Is This A Fair Assessment of Modern Day Christianity?

Sunrise from my villa!

I saw the following entry on a Yahoo group list and thought re-publishing it here would be a good way to kick off the week. I could have written this myself and it could have been written about me as well. I’m sure many of you reading this could say the same.

“Christians are probably the worst behaved people in the planet.

No matter how much you support one eventually they will make you pay! Christians turn on each other quicker than criminals do! We are judgmental abusive and unforgiving. Even when you try to do something kind for a brother in sister in Christ your motives are questioned, your past is rehearsed, your future lamented. In the end I have never seen anyone else treat each other as badly as Christians treat each other.

Most of my stress, pain and anxiety come from the hateful, judgmental and abusive comments of other Christians. My Buddhist friends do not treat me that way. My atheist friends treat me with respect. My Jewish friends are loving and caring people. But a majority of the Christians I know are better at back stabbing than at charity; better at arguing than exhorting; better at burning bridges than building them. It seems the more someone learns and studies the less Christian they become! It’s amazing to me to see this.

I try to support someone, but for some reason I use the wrong words and get attacked for supporting someone!

I try to keep people from spreading lies about me, but doing so is abusive I guess.

I try to point out the chain of hurt that a group is visiting on others, but I am being a bully by doing so.

Being stabbed in the back by friends is common in this Christian community and I have had the joy of experiencing that several times this week.

Why would I even want to call myself a Christian in this environment”?

I say a hearty Amen!

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12 thoughts on “Is This A Fair Assessment of Modern Day Christianity?

  1. Unfortunately the label christian has been adopted by many people because on questionnaires they don’t want to mark atheists, muslim, buddhist or other. These people are only christians because they like to celebrate christmas, go to Easter services once in a while and they want a nice funeral. Having said that I agree totally with the article and have thought the same things.

  2. Hey Boyd,

    I agree with you. Paul went through some similar situations as well;

    2Corinthians 11:26
    I have been constantly on the move. I have been in danger from rivers, in danger from bandits, in danger from my own countrymen, in danger from Gentiles; in danger in the city, in danger in the country, in danger at sea; and in danger from false brothers.

    I think its safe to say none of us have it as bad as Paul did (read the entire 11th chapter) but I’m sure most of us can relate to what Paul was saying in the above text.

    I’ll be interested in what others have to add to this topic!


  3. Hi Phil! I must say that my own personal experience has been much different! Throughout my life and especially in the last couple of years I have found that the majority of the MOST caring, nurturing, encouraging, loving, gentle, joyful, and kind people have professed that Christ is their savior. However, I have also experienced these same traits from some who do not profess Christ as their savior. I don’t know that it really makes a difference to me what they believe because it really boils down to how do they love and treat others?

    Also, some Christians and non Christians alike have hurt me very deeply – emotionally, physically, and spiritually but those experiences are far outweighed by the positive relationships. Although I will say that even the hurts and pain had a purpose and was within God’s plan and my relationship with Him has strengthened and deepened because of those struggles so I do not regret having them. We are all fallen and broken people and we all make mistakes. And unfortuneatly, it is those who are closest to us and who we let the deepest into our hearts and lives that hurt us the most. But there is a vast difference between one who intentionally sets out to hurt another and one who inadvertantly hurts another.

    Reading through that post it is very apparant to me at least that the author’s pain is current and deeply felt and it makes my heart ache for him. But what is “this” Christian community he speaks of? Online or face to face fellowship? I ask because the online community is fraught with misconceptions, misperceptions, and incorrect assumptions and it is such an impersonal environment that it is very hard to establish trust AND maintain it. Especially as there are others out there who have less than honorable intentions and they stir the pot which creates even more hurt. (This is a generalized statement – not aimed at any specific person.)

    Personally, I have found that while I cherish EVERY single relationship I have developed within this online community I am finding more and more that there is NO replacement for fellowship within the body of Christ – face to face! For many months this year I shunned face to face interaction and chose the online arena to fill my need of belonging and ministry. I became very vocal in many areas and situations that I should have stayed out of. I violently reacted to things being said publically and privately and also said things that hurt my closest friends and I even stirred up others against them as well.

    God gave me the courage to face up to that finally and I had the humbling experience of going to each and asking for their forgiveness. Since then I have worked to restore relationships that had been severely damaged and have sought to examine my heart for any darkness or bitterness that remained. I lash out and am sarcastic and I hate that in me and pray daily that those areas in my heart are diminished and the Joy in the knowledge of Him increases.

