven, never forgotten. The Bible has much more to say about forgiving each other and loving each other than it ever says about being a truth monitor. I honestly don’t see love for Jim here and the Bible says even love your enemies. Every time someone even mentions Jim’s name it brings back the same responses and those same angry feelings. When forgiveness is geniuine and finished the only reaction when those memories are retrived is peace that God is in control. If you really believe in a God that provides and that we should not save for the future, then why worry about money that Jim took from you years ago? Will not God supply everything any of us need? According to your philosophy you don’t have a worry in the world and should not be trying to get your money back. You claim to be trying to save all the older people from falling into traps set by Jim, but God will provide for them, according to your philosophy, even if they have no money? Are you worried about Jim’s rewards when he gets to heaven and trying to warn him or do you seceretly wish that God put Jim on a shelf marked ‘damaged and no longer worth dealing with’ and not use the giftings that are unique in Jim for His purpose? And Jim isn’t living in $1,000,000 mansions and driving luxury cars. Also, more and more prominent Christian leaders are coming forward to endorse and confirm Jim. Remember Billy Graham and his wife came forward to give Jim a home and support when Jim had nothing after prison and when most of the Christian Community turned their backs on Jim. Billy still confirms Jim today and I doubt that any of you have the respect in the Christian community that Billy does.

    Most of the other comments are picking and poking fun at things Jim and Lori are doing today. I understand you that are still hurt have a problem with Jim asking and receiving money for what he considers he should be doing for God. But, are any of you doing anything to stop all the unneeded abortion in our country or your town? Jim was blamed for collecting money for his own projects twenty years ago and not doing anything to save us from Roe vs Wade (like that legislation was his fault). That legislation happened because Christians everywhere sat on their butts (that means you and me) and Jim’s millions couldn’t and wouldn’t have made one bit of difference to the billions of dollars the left threw into the abortion trough. The only thing that would have changed the result was you and I working to change people’s hearts. And to the one that wrote that Pro-abortion advocates are not feeding off the poor and making money at their expense; there are many black and hispanic leaders that are looking at the statistics and the location of Planned Parent abortion facilities and taking action to get some of those closed down. One abortion facility in Los Angeles alone had a trash dumpster full of 23,000 mangled babies and 17,000 of those little bodies were black babies.

    Also, what are any of you doing to inform people of a good, healthy, cheap food supply. We have bought food from Food for Health at 59- 69 cents a serving and we are eating it right now since the grocery prices are so high and loving it. This is a wonderful food supply for the elderly and I appllaud Jim for introducing it to the Christian Community

    I also have to laugh at the people that commented at Beverly’s comment about the 8 fingers. I will let her explain it to you, but how many fingers do you have? I have 8 fingers like the majority of humans. If you have more than 8 you have a problem.

    • Hi Sharlene,

      I don’t know who you are addressing so I guess I’ll respond….

      Billy and Ruth Graham did give him a place to stay AFTER he left prison but Jim is a LONG way from those days now. Billy still confirms him today? That’s news to me but Billy has publicly stated that Jesus isn’t the only way to the Father so I guess that doesn’t surprise me very much nor does it validate Bakker…..

      More and more prominant Christian leaders endorsing Jim? How would you define a Christian leader and who would some of these leaders be?

      Abortion is illegal in Greece Sharlene so that doesn’t apply to me….

      I’m a professional tennis coach who trains high performance athletes. Nutrition is a big part of that training and I wouldn’t feed that freeze dried crap Jim is peddling to a dying dog (it sounds much funnier in Greek)….that line comes from the nutritionist I hire to work with the chefs in order to properly feed my live in boarding students. Sorry but I will take her word over yours or Jim’s any day of the week.

      If Jim Bakker truly loved the Body then he would be attempting to pay back all the people he ripped off the first time but instead he’s hiding behind his mother in law and others so he doesn’t have to do that.

      I wonder how many of the elderly people Jim ripped off are able to take luxury vacations the way Jim and his family does?

      I wonder how many of those elderly people were or are able to help their children and grandkids out financially the way that Jim does?

      Why should we worry about Jim’s rewards in heaven?

      Philippians 2:12
      Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling,

      Nothing for nothing but if I were Jim Bakker I wouldn’t be worrying about rewards in heaven. After all the stuff he’s pulled he will be lucky if he even makes it into heaven….as am I.



      • Phil,
        Thanks for the favor of a reply. I wasn’t addressing anyone specific and I guess that isn’t the way a blog should work. But I am drawn toward the healing process and although you attest to healing taking place I only sense the same anger and hurt even in the new posts and even in yours.

        In your opinion are there any Protestant Chrisitan leaders/preachers/evangelists that should be on broadcast media? It seems that since man is God’s chosen method to spread His Kingdom message and His gift of salvation we have no choice but to try our best. But we all are defective/sinful. Should we all keep silent because of fear of saying or doing something that someone in the world will deem hurtful or harmful to somebody according to what they interpret from scripture? And how would you suggest they pay for the time?

        I applaud Greece for their stand on abortion. I wish America would take that stand. However, from what our news media reports, this isn’t a good time for Greece and your whole economy may collapse because of socialists’ policies that can no longer work. I wish you well and pray for peace.

        I also respect your profession and opinion, but I don’t know of two nutritionists that agree on much. Food for Health has nutritionists working for them through the whole process too. I have two friends that are working with two different nutritionists now because of health problems and they are both on very different paths. It is usually best if food is fresh and cooked appropriately, however, not all fresh food is healthy. Freeze dried food is not the best unless they develop a method to lock in the vitamins and freshness that is still there when the food is reguinevated. Apparently that is what their food process has done.

        From what I see and hear Jim is apparently trying to pay back people from the Heritage project, but I guess nothing he does will satisfy you or many of the bloggers here. I have taken luxurious vacations and believe you me Jim is not taking luxurious vacations. Someone might loan him a cabin in the mountains or somewhere else, but he does have friends who do want him to have some time off. You would even begrudge him his friends and a week off somewhere?

        Also, about grandparents that you claim can’t help their grandkids financially like Jim can do since he ripped them off, I will repeat what I wrote above: “God will provide for them, according to your philosophy, even if they have no money? ” My mother didn’t have two nickles to rub together, but raised five children and all of us went to college or trade school on scholarships and we all were and are very successful. Is your God able to bring all things together for our good or does Jim Bakker’s actions stop Him?

        And I do know where I am going to spend eternity. I am sorry you apparently don’t. According to John 10, and verse 28-29 specifically, when Christ gives us eternal life NO one can snatched us out of either His or His father’s hand. My rewards may be great, small or nothing, but my eternity is sealed in Christ. It isn’t luck, but the LOVE of Christ that gives any of us the right to be called sons and daughters of God.

        I am adding a link to a wonderful article on forgiveness that I wish you would read:

        If isn’t permissible to add to the blog you can delete it

        • Hi Sharlene,

          Thanks for the response…..

          I’m not hurt by Jim Bakker nor do I need to forgive him of anything. He certainly hasn’t done anything to me….in fact check out this link and read it in it’s entirety; Pay particular attention to when it was written.


          You sense anger? That’s a normal reaction to getting ripped off by a con man. Mainly the ones that I minister to are angry at their self for being fooled.

          I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t answer the following;

          More and more prominant Christian leaders endorsing Jim? How would you define a Christian leader and who would some of these leaders be?

          Evangelists using broadcast media? Good deflection and for the record I’m all for it. What I’m not for is Jim using donated money to pay for time on TV in order to sell his overpriced crap….

          I notice that you said “your God”. Do you believe that I worship a different God then you do?

          What I said was I would be lucky to get in. What I didn’t say was that I didn’t believe I wasn’t getting in.

          You’ve missed the point about vacations and financially helping out grandkids….which is exactly what I expected and no I won’t clarify it for you because it would be a big waste of time.

          Our philosophy? Why Sharlene I believe you’ve created a strawman. I don’t think you meant to do this but “our God” as you put it expects us to work and not be idle. That isn’t how you’ve framed “our philosophy”……

          I gotta run….


  73. I’m a 77 year old widow, living in Florida. I am not able to donate to the JBS but I do call the prayer line. Last Christmas Eve. I received a large box delivered by Fed X from the Jim Bakker Ministry. It was filled with no less then 25 gifts along with cards from the wonderful prayer team. It was the only gift I received last Christmas from anybody. Every so often one of the ladies calls me to find out how I’m doing and just to chat. I read what you all wrote. It’s very doubtful that those people who hate Jim Bakker went out of their way to ever make a Merry Christmas for someone they didn’t even know.

  74. Oh how disappointed I am to hear some of this that I have read! If you are a christian and you dislike this man so much, what in the makes you think that you are doing the christian thing by putting all this on the internet!!!!! I see and feel so much hate from so man call their self a christian.Christian don’t do that. Do i think Jim Baaker is perfect, no, and neither are you. Sweep around your own doorstep and you won’t have time to sweep around Jim’s! It’s not your place to judge him. Leave that up to God, because your job is to love him and not keep bringing up the past and holding this against him. God has forgave him and it’s covered under the blood. Jim Baaker will never please some people for what has happened, no matter what he does. You see all these bad things, because you are to blind to see any good. Some of you don’t like because of things you have,heard. You don’t know him, but you still want to bash. Remember, only if you have never sinned, then go ahead and throw those rocks. Maybe try walking in Jim’s shoes………..just saying!

    • “Jim Baaker will never please some people for what has happened, no matter what he does.”

      For ‘what has happened’? Don’t you mean for ‘what Jim did’? Jim took peoples’ money, and didn’t, hasn’t and won’t ever be paying them back. And he’s still doing it today. Why shouldn’t we warn other people by speaking loudly about this man? Better to allow fellow Christians be deceived by this man with a forked tongue? Or do you not think he’s lying through his capped teeth when telling us about his Steve Jobs prophecy from God?

      “Maybe try walking in Jim’s shoes………..just saying!”

      Why would I want to walk in the shoes of a swindler?


      • Sounds to me like you are a little jealous to me! Jim Bakker oviously has something you don’t have, the love of God in his heart! Put a little love in your heart man! Life is too short to walk around with so much hate. That is all I see coming from you. I sure don’t see or feel any love coming from you. I don’t have a clue why you would want to walk in Jim’s shoes. As the saying goes, ” You may walk in his tracks, but you will never fill his shoes!”

        • Perhaps you hear no love from me or others because the topic of discussion isn’t the love of God. The topic is Jim Bakker and his continued deception of people in the name of Christ.

          Jim Bakker has the love of God in his heart? As evidenced by what, exactly? His own Jim Bakker Cereal? The building projects he supports with names like ‘Lori’s House’ and ‘Stella’s House’? Or is it the graven image of Jesus that he SELLS for thousands of dollars? Jim Bakker has the love of one man in his heart: Jim Bakker. He has created a cult around himself, and guess who those cultists worship?

          Nelda responded, “I don’t have a clue why you would want to walk in Jim’s shoes.”

          Nelda, you are the one that suggested we walk in Jim’s shoes. So yes, you do have a clue why that statement arose because you are the one who originally presented the idea. And my answer remains the same: :Why would I want to walk in the shoes of a swindler?

          Jim Bakker’s followers are wooed by his ‘aww-shucks’ demeanor and celebrity status. If you walked into your local neighborhood church and were immediately met with a sales-pitch instead of a sermon, I would applaud your hasty exit. Yet for Jim Bakker, you make excuse after excuse after excuse for why Jim is different. Jim is no different, he’s just on tv.

          Do you notice that every single bizarre item featured on the Jim Bakker show is for sale? Do you notice that Jim doesn’t preach any sermons, instead he cites the same old verses over and over while insisting to you, the viewer or the Morningside resident, that God surely wants you to buy it? That’s not preaching, that’s salesmanship with an insidious twist.

          Jim has more things in common with a QVC salesman than a preacher. Even a blind man could see that.

        • Sure sounds like you have a forked tongue too! also I never suggested you walking in a swindler’s shoes. I don’t consider Jim to be a swindler. That’s my opinion, and I know you don’t agree, but that is my opinion! I just see that you and others are out to destroy Jim Bakker, It seems that everything possible has been said and done to the man, why can’t people leave him alone and if he is not doing God’s will, then let God take care of him. It is not your job!

    • Jim Bakker never took anyone’s money…they gave it to him. He didn’t have access to their bank accounts!

      • Thanks Aunt Rose and Uncle Bob,I agree with you wholeheartedly! That has already been proven from what I can understand, and some will never except that, simply because they choose not to.I am so sad to hear so many hurtful and hateful thing being said. But one day people will be held accountable for all of it. Lord help them, and god bless the both of you for standing up for Jim!

  75. Adam and Eve walked with God, there was no sin in the world, and yet they fell for the deception of the serpent. The serpent was held accountable for deceiving the woman. Yes, Jim does not go right into peoples bank accounts but he deceives people into thinking that because of these difficult times they need everything he is selling. When you think this through you have to ask what kind of christians are these people that support this kind of nonsense. Certainly they aren’t understanding the Word, for if they did they would know that God that has promised…”To never leave us or forsake us”….. They would know that Jesus that told us “We would have trouble in the world, but fear not I have overcome the world”. The Jesus I know never said to be a date setter, gather in food buckets, build shelters and christian villages, etc. He said to be taking the Gospel to the very end. Jesus did talk about the signs of the last days, and yes they just may be upon us. But Jesus also said in Luke 21:36 “Pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man”. Jesus said that when you see these world events happening to be mindful of our spiritual condition not our physical condition.

    I volunteered at my local family life center for 25 years. There is a rich businessman in my small hometown who for many years let us use space in his place of business free of charge. We are located close to a large metropolitan city and unfortunately it is a busy pro life ministry. (There are many people being deceived in many ways. These young girls have bought a lie. Satan is busy)! When we outgrew the available space donated to us we prayed for a new place. The Lord provided a home right on the Main Street of our town through a widow who passed away and deeded her property to us. We have never lacked anything we need to minister to girls who have aborted their babies, and to save babies. God is good and He provides. Those who give never want or take credit and notice for their donations. They serve and give as the Lord leads. Their devotion to Christ and their knowledge of the word and their obedience to both cause them to do what Christ says in Matthew 6:3 “When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” They never put on a show or a production, they never look for accolades or paybacks, their only desire is to to serve Christ and bring those hurting girls to him!

