Phil Perkins Strawman!

I didn’t want to write this posting but now I see I have to. I had zero intention of publishing some comments left by Phil Perkins the other day because I didn’t want to publicly name someone I consider a friend a liar. The link to his article regarding me can be found here.

A Straw Man Fallacy is defined as,

The Straw Man fallacy is committed when a person simply ignores a person’s actual position and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position.

A  Ad hominem fallacy is defined as,

attacking a person rather than the argument

As you will soon discover Perkins has implemented both of these logical fallacies not only in the cited article above but in at least one other place around the Internet as well.

Perkins begins building his straw man by claiming that I defend paying false teachers. Where did I defend any such thing? In fact this is what I said to Perkins.

For the record I’m very disappointed in Dr. White’s response to the Fuller situation. So much so that I removed his link from my blogroll and yes by his refusal to say anything he does give the impression that Fuller is ok.

And here as well.

For the record I have removed the link to Dr. White’s ministry from my blogroll and am basically finished listening to him. I’m certainly not afraid of him and if he’d like to come back here and discuss the Fuller issue he is more then welcome to do so.

That sure looks like a healthy defense for paying false teachers huh? Perkins then keeps on building his straw man and ad hominem’s with the following.

Is Phil Naessens lying or does he not comprehend things so simple as this?

As you will see this is how Perkins likes to operate. I thought the following was a doozy.

Some of you have warned me about Phil Naessens. You were right. I was wrong. I counted Naessens as a friend and excused his nonsense as simply a result of a somewhat non-logical mind.

The straw man aided by the ad hominem is now complete and he’s free to knock it down.

He has stomped around the net verbally abusing folks who objected to false teaching, pretty much as long as they weren’t Word of Faith. He called folks defending the faith harsh, mean, hateful…you know the routine. Until now, whenever he did this and I knew about it, he seemed to take correction from me on the issue. That impressed me and I chalked it up to Phil not being a clear thinker and have defended him to some of you as such. Now, I’m not so sure. At any rate, he needs to be called to account.

Stomped around the net? Care to define that? “Verbally abusing folks” is a nice touch sorta like “do you still beat your wife”. Whenever I stomped around the net he corrected me? Where has he ever corrected me for “verbally abusing folks” who “objected to false teaching”? I don’t remember him ever bringing that up. Not so sure? Then why even write the post in the first place?

For a fine example of “stomping around the net” see here. Notice the same MO. He begins by making unsubstantiated claims and then goes to town. When asked for documentation regarding his claims here and here he went silent. In fact I used Perkins comment on last weeks podcast to demonstrate the biblical requirements one must employ before publicly naming a teacher false. Out of friendship I didn’t name Perkins and just stuck with the issues but it is clear by listening to the second segment of the program it was his comment I was referring to. Perhaps this is why he’s decided to “call me into account”?

Here’s another straw man he’s built;

“Paul”, who defends all the false teachers at Fullers, accused me of writing things I didn’t and, when I called him on the deceit, you wanted me to apologize.


Below is what I actually stated;

Yes, Phil accused you of lying based on his definition of “admission” vs “reiteration”. He should have shown more charity and owes you an apology which is what I told him via email this evening offline as I couldn’t access my gmail this morning and I only had time to respond to you here.

Building straw men (Paul didn’t defend all the false teachers at Fuller) and calling people liars for disagreeing with him is part of the Perkins rhetorical arsenal. His article and this thread are proof of this. He states this.

Phil N.,
You said this:
“… you failed to provide us with is any evidence to support your assertions, insinuations and opinions on this thread.”

You’re wrong for two reasons:

1. He admitted attending Fuller with full knowledge. Is he (White) lying? What do you think–does that satisfy Deut. 13 rules of evidence? He confessed it and defended it. Do we need it in writing? Well, he even did that for us.

When you mention the Old Covenant standard of evidence, read just four more chapters. Deuteronomy 17. The standard for proof in a capital case was two or three witnesses. Public knowledge meets that quite nicely. The public has at least two people, right? That’s the biblical standard for proof. But more on that next.

2. James’ education and cruises are public knowledge. All you have to do is check the public record. It’s not done in secret. His education is public knowledge. He publicly advertised the cruise, didn’t he? The idea of the probing in Deut. is to find the truth. If it’s public knowledge, we know it’s true. If you had a question, you could have asked or googled it yourself. On the “insinuations”, what insinuations? I’ve not been sneaky. I said everything outright. That’s why I’m hated.

See this comment for starters. That is what I was referring to I simply overstated it. My apologies. I know about Fuller as I introduced the link to Dr. Whites bio. Right off the bat Perkins states these men are “most likely not saved”. He then adds “Do you really think White or Caner ever go take the gospel to the unchurched?” His answer was “No” and he failed to substantiate these charges. You’ve seen that before right? Building a straw man then knocking it down. Notice the appeal to emotions? “I’m hated”. Nice attempt to tug at the heartstrings to gain some sympathy.

I thought this comment was interesting as well;

And you didn’t seem to know a lot of things I brought up here. Did you know about Ockenga? Dan Fuller? Nancey Murphy? How about the first president of Fuller and his obsession with the approval of heretics? Did you know? You would call me ignorant for much the same.

So?? Silence doesn’t mean I don’t know. In 1986 I applied to FTS. When I went home on Christmas break I told my dad about it and he ran down the history of the school and what some of the founders taught and adhered to. That stuff wasn’t on the brochure and I chose to go somewhere else. Just another straw man Perkins has built. I stated that Perkins was ignorant about Whites overall ministry and I stand behind that statement and the thread in question proves it.

I won’t follow the majority of the rest of his comment but this bit is interesting.