    It is a journey and I will (not may) blow it again…but it is the people in “this” community as well as my “face to face” community that God continues to place in my life to help me along the way that I am so thankful for! I feel very blessed to count you, Phil, as one of those friends! Blessings, w

    • Hi Wanda!

      It’s nice to see you here!

      Your comment was one of the best ones I’ve seen around here in quite some time! You are always welcome here despite our theological differences!

      Recently I began to re-evaluate some things and the on-line “scene” was one of them. I discovered that I needed to prune away some “relationships” because they became way too time consuming and unfruitful. Do you know I was involved in an email “debate” with a “novice” that spanned over three days? The end result of this “debate”? According to the “novice” my theology sucked because it didn’t line up with the opinions of those who authored this persons study books. My time could have been better spent furthering the Kingdom couldn’t it?

      That was a real eye-opener for me.

      I think if we took as much care as to who we fellowship with online as we seem to do offline we all would be better served. That not only includes people but communities as well. That could be one of the reasons as to why the writer of the OP has so many negative things to say about Christians. I can honestly say that most of my negative experiences have come from folks I met online…..on the flip side I’ve met wonderful Christians like you Wanda who are a joy to be around.

      Thanks again for sharing with us Wanda and again you are always welcome here!


  4. This is why I wont call myself a christian anymore and when I do I am embarrassed. I like to use “believer” or “follower of Yeshua”. I dont even like using the name “Jesus” anymore.

    This assessment is correct and dead on in my opinion. Christians are the most hateful, rejecting and argumentative people ever. Im around them constantly.

  5. As the author of that post 🙂 I know the struggle is both online and in physical fellowships. I have seen and heard so many cases of people unwelcome in physical fellowships as well. if you have ever been a pastor or elder, you also know how easily churches can descend into power and politics. Some of the places God is least present can be church board meetings and pastoral conferences! SO it is not a symptom of just online Christians, but Christians (at least by name) everywhere. Christianity has become more about power and proving someone wrong, or protecting your territory, than actually showing love, forgiveness, and compassion. How many churches actually minister to the poor and needy? how many churches spend more on being Christians than looking Christian with a nice building, salaries and programs?

    • Hi Ed,

      Sorry I didn’t link to your site but I have a firm rule and refuse to link any longer to ANY site that allows a certain chronic troublemaker (name withheld) to contribute in any way.

      One thing I was curious about. Do you accept any responsibility for some of these troubles you’ve had with other Christians? I’m not accusing you of anything here but I know that some of my past troubles with Christians, especially online, I’m equally responsible for. That’s why I’m curious.



  6. Too bad that site doesn’t practice what they preach. It’s hard for me to take that serious when this same website is DAILY taking jabs at Dr Talbot and even poking fun at him with some google map search. And then Sam tries to apologize for something and his words get twisted and now the apology is “arrogant”.

    You want a great example of the *fighting* that goes on in that post…continue reading that list.

    • Hi Jason,

      What’s new on the road?

      That entire “trailer park” deal was a sad display of folks with too much time on their hands and reminds me of the “christians” Ed condemns in his posting.


  7. I have met more Christians that have treated me kindly than I have not. There are bad Buddhists as well (read the history of the Tibetans). It is not Christianity, it is HUMANITY. We are fallen creatures. We are corrupt. And, sometimes, that apple looks too good to pass up, even though we know the consequences. I have experienced this in every walk, every “group” and every social situation. There is “good company” and “bad company”. The question is, is not how THEY are, but how do WE respond? Jesus never questioned the fact that there are bad people. He questioned, always, what are YOU to do about it? How are YOU going to react? Can you still LOVE your enemies? And do GOOD to those you percieve as bad?

    • Hi Sam,

      Nice to see you here again. It’s been a long time!

      I posted this because I could say the same things about me as well. One of my professors at Seminary posted the following on the blackboard;

      What’s wrong with Christianity?


      I’m sure it wasn’t a new thing but I can’t even remember how many times I failed to consider that tiny little nugget of truth before firing away at someone online. I pray that it never (it most likely will) happen again but when/if it does those events are farther and farther apart. Join me in that?



    • Sam I agree that it is humanity or in other words our flesh but as christians we have the power to overcome that. And we should or else Christ died in vain. Im tired of making excuses for people who have the greatest power in the world at their hands and they ignore it.

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