    We don’t have time for all this silliness of worrying about putting away food and tents and all the other things that Jim is selling. I have ministered many time in Joplin. I know first hand that none of those food buckets, tents etc would have survived that storm. When trees are impaled into the side of brick buildings and there are only foundations of homes left I don’t think looking for a food bucket that has blown hundreds of miles away is going to help. What has helped these people are the many churches and Gods good people. They have supplied resources and labors of love and worked along side government agencies. I’ve yet to hear a person say I had my grab to go bag, tent, and bucket of food take care of me and my family. I have had many people hug me, thank me, and cry on my should as they tell me there is nothing left! I have had them praising God for supplying their “grab to go items” at the distribution centers. When I worked in the food tent I never had one person walk up and say here is my food bucket. I want to help these people out.

    I give to missionaries and other ministries worthy of my gifts. I volunteer at the local food shelf and deliver meals on wheels. I work for Operation Christmas Child etc. etc. etc. The Bakker supporters seem to think that there are a lot of us out here doing nothing for Christ and they seem to be very judgmental.

    The test for me for a fit ministry are the ones who work as the disciples and Jesus did: 1 Thessalonians 2: 3- 6 “For the appeal we make does not spring from error or impure motives, nor are we trying to trick you. On the contrary, we speak as those approved by God to be entrusted with the Gospel. We are not trying to please people but God, who tests our hearts. You know we never used flattery, nor did we put on a mask to cover up greed – God is our witness. We were not looking for praise from people, not from you or anyone else, even though as apostles of Christ we could have asserted our authority.

    • Phil,
      I haven’t had much time to get back on this blog, but will answer you in the next few days.

      I have a quick note to you. Everyone interprets scripture with the light that they have received. A lot of you that are angry have tunnel vision or are interpreting in very low spiritual light. For decades people everywhere have used scripture to prove points on both sides of issues. Satan used partial scripture to tempt and deceive. You need to take the whole scripture into account.

      You wrote:
      We don’t have time for all this silliness of worrying about putting away food and tents and all the other things that Jim is selling. I have ministered many time in Joplin. I know first hand that none of those food buckets, tents etc would have survived that storm.

      What silliness? And it isn’t worry that causes most of us to care about the future. You put everyone that disagrees with you in one catagory and you are very wrong. God does supply all of our needs, however, our needs are not always supplied by a miracle. Sometimes God gives us wisdom and knowledge along the way to do things in preparation FOR OUR NEEDS. Sometimes it is through OUR preparation that God performs miracles. You don’t just live willy-nilly through life and expect God to pick up the slack. Why in Proverbs did He say ‘Look at the ant you sluggard…” ? The ant prepares in the times of plenty for the winter when there is no food.. Why did He tell us about the 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins that were awaiting the bridegroom in Revelations? If God ALWAYS supplies EVERYTHING WE NEED why didnt God just miraculously make oil appear? but instead the 5 foolish virgins whose lamps ran out had to run to the store and THEY MISSED THE BRIDEGROOM and oops… the door was shut.

      And, I would like to remind you that when you are angry you most times think one-dimension. How about expanding that kind of thinking? What if some people had food and provision stored that lived right next to the houses that were blown away? What if the churches in the neighborhood had provisions stored? WOW, there would have been provisions being handed out before the Red Cross got there. What a story could have been told and what glory God could have gotten!! And you believe in miracles so why couldn’t the house be blown away and the buckets still be sitting there? What a story that would have been!

      You wrote:
      I give to missionaries and other ministries worthy of my gifts….The test for me for a fit ministry are the ones who work as the disciples and Jesus did:

      I sense a lot of pride all through your comment, but this takes the cake. Is it your money or does God give you the ability to gain wealth? And your judgement of a fit ministry? You know your arrogance reminds of the saying, “Don’t brake your arm trying to pat yourself on the back” I might have missed it somewhere in this long column of comments but I didn’t read anywhere where anyone was accusing any of you not helping out where you could. So could it have been guiilt that caused you to brag on yourself?

      Then you wrote:
      The Jesus I know never said to be a date setter, gather in food buckets, build shelters and christian villages, etc. He said to be taking the Gospel to the very end. Jesus did talk about the signs of the last days, and yes they just may be upon us. But Jesus also said in Luke 21:36 “Pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man”. Jesus said that when you see these world events happening to be mindful of our spiritual condition not our physical condition.

      Who is setting dates? Another worthless comment. The Jesus I know never told us not to gather food, build shelters, or churches for that matter. And I guess those Christians all over the world that are being murdered and torturted today and everyday until Christ returns haven’t been found WORTHY to escape. Funny, because I read in Revelation that those that are martered in Jesus’ name have a special place under the throne. And, the Jesus I know told us to always take care of our temples/bodies because we are the temple of God. I think that includes our physical condition. Cute writing but so off the truth.

      And yes, we need to be sharing the kingdom of God and God tests our hearts. If there is anger in your heart you cannot please God nor can you share God’s kingdom. God is love (the opposite of anger). The world will know we are Christians by God’s love shed abroad in our hearts. (If God’s love is there there is no room for the negative.) If we need to settle any anger and unforgiveness for our brother before we go to the Lord’s table, how much more do we need to settle anger and unforgiveness before we go to the world to share His kingdom.

  76. It all continues to be a sad, sick, bizarre, and delusional example of the true nature of an unrepentant heart. I’m surprised at nothing in today’s organized church. The true body of Christ is getting harder to recognize. I know what your theology is by the way you treat me. Don’t tell me who Jesus is. Show me your Jesus. 40 million Americans now attend home churches. 62% of all Christians do not believe in absolute truth. Many Christians are leaving the church in droves. Many become vulnerable because of confusion and hurt, to television preachers who once again reveal doctrines of devils and seducing spirits. Anything not born at the cross sure won’t be made visible by Jim Bakker. That’s for sure.

  77. Everytime Jim bakker mentions God,He assails hell this is much more than a whole lot of people are doing.Do not condem him the courts have done this,If he breathes in wont you breathout!,Allow him to make a living,To wrestle with God,He has not harmed you.Can you believe in noone that will need someone ,Or something to cling to.God is responsible for our knowing him,Can you say that Jim doe’s not know God.

  78. This is Jim Bakker and I have read all the postings. I say that Lori and I love you all and Jesus loves you all. There is forgiveness and resurrection through Jesus Christ and I open my arms and heart to you all. Through Christ all things are possible. I am a man of the cloth and have been a humble servant of God for more than 50 years.

    We are a family of love and worship at Morningside. I know that there will always be rumors and gossip about me and my ministry, its part of being a public figure in service to Christ. My office door is always open for anyone with an issue, prayer request or concern. I invite you to come in for a chat or simply call the main switchboard and they will patch you through to my office.

    I am a changed man and Prison taught me to count my blessings everyday and Lori and I want to share our blessings and teachings to every person in America.

    From my Heart
    God Bless,
    Jim Bakker

      • Are any of you naive enough to believe that response was really from Jim Bakker? Jim Bakker is much too busy coming up with ways to sell you stuff on his mini-QVC program. Don’t be such a sheep….do a little research and check out whom he associates with. He raves about Larry Bates as being this leading edge economist. Check out how many people Larry Bates has screwed over in his precious metals business. His reputation and BBB rating is atrocious. Even former employees call him a crook. I’ve met Jimmy boy on several occasions and he’ll charm your pants off you (it makes it easier for him to empty your wallet). Be aware of this con man, please.

    • Hi Jim. You are in the public arena, so this is where you should answer your critics. Speaking with you personally will not solve anything, since that is where con artists are the most convincing. That’s why trials are conducted in public.

      If you aren’t a con artist, then answer our questions for all to hear. If you feel that’s unfair, consider that I could take any one of the commentators here, accuse them of being con men, and they would not advise me to ‘call their office’ to clear things up. They would defend themselves here. People who have nothing to hide are more than ready to answer all questions in public. Do you have something to hide?

      There are no ‘rumors’ or ‘gossip’ being spoken, only criticism coming by way of direct observation.

      And now, some questions:

      1) Since you say your foodbuckets will be worth more than gold one day, and make this a key point for why people should stock up, why do you then contradict yourself by taking money for them? Can I sell you a foodbucket and you pay me in cash? Wouldn’t that be in your best interest based on the advice you are giving?

      2) If a pastor ‘fake cries’ in front of his congregation as a method of appealing to the emotions of his viewers, would you agree that this is a despicable act of deception, and something unbecoming of a man?

      3) When you ‘cry’ on tv, why do tears never fall from your eyes? Never. If you can point me to an episode of your show where you actually have tears running down onto your cheeks, please do so because I would like to see it. If you have blocked tear ducts or some other medical condition, I will accept that. Do you have a medical condition which prevents tears from falling?

      4) How much total income did you and Lori personally take in last year? How much total income did Morningside Church Inc take in last year? To clear the air, how about posting Morningside’s tax returns on your website in the ‘About’ section? Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do for the ‘partners’, so they can understand your finances and see how dire your money issues really are. Hey, maybe we can even give suggestions to help you cut the fat from your ministry so that you don’t have money problems anymore? Good idea, right?

      5) You say that Seychelle water filters make water completely drinkable, and that we can use it to drink the dirtiest sewer water on the planet. The last time Dr Seychelle was on (reference October shows), he added fertilizer and dirt to a bottle and filtered it for all to see. He then handed it to you, but you refused to drink it and commented, ‘I’m not drinking that’, then passed it over to Lori to drink. Why did you not drink this water?

      6) If you are not selling, but are ‘love gifting’ in an honest, reputable manner, then why do you give volume discounts? If one item is $20, then I expect two, three and four to be multiples of the first. Instead, you give 2-for-3, whereby I pay $40 for three items. Doing the math, you should be charging me only $13.33 for the first. Why would you charge me, the partner, more money for something that you want to give me? Isn’t that a strange way to dispense love gifts?

      7) You claim that you need money to stay on the air. I’ve noticed that you are now running commercials for 5-10 minutes at the end of the show. These commercials, of course, are selling product. Do you feel it’s correct for you to take money to stay on the air, then fill that air with a commercial? Why not run an hour-long commercial in lieu of the show?

      8) When will Philip Cameron’s building project, Stella’s House, be completed? You can just tell us the year. He’s been building that expensive project for an awful long time.

      Looking forward to your answers, Jim. These are very simple questions for a person who is doing nothing wrong.

      Ron @ the Foodbucket

  79. It has been a while from my last post/ In that post i was rude, crude and insulting to Sharlene, for which i partly apologize. I do not know her IQ but i do know her lack of common sence. Sharlene gives us all the reasons why we should not judge, condemn or attack the Jim & Lori Freak Show, plus chastising me for calling her a lady. It is clear that Sharlene is a fan of the Gong show and is a believer in Jim and his ” Lets get ready for the end, but lets make as much money as we can, although we won’t need it, but we can plan for the future, although we are teaching the End Times are here and food packets will be worth more than actual money, but we will GIVE you the food packets for your Love Gifts of Monies ” I’m sorry i’m getting confused. Is Jim planning for a future (money) or should we be getting prepared for the Rapture ? Wait, is it Morningside/Lori’s House,/Camping Grounds/Media School/Music Company/Etc., or are we getting ready for the return of Our Lord. Jim Bakker is a Con and people like Sharlene will always be his prey. The next time you visit Morningside ask Jim why everything connected to his ministry is in someone elses name, or Give unto Caesar (IRS) that which is Caesars. I pay my taxes, he should too.

    • Larry
      Your ‘partial’ apology is more than I expected from you and I accept it. However I have way more than enough common sense than to fall into your trap of juvenile name calling and petty over-used arguements of why Jim Bakker should not be allowed human status. I get your gripe. I get your gripe. I get your gripe. But I don’t understand your urgency in reiterating it everytime you write. And I certainly don’t understand the downright hate saved up for all these years.

      There are 36+/- people on this blog. Maybe 26 that still are having problems with Jim Bakker. ONLY 26 people out of the thousands that have worked with Jim Bakker twenty+ years. (and I’m sure there are a few others that have not found these comments) That means that this meager few have not forgiven and gotten on with their life. This meager few don’t think God is big enough or works fast enough to punish Jim Bakker sufficiently enough for your taste. This meager few that don’t think God is able to make all things work out for the good of ALL THE BODY! That means ALL the body that Jim (according to you) is ripping off and those (like you) that are the smart, enlightened, special ones, and all the rest of the saved.

      You wrote -“Sharlene gives us all the reasons why we should not judge, condemn or attack the Jim & Lori Freak Show,…”

      Those reasons are God’s reasons and I wish you would respect them. You are so consumed with what Jim Bakker is doing supposedly wrong according to a few verses of the Bible that you have neglected the thousands of other verses in the rest of the Bible that are specific to you. Do you think that God will ignore all of your sins because you are so painstakingly and persistently pointed out Jim’s? I wish you would be as deligent and thoughtful in searching through your own stuff.

