Interview with Mr. Howard Silk

On today’s episode of the Theology Today Apologetic Ministries Podcast I interview Mr. Howard Silk, a former member and leader within the CTMI group. Mr. Silk’s story regarding arranged marriages, being encouraged to lie to authorities and other experiences is one you won’t want to miss.

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3 thoughts on “Interview with Mr. Howard Silk

  1. Hey All,

    Howard received the following SMS due to he and his wife’s stand against CTMI…..

    Tell your psycho bitch of a wife to stay away from my mother and family! She obviously likes picking on the elderly. I have never known such a crazy bunch of people like your group maybe u should be taking a few of your own pointers and stop harassing others! It’s pathetic! Get a life Asshole!!

    Name of this texter withheld at this time….

    This text message validates everything Howard said CTMI has done and will do in order to silence Howard and his family.

    Nah, CTMI isn’t a cult…..


  2. Actually the texter was anonymous. I had received a phone call from the son of a couple that are very involved in CTMI that Michele had bumped into at the shops and had earnestly spoken to regarding reconsidering their relationship with this group. He had been very abusive and threatening and a few minutes after the call the sms came through from a different South African number.

    A couple of minutes later he called again and when I confronted him on the sms he denied it was him. I must admit that I found that strange as he only has two brothers, both of whom don’t live in South Africa and it clearly was referring to the confrontation between my wife and his mother!

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