Who Cares about Benny Hinn and Paula White Hooking Up In Rome?

I see Paula White and Benny Hinn are front page news these days. Depending on who you believe the “life coach” and the “false prophet” hooked up in Rome this past month. While I’m certainly not criticizing those who believe this to be newsworthy, which includes the National Enquirer no less, what I’m wondering is;

Should we care what these two do away from their schilling and fleecing the flock?

I don’t.

Let’s look at this realistically shall we?

Should we expect any less from two people who use God to rake in a fortune?

Should we expect any less from two people whose “ministries” have sent more people to the poor house then our fading worldwide economy?


How many of you reporting this “story” believe these two are even Christians? Probably not many I would think. Some have even judged these two and I think a re-reading of 1Corinthians 5 would be helpful in this case. Particularly the following

1Corinthians 5:12

For what have I to do with judging those also who are outside? Do you not judge those who are inside?

I don’t suppose all the false teaching and lying about Jesus these two do was any indication they are nothing but greedy carnal people but thanks to the National Enquirer and Christian blog-o-world for confirming this just in case someone missed it!

Let’s go into another direction shall we?

What actual proof does anyone have that these two are having an intimate physical affair? Both Blaspheming Benny and Plastic Paula deny anything improper or immoral has occurred and the last time I checked holding hands in public wasn’t the unpardonable sin so why should we even care enough to report this on Christian blogs?

Does anyone really believe by reporting this story it will change the minds of the remaining financial supporters these two still have? It’s doubtful but now these two will have another sob story to tug at the viewers heart strings. Nothing better then a good persecution story to rally the troops and bring in the bucks.

I’m sure I’ll catch hell for this but for what its worth I say who cares if these two are “trysting” in some hotel room. They might as well enjoy the time they have remaining on this earth because if they don’t repent of their false teaching and all the other stuff they pull in the name of Christ this life is all they will ever enjoy.

You know something else?

They deserve one another!

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12 thoughts on “Who Cares about Benny Hinn and Paula White Hooking Up In Rome?

  1. Paula White and Benny Hinn ? You’ve got to be kidding ?? They are an “Item” ???? No way … even if that was joke, it would not even be funny …. Benny Hinn is a wulf in sheeps clothing, that is common knowledge .. and Paula White .. well .. she bleeds and bleeds people for money for her books and stuff, all which money goes for mortgage payments on her $4 million dollar Apt at Trump Tower .. did anybody know that ? Paula White reminds me of the Harlot sitting on the beast .. “nice couple” eh ? LOL LOL

  2. A couple made in….hell. Just like rock stars who want the publicity and then cry about how they have no privacy. They’ll probably end up writing a book about it.

  3. Benny Hinn’s statement says, quote ” was invited by Vatican officials to visit the Vatican to discuss future ministry opportunities there. Paula was likewise invited to have meetings in the region,”

    But Pastor Paula White was on VACATION from July 10, 201- to July 17, 2010 according to Shirley Kofee the MC of Without Walls International Church on Grady Avenue, Tampa, Florida, Pastor Paula’s OWN church.

    Shirley and her husband Bill announce in BOTH the 9am. and 11am services that Pastor Paula was on VACATION and would NOT be in the church from July 11, 2010 to July 18, 2010.

    The ENTIRE congregation AND the internet watchers heard this clearly.

    So WHO is lying? Was Paula on vacation as her OWN church staff announced to her loyal congregation that she fleeces, or are Benny Hinn and Paula White lying about her trip to Italy being for MEETINGS with the Vatican?

    • Hi Fred,

      It could be entirely possible that Hinn was there to see the Vatican. Not that they were offering him possibilities but maybe Hinn wanted to bring his dog and pony show to Italy and if you want to do that you need their permission. That could be why he was there.

      Liars? Why should that surprise you? These two make millions deceiving people each and every day.

      As I said in the OP. Who cares what these 2 do away from the cameras?


  4. I still find it hard to believe and accept the fact and the truth about Benny Hinn and Paula White!.. I know that God is a merciful God, but God is also a jealous God, God will never compromise His holiness and His Word.

    I think what we see happenning now, is the beginning of a disaster and huge collapse of these “ministries” that they built in the name of Christ, and all the fame that goes with it. Unfortunately, it’s a tragedy for all those who truly love Jesus, and for all the world Christian community. Like it or not, but we all have to deal with it in our own way, and hopefully learn another hard lesson. This is what happens when you go off track and glorify your own ego, when Jesus is “just the name to use” to put yourself in a spotlight and become famous. How dangerous it is, how vitally important it is to guard our hearts, and keep it pure.

    Don’t know about you, but I think that Billy Graham remains the only true servant of the Gospel, who lived a transparant life, and whose reputation is spotless in serving our Lord Jesus Christ. I wonder what’s the secret of a life lived like that, I wish I could ask him!

    As for the rest of the “fellow Christians” like Benny Hinn, Tedd Haggart, Paula White, etc.,.. well … hope they end up in heaven.

  5. Hey Phil,

    I’m sure both of these extortionist have a fund raising scheme in mind for the publicity this staged photo will produce.

    I agree with you Phil, who cares if these two pile up in a hotel somewhere. After God sets the themostat for the crime of stealing money from people under false pretenses and teaching false doctrine, I doubt if adultery will move the needle very much.

  6. Jesus is a just judge and He knows EXACTLY what the Truth is, so He will deal with them in the way that God directs. And it most likely will NOT be a very pleasant picture for them!!! Blessed are the PURE in heart for they shall see God! So God’s people need to remain PURE so we can stay in the VINE and keep our LAMPS TRIMMED like the five WISE virgins and make it into Heaven and not to hell! Everyone on this planet has to make a choice! God’s way or the devil. There is NO LUKEWARM!

  7. “Should we expect any less from two people whose “ministries” have sent more people to the poor house then our fading worldwide economy?” Truer words you won’t find on the internet.

  8. Benny Sinn and Paula Jezzebul white are going to usher this naive people following them right in the arms of the anti christ.From just reading the scriptures one can see that Benny Sinn and Paula White are not born again.

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