      • Sharlene, i could not care less what you think and you clealy don’t get my gripe. As usual with your post you take the point off of the Jim & Lori scam and onto your self serving (You husban is in the same business as Jim, right?) posts of avoiding the questions. Do you actually believe that only 26 out of 36+ or is it 26 out of the 1000’s that serve Jimmy (kind of sliped that in) have complained or have a problem with the J&L Freak Show. Your defense of Jim is exspected, don’t answer questions, just condemn the poster useing self serving verses of the bible while ignoring the verses that condemn these jokers. Your lack of true knowledge is apparent but exspected. The ones that rely on these self serving verses are marks of thier guilt and deceit. What makes you think that a person like Jim is anything other than a snake oil peddler, or that he has some insight or prophetic awareness of the End Time. Anyone that can read has knowledge of hard ttimes, but to use that knowledge to deceive and con a person that is weak, or less able to understand is a Vile person. Jim Bakker has no knowledge of the Rapture, does not have Prophetic knowledge of the future, and although he claims past visions of things that have occured it is only misleading/bragging lies. Your support of this charleten is no less than quilt by assosociation. Only God knows the time of the Rapture & Armageddon. To claim or to support someone that claims knowledge of this may be condemned. I would be very careful of taking the words of our Lord to support your support or your condemning of those that disagree, again that is the Lords desicion. You do not need to be concerned with my relationship with my God, or to point out one or two verses while dismissing many many more, Jim is also very good at that I give my money to those that truly need not only faith teachings but also something in thier stomach, to the elderly, the children and to the religious ones that truly give of themselves to reach/teach the words of our Lord. Not to false prophets like Jim that may mention religon, but only to support his qvc show for personal gain and if you don’t see/understand this then you are either a fool or you may be getting a piece of the pie. I usually don’t waste my time, i did watch his show today, 8 minutes on religon and 52 minutes selling the End Time Food buckets (OH YEAH, you also get $500 worth of trinkets & Jims own book) at a price of double the costs of purchashing the same food buckets at various online stores. IF you do not see this as a scam, well as i said before, you may be getting a slice of the pie. If Jim had the support of as many as you claim, he would not have to sell trinkets, he would be supported by the masses and i believe by Gods hand As i said before i could not care less what you think, your condemnation, corrective arguments and self serving quotes of verses is as fake as Jim’s crying spells. You and Nelda need to keep your seats at morningside, Jim couldn’t do it without you. AND REALLY, you don’t need to answer my post.

        • Well thank you, I believe I will do just that. I purchased a couple of them seats a couple of years ago, as a matter of fact!

      • Hi Sharlene,

        You said some time ago that you were going to answer my questions…..since you have enough time to harass victims of Jim Bakkers then I look forward to those answers.

        You won’t be allowed to comment again until you do.

        Based on what I’ve seen from your last couple of posts you need to change your tone or it’s adios for you.

        Are we clear?

        Thank you.

        Phil Naessens

        PS: I have contacted James Robison Ministries and have directed them to this thread…..

        • Thank you Phil for responding to Sharlene. I was going to respond to her reply to my posting and realized it wasn’t worth it. Sharlene berates everyone who disagrees with her. she has claimed she was emotionally and physically abused in her childhood. I have given her abusive remarks a pass for this reason.

          I have also want to respond to the posting by Jim Bakker. His claiming to love everyone who posted here seems to be a shallow statement. If he was sincere he would be concerned with making things right with those he has wronged. He comes off as patronizing those he has hurt and stolen from. I agree with everything Ron said in his response to Jim.

          He claims to be a man of the cloth for 50 years and a humble servant of the Lord. This sounds so pious. I would like to have him directly address the issues that have been brought out on this blog. Since I know he is reading this blog I will speak to him directly. Jim can you address how humble you were in that hotel room with Jessica Hahn when you were cheating on your wife. Were you humble and contrite when you paid her off to be quiet so you could keep up the facade of being a man of the cloth? I watch the 50th anniversary show. That was hardly a humble display of 50 years of service to the Lord. It was another lets focus on Jim and what Jim has done for the last 50 years. The focus was on all those you discovered…the Winans, Russ Taff etc. Those many days of broadcasting the celebration went on and on and it was ALL about YOU. There was very little talk about God and what He has done in the last 50 years of your ministry. You boasted about the excessive spending on your PTL resort. Whenever you mentioned being found guilty and sent to prison for defrauding the PTL followers you claimed to be a victim. Forgive me for not getting it! You wrote a book in which you claimed you were wrong but whenever that part of your humble 50 years of service to the Lord comes up you weren’t wrong. It was the fault of all those who were out to get you It’s all so confusing! I remember the shows from your 70th birthday party celebration. A black tie affair. Hardly a display of humility. As far as what I remember it was a night of toasting you the celebrity. It was like the old show this is your life. As I think of your prophecies, teachings, shows, celebrations they all seem to focus on you and little time is spent on God. Guess we can’t fault you as you read the bible through for the first time in prison. Was that a display of humbleness? You claimed to be a man of the cloth for all those years but also claim to have been Biblically illiterate at the same time. Were you just confused about the prosperity gospel all those years since you missing a big part of the Word? Calling yourself a humble servant seems arrogant to me. Proverbs 27:2 says “let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger and not thine own lips”.

          Jim you are a changed man since prison? All that I can see that has changed is your message. You have gone from the prosperity message “send me your money and you will be blessed” to a new “the end of the world is coming soon message”. It’s all coming down so send me your money quick, then I’ll send you some cheap Chinese made survival junk and you will be safe”. I just can’t help but think about Jesus warning us to “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing”. Matthew 7:15

          So all your followers at Morningside are a family of love and worshippers. We can see that by all their unloving and unkind remarks made on this blog. It amazes me that these people seem to feel they are upstanding, righteous christians who are entitled to criticize and attack anyone that disagrees with them. Their rhetoric and yours Jim is disingenuous!

          Jim you claim that “rumors and gossip go with being a public figure. Good try to deflect the attention being given to your lies and manipulation of the Gospel. Once again that remark makes it sound like you think you are a victim. People are speaking out against what you are doing because it is so wrong! There are many men and women in ministry who are “public figures” that I admire and respect for their walk with the Lord. I have listened to their teachings for years and have been nothing but blessed. These Godly men and women bring honor to the Lord. I never hear negative things about them in the headlines, I don’t find blog after blog addressing concerns about their teachings. There is not rumors and gossip about them to be found! Jim you need to stop being a victim and start being that humble servant you claim to be.

  80. I agree, Larry.

    Jim is a master at Double-Talk. He regularly contradicts himself in the same sentence.

    We’ve often wondered why-in-the-world his faithful haven’t caught on to his ambitious “building plans” when he states in the same breath that we are in the End Times. Why is he constantly asking for Love Gifts when $$$ are going to be worthless? What percentage of his airtime is spent “winning souls” vs. selling his worthless crap Made in China? And if he’s so worried about the condition of the U.S., why isn’t he getting his Love Gifts from US manufacturers?

    People have been predicting the End Times/Rapture for CENTURIES. It’s the old Snake Oil salesman routine that unsuspecting, gullible individuals glom onto.

    Any thinking, cognizant human being has a built-in B.S. meter that rings loudly countless times per show, and the anger grows.

    The Jim & Lori Show is so transparent and demeaning that the anyone remotely aware of what he’s doing finds themselves in a boiling rage at how he gets by with his crap.

    It’s a tangled web of denial – and reminds me of some of my own relatives. Everyone “knows” Aunt Evelyn is a pathological liar and alcoholic, but no one wants to admit it or confront it. So, an elaborate charade is built to avoid any unpleasantness while others boil in anger. Even when they are confronted with the truth, the standard reply is, “Oh, you think so???”

    There are very few bright, courageous people in the world. Jim learned very early-on how to dial into and control the naive masses.

  81. I’m so sad, because I really thought that all of you ” Jim Bakker haters ” had went on to bash someone else, but I guess that will never happen right? You seem to know so much about everything, and want to convince people that Jim is a crook, and he is talking about all the bad things that are going to happen to get rich .Good grief! Oh sorry, he’s already rich,and living high on the hog, because he stole all these people’s children’s inheritance. What I want to know is what you going to do when the things happen that Jim has been talking about? You’re going to wish you had listen. Just like when Noah warned everyone about the flood. People laughed and thought he was crazy too, but it was too late for them when the flood came! It will be too late for you too! What’s it going to hurt to be prepared? I had rather be prepared than not. But all of you Go ahead condemn, laugh and judge, but my Bible says ” JUDGE NOT!” So we must be reading a different Bible!

    • Nelda,

      You asked us what we are going to do if what Jim’s teaching actually happens, and then you compared Jim Bakker to Noah. Do you really believe that God speaks to Jim Bakker just as He did with Noah?

      Can you show me anywhere in the New Testament where the Apostles or Christ himself instructed their listeners to be prepared for the “end” by stocking up on food and clothing?

      I’m not a Jim Bakker “hater” but I really have moved on to better things, like producing theological podcasts that teach the Gospel and refute the teachings of folks like Bakker and his cronies without even mentioning their names…..and next Friday night I will be producing an eschatological podcast that will demonstrate through sound reasoned biblical exegesis that what Bakker is promoting is far from what the Apostles and Christ Himself taught….and we won’t even mention Bakker’s name…..

      Stay tuned….


    • Nelda, by all means keep purchasing your tickets to the Food Bucket Show, you have every right to believe in and to support the Jim Con and to exspress your opnion. I would hope that you would refrain from speaking the name of Noah in the same sentence with Jimmy Boy truly you are not equating Jim to Noah. If everyone had to hold judgement without exsposing those that prey on the weak & those without knowledge, Jim never would have gone to prison in the first place, we would not know of the depth of his cunning . There are many questions concerning Jim’s religious fraud, avoidence of taxation and rebuilding the faith based Heritage (without so much faith this time). It is the responsibility of all christians to exspose those that are false prophets, ole sly Jim denies he’s a prophet, while claiming he has received knowledge from God. 21 specific things i believe.Today, I have just (1) One question , just one. Why does Jim & Lori need money at the time of the Rapture and the return of Our Lord, does he need to buy a ticket to enter and participate in The New Kingdom ? Or is he building his own kingdom ? I do not have to exspose the Food Bucket Prophet, he does a good job of that himself.

  82. Nelda,

    Do you realize your comments are full of sarcasm and judgement? But then you say to “JUDGE NOT”!

    I live in an area where we are always prepared for blizzards, floods, tornadoes. My parents were prepared, and their parents were, and so on for generations. Prudent people know to stock up and prepare for disasters. I don’t believe that God is talking to Jim like he was to Noah! If you are believing everything Jim is promoting than I would go back to my bible to “search the scriptures to see whether these things are true”. The people questioning what Jim is teaching are not laughing. I think there is a range of emotions being expressed such as anger, sadness, pity, and alarm.

    As I have stated before there are some things you cannot prepare for. There are times when you will need the help of your neighbors. It is at those times when those who are doing the work of Christ shine. See Matthew 5:16. Jim did show up in Joplin. With his filming crew and camera. Security turned them away. From what I understand Jim and his crew were indignant that they were not approved to go in. Why is every disaster a photo op for Jim? Is it so he can take the film back to his studio to put together another scary scene to show on his infomercial?! I cringe at the thought that it seems Jim uses these disasters to promote his business!

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people all of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”. Abraham Lincoln

    • Sue,

      No I did not realize that my comments were full of sarcasm and judgement, because it certainly wasn’t intended. You couldn’t be more wrong! Just calling it like I see it. I like everyone else have an opinion, and I was just giving mine, that’s all.

      • Hi Nelda,

        I will accept your opinion that your weren’t judgemental in your remarks. I guess I misunderstood what you meant by the Jim Bakker haters going on to bash others.

        No one needs to be convinced that Jim is a crook. We all can make that decision for ourselves. Jim will always have his devoted followers like you who don’t question his teachings. I believe the rest of us still want you all to answer our questions. Can you explain why Jim needs to spend an hour a day televising what amounts to a infomercial for survivalist supplies and Morningside real estate? What does food buckets and survivalist supplies have to do with the gospel? Did Jesus give instructions to stock up on these things somewhere in one of the Gospels? Why is nothing that Jim owns in his name? If it’s the Jim Bakker Ministry why isn’t his name on the ministry documents for Morningside church? Why is his mother-in-law, Jerry Crawford and another person named on those documents? Why is he avoiding paying taxes? I am sure you pay your taxes don’t you Nelda? I do and so does everyone who has a God conscience . I remember the Gospel account where Jesus tossed the coins and said “render unto Caesar what is Caesars and unto God what is Gods. Do you remember that was in regards to the Pharisees challenging Jesus about paying taxes? Does it seem strange that Jim said “he was wrong” but now avoids taking responsibility for the consequences of that behavior? Do you think that is what he is doing by putting everything in someone else’s name to avoid paying his back taxes? Why does a bathrom key cost $500. What do you think God thinks of all of this? You responded to my post but never addressed the question of why Jim always shows up at disasters with a camera and film crew. Why does Jim wear designer clothes, buy a lake home, build and build at his Morningside development and on and on? Can you explain what makes that ok while so many are losing their homes, can’t afford food for their families etc. As a humble man of the cloth do you think there could be a little more compassion shown for others who are going through hard times right now? It all seems so arrogant and self serving. The sad thing is he living very well as a result of making lots of many in what is such an unseemly way!

        Nelda I saw your reply to Larry about purchasing seats at the Jim Bakker show. Was that sarcasm? Sorry I forgot you are not sarcastic. Why would you buy a seat at the show when Jim has to make his employees to come sit in the audience to make it seem as though he has a full house for the cameras? My friends went out there to see the show and saw the orchestrated seating of people so the cameras could make it seem as though there was a big audience. They saw the phoniness of everything out there and picked up and left, they didn’t bother to watch the show. I sure hope Jim isn’t selling those seats to the unsuspecting devoted followers!

        Those are my questions. I am calling it as I see it. I like you have my opinions about the Jim Bakker ministry. I and many other would really like some answers to these questions.

        Thanks Nelda!

        • Sue,

          I wasn’t aware that there were some that were waiting on answers to your questions, which may I also say, you have so many. But then again, you seem to know all the answers. I do have other things to do than try to figure out why Jim does some of the things that he does. It’s none of my business as to why he shows up at the disaster areas, or why he does or does not pay taxes.or why other people’s names are on documents, and not his.
          I simply said I bought chairs and other items and that is what I give the money for. I have received more merchandise than I paid for. ti doesn’t matter to me what he or anyone else does with the money. No I didn’t receive the chairs, and I don’t know where they are, nor do I care. I give for the right reason, God knows that, and that’s all that matters to me. If that sounds sarcastic, I apologize, because it’s not meant to be. I have been to MS more than once and the first time I went, I like many others, honestly went there expecting to see a lot of phoney people and left amazed at what I did see. There were people there,other than the staff, just like myself, that didn’t live there. So I guess you could say I got sucked in, but I don’t feel that way. I am so glad I went! Everyone have a blessed day! Nelda

  83. I made a typo I want to correct on the quote by Abraham Lincoln: It should have said “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time”.

