Introduction to the Church Team Ministries International Series

For the past several weeks, the Theology Today Apologetic Ministries Podcast has featured interviews involving people sharing their firsthand experiences with Church Team Ministries International (CTMI), a controversial group from the small country of Mauritius (online source). If you haven’t taken the time to listen to these podcasts I would invite you to do so in order to understand the context of this series.

Over the next several weeks I will be examining a 2 hour interview that Mr. Miki Hardy of CTMI conducted with Ms. Devi Sankaree Govender of the program Carte Blanche (online source). The entire interview was not aired during the program but fortunately CTMI filmed this interview in its entirety and can be found here here and here. The statements contained within these three videos will be the focus of this in depth expose’ of Miki Hardy and CTMI.

The Apostle Paul urged the Church at Thessaloniki to

1Thessalonians 5:21

Test everything. Hold on to the good.

That’s what we will be doing here during this lengthy series of articles.

How will we do this?

I’m going to publish pieces of this interview in audio form so you can actually listen to the interviewers questions as well as Mr. Hardy’s full answers to each question asked. Below that audio I will post enough information for you the reader to make a sound decision as to whether or not you would desire to be affiliated with this group.

CTMI has infected all walks of life and isn’t limited to Mauritius. Audrey Hardy has been seen in the company of former two time Grand Slam winner Mary Pierce. Due to her fame and prestige Ms. Pierce is actively recruiting professional tennis players and others to “come to Mauritius” in order to hear Miki Hardy’s “gospel of the cross”. CTMI boasts of being “affiliated” with 100’s of churches worldwide in locales such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, India and the USA. This is a formidable group and needs to be exposed for the worldwide danger that it is.

I want to be very clear that I believe this is a dangerous group. I’ve spent dozens of hours studying this group and have reached the conclusion that CTMI is a cult and leaders Miki and Audrey Hardy, Basil O’Connell Jones and others are cult leaders who are personally responsible for the destruction of families and the life changing manipulation through coercion of many young adults lives. By the time I’m finished with this series I pray that you will reach the same conclusions that I have.

The series will begin this coming week.

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