It’s Wednesday!!

A view of my pool from the roof!!!

It’s another Wednesday and the last Wednesday of the summer season, at least for me it is. The rest of the Island will still be busy for about another 3-4 weeks. It’s been a decent year considering the economy is in the tank.

The “vacation” is over and my real season begins. Everything starts popping around here beginning Tuesday and I can’t wait.

The US Open begins on Monday, August 30. Please pray for my friend Pastor Bob Kraft as he will be on site and in the players lounge witnessing to and praying for the players. I wish I was there to help him.

For the last seven years I have had the extreme privilege of teaching tennis to a young man named “Gumby”. When he came here we couldn’t speak to one another. My Greek sucked and he knew very little English. Seven years later and we communicate very well in two languages.

Last night he came over to the academy for a lesson. During a break we got to talking about his summer job at the local taverna (restaurant) and I asked him if he got pissed off when people don’t leave a tip (here in Greece they rarely tip). He of course said “yes” and rightly so. I then asked him if I could share something with him and he said “yes” (I never share my faith with my tennis students without first asking them ).

I asked him if he remembered the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers (Luke 17:12-19) and he said “sorta”. So I broke it down for him and reminded him that even though Jesus had completely changed their lives by cleansing them only one out of the ten turned around to say thank you. Jesus still did what He was sent to do (die on a cross) knowing full well that nine out of ten would be ungrateful and you and me and everyone else who’s ever been stiffed by ungrateful people must keep on doing whatever God has called us to do.

“You know something else Gumby”?


Jesus noticed so don’t forget to say “thank you” to Jesus each and every day of your life for all He’s done and will do!

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