  84. Sue,
    I am not answering for Nelda, but since I have a few minutes right now I’m interested in some of your comments. Great that you live in an area that is prepared for disasters, but you didn’t think broad enough again. Don’t you care about anyone else? Just because YOU and YOUR FAMILY and NEIGHBORS are prepared for disaster because you live in a disaster area — what about the 70% of Americans and other people in the world that have never had a flood, tornado, hurricane and have never thought about preparing for a disaster?

    You wrote -“I don’t believe that God is talking to Jim like he was to Noah!’

    I guess you have the only hotline to God! The Bible tells us that God does nothing unless He first tells his prophets. So your belief based on your lifestyle gives you the expertise to declare Jim is not hearing from God! However it isn’t hard to follow how Jim comes to his conclusions, because he tells everyone Bible Book , Chapter, and versus of everything he talks about. Easy to follow, easy to research and easy to check context. If you come to another conclusion Jim doesn’t get all bent out of shape and, In fact, he tells everyone to check him out.

    You wrote -‘The people questioning what Jim is teaching are not laughing. I think there is a range of emotions being expressed such as anger, sadness, pity, and alarm”

    You evidently haven’t read any of Larry G Houses’s comments. At the least he makes fun of Jim and his program, at the best he uses sarcasm which is a form of laughing. I don’t see pity or alarm or much sadness. Anger is everywhere!

    You wrote – “With his filming crew and camera. Security turned them away. From what I understand Jim and his crew were indignant that they were not approved to go in.”

    Your understanding is probably akin to gossip! You don’t know for sure! And your assumption of what Jim is doing with his information and film is adding to the gossip and planting vicious lies. Either of those two things are an abomination to God.

    You wrote – “I cringe at the thought that it seems Jim uses these disasters to promote his business!

    I would caution you against giving in to these kinds of thoughts and vane imaginations in your life. We have been warned against spending our time doing this kind of exercise.

    Your comments are full of hearsay, misinformation and a small, selfish worldview!

    • Hi Sharlene,

      “Sue” has lived at MS for many months. So have most of the “meager few” you like to disregard and dismiss. She/they are an eyewitness so her/their opinions aren’t “hearsay” nor are they “misinformed” nor are they small and selfish. They are facts.

      You really should apologize for your libelous statements….



      PS. Check out this podcast that Pastor Newnham and I did this morning. It might benefit you;


    • Sue
      I apologize for my strong statements. You have a right to your opinions and this is your website.


    • Sharlene, if God does nothing without informing the Prophets first, i guess The Creation was a slip up.Don’t you understand the ignorance of that statement ? Do you actually believe any of this crap you are spreading ? I doubt very seriously that God needs to explain anything,Period. Your brush of glossing over things is broad indeed. In a very short time in your writings you would have us believe there are only 26 negatives to Jim against 1000’s of his followers, 70% of Americans & the world that are ignorant of disasters & ofcourse need Jim’s snake oil food buckets to survive. Questioning of Jim’s visions and cons are no less, Gossip, and ofcourse your cautions of ones thoughts, and vane imaginations. Spreading and suggesting that Jim is a Prophet , only misunderstood. Do you actually play in the Real World ? or have you bought a tent to stay at the new Heritage Jr.Compond ? Don’t, for a second, try to inform, correct, or warn me of what i should or should not believe, understand or exspess. Your responses are self serving, broadly covering and as intelligent as you would propose them to be.Jim Bakker is a fraud, he is repeating the past on a smaller scale only because his tactics are well know. Your posting s here are only smoke & screens, without substance. Jimmy would be proud of you, he needs the 3 D’s

    • Sharlene,

      Yes, there are a range of emotions on this blog regarding Jim Bakker and his followers. I won’t speak for Larry. Unlike you I don’t have time to thoroughly go through what everyone has shared. I do know I have appreciated many things Larry has said. I can’t tell you the number if times I pull back and don’t respond in kind to your rude remarks. You always say “you just have few minutes right now” but then you go on and on and on! You seem to have a lot of time to be blogging here! I am no fool Sharlene, your apology was insincere! I do not take you seriously at all. If you think I am angry or bitter about all the nasty things you have said you are wrong! Actually many of those thing that you say to insult me have made me laugh out loud

      Yes, I know how to prepare for the disasters that are common to where I live. Just as people who live in areas with earthquakes or hurricanes, etc. know how to prepare for those. As I stated, there will always be situations that people can not prepare for and that is when they need the help of their neighbor.

      I do not believe Jim is a prophet. Jim claims he saw 9-11 before it happened. You have to wonder why he didn’t inform someone before that horrific day took so many lives! Jim claims to be a man of such importance that he has contacts all the way up to the White House. One has to wonder why he just didn’t pick up the phone and warn someone. I do not believe Jim is a man with the integrity of Noah. I do have a hot line to God, it is called the Bible and prayer. I also have the wisdom that comes from being around wise people. If you walk with the wise you will become wise! No I am not bragging Sharlene about how smart I am. God says to get wisdom! The first thing that should go are negative, self serving people who can’t be taught a thing! A companion of fools will suffer harm! I will not hang around people who will pull me down because they are to afraid or to foolish to stand up to lies, deceit, fear etc. For a short time I did give Jim Bakker the benefit of the doubt that he had changed. It didn’t take long to see he hasn’t.

      I have a small selfish world view. Attack, attack, attack and you want a response. So I will respond with truth and then you will call this truth gossip but here goes anyways…Lets look at Jim and his devoted followers if you want a good example of a small selfish world view. His little world view is building his little community where everyone that pays him good money to be there will be safe when everything falls apart. As Phil pointed out I did live in that place for a short while. I know the truth, Most of those people think only about are themselves. That is why they are there! They want to be safe when all the scary things Jim is predicting happen. Why do they believe they will be safe there? Because Jim told them so! They don’t question him. It is a sick blind devotion. They quote Corrie Ten Boom. Supposedly Corrie Ten Boom was flying over Branson and said something to the effect that Branson will be a blessed place in the last days. I have looked for that quote and can’t find it. You and Nelda just stay there and be blessed by those of your kind. I am sure the people following Jim Jones didn’t have a problem with his teaching and the fellowship they had together in their group either. I know for a fact many leave there as disgusted as I did! Actually there are a few inside the camp that are real unhappy also. You want to accuse me of gossip! That made me laugh. Go to Morningside and it won’t be long before you are embroiled in some of the worst gossip and slander you have ever been privy to! You go in a normal healthy person but walk away wondering if you have lost your mind! Then you get back to the normal world and realize something is wrong there, very, very wrong!

      I do know first hand that Jim and his film crew were angry they couldn’t get into Joplin. It was embarrassing when people were talking about it. As we worked to help those people we were working alongside the unsaved. People like Jim made it harder to have credibility with the unbelievers. He says he a christian so those who don’t know the Lord believe him and lump us all together. There were many pastors and churches assigned to coordinate relief teams. Lets just say Jims crew was not welcome among the saved and unsaved alike and leave it at that! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Jim hasn’t seen a disaster that isn’t good photo op to promote his sales. Just tune into his show everyday to see the video productions he makes and uses to scare the unsuspecting silly!

      I am through with you Sharlene and your vile accusations. Your pyscho mumbo jumbo talk about vain thoughts doesn’t fly with me. My mind is just fine! Falling in line with a cult is a mind control thing I would be worried about! You are right Sharlene this is my website, and the website for the many other good people who have been trying to bring truth to all the craziness! I am grateful to Phil for providing a way for all of us to share what we know.

  85. Since Jim ‘Noah’ Bakker isn’t an honest enough man to answer the questions which I asked him directly, would one of his supporters like to give it a shot? Or are you all just going to ignore those ugly truths?

    Nelda, you seem thoroughly convinced that Jim is correct about the End Times looming on the horizon, and use that as a reason to justify his selling (and your buying). I’m curious to know what time frame you’re considering when you buy all that crap that Jim sells to you? A year? Five years? Ten years? A hundred? I’m very interested to hear *your* answer to this question.

    Personally, I don’t think you’ve given it any thought at all. I think you’re scared by what Jim shows you through his crafty video editing, and you subconsciously think it will happen ‘NOW’…that’s why Jim wears that hat, by the way. It’s meant to scare you into buying his stuff immediately, or else. But hey, prove me wrong with your answer!

    A final reminder: Can you guys PLEASE begin answering the DIRECT questions that we are asking. I’ve never seen so much textual bluster in my life. At least three people here have asked questions, good questions, that continue to go unanswered.

  86. Dear Phil,
    There are many questions that I have asked that have never been answered. Here is an example:

    You wrote – “You’ve missed the point about vacations and financially helping out grandkids…which is exactly what I expected and no I won’t clarify it for you because it would be a big waste of time.”

    which is a way of dismissing me as an idiot. The only thing I take from that is that you don’t have a decent reply to what I wrote. I have respected you and your profession and your comments, but don’t see that same respect from you.

    The only questions I found that I did not answer in my reply are 1.) How would I define a Christian Leader?

    The best way I can describe a Christian leader is one that is not perfect but lives a life expressing the attributes of Christ — first walking in love and being an example of loving God and loving mankind in every circumstance, being as comfortable serving others as they are at leading, not having a big ego, practicing morality and respecting human life. Mostly, I depend on the Holy Spirit to confirm that our spirits are joined in Christ. I don’t have a check off list of rules or scriptures. (Incidently, the Bible tells us that all of the things Jesus did and said while he was on this earth were not written because the world could not contain the volumes. I don’t know exactly how massive that would be, but it does mean that we don’t have everything Jesus taught available for us to read and study in this lifetime. So none of us has the full story.)

    2.) Who would some of these leaders be? Before I answer you I saw how you dismissed Billy Graham (who spent 70+ years of his life preaching God’s plan of salvation and leading millions of people to accept Jesus as their personal Savior) in the manner you did. And I’m sure you will find a way to put down the people I respect. In fact, I can almost guarantee it. So here are a few: James Robison, Jim Hylton, Chuck Pierce. And here a few that respect and endorse Jim:Bakker: CindyJacobs, Rick Joyner (they are highly respect world-wide across denominations)

    Now please answer my questions in what I wrote to you last time.

    • Sharlene,

      I have answered your statements. They weren’t questions. You just don’t like my answers.

      Billy Graham. He’s actually been in my home but he has said the things regarding other ways of going to heaven apart from Jesus. In fact I have just received an autographed copy of his autobiography and intend on reading it.

      Put down Rick Joyner? I don’t need to. He “restored” Todd Bentley. Joyner has uttered more false prophecies than I have fingers and toes….Cindy Jacobs? The same as Joyner. You want me to say something good about them? OK. These two are awesome at deceiving people and make a TON of money doing it. In the real world they would be put in jail for what they do. How’s that?

      Please demonstrate how any of the above mentioned (outside of Billy Graham) are respected outside of their “denominations”?

      Do I think you are an idiot? Noooooo……not in the least. In fact I think you are very clever. Your questions are loaded. Your disregard for others and what they’ve gone through masked in an air of superiority to them is inspiring. Some day I hope to live in such a superior light as you do…..

      Your definition of a Christian leader is right on…..now show me how Bakker lives up to that when he goes on TV and sells his freeze dried food for triple the price?

      Have a nice day.


      • Phil,
        And you lived up to my expectations. Three cheers that Billy has been in your home and one more for the autographed book. Your hope for living in such a superior light as you claim I do is accomplished.

        I could not hope to satisfy your desire for a demonstration how the others I mentioned are respected outside of their denominations, (because you just don’t like my answers) but they are. And world leaders ask for meetings with them (which you will diss also) because they respect the words they have been given through them. As far as false prophecies given by Rick Joyner, I would counter that he has given far more accurate prophecies than wrong ones. And I am one that believes the Old Testament Prophets were held to a 100% accuracy rate because people didn’t have the written Bible nor did they have Jesus as their high priest nor could they pray to the Father as we can today and hear from Him to test the prophecies. And prophecy is part of God’s design to inform his Body (like it or not). And New Testament prophets are held to a different criteria. In fact, there will be a time before Christ comes when we all will have the ability to prophecy.

        And these people also live in the real world, work in the real world, exist in the real world. What kind of a statement is that about being put in jail? Is that an example of a loaded statement?

        And what’s with your obsession of them making a TON of money. None of them are living extravagant lifestyles. Most of the money is going into their ministries to pay employees and keep up the rent and help in mission projects. (I guess you think that their giftings and callings are not legitimate and although you have the right to judge, you have a 50/50 chance of judging right.) You, I’m sure, are living comfortably and probably extravagantly.

        Also there is nothing I could ever say that would legitimize Jim Bakker or his ministry to you. You and many others on this website have already made up your minds that all of his past sins and all of his present actions count him unfit for being in the public eye any more. I can say, however, your statement of Jim selling food for Triple the cost is an example of your misrepresenting his ministry. I have done a lot of research on this matter and there is nowhere you can get freeze dried or dehydrated food in the US for less. In fact, every other food source is much, much higher.

        And you did not answer all my questions (they were not statements). And I guess I will never get an answer to many, but I would like the answer to two.

        I ask you why you felt it necessary to notify James Robison of the thread.? And why you brought James into a disagreement you had with me? I found that rather juvenile on your part and SPAM comes to mind when I think of what James will do with it.

        I’m having a wonderful morning. Thanks,

        • Hi Sharlene,

          I contacted James Robison Ministries so he could see you in action….and I don’t care if he considers it spam or not. Speaking of SPAM that’s where your comments usually wind up….I should have left them there. I won’t make that mistake again.

          I think you’re done here. Not because I can’t answer your questions but I really don’t have time for you. Sorry but I have better things to do with my time then deal with someone who clearly doesn’t know what they are talking about.

          Obsessed with how much money they make? Hardly. I hope they make TONS of it and live their best life now…..and as long as there are people like you they will continue to get even richer. PT Barnum comes to mind.

