Welcome To Fantasy Island!!!!

I use to love watching Fantasy Island. If memory serves it was shown every Saturday night right after The Love Boat. You remember the deal, right? Mr. Roarke would create a fantasy and his sidekick Tattoo would assist him. It seemed so real to the various guests on the island but we all knew it was fantasy, right?

I was crushed when the show was canceled but fortunately for me (and you dear reader) it seems a couple of folks have decided to reprise the roles of Mr. Roarke and Tattoo in order to supply us with a little bit of entertainment.

Cue the announcer;

“In a land far away (Billings Montana) Mr. Roarke (Phil Perkins), highly upset about the new comments policy our guest (Phil Naessens) has decided to enact (source) and the tongue lashing he (Perkins) received (source) has set out to re-create reality (source) by claiming, among other things, that our guest defends paying false teachers. Roarke’s loyal sidekick Tattoo (Tim Frere Smith) has entered into the picture with a few fantasies of his own.

Welcome to Fantasy Island!!!”


Tim Frere Smith: “Da plane boss”! “Da Plane”!!

Phil Perkins: Our fantasy today Tattoo is that Phil Naessens defends paying false teachers! We’ll also be adding new realities in order to defame our guest. It’s up to our guest to prove his innocence rather then for us to prove his guilt. Let’s see how Naessens handles this adventure as he hasn’t the foggiest idea what we will dream up next!


Phil Naessens: Really? See here and here you two.

The plot thickens as Tattoo has emerged from his villa to encourage his beloved boss!

Tim Frere Smith: I feel unfortunately that he has taken a role he is not prepared or ready for, for many reasons I chalk it up to him still working through issues of being a big part of in his past life of something he is opposing now. However, there is more left in my opinion in PHil Naasen’s that he needs to shed of his past life in the world of the heresy faith movement of which I believe he said he made money from and preached.,(source)

Phil Perkins: I should have been more discerning Tattoo! (source)
Phil Naessens: Which issues am I “working through” due to my past life? Care to share? What do I need to shed Tattoo? How many years did I preach some of the WoF prosperity message? What was my main message? When did I begin? When did I stop? How many years before I ever said another word about it publicly? What were the circumstances surrounding my departure?  Since you seem to know so much about my “past life”, enough so to make an opinion publicly, do share and please be SPECIFIC. It’s all here at TT but I’m not going to help you find it. This would be called research Tattoo.

Our hosts continue their fantasies…….


Phil Perkins: Tattoo, after giving the whole thing some thought, I don’t think Naessens is just stupid. There’s a lot of that, but he’s really pretty sinful. The thing about threatening lawsuits is unbiblical and he knows all that. (source)

Phil Naessens: Why Mr. Roarke, I went to you as Tattoo claimed to me that he was spiritually accountable to you. You said that was incorrect and I had to get some relief from Tattoo’s anger filled defamatory rant which fortunately for him he deleted. Oh, BTW. What would the reformers say about a man claiming to be a Christian forsaking the assembly for 30 years Mr. Roarke? You know all that right?

Our main characters go to sleep dreaming up more fantasies and when they awaken they add this to the script.


Tim Frere Smith: Hey boss, Lastly, Phil Naessen’s has said to be he has a CAREER TO protect!! (source)

Phil Perkins: Career to protect? That tells us what he’s about, huh, Tattoo? Quite opposite of what he pretends. (source)

Phil Naessens: How about a link like this one here Tattoo? I don’t want to be associated with Daniel Chew. See this comment here for a little background. While you’re at it Tattoo please ask Mr. Roarke why he covers the sin of the same person Chew was protecting? Mr. Roarke is right about one thing. He really should be more discerning before accepting your statements of fact AS fact Tattoo.

Our hosts continue their fantasy……

Tim Frere Smith: Hey Boss, to me personally that shows MOTIVE why one wants to defend heresy..because CAREERS PROTECT the messenger not the MESSAGE!! That say’s it all for me!! Careers are for the compromised and those who are not fit to endure to the end!! (source)

Phil Perkins: Some career, too. He is studying under a rabbi, teaching at a Greek Orthodox school and claiming to be biblically orthodox. That’s not a career; that’s a mental menagerie. I don’t think he’s all that smart. This explains why he goes from one side to another all the time. (source)

Phil Naessens: Please show me where I have ever defended heresy Tattoo? Be specific Tattoo. Opinions aren’t flying here. Cite and source and in context please!  Now that the context of what I said regarding “career to protect” has been established and your bash Phil Naessens at all costs party has been exposed for what it is, I’d say you and Mr. Roarke have some repenting to do. Let’s see just how smart your boss really is Tattoo. He thinks he’s very smart but then again, it is Fantasy Island, right?

And that concludes today’s episode of Fantasy Island! Will Tattoo and Mr. Roarke repent of their sins? Will they continue in their 9th Commandment breaking? Will our host’s continue in their bash fest with misrepresentations based on out of context quotes and complete fabrications?

Stay tuned…………..I’m off to my Hebrew lesson with my Messianic Rabbi, who, because he doesn’t eat pork, misses out on this amazing gift from God!!!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome To Fantasy Island!!!!

  1. Hi All,

    This statement I couldn’t work in easily but it’s a beauty as well;

    Tim Smith: Yes, I agree whole heartedly boss. I never knew who White was until it was bogged on Phil Naessen’s site. I read what White was doing and preaching.

    Testing the spirit of a teacher is easy is you only know the basics of what is worthy of heretical versus what is non essential so to speak.

    Clearly, in a matter of a few minutes I saw that White was suspicious at best. Then after more reading of the cruise deal for MONEY(MAMMON) That really settled alot, not to mention his dishonesty or walking around the issues regarding Fuller, and etc.

    The guy has not come clean and needs to be corrected/rebuked for which he has not repented and finds more reason’s to debate the rebuke and continue making mammon and supporting His CAREER, not CALLING, for a calling does not defend the messenger or the pocket books, but a career does.

    A few weeks ago Tattoo came in here talking about Jacob Prasch and what a man of gawd he was. In fact he ran to Prasch which was the result of this posting

    He knew immediately White was suspicious but he didn’t have the foggiest idea he was promoting a heretic in Prasch? Can you spell S-Y-C-O-P-H-A-N-T?

    Good grief Tattoo. Can’t you think for yourself man?


  2. Hi All,
    With all the obfuscation and assumption making going on over at Mr. Roarke’s site I must have missed the answer to these 2 pertinant questions.

    1). Where have I defended paying false teachers?

    2). Where have I defended heresy?

    Based on the several links others have sent me during the past 72 hours somehow I doubt those questions, with proof, will be answered.

    Anyone wanna bet we will be served another dish of Red Herring tonight?


  3. Hi Folks,

    Couple of things.

    I’m on vacation and prior to leaving my pc ventilator fan quit so I’m unable to access my email account. If you need to reach me you can contact me at corfutennis2 at gmail dot com.

    I see Robert Begnaud and Roderick Edwards have joined the team. For those of you who don’t know who these two men are just search this site using their names.

    This comment from Tim Smith tells us all who this man really is;

    The higher standard will follow the lower..He will be tempted beyond belief when he see’s so many nice young men to fantasize about (fantasy Island) for sure Naessen’s!!

    Christians don’t talk like that do they?

    I’ll be dealing with that as well as the rest of their lies and garbage when I return next week.


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