After this episode, I can no longer recommend anyone read or listen to him. If he’s innocent and simply not a very logical guy, it’s like the old saw about the anvil. Drop on anvil on my toe on purpose, my toe is broken. Drop it by accident, and my toe is still broken.

If I’m innocent? Titling the post the way he did and the subsequent straw man and ad hominem he’s built in order to prove the title true is laughable. In fact it’s the same sort of tactic employed by some of the very same people (ODM’s) Perkins believes “defend the faith” that he claims I “stomp around the net” and am “verbally abusing”. I have decried this practice for some time and will continue to do so whether Perkins agrees with me or not. Seeing as though Perkins is guilty of the same things I decry in others explains a lot. He then goes on to say;

Finally, on your last post, I see you’ve said, “Opinions about issues are one thing. Opinions about people are another.” Do you know how unbiblical that is? Do you know why? Jesus commanded us to make opinions about people (specifically, teachers) in Matthew 7 and Paul did the same in Galatians 1:3 and I Corinthians 5. John commanded it in his epistles. Moses did it. Paul warned us to avoid or endorse folks as teachers based on an evaluation of their character. II Timothy 2: 24-26. Proverbs 31 asks us to evaluate whom we marry. Psalm 1 tells us to form an opinion about our potential friends. It’s all over the Scripture, but banned in the world. Paul commanded Timothy to form opinions about teachers. II Timothy 2:2, I Timothy 3:1ff.

The dog that gets hit always yelps the loudest. I took his game away from him by not allowing him to do what he has done here at TT and on at least one other blog I cited in this posting. Perkins has a history of making unsubstantiated claims about others and I wasn’t going to allow him or anyone else do that on a site I’m both legally and morally responsible for. He has his own site for that.

Phil N.,
I over stated something. You have dealt with some of the Scripture I’ve mentioned. Sorry. You just quit to applying it to White because I’m ignorant and because I have no proof (other than public knowledge and his admissions right here on this thread). I don’t think those are the real reasons, because they don’t make any sense.

I have dealt with these issues both here and here and will continue to do so. How did I quit applying the Scripture to White? Maybe Perkins should do a bit more research before he shoots his mouth off which is EXACTLY what I told him in regards to Dr. White. The fact he got upset about being called on that doesn’t surprise me as that seems to be his MO.

This is a sad thing.

I couldn’t agree with him more. He finishes with this signature;

Be holy, because God told us to–no excuses for any of us,

Again I agree. It’s something Perkins has challenged us here at TT to do many times and one I’ve taken to heart, or at least tried to. I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide if Phil Perkins practices what he preaches.

Perkins has made quite a few statements that I didn’t address. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me either privately via email or publicly here at TT and I will answer them.

One thing that did surprise me was how much belittling of me he did in his straw man article. In fact he did the same thing to me that Phil Johnson did of Pastor John Coleman. He decried this type of behavior just last month. I never thought I’d have to call my friend a liar and a hypocrite in the same article.

I’ve endorsed this man and his ministry to several people and I am deeply sorry for doing so. I can no longer endorse a man who would stoop so low as to publicly lie and play dishonest rhetorical games in order to hang someone. I’m not the first one he’s done this to and most likely won’t be the last. His calls for holiness are a joke in light of his “calling me to account” smear campaign. His repeated personal insults in order to poison the well define who he really is and what he represents. I’m sorry I allowed friendship to blind me to these realities.

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5 thoughts on “Phil Perkins Strawman!

  1. Hey, Phil. I’ll be praying for both of you. It must be tough to see a friendship so rattled by all this, and I suspect the Lord grieves harder when He sees disunity in the Church. I can’t wait ’til we Christians are free from these bodies of death, ya know?

  2. Separation from false teachers to a “hyper-separatist” means everyone but them. Revealing false teachings and practices that claim to be biblical but are not, is a noble pursuit to anyone who holds scripture to be sufficent. Somehow to the “hyper-separatist” that is not enough. The probablity that someone on your blogroll may have an unrepented sin is very high and impossible to know. The practice of “hyper-separation” can only lead to a cave or a cult.

    As to the cruise business, which is the worst? The peddler who profits from leading worship or the participate who takes a tax deduction for attending?

  3. Hi Folks,

    Couple of things.

    I’m on vacation and prior to leaving my pc ventilator fan quit so I’m unable to access my email account. If you need to reach me you can contact me at corfutennis2 at gmail dot com.

    I see Robert Begnaud and Roderick Edwards have joined the team. For those of you who don’t know who these two men are just search the site using their names.

    This comment from Tim Smith tells us all who this man really is;

    The higher standard will follow the lower..He will be tempted beyond belief when he see’s so many nice young men to fantasize about (fantasy Island) for sure Naessen’s!!

    Christians don’t talk like that do they?

    I’ll be dealing with that as well as the rest of their lies and garbage when I return next week.


  4. Hi,

    Check this out from Begnaud;

    How, by the way did Phil N get google to put a front pick story of a biased report on the internet against me? In this news report I was charged with nine misdemeanor accounts of breaking the noise ordinance 10 years ago. They claimed my rooster crowed to loud and my dogs barked to loud. The district attorney lost the case when it was thrown out! Phil N claims to be google savey, I guess I cannot deny that, he must be. This sort of attack dog mentality is not just, merciful, nor is it godly! You may not like, nor agree with what I say, and I do say some hard things! But I am not unjust and I do love mercy and I do walk humbly with my God!

    You really need to get a grip Robert. I could care less about your criminal history and I certainly have no control regarding Google. If I did I would be able to open up my inbox. This is just more “throw as much mud as they can” in the hopes that some sticks.

    Also I see Robert has misrepresented what I said on my last podcast but that’s nothing new now is it. Go figure.

    Back to the beach!


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