          Enjoy your “God” Sharlene,


  87. I thought i would take a break from commenting on Jim “i need your money” Bakker but with Sharlenes’ rambleing prevents that. I had thought this person was a diehard fan of Jim & Lori and ofcourse Robinson (as her husband works for the Robinson needs money show). No, there is much more to this twister of words, avoider of questions and underbelly swipes, while try/claiming all the time to have knowledge of the inner workings of the Jim Scam Show, and much more important, knowledge & understanding of the Bible. Sharlene, in my opnion, is as much a fake as Jim and almost as cunning. Over and over this person claims to answer questions while cautioning,adviseing, browbeating and mainly spreading the manure farther out to cover the truth.and Sharlene is getting very good at spreading the crap. She uses numbers as though she actually knows what she is talking about, she makes statementslike Sue is lucky to have gone thru a tornado but 70 % of americans & other people in the world that have never been through a Tornado, flood, etc., so they need Jims warning of disaster (and ofcourse his food buckets) because they are really stupid you know and have never heard of a disaster, and another attack implying Sue must have a Hotline to God, and on & on.. I really like the one where she implies that ole Jimmy really does hear from God, i mean why question that ? If Jim says it happened, it did, rigjht ? Lets be truthful, Jim says he is not a Prophet, but if Sharlene or others say he is, Well, shucks, i guess he is . Only a partner or an ibecil would believe this crap This trickster is so full of Jim’s buckets it’s almost laughable. It’s NOT, i believe this idiot is a Jim Bakker Drone, she will never answer the questions ,she will condem by verse while ignoring other verses, and she will participate in draining the meager funds from the weak. Yes, this person knows exactly what she is doing, and more important, what Jim is doing. If you can not defend, attack.

      • Phil, i was going to stop my interactions with Sharlene, as a total waste of time but i did want to point out that , unlike Sharlenes’ statement, a very simple search online shows her claim of the amounts made off of the food buckets is false. A search reveals a common cost of around $100 retail, not wholesale, retail. At his price of $200 that is double the usual price. As little Jimmy buys them in bulk, his cost would more than likely be $50-60 which gives him a much higher profit. Ofcourse Jim claims only a small amount is made from these sales so Sharlene is only repeating what Jim has told her, which is what she does all the time. Sharlene thinks i am filled with anger & that i hate/despise Jim, again she is wrong. My concerns are the deeds of Jim and his like, they have no shame, they are predators and they use My Lords words and His Bible to do it. I do apologize for my sometimes strong words, but i when i hear Jim say things like “He and his followers will sing & dance in/on his compond while the rest of the world crumbles and suffers” I cringe at the thought that this False Prophet continues to have even a small amount of control over his followers/prey. I do appreciate the open forum and the opportunity to express my opnions. I would think that people like Sue has much more knowledge of The Jim & Lori Freak Show and am sorry she had to go through the scam, to have that knowledge. Again, Thank You

  88. General question: Can someone please confirm that Bakker actually charges for seats in his audience?

    Did you just say that you ordered chairs from Jim, but did not receive them? How is that getting more than you wanted from him? You’re shifting blame from Jim to yourself, saying that ‘you give for the right reason.’ Nelda, you gave with the expectation of receiving chairs from Jim, and he did not hold up his end of the bargain. How do you know that he’s not stiffing other people on their *merchandise*? Do you know that your silence may be harmful to others? Sheesh, people talk about wanting to protect others with their foodbuckets…why not protect others with your words, and expose Jim as a cheat?

    A quick search of Amazon shows that you can buy foodbuckets for less than Jim sells them for. Also, those squeeze flashlights Jim sells for $20 can be purchased for $3, again on Amazon.

    The list goes on and on. Either you are lying about the prices Jim *charges* his *customers*, or you are willfully spreading rumor.

    Do you all not see that you are placing Jim Bakker above God? You defend him as if you worship him. If he were just a simple local pastor, would you be so defensive? Nevermind, my question doesn’t really make sense, because if a local pastor were engaging in the same salesmanship as Jim and calling it a sermon, you would be right back out the door you came in through.

    Regarding Jim and his big scripture citations, you realize that he rehashes the same old verses again and again to sell his product, right? There is nothing new coming from him.

    To illustrate the disgusting nature of Jim Bakker, and his resumption of the Prosperity Gospel, listen to his sales action in the Kellie Swisher-Copeland episode:

    In attempting to secure money for his Master’s Media school, Jim referred to the students as ‘prophets-in-training’. He then cited Matthew 10:41, which tells us that those who support a prophet will reap a prophets reward. Jim translated for us, telling us that those who give money to him for his prophets will reap the money those *prophets* earn in life.

    I did not make this up, this is straight from the serpent’s mouth. Slice it any way you’d like, but that’s prosperity gospel. Now, which of you will stand up to defend this *man*?

    If you have seen my blog, you know that I am exceedingly harsh on everyone within Bakker’s sphere, to include those in attendance. I just want you to know that my utter disdain for all things Bakker ends when people renounce his actions and *see the light*. People make mistakes, and once they’ve learned from them, there’s no more reason to hound them. If Jim Bakker himself stopped his ungodly deeds, came clean and became a normal human being, I would stop covering him.

    From Phil’s comment, I just learned that you were once at Morningside. I think you are very courageous to speak out on those things you see which are incorrect, and please understand that the things I say on my blog do not apply to you. My harsh words end when misguided behavior ends, even for Jim. Anyways, I just wanted you to know that.

    Bakker’s supporters love to think that I (and others) say these things about Jim because we haven’t forgiven him for his past wrongs. No, people, we say these things because of what Jim is doing NOW. If he was not engaged in his deceptive practices, then I would have nothing to say about him. But there he is on my tv, not preaching but selling. So I speak. And I rehash the past, because it’s tied directly to his present. If and when he quits, so will I.

    • Ron, I said I purchased chairs at MS, and I did this in memory of someone very special to me. These chairs were to be used at MS when they relocated. I was very happy to do this. I think they were to be used in the chapel, but it doesn’t matter to me where they are being used. They were not suppose to be sent to me, and I did not have to buy chairs to be a guest at MS. I was happy to do it. Sorry you misunderstood. I sure don’t want that rumor to get out!

  89. Just for the heck of it, I recently timed one of his daily shows. Almost 52 minutes were directly involved with pushing products. The few remaining minutes were consumed with singing and talking about non-selling topics. I can’t believe the FCC and IRS are actually okay with this being a non-profit. I think the government is no longer closely monitoring Bakker’s activities. I just received an e-mail where he’s now selling used vacuum cleaners. I think he’s taken enough of us to the cleaners already. What’s next…used toilets?

  90. There are so many things I could say to all of this but I think in the old Disney movie “Bambi” Thumper’s father said it best– “If you can’t say somethin’ nice–don’t say nothin’ at all!” I’m a minister’s wife and have been hurt by many people in the ministry and unfortunately have probably hurt a lot of people as well. Once a friend told me she trusted me with her life and I asked God this: “What if I hurt her?” God VERY CLEARLY answered me “You will!” And I about died on the spot. But we’re all humans–and make mistakes all the time. But the people who hurt ME I’m sure never meant to and I know that I know that I know I never have intended to hurt anyone else. I also know this saying is true “HURT people HURT people.” (The 1st hurt is an adjective, the next one is a verb) But I know the author of Bambi gave Thumper’s father some real wisdom in saying what he said. I don’t like some TV programs and I don’t watch them. But I don’t think I have to voice my opinions about it to everyone. I’m sorry for those who have been hurt on either side of this particular blog–but I doubt that bashing Jim Bakker or anyone helps that hurt. Let Jesus heal it all–forgive and get on with living for Jesus! I don’t know if it’s gossip or what but God gave my husband a GREAT quote one time and it’s helped me keep my mouth shut A LOT–“Always tell the truth, but don’t always be telling it!” Please don’t notify me of any other comments. I don’t want extra email filling up my box and I won’tneed to be reading this again. If there is a mailing list for this, please do NOT put me on it. I pray for everyone on all sides with all opinions. We may all very well be in Heaven together and it would be nice to get used to loving each other here! Again like Thumper’s father said “If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all!”
    Bobbie Glendenning

    • Hi Bobbie,

      I’m sorry Bobbie but Scripture trumps Thumpers Daddy…..

      Mat 23:13 “But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. For you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go in.
      Mat 23:14 [Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you devour widows’ houses and for a pretense you make long prayers; therefore you will receive the greater condemnation.]
      Mat 23:15 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel across sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes a proselyte, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves.
      Mat 23:16 “Woe to you, blind guides, who say, ‘If anyone swears by the temple, it is nothing, but if anyone swears by the gold of the temple, he is bound by his oath.’
      Mat 23:17 You blind fools! For which is greater, the gold or the temple that has made the gold sacred?
      Mat 23:18 And you say, ‘If anyone swears by the altar, it is nothing, but if anyone swears by the gift that is on the altar, he is bound by his oath.’
      Mat 23:19 You blind men! For which is greater, the gift or the altar that makes the gift sacred?
      Mat 23:20 So whoever swears by the altar swears by it and by everything on it.
      Mat 23:21 And whoever swears by the temple swears by it and by him who dwells in it.
      Mat 23:22 And whoever swears by heaven swears by the throne of God and by him who sits upon it.
      Mat 23:23 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness. These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others.
      Mat 23:24 You blind guides, straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel!
      Mat 23:25 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you clean the outside of the cup and the plate, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence.
      Mat 23:26 You blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and the plate, that the outside also may be clean.
      Mat 23:27 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness.
      Mat 23:28 So you also outwardly appear righteous to others, but within you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.
      Mat 23:29 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you build the tombs of the prophets and decorate the monuments of the righteous,
      Mat 23:30 saying, ‘If we had lived in the days of our fathers, we would not have taken part with them in shedding the blood of the prophets.’
      Mat 23:31 Thus you witness against yourselves that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets.
      Mat 23:32 Fill up, then, the measure of your fathers.
      Mat 23:33 You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?

      I wonder what Thumpers daddy would have said to Jesus? Or how about this?

      But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction.
      2Pe 2:2 And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed.
      2Pe 2:3 And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.
      2Pe 2:4 For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment;
      2Pe 2:5 if he did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah, a herald of righteousness, with seven others, when he brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly;
      2Pe 2:6 if by turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes he condemned them to extinction, making them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly;
      2Pe 2:7 and if he rescued righteous Lot, greatly distressed by the sensual conduct of the wicked
      2Pe 2:8 (for as that righteous man lived among them day after day, he was tormenting his righteous soul over their lawless deeds that he saw and heard);
      2Pe 2:9 then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials, and to keep the unrighteous under punishment until the day of judgment,
      2Pe 2:10 and especially those who indulge in the lust of defiling passion and despise authority. Bold and willful, they do not tremble as they blaspheme the glorious ones,
      2Pe 2:11 whereas angels, though greater in might and power, do not pronounce a blasphemous judgment against them before the Lord.
      2Pe 2:12 But these, like irrational animals, creatures of instinct, born to be caught and destroyed, blaspheming about matters of which they are ignorant, will also be destroyed in their destruction,
      2Pe 2:13 suffering wrong as the wage for their wrongdoing. They count it pleasure to revel in the daytime. They are blots and blemishes, reveling in their deceptions, while they feast with you.
      2Pe 2:14 They have eyes full of adultery, insatiable for sin. They entice unsteady souls. They have hearts trained in greed. Accursed children!
      2Pe 2:15 Forsaking the right way, they have gone astray. They have followed the way of Balaam, the son of Beor, who loved gain from wrongdoing,
      2Pe 2:16 but was rebuked for his own transgression; a speechless donkey spoke with human voice and restrained the prophet’s madness.
      2Pe 2:17 These are waterless springs and mists driven by a storm. For them the gloom of utter darkness has been reserved.
      2Pe 2:18 For, speaking loud boasts of folly, they entice by sensual passions of the flesh those who are barely escaping from those who live in error.
      2Pe 2:19 They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.
      2Pe 2:20 For if, after they have escaped the defilements of the world through the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overcome, the last state has become worse for them than the first.
      2Pe 2:21 For it would have been better for them never to have known the way of righteousness than after knowing it to turn back from the holy commandment delivered to them.
      2Pe 2:22 What the true proverb says has happened to them: “The dog returns to its own vomit, and the sow, after washing herself, returns to wallow in the mire.”

      I’ll bet if you ask God if Jim Bakker has hurt people He will probably LOUDLY reply “Yes he does”……

      Take Care,


  91. Hi Bobbie,
    I disagree with this:

    “I don’t know if it’s gossip or what but God gave my husband a GREAT quote one time and it’s helped me keep my mouth shut A LOT–”Always tell the truth, but don’t always be telling it!”

    While that guidance may apply to things like, “Honey, does this dress make me look fat?” or “Dear, my hair’s feeling light up top…am I going bald?”, it absolutely does not apply to deception, lying, and other similarly detestable actions. In some instances, it is literally a crime for people with knowledge of the truth to stand idle and say nothing. It’s also selfish and cowardly.

    The charges raised against Jim Bakker, here and elsewhere, are not trivial. They are things which our conscious *requires* us to expose. And they are met consistently with silence from Jim Bakker and his supporters. We have asked direct questions, and time and again our questions are ignored. We receive long, blustery responses, but no actual replies to our questions.

    If you asked a pastor if you could review the church finances and he ignored you, how would you feel? Many churches actually publish their finances without being asked. So how much money does Morningside pull in for these *End Times*, and how much do Jim and Lori get paid? Simple question, right?

    If you entered a church and were met with an hour-long commercial, would you stay? If you saw a pastor, *even once*, fake cry in an effort to sway your behavior, wouldn’t you want to know why he is doing this? Is this a man of God looking out for his flock, or a poor actor looking out for himself?

    And Jim Bakker is not just any pastor. He once went to prison for defrauding people. If he left prison and simply preached the gospel, then nobody would have a problem with him. He is not doing that, Bobbie. Instead, he’s back on tv, selling again and looking a whole lot like the guy who went to prison once before.

    Bakker’s blind supporters like to think we’re picking on him, or haven’t forgiven him for past transgressions. No, that is not true. We are identifying his inappropriate behavior today, and comparing it to his inappropriate (and criminal) behavior from yesterday. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Is his behavior today inappropriate? Nobody seems to want to answer that. As I said, our questions always go unanswered. So let me ask you:
    1) Do you think it’s acceptable for a pastor, any pastor, to fake cry in front of his congregation?
    2) Should a church’s finances be made public to the ‘partners’ who fund it?

    2Pe 2:3 And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.

    2Pe 2:14 They have eyes full of adultery, insatiable for sin. They entice unsteady souls. They have hearts trained in greed.

    Wow, that is spot on. I might have to use some of that 😉

    • Ron,

      Be my guest…that’s why God inspired Peter through the Holy Spirit to write it 🙂

      I have some other verses for you but we’ll save that for another day 🙂


  92. Careful. Did you all know the federal government bought $1 Billion in storable food this past spring? I think it must have been Mountain House because their food was not available to dealers all summer. I do not think Jim Bakker is giving wrong advice. Food shortage is world wide. You choose where to purchase your food, but be careful not to give the impression that we don’t need it.

  93. Nice job Jim, you’ve driven away a loyal viewer.
    I will tolerate almost all your snake oil schemes, freeze dried food,
    gifted water filters, phoney cell phone ‘radiation’ stickers…but I
    cannot tolerate using 9-11 as a way to garner fallout money.
    All week long it’s been replays of the buildings falling down.
    Replays of the planes going into the buildings, over and over.
    You’ve hit a new low, Jim Bakker. I’ve got better things to watch.

  94. Kindness or ignorance ? Watched the last of Jimmy and Lori Gong Show today. These people have absolutly no self respect, CLAIMING HE HEARS FROM GOD, THE END IS NEAR AND WE NEED TO BUY HIS FOOD BUCKETS.The same old message with a little twist every now & then. With your plea for more understanding we should just open the doors of the prisions and let all of the thieves out to prey on the weak. What is wrong with you ? Are you really OK with this parasite bleeding the general public and lining his pockets ? Do you approve of his hiding his assests because he owes the IRS, that alone is an insult to every hard working person that does pay his/her fair share. I have kindness & love for those that need & deserve help. I have no love or kindness for those that live off of the misery of others & especially those that use Gods name or words to do it. You know this thread is mostly negative to the Jim & Lori Swindle Show, and your remarks are either baiting or ignorance. With your prior remarks i believe it’s a little of both.

  95. Couldn’t agree more, Larry.

    An Ignorant Master-Baiter – makes for a lonely existence.

    Pun intended. 🙂

  96. OK! It is so wonderful to watch the Jim Bakker Show because it reminds me of the Home Shopping Network. But instead of selling good things they sell lot’s of trinkets and other crap.

    Never mind the food buckets that you can get cheaper in Costco’s online with free shipping. Let me sell you a flashlight that you can shake and a food bucket full of dried foods. Then some pills to purify your urinated yellowish toilet water and the filter glass that you can drink from toxic mud puddles. Plus never mind the quick silver that if you drink to much of it you will start to look like a live walking Papa Smurf sometime.

    This is not a ministry it is a snake oil sales convention some where in Blue-Eye Missouri, at a place called the Morningside compound.. Now this is no different then before but and just with a new twist called The Omega Day Scam…

    If you want to be safe in the last days I will sell you a bomb shelter lined with cardboard and lots of screens for ventilation.

    Now come on folks if you think this place is of God you are all flying a steel kite without any wind behind it. This just does not float at all nor will it even hold water if it were the new Ark to save us from the end destruction that Jim claims that we face ever time he gets a chance.

    What a sales pitch folks based on fear that will cause you to sell everything and move there with these whacked-out self forgiven and self made sinful glory seekers called Jim and Lori.

    Remember that Jesus himself was always in harms way as well as his disciples in where only one survived to tell the final story called revelations.

    Jim if you read this I tell you that your days a numbered just as Satan’s days are numbered. Maybe at one time you were forgiven like you want everyone to see or to understand, but you have learned much more fraud and new scams within the five years you have spent in the can by the best of them in the trade. Now you are just applying within your Omega Day Shopping Network.

  97. I think you are all full of Crap. Jim Bakker is a God fearing man and isn’t stupid enough to do things wrong again. I volunteered at PTL from 2 years before they lift Park ave in Charlotte until he moved to Fl. and then to Prison.. God will surely punish you for the crap that is coming out of your heart to your mouth. You need to read your bible and you will know that what Jim is saying comes straight from the book of Revelation’s. If someone has been fired it is because they are probably gossiping instead of trying to put out fires. For all of you NON CHRISTIANS who are spewing out your garbage, the phrase is, what goes around comes around. For all of you “Christians” who know better than to gossip about something that you know nothing about, the phrase is what you sew ,so shall you reap. Satan is alive and working overtime on all of you “potty mouths” and e will use you all he can. Tammy Faye Bakker was the real reason Jim went to Prison for things he did not do. Tammy Fay looked me right in the eye and “Bold face lied to me on 2 different occasions, then she waited until Jim went to prison and then used Jim’s best friend “roe” to stab Jim in the back. I’ve been there at PTL and heard Jim tell one of his “entertainers”, for the lack of a better word, to pick up his things and HIS boyfriend and get off of the property Jim is a straight shooter and doesn’t put up with any body’s crap.
    Hill billy, any computer can turn a person’s skin blue.
    Larry, you are the one with no self respect. You let Satan in and he took over your heart. Can’t you people see how he is using you?
    Phil, anyone can take scripture out of context and Satan is using you to spew out his garbage.
    Phil, hill billy, Larry, You are the ones that are ” ignorant fools” Like Benny Hinn says, “you are nothing but garbage” Some day you might get saved and you will be sorry for the things you say now.
    Whoever it was that said Jim is rude to Lori on and off camera is a liar.
    Jim does use the 9 11 pictures but as an illistration of what it says in the bible about using bricks and morter to rebuild…and whoever saisd that Kevin is gone is also a liar. Kevin was on yesterdays program -1/20/2012. Kevin grew up in the church I got to and I have known him for 35 years. He is nobody’s fool.
    For the things you are saying, you all are satan’s fools.
    Don’t darken my door-step or my
    computer with any more of you lies
    or garbage.

    • Hi Bess,

      Don’t darken your doorstep? Aren’t you the one darkening mine 🙂

      You accuse me of taking Scripture out of context yet you haven’t told me which ones I’ve allegedly taken out of context. Why not?

      Comment under moderation means I read the comments prior to publishing them. It helps to keep the spammers from commenting on my doorstep and disrupting threads with silly adds and ignorant comments. Sorry it snatched yours 🙂

      Crap? I was just thinking the same thing 🙂

      You know what I find odd Bess? The majority of Jim’s supporters posting here refuse to reveal who they really are and instead hide behind screen names and fake email addresses and choose to throw rocks while the majority of those who oppose Jim reveal their true identities and give valid contact information. Pretty revealing huh?

      Have a nice day Bess!


      • Phil said: “You know what I find odd Bess? The majority of Jim’s supporters posting here refuse to reveal who they really are and instead hide behind screen names and fake email addresses and choose to throw rocks while the majority of those who oppose Jim reveal their true identities and give valid contact information. Pretty revealing huh?”

        Like who, Phil? Ron? Ron isn’t Ron in case you didn’t know that. His name is Daniel. Your ‘stand up’ guy, the Athiest, “Ron” is hiding who he really is and that’s just as well. He’s a very conflicted young man who used to be a Christian but got bitter at Jesus because he couldn’t stop his own sexual sin. I feel sorry for him, that his heart is darkened so much that he spews so much hate. Not just on here, but on his own blog that is pitifully wicked.

        Now, you guys have said much worse than this about Jim on here.

        I can’t speak for anyone else, but as for myself, I don’t give my name because I’m halfway disappointed in myself and ashamed I ever let this bastion of b.s. ever get under my skin. If I were a better Christian, I wouldn’t be caught dead here, that’s for sure. Jim warns against being like you people. He would never participate in this kind of gossip. You take your false accusations and embellish them and put them out before the world and in that, you have joined the Accuser for sure.

        I will never argue with a non-Christian. To me, they automatically do the work of Satan. But, you so-called “Christians” ought to know better.

        • Dear Ashamed,

          Who said I was referring to “Ron”…..I know who he is and even he, that terrible atheist, left legit contact info which is a LOT more than I can say for the “majority” of the Bakker supporters.

          Thanks for validating my point 🙂

          Thanks for being honest about not being a better “Christian” than the rest of us. Now I feel better knowing that you are just like the rest of us 🙂


        • ‘Embarassed to be here’,

          Phil has nothing to do with me. I’m merely a poster who sees the hypocrisy (and more) that is Jim Bakker.

          Phil has some of my real contact info, though I never use my real name online. That’s specifically to prevent lunatics like you from trying to hunt me down and blow me away in defense of your true lord and savior, Jim Bakker. I find it rather scary that Bakker supporters defend him more than they defend Jesus, God or the Bible. The viciousness of your attacks leads me to wonder just who it is that you worship?

          My worldview is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. I’ve not once brought it up, and I refuse to discuss it here on Phil’s blog. That would be impolite.

          Again, Bakker worshipers ignore each and every question that has been posed to them, and resort to meaningless personal attacks instead.

          Here’s a bible verse for you:

          Exodus 20:4 “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”

          I’m sure you already know that Jim used your donated money to make a 12-ton carved image of Jesus. Have you prayed to it yet?

          Good luck in your continued online stalking of me. Does that please your Lord [Jim]?

  98. whay does it mean “your comment is awaiting moderation
    The worse word I used in there was “crap”
    What are you saying? you only show the negative thoughts, not anything good?

    • When it comes to the Jim & Lori Gong Show, there really isn’t anything good. Some people immerse themselves into ignorance to verify thier beliefs in the good of evil. Only your arrogance in the “crap” attack exsposes your ignorance in placing the blame on everyone around Jim for his failures. Your mis-information is very much like Jimmy boys own declaration of others at fault in his downfall. A bowl of vomit for you for carrying on the Jim ” i didn’t do it” tradition.

      • Hey Larry,

        Sorry that Bess’ comment made it through….you try and trust folks and, well, they let you down. Bess is a mess Dude.

        If I were Jim Bakker and those who support me acted that way I would be ashamed…but these deceived folks have no shame in their game.


  99. Another Jimmy the Con supporter, and one that has followed the vomit trail for so long they can only spew out praise for the so called prophet that slithers amongst his sheep. Where do you mindless jimmy shleep hide when the truth is coming out. According to you, Bess, Jimmy boy has never done anything wrong even though he admitted his treachery and was ashamed from the time he went to prison until he could no longer stand the devils temptation & re-invented Heritage (Morningside). According to you Bess, Jim is a prophet, a man of God, a blameless victim of Tammy Faye (you must really enjoy the vomit) that was brought down by others than himself, how convient.I would exspect nothing less from a J. Bakker dunce, you say you have been with the scammer from PTL until today, that alone tells me you are a die-hard fool & will follow Jimmy to the end Please don’t drool about Jim and the book of Revelation, he NEEDS Revelation to sell his buckets of lies.A person of God does not need to sell trinkets to preace the word or to sustain his/her ministry. This Little Man is a Deceitful Manipulater of Gods word to line his pockets.He is a liar of prophecy using deadly disasters as a backdrop for his Con and his greed. I am sick and tired of mindless drones telling me i will answer to God, as a christain i would exspect nothing less.You also must know that God will punish the false prophets and those that follow, support & enable these snakes that prey on the weak and needy. By association with this con-man you are as quilty as Jim when he & Lori does the Gong Show, especially since you have assisted him for so long in his Con- Ministry. When Jim,Lori and the 10-15 guests tape a show, you should join them in the sharing of the vomit. I usually do not engage drones, as they are close minded, usually not very educated (hence very easy to control) and when educated by Jim Bakker,will always revert to the warning of the judgements, the devils influence and the prophet of knowledge (claims of words from God, while denying he’ a prophet)to lead away from his open treachery, his preying on the weak, his deceitful preaching on the Prosperity Gospel (while he empties your wallet/purse).Jim Bakker is not a Minister,a Prophet, a Preacher or a Man of God. He is what the bible warns us about, and you Bess, why your just a Fool.

    • It must really bug all you badmouthers that Jim has been blessed and chosen.. yes, I said chosen, of God to have a huge VOICE in the last days. Boo Hoo – it wasn’t you.

      God sets people up, and he takes them down. You’re not God.

      • Hey,

        Guess what? You aren’t God either and 2 Peter 2 is pretty clear about those “chosen” guys with huge voices…give it a read if you get the chance 🙂


        • I’ve read it, Phil. And I’ve also read Leviticus 19:16, Proverbs 18:8, Proverbs 16:28, Psalm 52:2, Psalm 34:13, and especially Psalm 101:5. Have you read THEM? 2 Timothy 3:1-3 is a good read as well.

      • embarrased to be here, so Jim is one of the chosen and has been blessed by God to lead the masses in the last days. I’m sure Jim & Lori will be very happy to learn of this important appointment. I need to stop here, i would be more than embarrased if i actualy thought or spewd out such idolitry. Jim is one of the chosen ones ? Jim is blessed by God to be a voice in the End Times ? What tree did you and other “Jim the Great” followers fall out of ? Besides the fact that you (as many of Jimmy’s followers ) are hiding your identity & the fact that not one of his followers will actualy answer questions. What makes you think, in your childish, mind that anyone that exsposes the con-man game is worried, bugged or Boo Hooing. Your reply’s are no different than other Jim & Lori followers, chastise, warn of punishment for exsposing Jim’s scams & above all else, Don’t Answer questions with verifiable facts. With all of this, your statement of chosen & blessed & a loud voice in the End Time tells me alot about your shleep status in Jims’ “Have I Got a Deal for You” Show. I’ve said it before, a Teacher of the Gospel – a Minister of the Church – a Preacher of the Bible – a Leader of the Faith – DOES NOT need/have to sell trinkets to support thier Ministry. The Lord has always and will always provide for the teaching of the Gospel. So you listen to and keep your attention on J.B. at the End Time. I personaly will be following the voice of Jesus Christ Our Lord & Savior. Only through Jesus can you get to the Father. The Bible says nothing about going thru Jim Bakker or following his voice.

  100. I’m glad I don’t have to read any more of your crap. I know where I stand with the Lord, however I will keep praying for your salvation.,
    I’m out of here.

    • Bess,

      Have you ever read the 5th Chapter of the epistle to the Galatians? Your comments are so similar to those who Paul claimed were “in the flesh” (5:17-21). You would think someone like you who “knows where they stand with the Lord” would demonstrate for us heathens Galatians 5:22-23…thanks for being such a shining example of Christianity 🙂


  101. I find it amazing the ugliness that keeps comes out of the mouths of those claiming to know Christ. The people who support Jim Bakker post garbage meant to inflame those they claim don’t know Christ. They gloat over the idea that God is going to judge and strike down these people who speak against what Jim Bakker is doing. From what I understand from remarks made by these people it’s Jim himself that is proclaiming these kind of judgments on people! Do they stop and ask themselves what would Jesus do? If they are the bible scholars they claim to be, and the upstanding Christians in the community of believers, what do they do with the following scriptures:

    James 3:19 ” With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the God’s likeness.” Jesus did not do this! Instead of judging people he came into the world to save them. “He demonstrated His love for us, that while we were yet sinners He died for us”. The people defending Jim speak as if they were never sinners at one time in need of the redemption they received through Christ. Do you ever asked yourselves where would I be if others had not prayed for me when they saw me lost in my sin? What if the believers around you had condemned you instead of praying for you and their salvation! If you believe you are better than others then start talking and acting in a way that proves it!

    Matthew 5:44 “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hurt you, pray for them that despitefully use you, and persecute you. Jim and his followers talk about God’s judgment on this nation. Do you people ever wonder that maybe it’s your unchristlike behavior that is bringing the judgments we are now experiencing? 2 Peter 3:9 “the Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient towards you, NOT WISHING THAT ANY SHOULD PERISH, but that ALL should come to repentance”. Jesus wants to save the people you are judging! What are you doing to bring them to Christ?

    Do you people realize that unbelievers are not reading a bible, they are reading you! Have you forgotten judgment is going to come to the household of God first!

    Beware pharisees! Romans 3:14 Their mouths are full of bitterness and cursing. Psalm 73:8 “They speak with malice, in their arrogance they threaten oppression.”

    How can these people claim to be christians and speak such filth and evil! They are behaving just like, and in many cases worse, than the people they are judging! What do you do with Jesus’s teaching to turn the other cheek….to bless those who curse you…to not return evil for evil? God isn’t talking to the world when He says these things, He’s talking to you if you are a believer! He expects you to read His word and then do what He says!

    If Jim is teaching “Woe” and talking judgement and condemnation against those who oppose him then woe to him! He claims to be a teacher and a “humble man of God”. He better not over look the verses charged to an overseer!

    James 3:1 Not many of you should be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. Ask yourself does a man of God wish evil on those who oppose him? Psalm 10:7 “His mouth is full of curses and lies and threats, trouble and evil are under his tongue”. God does not have a favorable opinion of those who speak this way!

    Ephesians 4:31 says to get rid of malice. I wonder if people like Bess, Sharlene, and the numerous others, who think they are christians, posting here against those they see as evil heathens, have looked up the word malice? I did, and this is what it is….A desire to harm others or to see others suffer. Extreme ill will or spite. The desire to inflict injury or harm, or suffering on another, either because of hostile impulse or out of deep seated meanness. I

    I wonder if those who support Bakker and come on here with their hostile, mean, remarks that are full of malice have any fear of God? Jim is saying those who oppose him and his teachings are going to suffer harm and death! You, his followers, believe him and repeat this evil conduct and speech! Once again, let me remind you Jesus said “In the way that you judge others you will be judged”!

    Matthew 23:23 “Woe to you teachers of religious law and Pharisees. Hypocrites! You are careful to tithe even the tiniest income from your herb gardens, but you ignored the more important aspects of the law – justice, mercy, and faith.

    As Teresa, a Bakker supporter said, “Hopefully we will all show a little more kindness this year”…..are you doing that? Matthew 5:47 “If you are only kind to your friends, how are you different than anyone else, even the pagans do that!

    Hopefully all those who are professing believers that support Jim will in 2012 “put aside the sin that is entangling you” and “put aside the evil deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.” You need to truly “get ready” especially if these are indeed our last days! There is not much time if Jim is right. I would be more concerned about what my heart if filled with than what my stomach is! I would be more concerned with hiding God’s in my heart! Lastly I would ask you “Why are you more concerned with storing up stuff that will only rot, rust, or perish in the fire that is to come, than loving others!”

    To those who read these blogs that aren’t believers I want you to know that Jesus said “You will know they are my disciples by the love they have for one another” John 13:35. God also said in 1 John 4:20 “If anyone says he loves God, yet hates his brother he is a liar. For anyone who hates his brother, which he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. I ask you unbelievers please don’t judge those who are willing to obey Christ, by those who profess to be christians but aren’t showing the fruits of a believer! The fruit of Gods spirit are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. If you consistently don’t see or hear these things from them, or feel these things when you are around them, they aren’t of christians!

  102. I keep seeing all this stuff about my two boys, Im here to answer them for you, yes this is thier father Doug I lived with the Bakkers for 16 years.

  103. Love how this thing got started by someone with a record, you can look it up yourself go to BeenVerified an App.and look at Chad’s long record this was not his first time, thats why he keeps moving. now lets see if you put this on here.

    • I bieleve you are writing with a forked tounge, when you speak of someone with a record, are you talking about Jim ? If you lay down with a dog, you are going to get fleas Personaly,I am tired of this Jim & Lori Con Show, I’m tired of jimmies followers and tired of people that support such a man that can’t comphrehend a hard days work or someone that lives off of the weakness and fear of others. This little man has destroyed the lives of many with his con-game and will continue to do so as long as there are those that needs to find goodness in everyone. Jim will not stop, it is all he knows, i truely feel sorry for those that are victims of his con-man.

      • i believe that you dont know me and you dont know what you are talking about,haters are gonna hate, you do know the button that turns it on also turns it off. I do know if you lay with dogs you are going to get fleas, they make collars for that, Im sure your mother and wife knows all about that, you need to find a church and go, the only person that will judge is Jesus, not you. Jim was called to preach, so I hope he keeps on preaching, I was there when Jim was in prison and Billy Graham came to visit and told him not to let this stop his calling, how old are you larry do you know who Billy is ask your mom, but i will be glad to tell Jim how you feel, have a great day

        • Doug, now we see the true snake of slime as it follows the jimmy boy “the end is coming-send me your money”. I don’t know you ? OH yes, i know you and your kind. Your kind feeds off of fear, your kind hides in the shadow while you do your selfish deeds, your kind takes the money out of the pockets of the weak, the poor and the sick. You talk about hate from others while you spew it out of your mouth, a mouth that i am sure has defrauded many as you and jimmy sell your cheap trinkets. As you have mooched off of jim for 16 years i can see where you need to defend this ministry of a dozen or so. Also you have “your boys” to defend and if they are spewing the same vomit as jimmy, they will need defending. Yes they do make collars for dogs & “your boys” & the rest of your pathetic family have a place for your kind of slime and vomit eaters of deceit & Con. Yes I know of Billy Graham, though i hesitate using his name when discussing false preachers & thier little pups. You and Bakker are a cancer on religon, a curse in the battle to win souls for the true Christ.. Ofcourse your type always brings the judgement warning to try and silence anyone that would question the fleeching of those that need protecting, i mean that interfers with your groups Con-Game, right ? So, pay attention vomit boy, just as i have the ability to change the chanel, you have the ability to not read postings on this sight. Your attempt to “protect your boys & defend the Jim & Lori Gong Show” at best shows your ignorance, your arrogance and your dependence on Jim’s ability to raise the worshiped dollar. You need to stay on your level of intelligence which is clear as you are one of jims lap dogs, BUT, IF YOU want to mix words, or whatever. with Me, BRING IT ON.

  104. Jonathan left Morningside to start his career in preaching, he is now speaking all over, he is now in New York for 2 weeks, he and James both are getting ready to hit the road.

    • And this is information i need, or want ? I can only stomach one jim bakker and barely the one. If he eats and speaks the same vomit, this is not good news.

      • Dear Embarrassed,

        Thanks for spelling my name correctly, it means a LOT 😦

        When you are willing to sign your name, and leave legit contact info, I might allow some of the filth that you have attempted to leave here….

        Have a nice day!


        • Please read this through.

          Thanks for applying different rules to different people, Phil. So now you are requiring actual names and contact information in order to leave comments on this ‘blog’? Or is it just for some you are requiring? Why would it surprise you that I am embarrassed to be here? With the level of attack you have allowed on your blog towards Jim Bakker and anyone who tried to defend him, who would want to be assaulted by that kind of evil?

          Did it ever occur to you that we actually believe what we’re saying? We believe in prepping and so do a heck of a lot others. That old grandma actually believe when she buys food for the end times that she will be helping herself and maybe a whole lot of others when things get bad, maybe even the granddaughter or the daughter that thinks she doesn’t have a brain. I believe it too. What gives you and yours the right to hate us because we believe this way? What gives you and yours the right to slander us and call us ‘stupid’?

          What gives you the right to tell us that we think Jim Bakker is a god? We don’t. We just believe like he does and you hate us for it. Shame on you. Shame on LGH. This isn’t about money, it’s about believing differently than you do, and then you think you have the right to hate us. You don’t. Not if you’re a Christian. Shame on you.

          What if I hated you because you’re a Calvinist and I don’t believe in eternal security, so does that give me the right to hate you because you do? I dont’ hate you, Phil, because you’re a Calvinist, but I will tell you straight up that I don’t believe that doctrine and I think it just might be a very sad thing for those who are being led astray by it and just may miss heaven because they feel safe in their sins…. though in my heart I hope against hope… I don’t want anyone to go to hell. That’s because I’m a Christian, Phil. I shouldn’t have to defend my Christianity with you or anyone else. If you’re my brother, why don’t you know it? If we serve the same Jesus, why don’t you know it?

          Jim Bakker believes in End Times preparation. We do too. Leave us alone. We are not false anything… anymore than you are. We didn’t come gunning for you like you did Jim. That’s the telling thing, Phil.

        • Hi Embarrassed,

          See, I let your comment through.

          Why does EVERY Bakker supporter play the emotion card…..I suppose it does make sense. When someone can’t back up their beliefs any other way then why not just label label them “haters” or claim they are “offended”.

          You say I should leave you alone but aren’t you the one that came here and found me? And for that matter just who exactly are you?

          BTW, how do you slander libel an anonymous person? How has anything anyone has said to the majority of Bakker supporters injured their characters or harmed them from making money. You and they DON’T EXIST.

          Oh, and if I were gunning for Jim Bakker he and you would know it. Ask Paula White about that. I have better things to do with my time and if you haven’t noticed already look at the date on the blog…guess I ran out of bullets huh?


        • Phil, i apologize for the continued responses to dougie & “his two boys”, whatever that means. There are those that cannot defend thier gutter existance without slivering around a confrotation by attacking those we love. I guess i should exspect such from the likes of the jimmy & lori tribe and thier shleep. If this loser has been witrh jim in prison and with the duo the last 16 years i’m sure he is invested in the continueing Con-Game and the End Time fleeching of the weak & meak. I usually dimiss these incopentent drones but his chest beating in defense of “his boys” was laughable while he vainly defends jimmy & his con-. i appreciate being able to post on your site, as these parasities crawl out of the corners every now and then. They will not answer questions as they have no defense for the Con-Game and what they really want is to be left alone to prey on thier victims. The money changers have been around a long time, just as thier false teachings & prophecy has. They worry about sites such as yours because it exsposes them, thier false doctrine and thier fleechingscam in the name of religon. Thanks, Larry

    • I forgot, my mother entered into the Lords presence 10 years ago at the age of 78. I’m sure she is watching everything i say or do as a man and a sinner. My age is unemportant, i mean look at you, evidently an elderly person with the brain of a simpleton and still living with the false prophet all these years. Your ignorance offends me and your reference to my departed mother or my wife just shows the slime trail you leave as you peddle jimmy’s trinkets & spread his vomit. NOW, i’m finished.

  105. I should add: and it won’t do any good to try to argue Calvinism with me. I am thoroughly convinced in my own mind. To my own master I stand or fall.

    • Surprizingly i don’t think anyone that has posted here, has a problem with that. You have every right to be convinced in the things you believe as truth. You also have every right to take a stand for and to your own master. Your problem is that you come to a posting site that is clearly mostly negative to Jim Bakker’s teachings. You complain of being attacked along with JB, you proclaim Shame on you, shame on LGH, ect., the same old poor me, poor Jim, Why won’t they leave us alone ? Do you check everyone out, thats wants to post on this sight ? And, well, you can just read what you wrote. So, if you are ashamed, why did you post ? Why engage someone that you know will disagree and may even hurt your feelings? Did you think you are the only one that has an opnion, or that some of those that disapprove of Bakker and his End Time Ministry might be more vocal in condemnation than you or other supporters would be ? I indentify myself when i post, why don’t you? Please don’t tell me it’s because your embarresed, that is just a cop-out.YES, you have every right to believe as you choose, but do not tell me i am not allowed the same or that i am unchristian or doing the devils work. You see J.Bakker as a voice of God, i see J. Bakker as a Con-man, a deceitful little man that takes advantage of those that fear his End Time preaching. dougie boy told me i have the choice of changing the channel or turning off the TV. I’ll tell you what i told him, you both have the right and ability to not visit or read the posts that are here, or to skip by my postings.dougie even questioning my age as if that mattered, as i’m old enough to have fought in a distant war a few years before Jim was caught in adultry and exsposed & imprisoned Either way, to get respect, you have to give it. If you are firm in your beliefs, leave those that have a different belief alone. If you condem, you will be condemed. I am truly tired of Jim’s supporters warning me of the judgement, of my evil intent because i don’t agree with Jim’s fleeching or gave much thought to his followers like ” doug,” who stated i should check with my mother, that has passed, or my wife about dog collars, now that was REAL CHRISTIAN.There is no doubt in my mind of doug’s smallnes as a man or his intelligence. I have never visited a Pro-J.Bakker site i have nothing good to say about him or his shleep frock. I would not respond to you, douge or any of jim’s followers if you had not come here first and stick your neck out with your vomit. I do not want to engage you or your followers, BUT i will not shy away from your claims of defience or support of the jim & lori scam show when it is posted here,

      • Larry,

        This he/she/it complains that we won’t leave them alone but he/she/it keeps leaving comments here. I don’t get it. I didn’t invite this person here. I didn’t ask this person to comment yet he/she/it came here to toss their two cents in. Too funny.

        He/she/it claims Calvinism is wrong yet he/she/it never got around to demonstrating exactly how Calvinism is incorrect. I guess we are just supposed to take his/her/its word for it….too funny.

        Hopefully he/she/it will see the error of his/her/its ways and stop following Bakker. Deborah’s link makes it crystal clear that Bakker is playing the same games he did prior to getting sent to prison that he claimed was wrong. Too sad.


        • Phil, i admire your patience with these Bakker followers. though even embarrased just can’t help himself from being an arrogant and ignorant shleep. With his posting of complaint of how he and other Bakker drones are soooooo badly treated. embarresed slips in “He doesn’t hate you Phil or that your a Calvinist”, but he slides in the fact that you and your beliefs gives him pause concerning he may be concerned that it may be a very sad thing for those being led astray and just might miss heaven because they may feel safe in thier sin. HOW ARROGANT, how assinine. Don’t you see Phil, he doesn’t hate you but you are pretty much damned to hell because you disagree with the J.B. Gong show and some people, like myself, are being mean to the bakker flock. HOW DARE US !!!!!. Just more of the oh poor me and oh poor jimmy boy. As i said i admire your patience and the fact that you let them post. Can you imagine the wall that would go up if you tried to post negative statements on “The End of Time is here- Buy you salvation Here” jim & lori Gong Show..Thier main concern is any preceived threat to the jim bakker money tree, They feel they must stop any negative feedback as it may be a hand in thier pocket like the hand they have in others pockets. Oh but i forgot, it’s not about the money. What bullcrap, What Arrogance !!!!!!!!!!!!. They need to crawl back under thier rock & STOP BEING SOOOO MEAN TO ME. Larry

  106. Jim Bakker is offering an 18″ statue of the “resurrected Christ” for a donation of
    $1000.00 to Lori’s House Builders Club. Not only that but you receive 2 Builder’s Club Cards and your name of the name of a family member will be engraved in the Hall of Faith and on the pedestal of the 15ft., over 12 ton statue of “The Resurrected Christ”.

    Back in the PTL days Jim offered a David and Goliath sculpture for a gift of…ta da.
    $1000. The more things change the more they stay the same. Here’s the article that tells the story.

  107. hello
    thank you I read all of the hate and I think you need 2 thing 1 is get a life!!!!!
    2 and one thing love then hate them you are thing of them put this much time in
    your owe life and the world my and your kid would have a grate life
    if you don’t like the bakers don’t look you don’t have to send them money
    but thank you for your eye opening read

    • Pamela, could you try and put together an understandable sentence ? What i need and what i think is not for you or jimmy & lori to worry about. I see jimmie boy is getting near to the bottom of the barrel. Using some of your words, the ones that are somewhat readable, if you don’t like what negative ,jim/lori Gong Show, posts have to say, Don’t read them. I don’t hate JB, but i do dispise what he is doing while using the Lords name. Jim Bakker is a Con-Man & he loves ignorance & guilability.

  108. To Charles and Pamela,

    Have you ever heard the saying “Love the sinner, never the sin”. I believe that is an appropriate response to what Jim Bakker is doing today.

    I find Jim Bakker and those who support him like to twist scripture to support their erroneous beliefs.We need to love everyone, no matter what they do, is the worst false teaching in the church today. Proverbs 6:16 talks about things God hates. Does that make Him a hater? Are we as believers not suppose to hate the things God hates?

    1 Timothy 5:20 Reprimand those leaders who sin. Do it in front of everyone so that the other leaders will also be afraid. (God’s Word Translation) Was Paul a hater when he commanded the church to live by this principle?

    To those who want to defend Jim Bakker will you answer one question, Who is Jim Bakker accountable to? Who are his overseers? What church umbrella does he fall under? I believe he is a lone ranger, who runs his church and ministry with no accountability.

    This loving God you speak of has a judgement day planned. Would you say He is a hater and unloving?

    Scream in terror, for the day of the Lord has arrived- the time for the Almighty to destroy. They will look helplessly at one another, their faces aflame with fear. The day of the Lord is coming-the terrible day of his fury and fierce anger. (Isaiah 13:6, 8,9) I, the Lord will punish the world for it’s evil and the wicked for their sin. I will crush the arrogance of the proud and humble the pride of the mighty. (Isaiah 13:11)

    Yes, God is a loving and forgiving God; but when a person is a habitually sinner, who falsely repents, and continues in his sin, God’s loving patient runs out. Get out your concordance and do a word study on judgement, wrath, anger etc. Then you will know the truth of God in this matter of Jim Bakker, and those who hate what he is doing.

  109. Pslam 1: 3:-1, Your response is one of the best reply/statements i’ve read on this blog. Many are hard pressed to use the word hate and JB & LB along with thier sheep count on using the word to chastize critics of this false phrophet and his Con Ministry. Thank you for showing God has a limit to His forgiveness of the sinner & those that use his Grace to line thier pockets.

  110. i was duped by PTL. Many of us were born again Christians and left other dead churches or were saved from sin, saved by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. never having known a ‘church’. I was saved watching PTL years earlier, but through the Holy Spirit…not Jim Bakker. Many of us were ‘baby boomers’. We were baby Christians. Many people were hurt beyond most of which many people have no clue. Not just to PTL partners, but their kids. Many who now have children and grandchildren. This affected millions of people and millions of relatives and friends who knew PTL partners who were hurt big time.
    I walked the grounds for about a year before Bakker fell and I noticed that he was a phoney. I moved south from the north…and found out what was on TV didn’t ‘ feel’ the same. confusion came about. Now I know confusion is of the devil.

    Many innocent Christians left their jobs and moved to work at PTL only to be Hurt and shocked about the place. At the laundry mat there, the faces of the people who worked there, doing their laundry… was appalling. they looked discouraged and like they lost everything to ‘work for God’. I never saw such sorry looks in all my life. I went through similar things and understood. I experienced a lot of spiritual warfare which the ‘church’ never really explained about. I had to learn the hard way. I have experienced Jesus, miracles a few times…my best Friend, Savior and King. No man can compare to Him. There is NO comparison!

    I never saw miracles in the ‘upper room’. but I experienced them away from that place by my God. I also saw how the devil operated. God took care of my family despite all the crazy stuff going on by the terrible influence of PTL and false brethren. We Gave our money…we did not Take it from others, before God exposed the truth instead of wondering in my confusion what was really going on. Cover ups were good there. My husband even worked free there for 3 months while job hunting and people there did not understand that concept when he worked there alongside payed workers.

    A few good people were at PTL working years ago… but their pocketbook, or job security was more important than exposing the truth of evils there. One day my husband put out a fire in the men’s room. I saw the man go in and come out before my husband went in. We told the Partner Center, but they pretty much ignored what we said. Talking about crazy things going on, it was shocking to us.

    Pastors who were there. Apparently rumors and some knowing that homosexuality was taking place by ‘leaders’ did not matter. Or were they ‘hirelings’ and not preachers of the Word to teach and preach against sin also. And we wonder why Sodom and Gomorah is going on in this country because pastors said nothing for MANY YEARS . Did they really think that God will not judge? love the sinner and not the sin…but we need to also preach the fear of God. ” the beginning of Wisdom is the fear of the Lord”.>there is a hell folks.

    I do remember in 86 at PTL that a million dollars a day was coming in. I was told this by someone in the Partner Center who worked there on ‘Main Street’.
    I believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit but I believe some of the ‘gifts’ are not of the Holy Spirit but of the unholy spirit. If it has a ring of untruth…does not go with the Word of God…or you are not in peace over this, ignore it. When God shows you something. There is NO Doubt. His sheep hear His voice and know Him.

    Jim bakker lost his soul a long time ago. He blasphemed the Holy Spirit. Now I know for sure God told me that years ago when I was a partner but ignored this because it was so shocking that God would show this nobody…me this revelation. ” the last shall be first and the first last”. Jesus is our Judge. The Bible does tell about ‘righteous judgement’, God did give us a mind to think that He gave us. His Holy Spirit to show us discernment. Read the Bible, and ask God to show you what the Good Book really says. Don’t take others their word what the Bible says…Read it your self and check. Don’t take the Word out of context. ” the Word is God”. john 1;1

    Are the church people, really that ignorant? loud noises are all around us. yes, we are sheep, the blind following the blind. God will show you His Word. This nation was taught its A B C’s, Read the BIBLE. if you are seriously seeking God, after all, God knows if one person’s heart is real or not. Jesus died for our sins because he loved us enough to do this and fulfill scriptures of the old testament.

    Don’t depend on these false prophets, many from TV. Nor will the apostate church, new age churches,new age secular teachings, secret clubs, or pagan teachings that are really ‘lucifer lovers’. Satan will deceive even the very elect. ” they ( apostate church”, false teachers, false prophets, liars, deceivers know not God” and are ” wolves in sheep’s clothing”. Most have a type of charisma. This should open your eyes. If we don’t have love we don’t have it…but love is not an excuse to let millions go to hell because multiculturalism or pagan religion lies and tells us to ‘follow the light’ when one is on their deathbed instead of repenting and asking Jesus to forgive us of our sins so we can meet our Maker in peace to go to heaven. Only the Cross can cover our sins and if we believe on the Lord Jesus we can be saved.

    ” I am the way the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but by me”. Jesus… If we really spent 100’s or 1000’s of hours reading the Word, seeking God…repent and believe in the Name of Jesus, we are saved by the blood of the lamb…the Cross. “we ought to obey God and not man”> ” we are living tabernacles filled with the Holy Spirit not made by human hands.” the true church…needs the spirit of discernment of the Holy Ghost and most Christians don’t have this. Many times this happens after we have been duped…and than we realize what God was trying to tell us and that He DID Talk to us.

    I wish I had listened to God about Jim Bakker before my family suffered financially and suffered the strange spiritual warfares that we expereinced God had to teach us somehow…the church sure was not teaching..neither was PTL. However, ” all things work out for good to them who are called according to His Spirit”. We grow up through pain, have to forgive but don’t follow sinful man.

    Learn from our stupid mistakes, even if we had a pure heart for God, and still fell on our faces into the mud.If we listen to false prophets one can go crazy. Believe me…some miracles are from the devil . As God says, my sheep hear my voice. God will get you on track if we get off track by bad teachings of perverting the gospel. He knows his true children and forgives. Follow Jesus and carry the Cross. Don’t follow Jim Bakker. He is NOT GOD, but a fallen selfish creature who has the love of money and the love of self before others.

    When I became a born again Christian, I knew I was loved by God and not by man. So what…I have Jesus and we should have a burden for souls that will go to hell and pray like we have never prayed for anything to get these people saved. Not just hide somewhere from the wrath of God to continue the ‘good life’.

    If the fruits are bad don’t eat them. Pray for our nation, family, friends and that people would stop depending on the flesh and depend on God instead. Secular TV is not much different than so called Christian TV . Has our country gotten better?Do the fruits of ‘Christians ‘ still smell? Are we following God or man?Or self? We should spread the gospel…not depend on television land. ” don’t worry about anything but pray for everything” Maybe the tornado in town…was to bring less business to Jim Bakker’s part of town. God still has mercy on those who support him and are duped if they are true follows of Jesus Christ, but in the ‘baby stage’ not really knowing the Word that well. We must pray for each other. I need prayers too.

    Our souls are more important and the true gospel is more important than just the fear of listening about the last days for money for wolves. instead, men should be preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ for God’s Glory. Not the glory of men like Jim Bakker, other false evangelist, false prophets, the Pope, politician or any other fallen sinful man, who are just trying to make a name for themselves.

    We are in the last days…but ” I don’t have the spirit of fear but of power of love and a sound mind.”. Jim Bakker is full of fear…no love and definitely not of a sound mind. former PTL partner, .A Grace, using my maiden name, to protect my family. One can accept my letter or reject it, it is up To the Holy Spirit. ps remember…” the prayer of the righteous availeth much”. and even in these days…” is anything too hard for the Lord?” remember, love is not believing a lie and following the blind who leads the blind and does not care if you lose your soul but loves your hard earned dollars.

  111. I’ve been watching the jim bakker show off and on for a while now, and I am amazed at the similarity when it is compared to the old ptl show that aired in the 80’s. The buildings look similar and the show foremat is similar. One thing missing is that there is no Tammy Faye to sing and do her puppet show. However, Jim has got Lori made up to look a lot like Tammy looked. She has the short bleached blonde hair, the fake boob job, the fake diamond wedding ring, the fake eyelashes and who knows what else is fake. She looks so much like Tammy Faye,even dresses like her. I think it is so sad. I don’t buy from the show, but I do like to hear Kevin Shorey sing. I do not adhere to the prosperity gospel in my personal life either. I just wanted to comment on how much this show is like the old show and I don’t wish anybody any ill will. God will judge us all in the end.

  112. If you’ve thought about purchasing the Food for Health buckets, I just wanted to let you know that you can purchase this stuff considerably cheaper from Costco. I purchased a couple of buckets but after receiving found that they are loaded with salt. And, my doctor advised against eating this stuff. Luckily, Costo took back with a full refund. I fully agree with the concept of having some food stored away but will have to find something else that is not loaded with salt. Maybe this will be food for thought if you’ve been thinking about buying this product.

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